Meta-Form: Common Force
Developer(s) Gear Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U and Nintendo Switch, rereleased for the Evo-Gem
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, platforming
Series Meta-Form (Series)
Predecessor Meta-Form 2: Kube's Revenge
Release Date(s) 2017
Media Included Wii U disc, Evo-Gem disc, downloading

Meta-Form: Common Force (sometimes refered as Meta-Form 3: Common Force) is the third game of the Meta-Form series for the Nintendo Wii U. It will be released at the late 2016 and is considered as the last entry of the Meta-Form series' original triology. It also revealed that this game, as well as previous games, take place in the side-universe of the New Fantendoverse called the Secretverse, a lighter yet densier counterpart of the Fantendoverse we know today. It requires the use of the Wii U Connect add-on does to the game's much higher amount of contents than the other Wii U games.

It marks the first time where the Robot Cooperation of Nadian City and the Bad Bot Army are actually on the same side, in this case against Mr. Stelog, who use an ancient energy to create his own army, the Steloids.


It return the same 2.5D sidescrolling gameplay from Meta-Form (Game) but also keep the Special Ammo and HP mechanic from Meta-Form 2: Kube's Revenge. It also introduces Customization, which allows the playable characters to equip different mechanics including but not limited to Chips, Weapons, Equipments and Elements. The attack mechanics are also more advanced, as it now allows more Special Moves but also some that requires button combination like in traditional fighting games.

The enemies and bosses are also more advanced, as it can also perform more attacks and the Elements now have an influence to most of them. It is even possible give a special interaction as an intro when one of the players is using a specific character.

There are now vehicles, which the player can use them for various purposes, but most of them are used to solves puzzles rather than just attacking on enemies.

Most stages have multiple exits, but the last stage of the last world will always determinate which of the three final bosses will be faced. Beating the third final boss will then unlock the Lost Land, which you will face the true final boss.



In Nadian City, as Meta-Form and Cubey walked in the street, things had turned quiet after KiloBot's latest defeat. Meta-Form thought that he gave up for good and was happy that he learned to respect humans as they are not all bad, but Cubey is aware that he is up to something really big, and not something good for sure.

When they heard from King Kube KiloBot's screaming as he is falling, with his wings broken, they were surprised that it is not good, but not in the way they expected. "Watch out, boys!!" yelled desperately King Kube KiloBot, and the two heroic robots decided to run to avoid getting flattened by the Bad Bot King's really heavy weight.

After he landed in a metallic roof of an abandoned house, rear end first, he reacted by shrugging and said "It's still better than a faceplant on the middle of the street!" He tried to pull himself out but fails, among with Sedacy, landed with a jet-powered delta-plane, attempt to help him out, but failed. She asked Meta-Form and Cubey for help but the latter one wasn't sure about it, although the former one wouldn't be rude as if KiloBot would be stuck forever.

As Meta-Form tried to pull him out, Kube ordered him to stop in the first place, forcing Meta-Form to explained what happened to him first. Kube hesitated for a second, but then sighed and smiled. He said that Meta-Form wouldn't believe it, but that Mr. Stelog had somehow escaped prison and eventually hacked his new patented tower called the "KiloTower" and even stole most of his robot henchmen. He then left a sad face and then added that thinking about it does hurt him, and doesn't wanted the horror Stelog could do as he could potentially abuse the Bad Bots.

Meta-Form, who felt serried a bit, decide to leave, much of Sedacy's disappointment. King Kube KiloBot then said at Meta-Form and Cubey that he changed his mind and ask politely to help him to unstuck him. When he got unstuck, he begrudgingly thanked them, while Sedacy gave them a more sincere thanks, much of KiloBot's slight surprise. He then told him to not asking to join as he can handle the situation, but as it rains multiple of Bad Bots (under Stelog's order), he wasn't sure.

"Well, I heard about raining pigs, but raining robots seems out of context!" whined Cubey, before receiving a glare from KiloBot, which made Meta-Form to shove the former one and decide to run, but KiloBot had caught them. "On the other hand, it might be difficult to convince the RCNC!" worried KiloBot. "If they ever see me with their eyes, they will not hesitate to use the security system against me, even if I can singlehandedly shut it out, but then I will be distrusted for sure!"

However, the elder Dawelldon, driving from his anti-gravitational car driven by his assistant, told him that after what he hears, things will be fine. The four other robots are surprised and Meta-Form asked him why he followed him and Cubey, Dawelldon make it clear that he knew that Stelog will flee one day and worried that he will stole Meta-Form and Cubey, which instead happens to be worse. He tell the four that shall he dominate the planet, the aliens and the entire robots will be under complete slavery, and KiloBot became literally roaring mad as he heard the news, and will accept his help only to get his men and property back, much of Sedacy's relief. Dawelldon accepted the deal, and added that even KiloBot's heart is made of gold, which gave a mixture of embarrassment and flattered for KiloBot.


Characters with the italic format indicate that they are characters who are availiable in the rerelease. None of them are new in the rerelease without the Evo-Gem exclusive DLCs.



Character whose name in italic means that it is not a robot but another species. They use Equipments instead of Chips.

Name and Elements Description Pre-Installed Ability
Varied/Water (Pure Water in Water-form)
The happy-go-lucky but short-tempered robot returns for another adventure with his friends and for the first time, his foes. Seems simplistic, right? Only this time he need to learn that sometimes anger could lead to cynical consequences, as well as starting to not thinking too quick about someone we usually distrust. Quick Regenerate: Recover HP faster than the others when not fighting.
Meta-Form's best buddy since their first adventure. While he is indeed a smart guy, he is rather depreciated by the others does to his harsh blaming, and even Meta-Form couldn't take it well. One day, he better know that blaming someone in a hasty and harsh conclusion would lead to inevitable conflicts... Economic: Spend less Special Ammos when using Powers.
The hot-headed sister of the titular hero. She is usually softer than Meta-Form, but when her friends are harmed, she will make no mercy of them. Her obsession of adventures and actions might lead her to dangerous risks, and one accident would learn her the hard way. Agile: Can jump thrice instead of twice and have prolonged dodging distance.
A robotic rabbit designed for protecting citizens but becomes quickly repulsed after seeing abuses from the aliens. He is arrogant and a big beggar, but nonetheless a big caring rodent-robot who always ready to help the others in need...despite his personal grudge from the abusive aliens. Natural Recharging: In any ways aside of wait-and-don't-fight (W.A.D.F), the amount of Special Ammo and Health regained is doubled.
He is the smarter and cuter of the twin brother of Denity, who is acutally became even less dumb than he was. He may looks smaller than even Cubey, but his Ice power can be dangerous to even the hyper-resistant Kube himself! People, including robots and aliens alike, need to pay attention on the personality and traits rather than just the appearance... Freezing Contact: Any contact against the character will freeze the enemy. The other way arounds happens to, but still on the enemy.
King Cube KiloBot
The crazed, childish but father-to-his-men king of the Bad Bots. He is such a truly imposing robot that he can even catch a huge cannonball without scratch. He does joins the RCNC to stop Stelog, but the problems is that Cube is not used to being with the misfits...and need to found a way to stop them from making needless conflicts.

Once the player clears World 2, he becomes interested with pirates after meeting with Captain Copper. After World 4, he decides that being a pirate is more interesting than a king, becoming Captain Cube KiloBot.

Super Armor: Weak attacks have no effect on the character, and reduce all kind of damage by 20%.
King Kube KiloBot's most faithful member of the Feared Fours, with some serious snarky personality but also sincerity at the same time. She usually don't hang around with her foes, but she apparently now sees why Meta-Form and his friends are not as dysfunctional as her leader claims. Secret Resort: This character have a chance to give a random status problem to the target with any attacks.
Meta-Form's doppelganger. And unlike any kind of doppelgangers, his personality is alike but is even more mischievous, boisterous and... voracious, according to some aliens. The best way to recognize him over Meta-Form are his fangs, his mostly white-and-black coloring, and his blue antenna. Of course, his fangs are not just for show at best... Vampire-like: Absorb some HPs when using contact attacks.
The reckless and selfish red guy of the Ninja-Bot Duo. He is far from being the most efficient of the Bad Bots. He is however also an excellent trickster which allows him to take advantages of his foes, although this may pushes him to makes small yet untolerated-by-KiloBot betrayals. Shall he being more loyal, then the Bad Bot King will give him as much dignity as he gives to his common men... Brutal Contact: Physical attacks have a chance to lower a target's Armor.
The pompous and showy blue guy of the Ninja-Bot Duo. He is indeed a strategist, but his tendency to show how much he is great tend to disgust even the Feared Four. However, he have a softer side and he will not tolerate of any kind of robotic slavery, which King Kube KiloBot is glad to not treating his men as such. Piercing Power: Ranged attacks have a chance to lower a target's Defensive Energy.
The stronger brother of the two twins that retired from working with KiloBot after discovering his ambitions against humanity, and thus now work for the RCNC instead. He is the strong and skilled robot, but also impulsive. He refuses to let anyone who harm his valuated sister and his close friends. Furious Fighter: When being victim of dirty-playing attacks or receive a crucial hit, the character's Strength will be viciously raised.
The cunning and savvy sister of Moondusk. Like her brother, she quit working for KiloBot and joined the RCNC instead. She can outsmart her foes quite easily, but she is also a bit narcissistic. No one should ever harm Moondusk or her friends. And for a Light Robot, she does have a heart of gold. Masterful Sentience: When being victim of dirty-playing attacks or receive a crucial hit, the character's Attacking Energy will be viciously raised.
Sergent Drillolot
A crazed drill-armed robot who was resigned by his army does to his violent manners to handle his enemies. Despite working for KiloBot, even the latter one should not trust him this much as Drillolot could have a chance to drill the others out, allies and enemies alike. Murderous: Capable to deal more damage as it deals a combo, but it will also have lowered defense the more hits it delivers. It will reset if the user had missed an attack or got hit by anything.
One of the Seven Elites, the seven robotic guardians of the planet. Having enough to train, he want some thrills and now have his chance to see his once-enemy, now-friend Meta-Form and get on a adventure for the first time of his cognitive life. Of course, he will not hesitate to attack the Bad Bots shall they attempt to betray and destroy his allies. Hardworker: When defeating more and more enemies, the user and their teammates will have more Goldees and eventually a rarer item.
Torna-Boy's younger sister, now looking like a pre-adult teenager, will also join Meta-Form and the others, but it especially because she worried about her brother...and his supposed girlfriend. She had no problem when dealing with Sedacy, but when it is about Denity, but King Kube KiloBot do easily scares her. Protective: Raise both of the user's Strength and Attacking Energy when an ally receive is either knocked out, got hit by a dirty-playing move, receive a crucial hit or even hit from an element it have disadvantages to.
The Hawlucha who do everything for money, which KiloBot will give him as much as the Hawlucha wanted. Cazador Luchadore is far from heartless, just greedy, and do care for his Hextiple Power mates. The only thing he does despise very much can be anyone greedier than him. He and his fellows come from the main Pokemon multiverse, explaining their relatively normal appearances and abilities. Mold Breaker: Ignore the Abilities of the foes, whoever if they are robots or not.
Toxio Meiyo is a Toxicroak, member of the Hextiple Power, who follow his honor (never take on weaker unless the weaker threaten you). He consider most humans weaker and only attack them if they hold a weapon. If anyone dare to mess with his honor, he will give you a tranquil but poisonous lesson. Dry Skin: Get healed instead of being affected by any water attacks, but take slightly more damage from fire. He is also healed by water environnement but also take damage by harsh light.
Arriba Bailarin is a Maractus who is part of the Hextiple Power. She prefer to use status moves to hinder the opponents rather than taking them directly, unless if she is really threatened. She likes flowers and cactus, but is very bitter about spices. I hope her surprise hug will not leave you stung for long! Chlorophyll: When exposed to harsh light or any light sources, she will be as twice as fast. Her Move, Sunny Day, count toward this Ability.
Rumpus LeGour the Grumpig is the brain of the group, and also a bit of a big eater. He know most things on Tobor as well as the outside, much like Cubey, but also about other Pokemon, unlike Cubey who only know those he heard often. His Psychic power is also tricky to deal with! Thick Fat: Take halve damage from fiery and icy attacks, and take one-third damage from non-direct attacks.
Arrogent, boisterous, glorious but so reckless to the point of stupidity. Eelekton Schok is and Eelektross, ready for all kind of fighting. He is not without redeeming qualities, though, and if there is someone who accuse him for something he haven't done, he tend to be rather defensive over being aggressive...until he got hurt that is. Levitate: Float up in the air without limit, and is unaffected by Earth attacks unless Forcedly Grounded.
Sailston Murzip is a mutated Swampert that is, as his own species, capable to sprout poisons while also being the muscle of the group. While not dumb at all, he is a bit stubborn and will not stop what he is doing until Furclaw or KiloBot told him to stop. As a Swampert, he can also Mega Evolve but he said that he can go out of control does to his stressful past events with the hostile alien, the Grognels. Mega Evolution: Sailston can Mega Evolve, allowing to further amplify his strength and swims at a far faster rate. This allows him to deal much more physical damage while not being as slow as KiloBot, and swim across places that cannot be reached does to strong current. That being said, staying in the Mega Evolution form for too long (longer than a minute) will push him into a rampage and make him using random moves until the player cancels the Mega Evolution.


Name and Elements Description Pre-Installed Ability

Prince Paint 


A responsible, careful but also sometimes harsh when not treated with dignity. Prince of the Art Land, he now had to stop Mr. Stelog along with Princess Pencil and Chamelo because Stelog wanted to enslave all those who are aliens, and Chamelo and the other non-humans are all considered as aliens according to him. Painter: His various color of his magical, seemingly endless paint can inflict different effects on enemies; Burn with red, Slowed with orange, Paralyzis with yellow, Drained with green, Frozen with blue, Splashed with indigo, Poisoned with purple, Blinded with white and Spooked with black.

Princess Pencil 


The royal sister of Prince Paint. She is also a ninja and can use various ninjitsu techniques, as well as Nature and Fire attacks. While rather stern and a bit strict on hygiene, she means well for her brother and everyone else, even those who commited mean streaks. Talk about a charming princess! Stealth Specialist: Can use various techniques to hide oneself, such as Hiding Cover and Smoke Bomb, useful to evade enemies, but would not help if the user is being reckless or in a hurry with it.
A shy, clumsy but easygoing fellow who is nevertheless one of the stronger Chamelius (a human-shaped, cutesy faced chameleon-like species) around, especially once he learned the rare Size-Shift spell. He is with Prince Paint and Princess Pencil in order to stop Mr. Stelog form endangering his species. Size Shiftier: Can grow or shrink his size. Bigger is stronger and more resilient, but unable to enter certain paths, while smaller is faster but quite more frail, but is capable to go through tight paths.

Dr. Kunzite


Dr. Kunzite, believe it or not, is KiloBot's undercover scientist who helped him constructing multiple prototype of new minions and especially the Skilletons. Now that she saw that KiloBot had lost his minions, she had no choice but to help him out with her Pyrojack Scepter. Hijacker: Can hijack a robotic enemy to obey her commands. Hijacked robots also behaves much smarter, but they cannot recover their HP outside of their own methods.


Name Role
Dawelldon The old wise robot who is also the principal of the RCNC. He often give location to the player about where should they go and also warn the player about incoming threats via tele-communication.
Platisell A robot who sells anything, from Custom Parts to Power-Ups. He initially starts with a few when starting the game, but give out more as the player progress. He also occasionally talk about something ancient or a secret about someone (not the one who the player is controlling)...if you allowed him to.
P.U.M.A. Short of Protection of Universe and Military Agency. They are your non-playable allies and have robots and aliens at your service. There are two important agent aliens to help you out along the way.
Agent G'ammit The lizard-like alien (Invisiblia Stoicus) is a stoic, but not misanthropic, as he actually like humans as friends, so calling as such is a way to make him mad inside (he don't show it outside as a stoic). He goes invisible and reveal himself to give out important items.
Agent Zazin The bird-like alien (Fuga Explorator) is a flighting scout who informs the player about enemies that even Dawelldon doesn't know and give player air support with her own weapons. She is a bit bashful but not above attacking the enemies who show their aggressivity.

Major Antagonists

Name Role
Mr. Stelog The conniver and heartless man who encourage slavery of any species other than humans, and doesn't care of other human-beings anyway. A truly selfish person, but also quite of a coward, and had a true fear of KiloBot ever since Stelog's betrayal against him.
Arcanos The cursed robot. Thirst for revenge, and only revenge, he will exterminate Meta-Form and his friends and foes, but has he become powerless, he will have no choice but to trust Stelog in order to regain his power. However, his lack of cooperation make him vulnerable lone wolf, even with his power back.
Claw Clown Mr. Stelog's (current) second in command. While silly and ruthless in battles, he is rather friendly and accept his loss unless if Stelog is nearby. He don't like the way Arcanos or his creator way to direct the others, but he tend to mind his business to avoid causing needless troubles.


Coming soon

Custom Parts




There are nine main worlds, with the last one only accessible when clearing all previous worlds.

Name Description Bosses List
Soltice City
  • Stelog Ship
  • Armagetank
Stalemate Ruins
  • Demi-Twin
  • Gladibos
Creepy Mountain
  • Haunted Rocks
  • Foul Ghoul
Island of Giants
  • Titanorc
  • Megamagic
Magma Battlefield
  • Dracroc
  • Sir Hotair
Freezing Tower
  • Thundra
  • Ice Whip
Stelog Battleship
  • Elite Guardos
  • Mr. Stelog
  • Batleship Core

Mix-Mash Funhouse

  • Claw Clown
  • Mixed-Match Bosses
  • ???




Name Description
Stelog Ship Cruiser piloted by one of Stelog's Genelogs, this ship is armed with dangerous weapons such as heat-seeking missiles and EMP Bombs. It is chasing the Double-Bus the players are on, and the best way to damage it is to throw back the EMP Bombs into the cockpit.
Armagetank Heavily armored robot that have a double-barreled cannon which fires powerful bombshells that destroy a ten-story building in one hit. This tough robot is sluggish, which leaves him vulnerable when he shoots form his cannons, or when he is using the triple-miniguns mounted into his hands, but his other attacks are swifter such as the freezing lasers and his homing bowling bombs.
Demi-Twin A duo of idiotic dark robots who constantly bickers each others even at the worst time, to the point of ending up attacking each others. Their attacks such as dark orb rain and shadow rushing are powerful, and the players should focus on avoiding them as possible, and attack them when they become stunned from their arguing. That is to say, attacking them too many times will cause them to team up on you, making them attacking each others much less often.
Gladiabos A thin but deceptively fast gladiator Velis (Four-handed weasel) that is engaged into a fight, hoping to collect the big cash from Stelog who hired him to destroy Meta-Form and his allies. He's not alone to fight, and he commends the other Velises to ambush the players. However, his attacks aren't too strong, with his crossbow dealing burning damage that slowly damage the victim's health, but nevertheless very various; throwing a chained mace, throwing daggers, throwing bouncing axes and swinging his javelin around.




  • It is debetable if this game will take place of the New Fantendoverse or not, as it is rather part of the Secretverse, a seperated universe.
  • The title is an expression to use their strengths combined to overcome challenges. It also another way to say the term "common foe" which is in this case, Mr. Stelog.
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