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Meowser Official.png
Meowser, as he appears in Super Mario 3D World
Original Character(s) Bowser
Achieved By Attaching a Super Bell to his neck
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)
Use claws to attack enemies or spin switches, climb walls, dash faster.

Meowser is the name used for the Cat form of Bowser, introduced in Super Mario 3D World. This form serves as the final boss of the game, being battled in The Great Tower of Bowser Land. Bowser achieves this form by attaching a Super Bell to the chain on his neck, causing him to transform into Meowser, though the form is more akin to a transformation than a suit. During the second half of the battle, Meowser also uses a Double Cherry to create duplicates.

Meowser also appears in Super Mario Maker 2, as an enemy that can be placed in levels with the Super Mario 3D World style. He has the ability to climb up walls and platforms and spit fireballs, much like his original appearance.


As mentioned, Meowser is more akin to a transformation rather than a suit. In this state, he has orange fur with brown stripes similar to that of a tiger's, a ringed tail, a black nose and whiskers, and cat ears replacing his horns. His shell is also gray instead of green, and his hair is white towards the bottom. Instead of a plated stomach, he has white fur, and his paws have a matching color. The fire he breathes as Meowser is blue, similar to Dry Bowser. Bowser's trademark roar is also different in this state, now being more akin to a cat's "meow".

Meowser gains many of the same abilities as Cat Mario, such as the ability to scratch with his claws, climb up walls, and pounce on enemies. He also retains his signature fire breath and superhuman strength, making him a dangerous foe.


Mario Kart Havoc

Meowser appears in Mario Kart Havoc as an unlockable racer, unlocked by winning the 150cc Special Cup. He is in the Heavy weight class, meaning that his top speed and weight are among the best in the game, though his acceleration and handling can reach the lowest levels.


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