These are all achievements/trophies present in the game Metal Gear Rising: Remnants.

List of Trophies/Achievements

Name Description Rank
Battle of Baltimore Defeat REX and the mysterious robot Bronze
We Interrupt This Transmission... Defeat Epoch Bronze
Bringing Down The House Destroy Jubilee's factory and defeat her Bronze
Break In Defeat Lustrum to enter the SIDON headquarters Bronze
Heavy and Metal Beat the tank, Olympiad, at SIDON headquarters Bronze
The End of SIDON Defeat Aeon in a sword fight atop SIDON's main tower Bronze
Duel in The Air Fight off Gray Fox atop Raiden's jet Bronze
Assassinaton Attempt Defeat HEPHAESTUS and Bunzo Hokama Bronze
Cat Got Your Tongue? Skip every non-cutscene line of dialogue in a full playthrough. Bronze
Trip to The Dentist Destroy Metal Gear REX' jaw in either the fight with Raiden or Blade Wolf Silver
What Year Is It? Complete all of the VR missions Silver
Peek-A-Boo! There are various surprise boxes along the way, find and destroy them Silver
I Need It More! Zandatsu a total 20 enemies Silver
TBA TBA Silver
TBA TBA Silver
Ace of Spades Beat Raiden's story without taking any damage. Gold
I'm My Own Master Now Beat Blade Wolf's story without taking any damage Gold
Training: Complete Beat Gray Fox' story without taking any damage Gold
Jack of All Trades Unlock all of Raiden's costumes, weapons and abilities Gold
Handy Man In a single playthrough, get all of the available left arms in the first try Gold
Who's The Bad Guy? Destroy and kill every single enemy and boss in Raiden's story in a single playthrough Gold
Platinum Trophy Get every other trophy for Metal Gear Rising: Remnants Platinum