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Meomba II Niasknil
AGE 24
Meomba I (Twin)
Metal Chain Creation

Meomba II is the main protagonist of Unchained: The Rise of Onyx. She is a Metal Gorgon who lives in a humble Gorgon agricultural village on the desert planet known as Silanex alongside her twin sister Meomba I. However, after said hometown gets taken over by Onyx Hallion and her forces to use as a military outpost, she went on a quest to become stronger and reverse her takeover.


Meomba II, as a Gorgon, has scaly green skin and a flexible snake-like tail. She is relatively short and appears to be quite slim. She has short green hair, and is typically depicted with two black dots for eyes. Most noticeable, however, are the six serpentine appentages coming out of the sides of her head - these are a brighter green than her skin and are covered in brown spots. These appendages are tipped with proboscises that Meomba II uses to eat; Meomba II does not actually have a standard mouth, although she is still able to vocalize just fine.

Meomba II is typically seen wearing a set of metallic green armor. This includes a pair of gauntlets, light green shoulderpads with two "teeth" at their ends, a breastplate with cobra-like "hoods" to the sides, and a helmet styled after a snake head, complete with fake teeth and eyes. The helmet also has a metal crest which ends in a lightning bolt shape.

Under her armor, Meomba II wears a fur shirt and fur pants, the latter of which is a darker color than the shirt. The pants include a third "leg" for her tail, and are long enough to conceal her footwear. She also wears a scaly brown belt resembling a snake biting its own tail.


Meomba II is generally good-natured; she is kind, friendly and willing to help others. Under normal circumstances, Meomba II tends to be calm and dutiful, doing her daily tasks as a farmer of cacti and raiser of catoblepones without complaints. That being said, Meomba II is also known to be stubborn and obstinate - once she has her sights set on something, it's difficult to talk her out of it, and it's hard to change her mind once she has an opinion on a given topic.

Onyx Hallion's takeover of Meomba II's hometown allowed her to show a then-unseen brave, tenacious side - which may actually be an extension of her stubbornness. Even though most of her peers thought going after Onyx was a futile endeavor, it didn't stop Meomba II from embarking on a quest to get stronger and put a stop to Onyx's regime.


Meomba II, as a Metal Gorgon, is able to fire eye beams that promptly turn into chains. These chains will automatically wrap around their targets if desired, but Meomba II is also adept at wielding them as whip-like weapons. Meomba II's eye beams are fast and are capable of reaching over long distances, and she is also able to pull the resulting chains in order to move the target towards herself; or alternatively, move herself towards the target.

Over the course of her quest, Meomba II unlocks a variety of additional abilities. She becomes able to resist sandstorms and intense cold, and gains the ability to perform an extra-high "space jump" to access higher areas. She also eventually gains the ability to breath underwater indefinitely; also seemingly becoming a great swimmer in the process, given that she appears unable to swim in gameplay prior.

Finally, Meomba II eventually unlocks her latent Electric Gorgon side - while Meomba II was the child of a Metal Gorgon and a Metal/Electric Gorgon, she had only inherited Metal Gorgon abilities at first. After unlocking it, Meomba II becomes able to electrify her chains to stun her enemies, deal further damage and activate lightning-based switches and the likes. Meomba II has the option to increase her potency further by getting training from her twin sister Meomba I, who did inherit Electric Gorgon powers.

Meomba II, as a raiser of catoblepones, is also proficient in catoblepas riding.


  • Meomba II, and the Gorgon race as a whole, was originally designed for a roleplay.
    • As a matter of fact, Meomba II's original design... was initially intended as a "default" Gorgon mook. However, the design was turned into its own character before this ever came to be the case.
  • Meomba II's name went through some evolution. Her original design was dubbed Gorgeon - a portmanteau of Gorgon and Peon, fitting her design's original intention. She was then renamed to "Peonda the Second" after becoming her own character, with the "da" being inspired by Mamba - a type of snake. She was finally renamed Meomba II, which takes more from Mamba while still incorporating Peon - as she was still a relatively minor character at the time.
    • Niasknil, her family name, is a reversed corruption of "chain link". This is partially a reference to her abilities, and partially a nod to Unchained: The Rise of Onyx's very Zelda-inspired gameplay and concept.
  • Contrary to what her name implies, Meomba II was actually designed before Meomba I. In fact, the "II" part of her name may have come before Meomba I was even conceptualized, though whether this is actually the case has unfortunately been lost to time.