Metal Mario & Friends
Metal mario friends box
Developer(s) Wildworks
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoBlack
Genre(s) MMO, Platformer
Series Metal Mario & Friends
Predecessor N/A
Release Date(s) November 15th, 2019
Age Rating(s) ESRB: 1000px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg - Everyone 10+

PEGI: PEGI 7 - Seven years and older CERO: CERO B - Twelve years and older ACB: ACB PG - Parental guidance USK: USK 6 - Six years and older

Cost $54.99 USD

Metal Mario & Friends is a mashup MMO and Platformer game developed and maintained by Wildworks, Inc. and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. This game is the first in a new series of Mario spin-off games and is very unique, most notably because of the extended online elements and the vast amount of new characters.


In the game, players explore an open world in several smaller islands. The game is viewed from an angled top-down view, with smaller, 'cute' graphics. They move between islands using a map. While exploring the islands, players will meet other people playing at the same time as them on the same server. There, they can interact and converse. The goal of the game is to collect coins and other items and use them to grow your personal island. While on other islands, players can complete platforming challenges in 2D sections to be rewarded with coins. In Toad Town plaza, players use coins to purchase items such as clothes and decorations for their island. Store stock changes every day, and some items are limited exclusives so players will have an incentive to play every day. Players can also trade with each other to get items they want. Obtaining new items gives the player EXP which they use to level up, unlocking specialty stock in stores such as new characters and island upgrades.

MM&F uses a text chat system to talk with other players. Because of this, 2 months after release a Nintendo Switch Chatpad was released, to make it easier for players to type. In the game settings, it is possible to limit chat functions. The first chat setting, full chat, lets players talk in custom messages and say whatever they want. They also see all other messages. Players, however, cannot say anything that may be considered inappropriate such as swearing, sexual content or threats. Certain words will be detected as players type and are removed, however if a player is reported for harassment or bullying their chat functions may be penalized. The second chat setting, safe chat, allows players to pick from a set list of messages to write, such as 'hello!' or 'wanna trade?' to ensure safety. When this setting is active, players can also only see messages from others who are using safe chat (players with full chat can still see the safe chat message menu). Players with safe chat on have a special icon displayed on their profile.


Action Input
Move Around NS L Stick
Pan Camera NS R Stick
Jump/Interact NS A Button
Inventory NS B Button
Open Chat 16px-NS Y Button
Emote NS X Button
Pause NS Plus
Map NS Minus
Options (Menus) NS Up Button (D-Pad/Arrow Buttons)



At the beginning of the game, players can choose to start as either Metal Mario or Pink Gold Peach. After levelling up, new characters can be purchased from the Parts Shop in Toad Town Plaza. Different characters are mostly aesthetic, however each character has a special ability that can be used in the platforming sections. Some platforming sections are exclusive to certain characters.

Character In-Game Description How to Unlock
Metal mario friends
Metal Mario
Metal Mario is your basic steel plumber. But basic doesn't mean bad! He's an all-around cool guy, and the perfect guy to get you started on your quest to be the very richest in the land. From the start/purchase from the Parts Shop for 500 coins after reaching level 5
Pink gold peach friends
Pink Gold Peach

Pink Gold Peach isn't a damsel in distress like her fleshy counterpart. Her floating ability makes platforming a bit easier, but for that she sacrifices speed. Either way, she's ready to earn some coins!

From the start/purchase from the Parts Shop for 500 coins after reaching level 5

Green aluminum luigi friends
Green Aluminum Luigi
Green Aluminum Luigi is Metal Mario's pal and bro! He has a real high jump, but he's also a bit slippery. That color looks real good on him though! Can be purchased for 1,000 coins from the Parts Shop after reaching level 10
Red titanium bowser friends
Red Titanium Bowser
It's the big baddy turned metal! Red Titanium Bowser can whir around at top speeds in his shell, but he has a pretty bad jump. Choose him if you want to represent the Koopa Troop! Can be purchased for 5,000 coins from the Parts Shop after reaching level 25
Blue iron rosalina friends
Blue Iron Rosalina
The cosmic mother of the universe is here in metallic form! Blue Iron Rosalina is super stylish, and her mid-jump spin gives her an edge in the air. Can be purchased for 10,000 coins from the Parts Shop after reaching level 50
Purple tin waluigi friends
Purple Tin Waluigi
Purple Tin Waluigi is Green Aluminum Luigi's evil, lanky counterpart. He can grab onto ledges and pull himself up, making for a very useful guy! Can be purchased for 10,000 coins from the Parts Shop after reaching level 50
Gold wario friends
Gold Wario
Gold Wario is only for the richest of the rich. He has always wanted to be filthy rich, and what better way to be rich than to literally be made out of gold? Wario's butt stomp ability lets him break special blocks that may contain items or coins. Can be purchased for 1,000,000 coins from the Parts Shop after reaching level 75


  • Toads, who act as shopkeepers and are the only non-metal characters in the game.
  • Steel Guys, who run the platforming sections and help you through them.
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