Meta Knight II
Meta Knight II's original appearance
CLASS Anti-hero

Meta Knight II is the identity that Kirby takes in the Neverworld series. A member of The Chess Crew led by Dimentio, Kirby assumes this identity after the original Meta Knight leaves the faction, having continually argued with King Dedede.

Physical Appearance

Throughout the original Neverworld canon, Meta Knight II had two different sets of armour. The original armour covered the top of his body in a dark metallic plating, with a slit that allowed him to peer out. Meta Knight II wore blue and red shoes, and a substance that made his skin appear dark green. He also carried a blue replica of Meta Knight's sword, Galaxia. After sustaining heavy damage from Link in battle, Meta Knight II's armour was redesigned to more closely resemble Meta Knight's appearance; with the same silver mask, black shoulder pads, and purple cape. Underneath this armour, Kirby's appearance remained unchanged from normal, retaining his red feet and pink skin.

In Neverworld Rift and the series' reboot, Meta Knight II's appearance combined elements of both his armours from the original titles. Meta Knight II wore purple shoulder pads, each with black Warp Star insignia placed on them, and a silver mask. Though the original Meta Knight could transform his cape into wings and vice versa, Meta Knight II instead opts to keep the bat wings attached to his back. Like his original armour from Neverworld The First, Kirby wears one blue and one red shoe. A new detail added to his appearance is the fact that he has heterochromia: while his left eye remains blue, his right eye is now of a green colour.


Neverworld The First

In Neverworld The First, Kirby becomes the second Meta Knight. He takes the original Meta Knight's place as Black Knight of the The Chess Crew during the Nintendo Civil War. His original armour is rickety and poorly made, and is destroyed during a fight with Link. He later replaces it with sturdier armour.

Neverworld Rift

While specific details have yet to be revealed, Meta Knight II will return in Neverworld Rift, this time sporting a new design.


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