Meta-Form: Stelog Betrayal's is a DLC for Meta-Form (Game), and is Wii U Connect exclusive.

It's about Stelog, one of the RCNC employees and Meta-Form's original creator, had betrayed Meta and tries to liberate the most hideous alien-cyborg of the planet, Ruins.


  • Stage 1: Stelog's Ruthless Truth (Bamboo Warrior Boss Battle)
  • Stage 2: Meeting Veget-Rabbit (Boxing-Kevin Boss Battle)
  • Stage 3: Peril on Ice (Kicking-Oliver Boss Battle)
  • Stage 4: Titan Battle (Scrap King Boss Battle)
  • Stage 5: Meta-Ette in Trouble! (Luniar Boss Battle)
  • Stage 6: Kube's Return (King Kube Bot Boss Battle)
  • Stage 7: Crazed Duo (K-O Mecha Boss Battle)
  • Stage 8: Ruins...Liberated!!! (Ruins Boss Battle)
  • Stage 9: Enraged Payback (Doppelight Boss Battle)
  • Stage 10: The Ultraminator (Ultraminator Battle)

New Forms

  • Pirate Form: Can jump higher and longer, and cut ropes.
  • Sphere Form: Can bounce, roll, and smash enemies.
  • Leaf Form: Can throw sharp leaves and makes vines to cross large pits.
  • Giga Form: Not much known about this form, but it is confirmed to be unlocked after the DLC story completion.

New Bosses

  • Scrap King: A giant robot, made of robots and junks leftovers, that antagonize the cizitens of Nadian City.
  • Bamboo Warrior: A bamboo like robot who antagonizes Veget-Rabbit. He's a pushover too.
  • Luniar: A Light-using corrupted sister of Starark who created Doppelight to destroy Meta-Form.
  • Doppelight: Meta-Form's evil twin made of lights. He can do all like Meta can, but he is restricted to Light Element, no matter his forms.
  • Ruins: The hideous alien-cyborg. Not really powerful but Samtendo09 said that he will have bigger role in Meta-Form 2: Kube's Revenge.
  • Boxing-Kevin: A ninja-like red Boxing-Robot that is selfish but intelligent. He uses the Fire Element.
  • Kicking-Oliver: A ninja-like blue Kick-Botter that is stupid but cooperative most of the time. He uses the Water Element.
  • K-O Mecha: A giant mecha builded by Kube. Only his head takes damages, and uses multiple weaponaries including it's giant kantana.
  • Ultraminator: Stelog's final machine. Having more weaponary than K-O Mecha, it is also more powerful, but the weakness is the same. What's even more fortunate is that Firisk help you out. Destroy that infernal machine!!

New Items

  • Giant Cogcake: Makes Meta a giant robot and his overall stats are tripled, but may smash items without purpose. It's duration is 10 seconds.
  • Vanish Cogcake: Makes Meta-Form invisible, and cannot be seen by enemies, but only for 7 seconds.
  • Dual Laser Guns: Permit Meta-Form to shoot laser-bullets without needing of Plane Form or UFO Form.
  • Magnet Shoes: Double Meta-Form's climbing speed on metallic walls.
  • Smash Gloves: Double punching damage.
  • Wreck Shoes: Double kicking damage.

​More to come...