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Meta-Form: Amazing Isles is the sequel of Meta-Form: Common Force and is the fourth major installment of the Meta-Form series, taking place after five years of the latter game's event. It returns to the basic after the series went too far away from its root, while also have a much needed innovation such as the increased focus on the Metroidvania-styled maps and the exploration with multiple bonus stages more akin to Donkey Kong Country series, especially Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble.

It is developed by Gear Games and released for the Evo-Gem at October 25th, 2024.


As already mentioned, Meta-Form: Amazing Isles returns the root, as in returning to the gameplay of Meta-Form 1, in which involve combat-based platformer where Meta-Form uses his Forms to solve puzzles and vanquish enemies he could not deal with well in his Regular Form. However, instead of a level-to-level basis, the map is more structured like a Metroidvania game and the levels are interconnected.

Just like the first game, if Meta-Form's health runs out, then it is game over. However, checkpoints are more present and can be used to travel level-to-level, and even world-to-world, to prevent excessive backtracking if the player needs to return to any of the previous worlds for any reason.

As the first six worlds (called "Isles" in this game) can be played and cleared in any order, one of the new mechanics is the World Dynamism. If the player had defeated the boss of a world, the other worlds will react accordingly, changing the level structures, enemies, hazards and even bosses' behaviors. Although firstly benevolent, it will eventually makes the other Worlds progressively more difficult and tricky to clear.

Another new mechanic is the Custom Cogs, which essentially replace the Custom Chips and are easier to understand and use, as they only modify the stats and abilities of all Forms, or even Cubey. Using the right Custom Cogs can greatly aid Meta-Form against certain enemies and bosses, but using wrong ones will greatly hinder him instead. Sabi, who will be explained below, will even warn the player to not use certain Custom Cogs against the upcoming boss.

To aid new and veteran players alike to know what they are supposed to do, Sabi the Guide can be called at anytime to gain information about the level and even most of the bosses. She is optional but her hints are straight-to-the-point and if called enough often, even try to flirt with Meta-Form, although the latter have no effect and only mildly annoys Meta-Form. To avoid negative or polarizing receptions toward her like how Navi and Rotom-Dex from the Legend of Zelda and Pokémon franchises, respectively, Sabi will only bother Meta-Form and Cubey twice, and only for story-important reasons.


Single Player

Synopsis: Meta-Form and Cubey saw that the RCNC had monetary troubles after dealing with Mr. Stelog's last and final plan. Upon seeing the advertisement of the Amazing Isles' newest contest to win 10,000,000 golds, the two decided to take their chance and win the prize to help the company out of the economy crisis. However, what they didn't know is that it is... slightly rigged this time.

Turns out, the tournament is organized by none other than KiloBot. Realizing that the pirate-king-leader of the Bad Bots is up for someting once again, the duo have no choice but to roll along and hope to blast his latest plan... whatever it would be!


Synopsis: After taking down KiloBot's latest plan, Meta-Form got kidnapped by KiloBot by exploiting Meta-Form's Hyper Orb bleamish condition! As a result, Meta ended up becoming weak in his Nega Form for a while, leaving him vulnerable for analysis. KiloBot then mysteriously disappears as Captain Cablefish take a fill-in for him-- wait, who is that Cablefish!?

With the Quad-Forms ready to take on the bad guy, Cubey feels like it is too dangerous for them but doesn't see another viable choice at the moment. Its very clear that the situation become very desperate, as Meta-Form himself is at stake... a true on-mode-or-out-mode situation this time!


Character Description
Single Player Playable
Noticing that the Amazing Isles Challenge will have money reward which would help solve the RCNC's economic issue, Meta-Form is ready to hop in yet another challenge. Like in the previous games, he can use multiple Forms in order to take on various foes and solve puzzles. This time, in addition to some of his Classic Forms, he can also use the Forms based on other notable robot characters, both friends and foes.
Multiplayer Playables
A quadruplet of young robots, having the limited abilities of Meta-Form but also capable of using the unique and powerful Team Forms, providing that they all think of the same Form. The red one is Rosen the overconfident, Indigan the flippant, Limeo the wise and Citrinel the sour. The four may bicker sometimes, but deep down, the two brothers and two sisters cares highly for each others.
Meta-Form's Partner
Although he is suspicious about the Amazing Isles, Cubey is always ready to give a hand to Meta-Form. He can become a shield or a bazooka to give Meta-Form some good support, and this time, he can become a pogo-stick to bounce to higher places, and a wheel to chase after fast foes.
Captain Cube KiloBot
The Main Villain Himself
The former king, pirate captain who now focus on finding treasures that will help him to conquer the world. After aiding out Meta-Form to stop Mr. Stelog once and for all, he went back to his wicked schemes and turns out to be the big boss of the Amazing Isles. Just what villainous tricks is he up to this time?
Dr. Lily Kunzite
High-Ranked Doctor
Although KiloBot had initial doubt of her, Dr. Lily Kunzite proves herself to be a worthy and effective worker of his, and as a result, KiloBot can rely on her to build up new robots while fixing up "injured" old robots. This time, she is studying on a whole new thing she never seen before... but if Meta-Form is on her way, she will not waste time and will do anything in her powers to stop him.
Guide of Amazing Isles
This cutesy robot is the guide of the Amazing Isles. After being abandoned by her heartless alien creator, Sabi joined KiloBot out of distress, and despite not liking his rude and bodacious attitude, she sees no actual point of joining the RCNC, since as much as she is well aware of KiloBot's intentions, she knows that KiloBot and Kunzite took great care of her. She does have a thing for Meta-Form, much to the latter's dismay.
Elite Seven
Once-Misled Friends
Seven robots who main job is to protect the world from outside threats. Despite being misled by KiloBot, they learned past their mistake and befriends Meta-Form and stopped doubting about humanity (though not completely). Unfortunately, KiloBot figured out that they would put a dent on his plan and captured them, and this time took control of them, forcing Meta-Form to deal with them again, serving as mid-bosses.
Hexagon Terrors
Deadly High Ranks
An elite team composing of Sedacy, Tick-Tock, Iouga, Doppelight and the newly promoted Boxin-Kevin and Kickin-Xavier. Although quite mumbling in their own right, they are far more dangerous than they looked and are now ready than ever to take on Meta-Form once again. Like the Elite Seven, they are usually confronted as mid-bosses.
Isle Masters
Part-Worker, Part-Champions
Composed of Steamstack, Foulface, Pixeleight, Blasterfreak, Lengjing and Enigmae, each of them owns their own isle and only work for KiloBot for personal reason and out of pure desperation does to economic problem. Nevertheless, they present a tough challenge in their own Isle as the main bosses of the game.
Captain Cablefish
Vile Kidnapping Captain
A fish-like pirate who controls both water and electric element, and he's the one who stole Meta-Form in the Multiplayer mode. But what is his true nature? And how he and the Bad Bots get along well?
Jester Abrina
Playball Queen
A jester who challenges the player to collect as much Playballs as possible, and the Playball Catch are never the same as other players around the world also throw out their own Playballs for the player to collect. She's enthusiastic but also occasionally deceptive.


Single Player

Description Bosses
Circus Island

Circus Island is a huge amusement park with full of circus-themed rides and fun houses. That said, KiloBot's workers are not too thrilled to see Meta-Form and would want to make sure he fails. To get to the Boss Tent, Meta-Form have to gather three Steamstack Tickets. Sounds simple, but alas some of KiloBot's elite ruffians would not let him get the tickets too easily.

Iouga (Mid-Boss 1)

Snowice (Mid-Boss 2)

Belljack (Mid-Boss 3)

Ringmaster Steamstack (Boss)

Foul Graveyard

Foul Graveyard is... quite a mess of a graveyard, full of foul slime that hurt anyone on contact. Even KiloBot's workers have to be careful with the foulness of the graveyard, with grumpy sentient skeletons attacking anyone who woke them up. To enter the Boss Tomb, they had to answer the five questions, which are mostly something with Meta-Form's pasts adventures. There are some clues left by "someone" to help Meta-Form remember the answers.

Tick-Tock (Mid-Boss 1)

Tornaman (Mid-Boss 2)

Dr. Lily Kunzite (#1) (Mid-Boss 3, Hyper Meta-Form Battle #1)

Ghoulmaster Foulface (Boss)

Arcade Colosseum

Being easily the most addictive of the six Isles, the Arcade Colosseum is both a huge entertainment that have both a large array of fun minigames and of course, their greatest amusement, the Hexagraph Arena. After handling a good amount of KiloBot's big bad brutes and the too-eager-to-wait Boxin-Kevin, Meta-Form and Cubey only needs to score a high score in order to take on the Game Mistress... which is pretty much a high score endurance in the Hexagraph Arena, and take on two more elites right after that.

Boxin-Xavier (Mid-Boss 1)

Elite Guard V2 (Mid-Boss 2)

Bigoulder (Mid-Boss 3)

Game Mistress Pixeleight (Boss)

Temporal (Secret Boss)

Tank Fortress

The Tank Fortress is quite a gigantic tank that went out of service long ago, and its fortress-like structure makes it an ideal place for boot camp training. Multiple obstacles such as the still active cannons can be quite a deadly obstacle to the duo. Meta-Form and Cubey cannot have access to the top of the tank unless they brought the two keys after taking down the Elite Guards after fixing up the closed bridge.

Firisk + Trithund (Mid-Boss 1)

Doppelight (#1) + Dr. Lily Kunzite (#2) (Mid-Boss 2)

Sergent Drillalot (Mid-Boss 3)

Tank Master Blasterfreak (Boss, Hyper Meta-Form fight #2)

Sky Bamboos

Sky Bamboos was used to be a popular tourist attraction, but the tourist were overbearing to the point where the original owner moved it away, with the more comparatively more respectful Bad Bots taking care of it. This Isle is more relaxing as the enemies are very sparse (but boss battles will still ensues) and more into platforming and puzzles. Although Meta-Form's short temper had quite worsened from his last adventure, the Zen Mistress Lengjing's challenge is to simply get into peaceful pose for ten seconds to open each next doors.

Ocean Dragon Valton (Mid-Boss 1)

Kicker-Xavier (Mid-Boss 2)

Splashter (Mid-Boss 3)

Zen Mistress Lengjing (Boss)

Enigma Engine

Proving that science and magic can mix well, the Enigma Engine is the final Isle Meta-Form and Cubey must face before taking on the "final opponent". What they didn't expect is a maze-like structure that seems confusing at first, but become more and more clear as they answers Enigmae's questions correctly. Unfortunately, Sedacy and Doppelight will not let him win so easily, and the duo also have to fight Starark after defeating Enigmae before they can progress further.

Autolock (Mid-Boss 1)

Doppelight (#2) (Mid-Boss 2)

Sedacy (Mid-Boss 3)

Trick Mistress Enigmae (Boss)

Starark (Post-Level Boss)

Kilo Airship

The Kilo Airship is the final location Meta-Form and Cubey have to go thorough and take out KiloBot and his latest plan (collect the mysterious energy). He's not going to get foiled that easily this time; all of this elites will take on Meta-Form one more time, but the Seven Elites are aiding the two to make up for that. The player have to focus on evading the elites, take out the Guard Door, fight Dr. Lily Kunzite once again, fight off the controlled Vege-Rabbit, and finally take down Captain Cube KiloBot...!?

Guard Door (Mid-Boss 1)

Dr. Lily Kunzite (#3) (Mid-Boss 2)

Vege-Rabbit (Mid-Boss 3)

Captain Cube KiloBot (Boss)

Ultraminator Returns

The deadly mechanical vehicle Ultraminator is back, bigger, faster and stronger than ever, now under KiloBot's hands. In addition to have his own set of Skilletons, the enhanced Ultraminator also have their original weak spot covered in plates made of metal KiloBot is made of. The arena is circular and have three "Sub-Skilletons"; Original, Dragoon and his self-sentient Mastermind.

Original Ultraminator (Phase 1)

Dragoon Ultraminator (Phase 2)

Mastermind (Phase 3, Hyper Meta-Form Battle #3)


Description Bosses
Circus Backdoor

Circus Backdoor is a rather dark place where lights are hardly glimmering. The Quad-Forms had to light up the place more so that they can have access to the Further Backdoor. They have to use the Tower Team Form in order to reach places that none of the Quad-Forms can reach alone, and there are multiple Big Eye-Spies lurking around, ready to strike any intruders.

Swordy StickBot (Mid-Boss)

LionBot Lockey (Boss)

Bottom Graveyard

Bottom Graveyard is the deeper part of the graveyard, with Foulface storing the defunct body of those who inflict major betrayals against KiloBot. There are those who are still alive and will attack anyone who gets into their way, including each others. There is also a almost-truly-dead robot who also betrayed KiloBot and whom even Stelog does not wanted to make use off...

Frankensting (Mid-Boss)

Decaying Arcanos (Boss)

Arcade Station

Although the Arcade Colosseum is a fan-favorite among the tourists, the Arcade Station is rather controversial does to aiming too much toward old-school players in term of "nostalgic fake difficulty". Thankfully Pixeleight helped the Quad-Forms by giving them the map to go thorough the safest (or "most fair") paths, as the enemies will make sure the Quad-Forms will not make it thorough by installing dirty traps. Unlike the other locations in Multiplayer, there are five whopping bosses, only one of them being existing Meta-Form character, but the players doesn't need to face them all as they are all found in different brenching paths.

Virtual Rudy the Clown (Mid-Boss 1)

Virtual OoT Gohma (Mid-Boss 2)

Virtual Galleom (Mid-Boss 3)

Virtual Classic KiloBot (Mid-Boss 4)

Virtual Marx + Marx Soul (Boss)

Katylist (Secret Boss)

True Big Tank

It turns out that the Tank Fortress is more of a slower fodder; the True Big Tank is comparatively more mobile and is armed with a powerful cannons that even something huge can be taken down in a few shots! This might be used in case Meta-Form goes back to his Hyper Mode, but his overuse to it makes it unlikely to happen. That said, the Quad-Forms have to shut it down before confronting the boss.

Armored Iouga (Mid-Boss 1)

Tank Master Blasterfreak (Boss)

Captain Cube KiloBot (Secret Boss, Postend Only)

Bamboos Castle

Bamboos Castle is a safeguard zoo for the animals who are endangered, with robotic variants protecting them from intruders and poachers. Unfortunately, a few robotic animals went out of control, and Lengjing needs the Quad-Form's help to fix the problem by taking down the Hijacker Boxes, and then find the responsible for such troubles.

Mega PandaBot (Mid-Boss)

Brant Bagginton (Boss)

Secret Engine

Although usually kept away from public, Enigmae allowed the Quad-Forms to enter the Secret Engines if it means to stop Cablefish's wicked plan. They need to solve the enigmas that not even Enigmae is able to solve (though simply because she forgot the answers), but she did scattered the clues throughout the engine house in order to help solving the new enigmas.

Hazardous Flower (Mid-Boss 1)

Pharaoh'o'jah (Boss)

Kilo Hideout

The deeper part of the Kilo Airship, the Kilo Hideout is an even more secured laboratory where Dr. Lily Kunzite works on "something" and where the secret energy turns out to be EX Energy, though there is one question; how comes Cablefish knows about the laboratory? Things seems to get more and more suspicious... nevertheless, the Quad-Forms are closer and closer to their goal to rescue Meta-Form.

Guard Door V2 (Mid-Boss 1)

Dr. Lily Kunzite (EX) (Mid-Boss 2)

Meta-Clone Prototype (Mid-Boss 3)

Controlled Meta-Form (Boss)

Captain Cablefish (Final Boss)

World Dynamism

The World Dynamism will change according to which World (Isle) is completed first, and still applies even if the worlds in question are already completed before.

Isle Changes
Circus Island
Circus Backdoor
Foul Graveyard Completed: Undead robots taking visit to the Circus Island, giving helpful items to Meta-Form/Quad-Forms as a thank-you gift. Large tombs are added as useful stools.

Arcade Colosseum Completed: Hexagon tiles are floating in the island, allowing for extra platforms.

Tank Fortress Completed: Tougher enemies will start scouting thorough the island, making the level more difficult to fight thorough.

Sky Bamboos Completed: Sky Bamboos citizens are taking visit to the island, with their clouds being used as a vehicle for both the player(s) and the enemies. This also gives Snowice more clouds to make snowstorm off, however.

Enigma Engine Completed: Enigmae is seen having fun in the Spinning Cups and can be talked to at anytime. Ringmaster Steamstack is displeased of her presence and use the Fog Cogs she left behind in his boss battle.

Kilo Airship Completed: A golden statue of Meta-Form standing over the defeated Captain Cube KiloBot, with some audience applauding with some other audiences jeer in jealousy. More enemies appeared throughout the world, but also some Golden Doors when the player complete new puzzles.

Foul Graveyard
Bottom Graveyard
Circus Island Completed: Statues of Claw Clown had mysteriously appeared throughout the Foul Graveyard and Bottom Graveyard, and will try to attack the player with a claw swipe. Thankfully, they can be moved and destroyed.

Arcade Colosseum Completed: Holographic versions of Eye-Spies appears, which goes away in one hit but is otherwise identical to the normal Eye-Spies, which can make players paranoid.

Tank Fortress Completed: New enemies called Tankatas appears and will attack Meta-Form/Quad-Forms by KiloBot's order.

Sky Bamboos Completed: Bo-Toms carries bamboos instead of regular Bos, which are much more durable but can catch fire more easily.

Enigma Engine Completed: Undead enemies are distracted by the new messages, allowing Meta-Form/Quad-Forms to pass thorough without having to fight them.

Kilo Airship Completed: A large tomb that reads "Here lies KiloBot's latest plan" which also allows Meta-Form/Quad-Forms to have access to a much larger tomb which grants access to more difficult Bonus Rooms. Barely revived enemies called Robies starts to appear and while slower, can self-recover if left alone.

Arcade Colosseum
Arcade Station
Circus Island Completed: Balloons appears throughout the Colosseum, giving extra lifts for Meta-Form/Quad-Forms.

Foul Graveyard Completed: Geistguises appears in the minigame section, spooking away weaker but swarming enemies.

Tank Fortress Completed: A new minigame called Tank Attack is added. In addition, multiple enemies are riding small tanks instead of walking.

Sky Bamboos Completed: A water fountain is added which allows to ease up burning and allows a very high lift. The fountain can be used to store water at any time.

Enigma Engine Completed: A new minigame called Quiz Buzz is added. In addition, more puzzles are added which means more bonus levels, and every day, the puzzles will reset and the bonus levels are re-randomized and refreshed. The game does not require these optional bonus levels to have a 100% completion.

Kilo Airship Completed: A more challenging version of the Arcade Challenges had appeared, and Meta-Form and Quad=Forms can refight any of the bosses, up and including both final bosses. A special boss, Virtual Wario Deluxe, will be available to face once the player had defeated the Refight Bosses.

Tank Fortress
True Big Tank
Circus Island Completed: Rolling-coaster ride machines are added to help transportation of both weapons and passengers. They also deliver healing items and other useful items, but Meta-Form/Quad-Forms had to pay them first!

Foul Graveyard Completed: Fallen warriors comes to visit and tells Meta-Form/Quad-Forms some stories, and then give some exclusive Custom Cogs. Eye-Spies also patrols this world much more often.

Arcade Colosseum Completed: Enemies ride thorough bumper tanks, which can push Meta-Form/Quad-Forms around as well as each others. Thank goodness this world have no deadly abyss!

Sky Bamboos Completed: Clouds appears above both tanks, allowing access to the bonus levels. Bamboo Cannons also appears for Meta-Form/Quad-Forms to use to take out enemies and walls.

Enigma Engine Completed: Mysterious doors appears, allowing both the players and enemies to travel room to room and make backtracking less painful once the player had updated the map. Some Mystery Doors even contain a Bonus Room!

Kilo Airship Completed: Two holes shaped like KiloBot from the roof allows sunlight to activate multiple solar panels and activate the security systems, which with the right Password Code, grants access to new rooms with more obstacles and more Bonus Rooms.

If the Kilo Hideout is completed as well, a hole shaped like Captain Cablefish is seen from the top of the True Big Tank, but KiloBot himself is instead laying in the room of bombshells, slightly stunned. Shall the Quad-Forms stand in the room for a minute, KiloBot regain conscious and, seemingly forgot his "plan" at the moment, fight the Quad-Forms, thinking that they knocked him out.

Sky Bamboos
Bamboos Castle
Circus Island Completed: Several bamboos had grown better thanks to the water fireworks. This allows Meta-Form/Quad-Forms to jump into one by one without the need of using the other aerial forms, and avoiding the air-homing missiles much better.

Foul Graveyard Completed: Friendly Bo-Toms (those who works outside of "working hours") comes by and collect some old, yellow bamboos, and while other undead enemies will attack Meta-Form in sight, they will otherwise stay in the Zen Zone, where they are not allowed to attack the player (and vice versa).

Arcade Colosseum Completed: Bamboo Shooter minigame available, involving taking out cardboard of enemies. The enemies also carries their authentic, deadlier version of the Bamboo Shooter weapon.

Tank Fortress Completed: The top part of the fortress (which when removed, reveals the True Big Tank) lands on this world, which allows access to that top part. Unfortunately, this also caused stronger enemies from this place to spawns.

Enigma Engine Completed: Purple bamboos appears and engage an odd mist that reverses the player's directional control. Fortunately, these bamboos can also reverse the enemies' direction.

Kilo Airship Completed: The Zen Room have multiple enemies who want to sit down and relax for a change. Even KiloBot's lowest ranks needs a break when too stressed out by defeats. In the meanwhile, more bamboos are growing thanks to increased water provided by Nadian City, allowing even more paths to hop on and discover the remaining Bonus Rooms.

Enigma Engine
Secret Engine
Circus Island Completed: Clowney Cars appears and let out purple mist that inverse Meta-Form/Quad-Forms' directional control.

Foul Graveyard Completed: Undead enemies starts to appear from the Mystery Doors, especially those that are isolated.

Arcade Colosseum Completed: Holographic big gears starts to appear. They are recognized by a static effect at every two seconds. Enemies can also be duped into landing on them and fall into the bottom floor!

Tank Fortress Completed: There are additional Mystery Levers that will summon additional cannons or remove them. Tank-based enemies disguised as weaker foes thanks to the Illusion Mist will do their best to trick Meta-Form/Quad-Forms and take them out.

Sky Bamboos Completed: Water starts to circulate and allows the waterwheels to activate the doors that are otherwise inaccessible, allowing shortcuts and new Bonus Levels.

Kilo Airship Completed: A conversation of all KiloBot-affiliated bosses, although Dr. Kunzite is absent, were discussing about why KiloBot is acting chill despite his recent defeat. Tick-Tock had accidentally pushed one of the levers which activate plenty of locked doors, allowing new access to new paths and get the remaining Bonus Rooms.



Form Description
Available at Start
No actual specialty stat-wise, but allows Meta-Form to use his Magnet Boots to climb into metallic walls and ceiling and open doors.
Available at Start
Slightly increased ground speed and the cannon inflict a good amount of damage, especially if Cubey is fired from the cannon, but the jump is lowered.
Available at Start
Allows unlimited flight and help Meta-Form to go thorough strong wind, but his strikes need to be precise as the hitbox are rather small.
Available at Start
Allows unlimited floating and free-ranged mobility, unaffected by gravitational pulls. This form is slower however, and although the tractor beam can be used to move one heavy object to another, thrown enemies will receive minimal damage unless thrown into hazards or into each others, and bosses are unaffected by the tractor.
Available after defeating Iouga
Collect scrap metals to turn into a larger, more resilient but quite slower titan that can break walls and ceilings, as well as enemies normally unharmed by any of other Meta's Forms.
Available after defeating Tick-Tock
Allows Meta-Form to use Tick-Tock's abilities to rewind time to "heal" himself, and to slow down enemies. However, the time-based abilities drains his Battery and will force him to recharge if abusing it.
Available after defeating Boxer-Xavier
Raised ground mobility and capable of quicker, shiftier and stronger melee combat. That said, Meta-Form is unable to climb properly because of his boxing gloves.
Available after defeating Doppelight
Allows Meta-Form to copy the frontal enemy, both in usual behavior-based attacks and movements. Helpful to pass thorough numerous enemies, but remember that a weak enemy is generally matchless against a much stronger one, and the latter group had to be damaged sufficiently before Meta-Form could be able to properly copy it.
Available after defeating Kickin-Yvan
Greatly heightened mobility and able to make a swift kick and a rapid fire of kunais. However, the attacks are not very strong on their own and need a proper combo in order to become an effective DPS Form.
Available after defeating Sedacy
Meta-Form uses his heart-shaped watch to hypnotize the enemies and even stubborn NPCs, allowing new paths and distraction. That said, he have no extra offensive options and need to stay clear of army of foes.
Hyper Mode
Available only in certain boss fights
Meta-Form is significantly more powerful and resilient, as well as getting a lot of bigger, allowing him to shift-shape into large forms that regular Meta-Form is unable to use. His offensive power raise as he takes more damage and gets angrier, but at the same time, he's a bit more sluggish.
Giga Form
Available after defeating Virtual Wario Deluxe
Meta-Form's strongest Form that went missing after Meta-Form 1 is finally back, and as strong as ever! This form have unlimited flight and heightened mobility and resilience. However, he's not able to use Cubey's abilities as he need his ESP energy to make the Giga Form stable.


Form Description
Driller Drill thorough thick walls and thorough the ground. Also effective to take out enemies with very thick armor.
Wrecking Ball Smash enemies on the background and foreground, as well as smash out towers and other large buildings.
Wheel Rapidly roll thorough the path and smash thorough walls and obstacles. The team can also jump over gaps with the jump button.
Spider Monkey A large monkey-like form where each robot controls a hand to move, or to punch, block a projectile or grab something.
Sea Hydra Allows easier traveling underwater. The main head controls the entire body, but the other heads can spit out explosive water pulses to the enemies and bull-eyes.
Totem Stack An unusual Team Form in that the Quad-Forms can still move individually, but can stack into each others and spin out like wild. The more Quad-Forms stacked, the stronger the spinning attack is.
Power Laser Their strongest but also most tiring Team Form, the laser is capable of destroying even something the unmovable object and the unstoppable force, but doesn't guarantee a KO and the Quad-Forms had to recharge with Power Orbs afterward to use it or other Team Forms again.



Cog-Cake Type Function
Regular A classic version of a Cog-Cake. Restores 33% of Health.
Strength This spicy Cog-Cake give 1.5x attack power to the one who ate it for ten seconds.
Solidness This rocky chocolate flavored Cog-Cake gives 1.5x durability to the one who ate it for ten seconds.
Swiftness This minty Cog-Cake gives 1.5x agility to the one who ate it for ten seconds.
Shield This sweet Cog-Cake gives a Shield that will sustain up to 50 damage, but it only split the damage between HP and Shield by 50/50.
Invisiblity This Cog-Cake tastes a bit bitter, but also makes the user invisible for 15 seconds.
Deluxe This Neapolitan Cog-Cake, covered in rainbow sparkles and a chocolate wafer, fully heals anyone who eats this!

Custom Cogs


Important/Key Items

Bad Bots Datalog


Enemy Description
Boxer-Bot One of the three basic and most common enemies, but tend to stick as a group. They attack the player by lunging forward and inflict a hay-maker.
Kick-Botter Their name basically a "butt kicker" but corrupted. They are faster than Boxer-Bots, but they are also more reckless and can get their feet stuck on walls or the floor.
Double-Arrows Gender diversity for all robot trooper types caused the Miss-Arrow brand series to be renamed as the Double-Arrows. They shoot two arrows at once, one that go straight to the point, and another that flies through a low arc.
Fire-Runner A fire-proof type of enemy that runs toward the player by inflicting itself into burning flame. They will be far less effective if drenched in water.
Ice-Jumper This type of robot attempts to stomp the player with their icy boots. But if they land on fiery stuff or even explosions, they will become pile of icy scraps!
Storm-Slider After the original Electric-Sliders proven unsuccessful even compared to Boxer-Bots, they are improved into the water sliding Storm-Sliders which will chase after the player, and can even jump this time. They can be crashed head-first to a wall.
Eye-Spy After having a behavior similar to a certain Mario enemy, their behavior are changed so that they will come close to the player when he or she gets nearby, and they shoot lasers this time!
Lil'Eye The Lil'Eye were too weak to be effective without relying on their superior Eye-Spies. Now they can stand on their own by becoming a deadly swarm, spamming smaller lasers that while a single shot is weak, can annihilate even Meta-Form's Giga Form if the player is being careless!
Demo-Bomb Although them self-destructing and dealing great damage is real worrisome, they can regenerate just fine and they are immune to their own explosion... but not their allies, and the player can pick a Demo-Bomb and throw them into another enemy!
Mega-Guard The original Water-Guard product is fusioned with the Electric-Slider, with their replacement, the Mega-Guards, being more effective as they can resist all elemental attacks and hazards. They are heavier and will have a harder time to get up if the player managed to trip them down.
Ghouloul Turns out that the Ghouloul were actually old, rusty robots who were revived by their own core, although they don't remember what happened to them. One thing for sure, they have nothing against humans, but unfortunately, have a sheer hatred toward modern robots, even KiloBot, and work for themselves.
Banangel Those banana-colored angels who are attacking you are not your friends; they are malicious and law-hating angels who will bring all misery to mortals. Those who doesn't attack you are the kinder Banangels who just want to have peace. Is there a major split between the Banangels? By the way, they are not weak to darkness anymore; the time they were is because KiloBot managed to steal their light power.
Bouldion Although they used to side with Bigoulder, their rebellious streak and immaturity had gotten the best of them and sided with KiloBot out of pure, pitiful spite. They throw rocks at the player, and every third rock will be a big boulder. The rocks can be thrown back, and the boulders can be used to climb into higher places.
Sniffler Their pseudo-nose aren't allergic to lions anymore, but they can be stuck by rocks and bombs, and Meta-Form and the Quad-Forms now have more attacks that can deal with those Snifflers. Nevertheless, they are real quick on their feet and their nose can deal a big damage with a single tackle.
Big Boxer-Bot Giant version Boxer-Bots; bigger, stronger but not all that faster, the Big Boxer-Bots can smash boxes that even their smaller version and the player cannot break. The player can trick them into hitting those boxes to open otherwise inaccessible paths!
Big Kick-Botter When there are bigger people to have their butt kicked, there are the Big Kick-Botter to handle them, though they would also gladly kick out the back of smaller enemies. Like the Big Boxer-Bot, they can break metal boxes, and although they are easier to dodge compared to the Big Boxer-Bot's rushing punches, their feet will be stuck for even less time than their smaller counterpart.
Big Double-Arrows After all these years, the once-female-exclusive green common robot now have a variation like their two closest friends, which is of course a bigger Double-Arrows. Their arrows are not only bigger than their normal counterparts', but those can also explode on contact! Like the other giant robots, they can break metal boxes.
Elite Guard Those strong guards that guard places KiloBot assign them to protect, and the Elite Guards are no joke. Their cannons can shoot out a bright laser that bounces off the surface and can try to block incoming slow attacks. They can be harmed by their own lasers, but only if distracted; if they aren't, they will dodge incoming lasers. They can also attack by punching and kicking.
Elite Bomber The more attacking counterpart to the Elite Guards, the Elite Bombers focus on razing down anything that get on KiloBot's way, and their bombs are said to harm even those who cannot be harmed, being made of an odd bluish teal energy. Fortunately, their bombs can be thrown back at them and their allies, and such bombs can surpass almost all defensive perks, except those who are natural light users.
Geminick Robots that have a tendency to split into two and go back into being one. This allows them to confuse the player and overwhelm him or her, but their health are halved when they do so. If one of the two gets destroyed, the other panic and desperately performs a retaliation.
Giga Glove Modeled after the almighty god of light's gloves, the Giga Gloves are by far the strongest enemies in general, but thankfully you will only meet two of them in the entire game (four if you separate Single Player and Multiplayer). Much larger than other enemy robots, they can send a burst of light to paralyze the player(s), or just flick them away. They can be defeated by climbing into their back and smash their core, but considering their toughness and strong power, they essentially act like rare mini-bosses.
Silver Glove Smaller, weaker but nevertheless much more numerous version of the Giga Gloves. They shoot out lasers that will cause an explosion when it hit something too fragile, and it will also inflict it on weak enemies if reflected. Unfortunately, their own plate can reflect their own laser, but fortunately, they are far less resistance than their gigantic counterpart.
Slimeold Slimeolds are molding slime-men that works for KiloBot does to him (indirectly and accidentally) releasing them from a mad, slaving robot who tried to the Bad Bot Captain into his slave. They are resistant to close combat attacks and attack by a stretchy headbutt, but they will be frozen solid if hit by enough icy attacks, so an icy weapon will do the trick. They can also be defeated by straight up squashing them. Don't worry, this only knock them out and not outright kill them.
Tenlot Tenlots are the generals of the KiloBot army... or so what they believed. In reality, they are far too rude and commanding to be even efficient, but their efficiency of using tanks more than make up for that, so KiloBot confined them to use tanks. In fact, their own tanks can destroy metal boxes within seconds, but will run for their batteries duration shall their tanks get demolished.
Genelot Genelots are genuine generals, being far more competent, much less commanding (but still quite commanding) and especially much nicer than the Tenlots. They aren't any less dangerous, and in fact, they can make other elite robots the run for their money does to their even more effective tanks... though their cannonballs can be thrown back much to their dismay.
Buster Rhino Buster Rhinos are like the Rhino from the Spiderman franchise or Rambi from the Donkey Kong Country series; once they charge, they cannot be stopped so easily! In fact, Buster Rhinos are quite incompetent and generally selfish, as they won't care if they ended up hitting their own allies. And unfortunately for them, they will get screwed if they were charging at a much larger ally, such as Big Boxer-Bots and especially one of the Giga Gloves.
Spikoid Those rolling robots hide in their spiky, circular shell that make them immune to most physical attacks, but can be quickly dispatches by projectiles, especially elemental ones. They also tend to act like spikes where they stick to some floor, walls and ceiling and serves as destructible but threatening obstacles, as their slashing spikes can damage the player quite much.
Alert Horn The Alert Horns may seems weak, but they can and will alert their allies and locate the player until they get taken down. They will also run away once they did it, and will even headbutt if meeting a roadblock. The enemies will not stop chasing the player until all of the Alert Horns who gives the warning are taken down!
Loud Megaphone Unlike their shyer counterpart, the Loud Megaphones are more aggressive and will screech to stun the player, and the concentrated sound-wave pass thorough walls and obstacles, albeit weaker after each wall/obstacle. They can even break glass boxes and glass walls, so be sure to lead them to destroy those glasses with their concentrated screech!
Guard Door Those doors are sentient and will block anyone who are not authorized, i.e. someone named Meta-Form, Cubey and the Quad-Forms. They can be defeated, but it takes time and they will alert nearby enemies in the section. The alternative way to pass thorough them is to use the Doppelganger Form to disguise as one of the enemies, and pass thorough the door without problem.
Missile Door Missile Doors are more aggressive than the Guard Doors, since as their name implies, they shoot out missiles at the player. They can also scan the person who's passing, meaning that the Doppelganger Form is no use. Thankfully, they are far less durable than the Guard Doors, and they can be quickly dispatched shall the player managed to misguide the missile into those fiends.
Pain Chain Those robots with large chained maces can quickly demolish the player in multiple hits, but they will become dizzy and lose their "radar orientation" for a while, leaving them vulnerable. You can trick them to hit other robots as their maces are big enough to harm even larger robots.
Security-Eye Those elite version of Eye-Spies are able to detect enemies from far away, and will protect places that are vital for KiloBot to guard. Although their lasers can pierce thorough walls and ceilings, they are just as easy to take down as their normal counterparts, but their damage output are superior to their.
Kilo-Bombs Although they are just bombs and not sentient enemies, a radar will make them activate shall the player gets too nearby. They can be defused by simply destroying them, but their damage output are impressive, to the point where three Kilo-Bomb explosions are enough to take the player out. They are also too heavy to pick and throw, unless the player is being Hyper Meta-Form.


All bosses in Single Player mode will be listed first, and then the bosses in Multiplayer mode. Each world have at least one mid-boss and always have a full boss.

Single Player

Boss Description
Colossal Tiki
Iouga had been first fought in Meta-Form 2: KiloBot's Revenge, being hired by KiloBot in a rebellion against humanity, though the rebellion wasn't successful in term of scale and only caused the humanity to be more cautious with robots, not wanting more rebellious robots like KiloBot. He isn't smart for sure, suffering a low AI, but he is nevertheless quite a threat... at first.

Being the first mid-boss, Iouga is considerably easy to deal with, as his attacks are fairly slow and easy to predict. His tiki mask can broke revealing his true face and leave him vulnerable to attacks into his face afterward. That said, his drilling tail can inflict quite a punch. He also attacks with claw swipes, firing trash cans that can hamper Meta-Form's movement, and even a body slam.

Princess of the Snow
A spunky princess-like robot who controls icy powers, and had developed quite a relationship with Cubey. Although she was originally in the Amazing Isles to cheer for Meta-Form and Cubey, KiloBot had managed to reprogram her to fight the duo. After being defeated, she gets back to her senses and freeze the electric traps to disable them.

In-battle, she fights with large snowflakes which will freeze Meta-Form and Cubey on contact, but can be demolished with projectiles. She also attacks with frozen notes from her "singing", snow clouds that will cause an avalanche after two seconds, and sending an ice wave that will both damage and immobilize Meta-Form if he gets hit while he stands on the ground.

Ringing Rider
This finicky rider had always ended up being paranoid and capricious and ended up making conflict with anyone on his way, often changing his mind in an unpredictable manner. One of the contestants Meta-Form will face up with, Belljack is no push-over when it comes to his bells and his signature bike, the Wheelbell.

Although he is very unpredictable when it comes to where he goes and what attacks he will use next, he will also become increasingly reckless as he doesn't know when Meta-Form will strike and will attack headfirst. He attacks with a full throttle dash, swinging his large and long bells, using the missiles from his bikes and using his motorcycle's headlights to shoot hard light beams that will knock out projectiles. If he performs a full throttle dash, he will ends up dropping from his own motorcycle, and he will then becomes more vulnerable to Meta-Form's attacks.

Ringmaster Steamstack
Steaming Halfwit
The Isle Master of the Circus Island, Steamstack act like a typical proud ringmaster of a circus when he announces any act. In reality, he is a hotheaded, greedy jerk who's quite dimwitted, only serving KiloBot because of the big paycheck the latter offers.

Although he's certainly not smart, he is nevertheless much more challenging than the previous bosses, having more tricks and often attacks with circus-related attacks, such as calling Buster Rhinos for reinforcement, using trapezes to directly attack Meta-Form, and use cages to trap anyone who gets near them, even his own men. He can be dropped from a trapeze if Meta-Form managed to hit him, but he will get back into another one if he managed to escape.

At phase 2, Steamstack steams up further and calls more Buster Rhinos and bring his burning staff, despite the danger he might cause. Of course the flame is artificial and will only hurt does to the excessive heat. He will also starts to juggle and throw various shapes; a circle which release an enemy, a square which release a trap, a triangle which release a random projectile (like falling, exploding fireballs) and a star-shaped object will release a helpful projectile that will help Meta-Form to drop Steamstack.

Arrogant Planner
Tick-Tock is among the Hexagon Terrors, being the cunning strategist of the group... but he is also quite a pushover, and relies on tricks and deception to beat his foes. If that doesn't work, he can rewind time in his area to fix his most recent damage and evade, but this consume his batteries until he needs to recharge.

Tick-Tock relies on his usual tricks; slowing down time around his Area of Effect, stopping projectiles so that he can move away from them, and fasten his own attacks. However, he also have a few new attacks to make things a little more complicated, such as accelerating the falling speed of himself for extra stomping damage (or cause himself to crash and lose some HP if dodged!) and using a big clock hand as a blade which will slow down the player if hit by this weapon.

Propelling Striker
As Tornaboy reaches adulthood (being made after more than 18 years), the newly-named Tornaman had became a lot more experienced and matured quite nicely, being a more competent battler of the wind. KiloBot reprogrammed him to control the clouds to hinder Meta-Form's sight.

Tornaman is fast and swift, making him difficult to hit with melee moves. He attacks with an horizontal tornado, headbutts with his propeller, and performing a diving corkscrew. He also manipulate the smaller platforms with his wind to flip them or raise and lower them, and flipped platforms can catapult Meta-Form away, damaging him if he hits a wall or ceiling!

Dr. Lily Kunzite (#1)
Stern Scientist
Riding the very large and mighty Ghoul Armor mecha, Dr. Lily Kunzite ensures that no contestants will pass thorough the Foul Graveyard too easily, and even Foulface seems to have to be careful with her. This ends up being the first time Meta-Form is using his Hyper Mode... but the first time he does, he ends up being scared about it once he realizes the destructive power his Hyper Mode can have, and keep it for last resort for later.

The Ghoul Armor have great durability at first, and Hyper Meta-Form seems to not be able to do much damage at first. After taking some hit and delivering some important hits, Hyper Meta-Form gets angrier and is able to break the armor after a wrecking ball attack, weakening its defense. The Ghoul Armor attacks with shower of ghostly knives, throwing a shadow lance, create a large poisonous tomb like a shield, and teleporting behind Hyper Mode Meta-Form.

Ghoulmaster Foulface
Scary, but Smelly
The Isle Master of the Foul Graveyard, Foulface have a foul face he took so much pride about, and is a huge, insulting braggart. Even Dr. Lily Kunzite shows disapproval to his behavior. He's also a big coward despite his intimidating appearance, too, but he will not give up all that easily!

Unlike Steamstack, Foulface is more aggressive when he's having an upper hand and when Meta-Form is having lower HP, but loses courage when Meta-Form ends up using light-based Custom Chips or when Foulface have its HP lower than Meta-Form's. He attacks with shadow spheres, moving from doors to doors, grab Meta-Form's legs and if the latter get dragged into the dark portal, Foulface will beat him up. Foulface's attacks are less powerful when he's being cowardly.

At phase 2, Foulface realizes how much of a threat Meta-Form and Cubey is, and grab Cubey and threaten to use him against Meta-Form shall he gets too close. Meta-Form have to outwit him by waiting until Foulface using Bazooka Cubey, in which Meta-Form can hop over or dodge the projectile and smack him, dropping Cubey and make him usable again. Foulface will then continue his other attacks, as well as sending shockwaves of darkness and attempting to scare the duo which, if they get too close, spook them and push them back.

Rough Boxer
One of the two Banded Brutes, Boxin-Xavier is an advanced Boxin-Bot who punches harder than an average Boxin-Bot and have a much better competency in comparison. That said, he thinks KiloBot is a failing idiot even if it is not true, and wanted to dethrone him no matter what. Even the likes of Sedacy have a low opinion about the rough red robot!

Boxin-Xavier seems to be a pushover at first, punching forward and perform fiery blasts that are easy to dodge, but after performing those two moves, he starts to attack more frantically and performs techniques from mixed martial arts, making it difficult to read his movements. Thankfully, he will get his hands stuck if he performs a double hand slam and failed to hit Meta-Form, leaving him vulnerable for three seconds.

Elite Guard V2
Upgraded Power Guard
As if one Elite Guard isn't tough enough! The Elite Guard V2 is the commander of the Elite Guards, and have a bigger arsenal and firepower than any regular Elite Guard. He also have high respect on people who managed to beat him fair and square, which is why he admires KiloBot; despite the big bad robot's occasional dirty fighting tactics, he never been a sore loser and focus on his strengths.

Elite Guard V2, also known as Litebreaker by KiloBot and other minions, is easy to guess about his attacks; like the Elite Guards, he can launch homing missiles and deliver rocket punches. But that's not the bottom of the barrel! He can also use his jetback to launch bullet of fireballs, grab Meta-Form and stretch him into a golf club to disable Cubey for ten seconds, and perform a double dropkick. He can be stunned when hit on his head like fellow Elite Guards, but he's wise enough to dodge powerful attacks when he's not attacking.

Grand Snake of Canyons
His large snake-like body made of boulders makes it difficult for Bigoulder to fit in small spaces, so a canyon is often a convenient way for him to travel. Despite his size, he is the wisest of the Elite Eights, and will make sure that the other Elite Eights are intact. He's shown to be passionate with water physic recently... something that's not usual with an earth-based robot.

Bigoulder can only be damaged when hitting on his head, and he can use his arms to block incoming attacks as well. He spit out boulders that can be thrown back (albeit hardly so unless if using Tank or UFO form), using a diving headbutt, causing a tremor with a downward slamming fist, crumple one piece of the arena into pieces with a mighty slam of his tail, and use a rolling move that can cover the whole stage but can be dodged with the small holes he inflicted on the ground.

Game Mistress Pixeleight
Alien with Gaming Passion
Although she seems to be a regular fan of video games at first, Aralina, goes by her nickname Pixeleight, is a mechanical genius who's inspired by the game mechanics she likes and make the stages in a retro-like fashion, right down to even the shapes. She is doubtful with KiloBot but go along with his plan since her own finances is running a bit low.

Pixeleight modifies the battlefield to have panels that activate when a slamming attack hit any of them. Each panel have a different effect, with the blue one heal the user by 25%, the red one sending a shockwave, the green one will crumble after two seconds thus less space for both Meta-Form and Pixeleight to stand on, yellow one send softly-homing missiles that can be destroyed, and purple ones that transform into a spike after a second of just stepping on. Use the panels against Pixeleight, but Pixeleight can also do this against you as well! She also attacks with a spatial axe that allows her to bend the space a bit to push and damage Meta-Form.

At phase 2, more panels are added and Pixeleight will also shoot explosive spatial rays from her axe. The orange panels make a boulder to fall, the black panels will increase the stepper's attack power but lower their resistance, the white panels doing the opposite as increasing the stepper's resistance but lower their attack power, and the rainbow one doing any of the above panels' effect. There is even a KiloBot-shaped panel that will instantly shoot a thunderbolt to anyone who even stepped on it, which is what the player and Pixeleight should avoid at all cost!

Troublesome Time Tamperer
Unlike the original Tempo, this Tempo had a serious bad luck as he and Katy left from Rhythmia after failing to defeat King Dirge Sound. How Tempo, now naming himself Temporal, gained his power is unknown at the moment, but he's definitely not someone to mess with. Even Meta-Form knowledged how much of a threat he is, but he have no affiliation to KiloBot... he's mostly to his own side.

Temporal slow down time, speed himself up, or completely stop time to evade when he is not attacking, so wait until he's attacking. He can also send a music note that will slow down Meta-Form's own projectiles as well, and can buff himself up for a moment to deliver a devastating punch or uppercut. That being said, his tampering with time can backfire as if he get hit, the effect of time will be reversed against his favor, such as becoming slower instead of faster, forcing him to wait if Meta-Form is nearby.

Phase 2 will make Temporal to brings his Fiddle Bubble, launching imprisoning bubbles at multiple areas, and can trap Meta-Form for a while if the player didn't mashed the buttons to escape. The bubbles can be safely jumped on and can be used to reach Temporal faster and safer than when using other Forms. Temporal will also open a vortex that will temporarily revert Meta-Form to his weaker state (which is in Meta-Form 1), but this attack can be easily avoided, and can even backfired if Meta-Form managed to push Temporal into the vortex, forcing Temporal to go hand-to-hand combat until his time power went back on.

Firisk + Trithund
Fiery Thunderbolts
Firisk used to be a pyromaniac while Trithund used to be a severe coward, but those two had changed a lot ever since their defeat to atone their betrayal toward the Elite Eights. The two started to get along better, to the point that they form a best-buddy relationship similar to Meta-Form and Cubey's... and they even have their own combination attacks as well!

Firisk uses his cannons to shoot a burst of flame that slowly but thoroughly travels, capable of penetrating walls and ceilings. Trithund instead shoots trident-shaped thunderbolts to directly attack Meta-Form, and he can use his own swiftness to avoid Meta-Form's slower attacks. They even combine their efforts to make a storm of fire and thunders, making a shower of flames that explodes into electricity, and even have Trithund to throw Firisk at Meta-Form, but this one can leave Firisk stuck to a wall if he misses.

Doppelight + Dr. Kunzite
Scientist-Supported Doppelganger
Doppelight sees himself as Meta-Form's big rival and want to proved himself as such, but he isn't a jerk or anything like that; he's more suave and self-contained, but also far more lady-cat than Meta-Form. He's even try to flatter Dr. Kunzite, who's just not interested at all and focus on going after Meta-Form, and KiloBot isn't quite happy seeing a robot flattering a human!

Dr. Lily Kunzite retained most of her machine's attacks from the first fight, but this time she can also boost Doppelight in various ways. Doppelight himself have all of the forms available so far (up to Boxer), and his strengths are more emphases than Meta-Form's own forms, but he focuses on aiming which leave him vulnerable. That being said, he get a boost of attack, resistance, and even attack speed by Dr. Kunzite, so the player should take out Dr. Kunzite first to make the battle against Doppelight much more smoother.

Sargent Drillalot
Unhinged Driller
The disrespectful, crazed and destructive ex-Sargent of KiloBot's army. In fact, KiloBot eventually find him too destructive even for him and far too disrespectful too, and after Drillalot had outright avoided and aggressively denied all disciplines, KiloBot had enough and booted him out in the scrapheap. That doesn't stop Drillalot from coming back to the competition, wanting both the RCNC and KiloBot to bite the dust!

Sargent Drillalot use his drills to destroy walls and ceilings, and will attack if Meta-Form stands too near him. As a result, the player should put distance with the insane Sargent and use projectiles to attack him. He can also get hurt by leading him to drill into an electric force-field or an explosive barrel, leaving him stunned. However, he will also shoot his own drills if the player is too far for his tentacle-drills to reach!

Tank Master Blasterfreak
Reckless General
While Sargent Drillalot is a huge disrespectful jerk, General Blasterfreak is a hugely reckless jerk, even daring to attack KiloBot multiple times before he had to make forfeit for his own survival. He had committed a war crime and is not really proud of it, but it did gave him an idea to make a similarly destructive act by building the Tank Fortress to get back at KiloBot once the competition is over.

This Isle Master shows no honor; he immediately bring his Mechatank in order to annihilate Meta-Form and Cubey. Unfortunately for him, Meta-Form quickly get into his Hyper Mode and the battle of titans begins. Blasterfreak's Mechatank can shoot explosive shells, form a reflective shield to bounce off projectiles and the wrecking ball attack, jump high to stomp on Hyper Meta-Form, and fire plasma bullets that bounces off the walls.

At phase 2, the Mechatank had become the Mechaplane, forcing Hyper Meta-Form to throw objects to hit him down back to the ground. When using Mechaplane, Blasterfreak can drop bombs that explode into star-formatted explosion, shoot Iceworks (its like fireworks but made of ice) to freeze Hyper Meta-Form, and head dive to bury the golden-plated titan. When using the Mechatank, Blasterfreak will now fire a large plasma cannon that can make huge damage to Hyper Meta-Form but can be destroyed to stun Blasterfreak.

Ocean Dragon Valton
Waving Guardian
Valton is a robotic dragon built to protect the ocean from excessive pollution, and is said to be made from materials from another planet, which explains her magical abilities to restore water into their purest form. She generally stay out of the civilization to avoid damage, but only shows up to put an end to a lasting war... or to put a warrior to a test to allow further passage in the Sky Bamboos. While she means well, she will not hold her power back when facing a genuine evil.

Valton is a long dragon slithering around the clouds, and Meta-Form can only hurt her by hitting on her head. She attacks with a blast of high-pressure water which can dissipate a cloud, and she can also extract her spikes to prevent Meta-Form to stand on her for too long. She can even fire weaker water jets from her spikes as well! Be sure to avoid those when possible, as it can send Meta-Form into the abyss where he will fall into the ocean, which will eliminate him.

Stoic Wisecrack
Although Kicker-Oliver is the blue stoic brother of Boxin-Xavier, he is also a big wisecrack, not caring what would the others think of his snarks and become amused when they get upset or angry. Unless the person in question is KiloBot, which instead cause Oliver to back off. He uses water to combat his foes, although his kicking techniques are not to underestimate either.

Kicker-Oliver doesn't directly show up and instead throw water kunais at Meta-Form, who have to avoid them. Meta-Form can punch, kick or reflect them right back at the shadow where Oliver can get hit, but otherwise Oliver will avoid taking direct confrontation with the player at all cost (relying on a direct slash shall he is in a position where he cannot escape). Twelve reflected kunais are enough to take him down, but those kunais also deals a fairly decent damage and arrives in a plenty amount, so be prepared to dodge them as much as possible until Oliver starts to throw fewer ones.

A Boy and his Water Orb
Another water boss? Isn't the Sky Bamboo supposed to be a sky level with at least one sky boss? Anyways, Splashter, one of the Eight Elites, is another of the contestants taking on the challenge, however KiloBot noticed that Meta-Form is coming closer to the goal as well, so he... simply tells Splashter that Meta-Form arrives in the Sky Bamboos. Which Spalshter want to play with Meta-Form, if in a rough way.

Now, unlike the previous water bosses, Splashter doesn't want Meta-Form dead or anything, but despite his good intentions, the way he play with our hero will be potentially put Meta-Form out of commission, so Meta-Form and Cubey must avoid his attacks composed of water bubbles, tentacle of waters, and a direct table from the orb. The little Splashter is a little too excited to listen, and he is in the background, so no point of attacking him (Meta and Cubey don't want to hurt him either).

That being said, there is a way to "win" this boss battles; Cubey try to make Splashter to listen to him while Meta-Form avoid his attacks for thirty seconds. Once the timer runs out, Splashter tires a bit and started to listen to Cubey, who reminds him that KiloBot is a threat and that Splashter should not listen to him. Splashter apologizes and thanked Meta-Form to play with him, much of Meta's confusion but relief that he and Splashter aren't injured.

Zen Mistress Lengjing
Peaceful Lookout
Zen Mistress Lengjing focuses on looking out for potential threats that may try to come to the isle and warns the other Isle Guardians about it. Although she rarely fights, she make great use of bamboos, being able to sprout new ones and use some of them as battle sticks. She values patience, peace and wisdom, but knows that some were too evil to just let them lurking and will not meddle in business where killing these are absolutely necessary to save lives of many other people.

For phase 1, the battle is not really a battle but rather a short but fairly difficult minigame; Meta-Form need to keep up with his balance while blocking away harmless but balance-tipping projectiles sent by Lengjing. The player have to softly tilt right or left to keep Meta-Form in balance while pressing A or B to sway obstacles away. Swatting too many times will make him lose his balance, and getting hit three times in a row will result the same. After thirty seconds, the real battle begins.

At phase 2, Lengjing will throw more projectiles and this time, Meta-Form can send them back at her with proper timing. The A button will now allows Meta-Form to jump as well to avoid multiple projectiles at once and can swat mid-air to swat mid-air projectiles. The player doesn't need to use the control stick to balance anymore, as all they need to worry is to not get hit four times, and the control stick will be used to aim the deflection instead. If Lengjing get hit by the deflected projectiles eight times, the player win, but losing isn't a huge loss as the player can still try again at phase 2.

Lockout Grips
A new addition of KiloBot's army, Autolock is built to focus on slashing, bending and locking stuff up. In fact, his claws can grip even slick objects, thanks to specially mixed materials! This robot is sarcastic and narcissistic, often mocking others behind their back, even if it is at his own expense.

Autolock locks the doors and unlock ones he pass thorough right before re-locking them, preventing Meta-Form and Cubey to directly give chase. The player should memorize where the door will have him come out from another, and deliver a surprise attack. Autolock's claw grip is powerful, able to severely damage Meta-Form, but it also have a bit of a short range, so dodge when necessary. Autolock can also throw his claws, spins, fire an energy beam and take a long leap at Meta-Form.

Doppelight #2
Now on Solo Performance!
After not appreciating too much of Kunzite's support, Doppelight take a rematch with Meta-Form by himself... right after he managed to lock Cubey away. Hold no punches on this jerk, because he will not hold his own this time!

As Cubey isn't available for the battle, the player should focus on using Meta-Form's intrinsic abilities of his Forms to best Doppelight's own forms. Most of the time, Doppelight use one of Meta's Forms to directly fight Meta-Form. Once he loses half HP, he mixes things up by using some classic Forms that Meta-Form doesn't even have in this adventure and even shift between Fire, Thunder or Water within the forms, making a bad surprise for players who expected a typical doppelganger fight!

Falsely Romantic Fatale
Sedacy saw how Meta-Form had grown up into a responsible (if still short-tempered) robot, and started to flatter him. Meta-Form, knowing Sedacy well, refuses to listen to her knowing what she would do to him; defeat him. Sedacy, unimpressed by Meta-Form's defiance, decided that he really might be eliminated off the island.

One of the Hexagon Terrors and the self-appointed leader of the group, Sedacy isn't a push-over. She can boost the confidence of the robotic henchmen by blowing a kiss to them, making them faster and slightly more damaging. As endless waves of robots are coming up, Meta-Form should focus on taking Sedacy out. That is easier said than done; Sedacy can also shoot heart particles that will briefly stun Meta-Form which will be followed by a swift kick, and her other attacks consist of bouncing arrows, draining kiss, a literal armor-piercing slap and spiky hair swing.

Trick Mistress Enigmae
Mysterious Maid
A maid robot who love to pose enigmas to anyone crossing paths with her, but she also take care of the Enigma Mansion, which is over the Enigma Engine. She's also the last Isle Guardian to take on, and far from the easiest one too, so be prepared from her battle full of questions... and by that, we mean that she's gonna asks questions that will affect Meta-Form or herself depended on if the answer is right or wrong.

Enigmae by herself isn't all that strong, but she is quick on her feet and have a machine that can either help herself or make herself go slower. That machine in question only activate if Meta-Form answers the question wrong or right respectively, and the questions are about the main story and the bosses. She did gave a warning to the player that it will involve questions around their main adventure and the bosses, so the player can use the Database and Rematches to gather possible answers.

For phase 1, she disassemble and reassemble herself to directly tackle Meta-Form and can deflect his projectiles by swinging her arms, so a melee approach will be much more effective. She also attacks by sliding, sweeping with a large broom, and spinning like a ballerina. In addition to any of these, she also inflict a hug which seems innocent, but also sap away Meta-Form's energy.

For phase 2, she added more moves for her next moves after giving a wrong answer or after recovering from her penalty. After a question, she grow massive and use her broom to completely sweep the platforms, requiring hiding on a gap to avoid getting hit, and the platforms reset into a new formation after that. Another possible attack is flipping the stage upside down, and spikes also extract which means Meta-Form have to land carefully, or else he will get stung and get hurt. The last possible one is making illusions of herself and spin around Meta-Form, with only the real one capable of hurting him.

Shall Meta-Form answers right in phase 2, she shrinks in surprise and try to avoid him at all cost, but she also take much more damage and isn't really faster in her small size. This allows the player to finish her off quickly if doing a good combo.

Motherly Leader
Starark may be the leader of the Eight Elites, but she also care about her other members like her own children, wanting to be sure they are ready to take on their next missions whenever possible. She's also wanting to see if Meta-Form will be up for facing the infamous KiloBot, who's more prepared than ever.

For phase 1, Starark cast a shadow of herself and both are capable of shooting dark shuriken-shaped projectiles that explode upon contact. Although she and her shadow cannot be harmed by their own projectiles, these can be used to activate switches that open reflective light, stunning her shadow. Although her shadow have considerably low health, Starark can produce another one on the spot. Her other attacks is switching place with her shadow as each other tackles, hiding in the ground or ceiling and attempt to make a flip on Meta-Form, and drop a dark bomb that explode if Meta-Form touches it.

For phase 2, the shadow wears off, but Starark take down the reflective light machine and reduce the main platform into a smaller one, making less space for Meta-Form to dodge. As a result, aerial forms such as the UFO form become recommended to avoid her next waves of attacks. Such attacks, in addition to her phase 1 attacks, includes a dark sword dashing slash, forming a shield that then be thrown and bounces off the ground and walls, and spook Meta-Form behind him to cause his reaction chip to go overload and stun him if Meta-Form stays too near with Starark.

Guard Door
Central Airship Guardian
This door is controlled by Kunzite and its various weaponry will prevent intruder to pass thorough. Being made of a metal similar to KiloBot's metallic body, spamming standard attacks are not going to work. There is a weak spot in the forehead, but be warned that Kunzite will protect it at all cost.

The forehead is protected by a forcefield that only goes off when Meta-Form hit Kunzite's capsule with enough damage. The door's weaponry are reflecting thunder beams, sending the lower ranked troopers after Meta-Form, firing fast missiles, and deliver a whirlwind that pushes Meta-Form back. Dealing enough damage will cause Kunzite to draw a doubled amount of missile turrets, as well as delivering two more attacks, which are dropping mine bombs and activating the heating lasers.

Dr. Lily Kunzite #2
No-Nonsense Doctor
Dr. Lily Kunzite quickly noticed that Meta-Form and Cubey had already reached the center of the airship, and she will be sure they will fail this time. She had brought multiple of her capsules into auto-pilot to ensure the heroes will not reach KiloBot and foil his plan once again. But it seems that KiloBot is hiding something that not even Kunzite is really sure what it could be...

Kunzite's capsule is a bit slow, but can take quite a beating, and her weapons tend to be powerful as well, dealing lots of damage on Meta-Form. The auto-piloted capsules have weaker versions of the main capsule and have much lower HP, but can auto-restore. That said, if Meta-Form taken one down, he can use his Boxer form to punch it toward Kunzite's capsule, dealing a great amount of damage!

The attacks of the capsules are shooting spinning orbs around them that turns into beams after three seconds, zigzagging arrows, manipulating the floor, letting out a turret that shoots a spray of blitzing flames, and Kunzite using her scepter to slashes when Meta-Form is nearby.

Last Reprogrammed Buddy
Vege-Rabbit was reprogrammed by KiloBot all along, turning him into an arrogant rat ready to attack anyone who dares to defy him. Meta-Form and Cubey have to defeat him in order to get to the very final room of the airship... KiloBot can be a real jerk manipulating Meta-Form's friends like that!

Vege-Rabbit is confined to close combat, but his Carrot-Sword have quite a long range so approaching him is a big risk. He can also throw his weapon to attack Meta-Form from afar... but he have to retrieve it afterward, allowing the player to attack him. Vege-Rabbit also attacks with bouncing kicks, bouncing headbutts and a combo of bicycle kicks that slowly ascend or descend him.

Captain Cube KiloBot
Tobor's Roughest Rogue
KiloBot himself, finally a chance to fight him in this epic final boss fight - or so it seems. He's not holding back... he never did, but what do we mean is that he's bringing up more deadly tricks in order to take down Meta-Form and Cubey for good. He's also using his scimitar and blunderbuss in addition to his good old fists and his always-present arsenal. He seems weirdly complimentary toward Meta-Form and Cubey... and this means bad news.

For phase 1, KiloBot's armor, as you already know (probably), makes standard attacks useless against him, so using Bazooka Cubey could do the trick to deliver at least decent damage to him. He use his scimitar for a close combat, which deals a lot of damage, and his blunderbuss fires slow but bouncing anti-gravity cannonballs that can be picked up and thrown back at him. He also perform a dash attack, a powerful screaming that can only be dodged if hiding behind a wall, and stomping the ground to trip Meta-Form.

For phase 2, KiloBot put away his scimitar and his blunderbuss, focusing on his fists and his other classic moves, most particularly his Giga Devastator. His fists are faster than his scimitar swings, so approaching him is out of question. But as his armor is about to crack, delivering a powerful attack or redirecting his bomb at him will cause him to lose his armor, making him vulnerable to standard attacks. That said, he become quite more nimble this time once he loses it thanks to the Skilletons.

After taking him down, he... escapes to the top? The player have to follow him to put him out of commission, but... it is going to be easier said than done. Between you and KiloBot, a big bad surprise is coming up for Meta-Form and Cubey.

Ultimate Mecha Reborn
KiloBot took the heavily damaged Ultraminator and repaired it to make his own ultimate mecha. This mecha have no mind of its own, but can shift its bulging behinds into wings or cannons, and have its armor made from the same material for KiloBot's armor. The Ultraminator's plasma fists are so strong, even KiloBot himself cannot resist them so easily!

The first phase of the final boss fight. Ultraminator had maintained most of its arsenal from its first appearance, such as its signature plasma fists and rapid-launching rockets, but also gained new moves thanks to KiloBot's enhancements for the big bad mecha, such as razor arms and having its cannon-wings capable of shifting into maces-launching guns.

The player have to hit the head to deal significant damage to the boss, although this time, KiloBot will be sure that the Ultraminator will have its face covered with its hands. Attacking while KiloBot is attacking is the best option to deal with the titanic threat.

Dragoon Ultraminator
Round 2 of Both Titans!
KiloBot summon the Skilletons needed to recreate his previous last resort; the infamous Dragoon Skilleton, and it fuses with Ultraminator for permanent flight, breath between fire, ice and electric, and gained a saw-shaped tail as another close combat attack.

The second phase of the final boss. Alongside some of the Dragoon Skilleton's attacks, the Ultraminator also gain permanent flight and able to fly around the arena, encouraging usage of Meta-Form's projectiles to hit the head while waiting for the boss to come down.

In addition to the attacks from previous phase, KiloBot also attacks by himself with his fists shall Meta-Form tries to climb on the Ultraminator's head, resulting Meta-Form to be flung to the other side of the arena. It is best until KiloBot shoots rapid-launching missiles and redirect them back to the Ultraminator with the UFO form. Other forms are needed to avoid or disrupt the final boss' attacks, such as using the Hypnotiser Form to distract reinforcements.

Mastermind, the Ultraminator
Legacy of Tobor's Tyrannic Human
KiloBot didn't expected the Ultraminator have a last-resort chip inside the Ultraminator's head that contain a personality and to gather data of Stelog's own doing... unfortunately, the now-sentient Ultraminator, now calling herself (yes, she's intended to be female all along!) Mastermind, decided that Stelog isn't worth it after his terrorist acts are too much even for her. Even KiloBot, Meta-Form and Cubey didn't expected Stelog trying to get a last laugh with them, even if Mastermind isn't on his side anymore!

The final phase of the boss fight, this time KiloBot, severely damaged by Mastermind, nevertheless attempted to attack her to almost no avail does to Mastermind knowing his attacks and knows how to dodge them. Meta-Form now have to resort into his Hyper Form, even if he is close to receive negative effect of his Hyper Orb, to finish off the rogue Ultraminator once and for all.

The third and final Hyper Meta-Form's battle, Mastermind kept most of her original self's attacks, except for the Dragoon Skilleton's attacks, while also becoming much swifter and deceiving when attacking, to the point the player needs to be prepared of dodging her attacks, and then counter attack.

As Mastermind's HP drops to 2/3, she deploys her own forcefield that only Hyper Meta-Form's strongest attacks, or constant attacks, can break it. Fortunately, after a minute pass, KiloBot, still mad at Mastermind, slow her down by hoping on the forcefield and deploy Giga Devastator (this time with the help of his electric troopers and Kunzite) to severely damage Mastermind down to 1/3 of her HP. This scene will happens earlier if Meta-Form managed to break her barrier the second time.

The last 1/3 health for Mastermind means that she deploys an absorption mechanism in order to steal Meta-Form's battery life. If not avoided, the player have to damage her enough to stop the absorption, lest after thirty seconds Meta-Form will be drained of his battery powers and loses consciousness. She also tries to punch or kick while absorbing his life power, so avoid Mastermind's counter attack to hit her. After dropping her health to zero, Mastermind goes into short-circuit and loses her control of her wings, and accidentally launched herself into the twinkle sky.



  • One of the reason why the game returns to the original Meta-Form game's gameplay is because Samtendo felt that the series is too inconsistent in term of gameplay, and wanted to establish one type of gameplay for the mainline gamesm while also giving necessary innovations.
  • The single player mode is the first time since the first original game where only Meta-Form is playable. However, there are also the Quad-Forms, but they play similarly to Meta-Form aside of how their Forms work.
  • Secretverse Sabi was created does to Samtendo really liked the original Sabi but felt that the character should be more than just a console guide. The conclusion is eventually reflective to the original Sabi's doing; being a guide, but this time with a larger role.
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