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'Meta-Form: Portal Choas'
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s)  ???
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 3D Adventure
Series Meta-Form
Predecessor Meta-Form 2: Kube's Revenge
Successor -
Release Date(s)  ???
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) E10+Rating
Media Included Wii U Disc

Meta-Form: Portal Chaos is a game for the Meta-Form Series released for the purpose of Series Swap Day 6. The game is in development by Moonlight Studios and it will be released for the Wii U. By using the Wii U Gamepad, the the game will introduce new concepts and gameplay aspects to the series, however it is not yet confirmed if it will be part of the canon timeline, or if it will be a spin-off instead.




(Cutscene) Meta-Form wakes up to find that his partner, Cubey, is missing. He tries to make his way out of his bedroom, but it is locked. He then spots the key outside on the ground.
(Gameplay) He must look around his room to find his metal connector to attract the key.
(Cutscene) Once he has found it, he equips it and picks up the key.
(Gameplay) He must now find his way outside of his house, without disturbing anyone. If he disturbs someone, he goes back to the beginning.
(Cutscene) Once, he has found his way outside of his house, he is ambushed by some Boxing-Bots and Kicker-Botters.
(Gameplay) Meta-Form must defeat the Boxing-Bot and Kicker-Botters (Lvl 2) and make his way onto the street.
(Cutscene) The street lights soon turn on and Meta-Form realises that he is surrounded by Boxing-Bots and Kicker-Botters from every angle...

Chapter 1: Nadian City Takeover

Episode I: Town Secrets

(Cutscene) Meta-Form is now being attacked by swarms of Boxing-Bots and Kick-Botters
(Gameplay) Meta-Form must defeat all the Boxing-Bots and Kicker-Botters (Lvls 1-3), before he can advance down the street.
(Cutscene) When he has advanced, a Giant Boxing-Bot appears before him.
(Gameplay) Meta-Form must defeat the Giant Boxing-Bot (Lvl 5).
(Cutscene) Meta-Form defeats it and what is left behind is a small key. He picks up the key and heads off to the Town Hall.
(Gameplay) Meta-Form must traverse his way through the streets towards the Town Hall.
(Cutscene) He eventually reaches the Town Hall, but he is ambushed by more bots. Instead of fighting them off, Meta-Form begins to run away.
(Gameplay) Meta-Form is chased around the town, and he eventually sneaks into a dark alley...

Episode II: Turning Trash into Machine

Episode III: Stick or Twist?

Episode IV: Infiltration Nomination

Episode V: A Windy Reception

Chapter 2: The Grass is Always Greener

Episode I: ???

Episode II: A New Way to Roll


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Abilities
Meta-Form Meta-Form can now use a variety of different creatures and objects to morph himself into different formes such as Spider Forme, Submarine Forme and Rotor Forme. Meta-Form can use elements such as Fire, Water and Thunder to give his normal attacks a boost.
Cubey After being in Nadian City laboratory overnight, Cubey now has a wide variety of formes for usage such as Sphere and Cuboid Formes. ???



Image Name Description
King Kube Bot King Kube Bot is taking Meta-Form and friends through many different worlds through the vast number of portals created by Dr. D, his new assistant. However, what could this possibly be for?
Doctor Decagon Doctor Decagon or Dr. D is King Kube Bot's new assistant. Dr. D specialises in technology and has created the portals for King Kube Bot. He also has created many new machines and enemies that have been commanded to attack Meta-Form.


Meta-Forms's Forme's

There are many new forms introduced in this game, each using the Gamepad and Controls in a unique way. The confirmed forms are listed below.

Image Name Requirement Description Availability Controls
Mega-Forme Heap of Trash By taking control of a pile of trash, Meta-Form can become bigger and stronger. However, Meta-Form becomes much slower in this form, he also can't jump or climb anything. Chapter 1
Animaux Forme An Animal Meta-Form can use the animals in a variety of different ways, such as a climbing walls or getting through small spaces. When in this form, he can't be attacked by enemies, as they won't recognize him. But, Meta-Form can't attack in this form, he can only move. Chapter 1 (Cat, Bird, Rat), Chapter 2 (Cow, Goat, Hen)
Charge Forme A Vehicle Meta-Form can take control of any vehicle and turn it into a weapon. In this form, he can fire bullets and missiles at targets along way away. On the downside, Meta-Form can't move and he must recharge once all of the bullets and missiles have been used. Chapter 2
Glide Forme A Rotor Meta-Form can glide over gaps or spaces for a short distance of time. He will then slowly start to drop down. Meta-Form can't do anything in this form until he has landed on a platform, he can then use the rotor as a melée weapon, but the rotor only has some durance, so it will break if used for too long. Chapter 4
Submarine Forme A Submarine Meta-Form can take control of the submarine to venture down beneath the surface of any temperature water. This form allows him to explore the depths of seas and oceans, as well as using the submarine as an attacking machine. The machine can also drain water from certain areas. However, its movement is very slow and if any of the windows are smashed by enemies, it will no longer be in use. Chapter 3, Chapter 5
Tunnelling Forme A Hand Drill Meta-Form can now dig down into the earth to explore underground facilities. He can also drill through weak materials such as wood or cracked stone to unlock certain paths or items. However, Meta-Form must have a charged battery to allow it to be used, and once the battery has run out it won't work again. Chapter 5
Arachnid Forme A Spider Drone Meta-Form can use a Spider Drone to climb up webs, fire string to use as a rope or to capture enemies and items and to climb trees. However, if he his hit, the drone armour breaks, and it can't be used again. Chapter 5

Cubey's Forme's

Coming Soon...


  • Nadian City
  • Birch Pastures
  • Islolate Icebergs
  • Magma Caverns
  • Hydro Springs
  • Skyworld

Bosses and Enemies

Confirmed Bosses

  • Stick Bot
  • Tornaboy
  • Cow-aboom
  • Animaster
  • Glacink
  • Polant
  • Firisk
  • Meteons

Confirmed Enemies

  • Boxing-Bots
  • Kick-Botters
  • Spider Drones

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