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Melting is a feature film directed by Solarrion (tbc). It features the entire cast of the Illusionverse and serves as a final send off to that universe, to make way for the new universe. It was revealed during the April 4 Presentation hosted by the company. It was released onto the Pacifico as a free digital download on April 6, 2016.

Final Word Count: 4,658.


In order of appearance.


Revenge will take its most sinister form ever in the final battle between Tess and the mastermind.


Tess and Vermilion fall out of the vortex they landed in previously, and land in the centre of an arena like habitat. 

Vermilion: ...What the hell is going on now? I swear we just died before and now we're suddenly in a strange place? What is happening!?
Tess: Shush...this place looks eerily familiar to me...

A loudspeaker turns on, and a voice emits from it.

 ???: You should recognise this place Tess, you were the one who tarnished my entire plan after breaking the fucking dome. Do you remember now??
Tess: Nah, you'll have to give me another minute to have the brain capacity to work it out...
Mastermind: I won't give you another fucking minute! I am the mastermind, after all! 
Vermilion: Since I have no idea what's going on, I'll let you two explain everything as if time isn't pressing enough...
Tess: Do you need any more evidence to prove we're related?
Mastermind: Be quiet! Now, time to finally initiate the back up of my plan, but since I couldn't manage the first time, I'll let an old friend do it instead...

A mechanical door on the opposite side of the arena opens up, and a creature dressed in red emerges.

Tess: that...
Taron: You guessed it, fool! 
Tess: That's...That's impossible! 
Vermilion: ...Okay, now I'm freaking out! Who the fuck is this and why the fuck does he look so familiar!?
Tess: Taron isn't a separate entity yet! He hardly had any role in any plans of mine or yours so how the fuck has he developed an entity of his own? What the fuck have you done!?
Mastermind: Aren't I just full of surprises? Now, Taron, you need to activate the final stand. Think you can do that?
Taron: Like a dog to the bone, sir. 

Suddenly, a button is pressed by the mastermind, which makes a huge mechanical circular pod emerge from underneath the grass of the arena. Taron stands in the centre, and says a few muffled words, before beams of light erupt from the circle. Tess and Vermilion jump out of the way of the light, and roughly land on the ground. They look back up at the light, until it suddenly stops. 

Tess walks back up the circle, and notices something in the middle.

Tess: ...What the fuck. Did he just perform the ultimate sacrifice or something. Even that's a little harsh for my standards.
Vermilion: I guess he served a greater purpose than you recognised. Anyway, what has this done?
Mastermind: Take a look up there!

The Mastermind directs their attention to a screen on the rooftop, projecting a video.

The video is showing Commander Redd in her kingdom, looking overly confident as usual. 

Redd: Pyra!? Pyra! 
Pyra: Yes, madame. 
Redd: I just wanted to know how we're looking against that Cobalt Clan. I really want to ensure the demise of them once and for all.
Pyra: I can assure you Commander, we're overly prepared for this war. 

Ivory walks in the room.

Ivory: She is correct. We have many different weapons and tricks up our sleeve, there are so many that we won't even be able to keep track of them in the war zone. I'm speaking metaphorically, of course.
Redd: Sounds good. How is our fleet going with infantry?
Ivory: Well, we've acquired two of the five warriors of dreams. Would you wish to see them?
Redd: Of course.

Two prisoners enter the room, with their arms chained together and a bag over their heads. Pyra and Ivory remove the bags from their heads, revealing the pair.

Redd: What do you have to say for yourself, Charity?
Charity: You hired henchmen to come and "collect" me when my back was turned. I thought you had more class than easy tricks Redd, I really did. Did the fall to the centre of the Earth hit you upside the head?
Redd: You don't get to talk to me, like this! On a more dire note, how do you know what's in the Temple?
Charity: I didn't, but now I do. Thanks~
Dimitri: You're not cute. 
Redd: Did anyone ask you to speak!? Shut your mouth! Okay, I've had enough, I can only stand the presence of these morons for a certain amount of time before I begin to crack. Let's send them off to Inca for the brainwashing they deserve...
Ivory: This is why you're the commander! Let's go!

Meanwhile, in the Cobalt Clan...

Cobalt is hastily gathering all of his troops from across the region.

Cobalt: Right, okay...right. Frostbite, do we have the army secured?
Frostbite: Nah, but we do have a weapon up our sleeve called Aloe. 
Cobalt: I'm lost, what's an Aloe? 
Frostbite: Glad you asked.

Aloe walks in through the door.

Aloe: I'm an Aloe, pleased to make your acquaintance. 
Cobalt: Hmm, most interesting. He seems to have a lot of qualities we're looking for in an Admiral. He can lead the troops this battle, alongside you Frostbite.
Frostbite: Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Cobalt: On a somewhat related topic, where are the whereabouts of the other two? Esme and Meadow?
Aloe: Not so good news there, it seems Meadow has left the universe, and Esme has been missing for several months now. However, I did manage to find somebody...
Frostbite: Intrigue me. Who did you find, Aloe?
Ophelia: I believe he's referring to me? I'm Ophelia. 
Aloe: Yup, Ophelia. 
Cobalt: I guess we can use her, what are your skills?
Ophelia: "I guess", you do realise I've been here the entire time when you've been panicking about your army right? Regardless, I'm a magician so I can pull of some magic tricks on the battlefield.
Frostbite: I never knew magicians actually existed. This could be a very powerful asset to us, thank you Aloe.
Aloe: All in a day's work.

The video shuts off. 

Vermilion: You literally make NO sense! You're showing us this, because!?
Tess: Who even are half of these people...
Mastermind: Ugh, why does everything need so much explaining! Use your heads!
Vermilion: Nah, I'm good. 
Mastermind: ...I guess we need a blast from the past, eh?

Suddenly, the circle begins to light up again, and eventually a ghost emerges from it.

 ???: Is that...Vermilion?
Vermilion: Do I know you...? 

The ghostly figure starts to become more clear, making Vermilion gasp.

Vermilion: Zara!? 
Zara: Yes, Vermilion! It's me, Zara!
Vermilion: How are you here, right now? 
Zara: What do you mean? Silly, I'm alive, with you all!
Vermilion:'re not...
Zara: I'm literally right here now! Why are you being so weird?

Suddenly, everything starts to go hazy for Vermilion, and she closes her eyes. She wakes up moments later with Tess standing over her, shaking her to wake up.

Tess: What the fuck!? Vermilion, are you okay?
Vermilion: ...I guess so...Remind me why you care again?
Tess: I care a lot about you Vermilion, you are me after all.
Vermilion: Stop...reminding me!!

Vermilion runs off into the distance, crying. Tess chases after her and the mastermind laughs.

Mastermind: Since their attention is momentarily diverted, I'll divert mine.

He disappears into thin air, but reappears before a princess.

Mastermind: Hello Princess, I require your assistance.
Violet: Explain? I'm afraid you'll have to fill me in a bit on what's happening.
Mastermind: Well, in short, Redd and Cobalt are having a war. You need to assemble your army and eliminate them both before one of them regains control of this kingdom, and I know exactly the army you can summon. 
Violet: Ooh, exciting stuff! I'm all for it, already!
Mastermind: Well, that didn't take much persuading, but that's because you're an intelligent woman princess.
Violet: Well, of course I am! Speaking of armies, I think I have the best way to make sure that we obliterate this war. Eee! This is so exciting!

Meanwhile, in the arena. Tess chases after Vermilion until they hit a dead end.

Vermilion: Ugh, nothing ever works out for me.
Tess: Vermilion...stop...running...
Vermilion: What do you want?
Tess: We need to find out what's actually happening out there, and we need to find a way back to the universe so we can make sure this war doesn't end all humanity!
Vermilion: I think you've changed your tune a bit. What happened to the demise of humanity you wanted?
Tess: ...Fine, I'll tell you. The Mastermind captured me during the second Radioactive tournament, and they didn't want me to cause any chance of failure on their part once again, so they decided it would be best if The Mastermind regained control over my body. That's how I ended up being the creator of the tournament, because it was The Mastermind all along. I'm not evil, Vermilion, I'm just a very complex person...
Vermilion: I quite frankly couldn't care less. I'm going to find a way out of here myself, I don't need help from the inferior part of me.

Suddenly, a group of sirens sound, taking control of all the sound in the arena. 

Tess: Oh fuck! This is bad!

Without hesitating, Tess grabs Vermilion's hand, and she runs off avoiding loads of obstacles like trees and branches falling all around her. The artificial environment of the arena was quickly being erased.

Vermilion: What's happening!?
Tess: The Mastermind must have activated the shut down sequence! If we don't find a way out of here soon, we're dead meat.

The pair stop for a moment, and a tree begins to crack as it looms over Vermilion. She shrieks, and Tess grabs her, narrowly avoiding the tree collapsing. They continue to run through the jungle until they hit the edge of the dome. They unleash all of their energy against the dome, but only a slight crack is created. Tess grabs a branch from the ground, and a stone, and continues to jab at the crack, making it bigger and bigger, until it finally cracks, with a portal being formed in its place. They enter the portal hastily as more and more trees cover the arena floor.

The portal leads to the same place where the other portal was situated, the agency.

Vermilion: Oh my God, we're back at the agency.
Tess: How could I forget, my favourite place in the universe.

Aveira and Ash walk outside and see the pair, before hugging Vermilion in glee.

Aveira: Vermilion! You're not dead!
Ash: We were so worried, man.
Vermilion: Nice to see some familiar faces again, but I'm afraid we can't stay here too long, there's something big happening.
Aveira: What do you mean? Is this one causing more trouble?
Tess: I can assure you I'm not the enemy here...
Vermilion: To be fair she saved my life twice, so I think we can trust her for now.
Aveira: Whatever, where do we need to go?
Vermilion: There's a war that's going to happen in the Nexus realm. We need to figure out how to get there, and fast.
Ash: Alright...I have a solution. We can just use this machine that the shadow used before to transport you two to wherever you went. I'm sure it can't be that hard to use.
Aveira: Good idea! I'll search the machine and find our destination!
Vermilion: I don't know why you sound excited, we're going to a war zone...
Aveira: Oh right, yeah...sorry...
Ash: It's fine, let's get moving!

Aveira sets the portal to Nexus, and the group of four move out to the realm. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe...

Esme: I appreciate the time you've taken out of your busy schedule to train me up, Lycia.
Lycia: You're welcome. I always enjoy being able to encourage young talent within fighting. I think you're finally ready to put your newly trained skills into action, wouldn't you agree?
Esme: I suppose so, do you have anything in mind?
Lycia: Rumour has it the civil war between Cobalt and Redd is happening very soon. I just want to go so I can rip off Draegen's head, but you could do your fair share too.
Esme: Sounds good. And since it's pretty much guaranteed that Redd'll be there, I have no reason to say no. 
Lycia: Awesome stuff. What happened to your group, by the way?
Esme: You mean the likes of Aloe and etc? Well last time I checked they all picked alignments either for Cobalt or for Redd. However, Meadow on the other hand, I have no idea where she is. She disappeared after the whole incident with Violet. Speaking of relationships, what happened between you and Draegen again?
Lycia: He picked Larvae over me, and now basically we're enemies. I'm not being anyone's number two, that's the definition of weak in my books.
Esme: That's so bad of him, now I hope I do see his name on the death toll.


Draegen: Larvae? Larvae! Wake up!
Larvae: ...Huh? I'm not sleeping...
Draegen: Oh whoops. I can never really tell when your eyes are closed or open...but anyway, what do you think the best thing to do today is?
Larvae: Set off to find Violet, definitely. Since my empire has fallen, we need to secure ourselves in the most powerful position in this civil war. 
Draegen: Good idea. One problem though, we have no idea where she is...
Larvae: Correction, you have no idea where she is. Get on my back, we'll fly to her. 
Draegen: Awesome!

The pair fly off to Violet's palace, and they land in the throne room where Violet is sitting proudly in her throne.

Violet: Well I'll be, unexpected visitors. What brings you to my kingdom?
Larvae: To be blunt, we want to fight in your army. 
Violet: That is quite forward, do you have any training?
Larvae: I'm a cascoth madame, it comes with my blood.
Draegen: I'm a werewolf, so, yeah...
Violet: My, my! Always interesting to have different species in the battlegrounds. Yes, you two will do. Oh, I almost forgot, Larvae, I know this may take you off guard but...we have another Cascoth in our army.
Larvae: ...Wait, what? We're one of the rarest species known to this universe, I assumed I was the only one left.
Temero: Subsequently, you are wrong. I'm Temero, and I'm also a Cascoth like you.
Violet: And there he is!
Larvae: This feels so surreal, have we met before?
Temero: Not to my knowledge, pleased to meet you. Larvae, was it?
Larvae: Yes, Larvae. Nice to meet you, I suppose.
Violet: This army is going to be unbeatable, I'm sooo excited. 

Back with Tess and the gang.

Tess: Alright, I think the first thing we need to figure out is where The Mastermind is, so we can plan to attack him. I think it would be smart if we staged this during the war, since everyone will be fighting.
Aveira: I suppose that makes sense. From what I can gather about this Mastermind, I'd assume they think that they're better than fighting for either Redd or Cobalt in this war. 
Ash: But it's a civil war, don't they only have two sides?
Tess: Traditionally, yes, but third parties are always a possibility. There's only one person that has enough power to become a third party in this war though...
Vermilion: Violet, right?
Tess: Mhm. He has to be working with her!
Aveira: Well, even though we figured that out, it doesn't really help anything...
Ash: It does! We can just go into Violet's kingdom and just see if he's there.
Tess: No, we can't. The Mastermind will know something is up if loads of random people just enter Violet's kingdom. 
Vermilion: The only other option is to wait until the war begins, and then we can find out for sure whether the Mastermind is on Violet's side. We can then act from there.
Ash: Good idea. It can't be too long till it starts, right?

The gang hear a trumpet sound from below them. They look over the cliff and see both sides of the army dressed in red and blue on opposite sides of the gigantic field. An eerie pause follows, before the two hordes of armies charge at each other ferociously. 

In Violet's kingdom...

Violet: I reckon it's about time we unleash our army into the mix. 
Mastermind: Yes, I agree.
Violet: Oh, yeah, what's your name again mystery man?
Mastermind: I go by the name "Mastermind" if that's alright with you.
Violet: Bit pretentious but okay!
Mastermind: I've been called it since I was a baby, just to clarify. 
Violet: Interesting, you'll have to tell me more while this war is going on!

Meanwhile, Esme and Lycia have travelled to the battlegrounds, and watch as the battle continues between the three armies. 

Lycia: Come on, Esme! Let's do this!
Esme: Sure, time to carry out my own form of revenge...

The girls jump into the battlefield, and immediately split up. Esme looks around and tries to find Aloe, who is fighting Scarlett.

Scarlett: Cobalt scum...

Scarlett manages to get Aloe on the ground, and she stands over him with an axe in her hand. However, she pauses for a moment, before falling to the ground with three ninja stars in her back. 

Esme: Aren't you lucky I exist.
Aloe: Esme? Thank God! You saved me!
Esme: Don't worry, I only saved you an extra few minutes of life. 

Esme draws her sword and places it under Aloe's chin. Aloe dashes up and kicks the sword out of her hand. 

Aloe: I see, so that's how we stand. Not like I ever cared about you more than anything else on this planet, Esme. That obviously means nothing to you now since you've hung around with emotionless Lycia?
Esme: You have no right to talk to me like this, especially with how you deserted all of us. You left us all for dead, and that's why Meadow isn't with us anymore. 
Aloe: What do you mean "isn't with us"? She left the universe...
Esme: She didn't leave the universe, you idiot! She died at the hands of Violet because you and Charity both deserted us when the going got tough! You and Charity were no where to be seen, and you left us for dead with the mistress of the temple active. I have nothing more to say to you, Aloe, you're not the same person I fell in love with. The Aloe I fell in love with would've done everything in his power to be the heroic lion heart he is.
Aloe: Esme...
Esme: I don't want to hear any more from you. You make me sick, It's time for you to meet your end. 

Esme and Aloe then continue to fight against each other for some time. 

Meanwhile back at Violet's kingdom

Mastermind: So, I'm assuming you have a plan to eliminate Cobalt and Redd, correct?
Violet: Of course, it'll all be laid out in due time...
Mastermind: Why wait? Their guard will be down as all of the troops are out on the battleground. You should definitely use that secret weapon now.
Violet: Alright, alright. I'll use it now...
Mastermind: Thank you!

Violet presses a button on her throne, and it causes a small shake throughout the kingdom. 

Mastermind: Uh, what?
Violet: You'll see soon enough...

Some time passes, and a black shroud of smoke emerges throughout the battlefield. 

Dimitri: Wait a minute, this smoke looks eerily familiar...
Charity: That's because it's...oh fucking hell.

The shadows fade, revealing Corrupted Violet, but a more sinister version of the form.

Violet: I told you not to worry, didn't I?
Mastermind: It's...glorious.
Violet: Indeed. I'm gonna send it to attack Cobalt first, as I believe the thought of winning could easily throw off Redd. 
Mastermind: Good plan, princess.

Corrupted Violet approaches the Cobalt Clan, and begins to fight through the troops one by one with her double bladed sword until she comes to Frostbite. She pushes him to the ground with ease, and slams the sword butt into his nose, killing him. She then approaches Cobalt and after a poor fight, the same ending occurs for him. 

Pyra: News has it that we've won the war!
Redd: You're kidding, that quickly? It's only been two Uh, I guess we should still make sure that all enemies are wiped out. 

She looks in the distance and sees some black smoke emerge from the battlefield. She immediately hesitates and begins to panic. 

Redd: Shit...Shit! Shit, Shit, Shit! We need to go! NOW!
Pyra: What? Why are you sounding so worried?
Corrupted Violet: Because I'm here.

"Violet" then proceeds to stab Pyra in her back, making her fall to the ground. Redd then begins to panic, and she dashes off through the smoke, trying to find a way that she can avoid certain death. She finds Charity through the smoke.

Redd: I need your help, Charity! I have no idea what to do, there's someone coming after me and I don't know what to do!
Charity: Ugh, I hate helping people. Fine. Quickly, hand me your blazer and your cap and I'll settle this.
Redd: You're such an angel! Thank you so much, Charity!
Charity: Shush. You're making this more torture than it already is. Sometimes a smaller sacrifice for a stronger ally can change the world, I guess that's what I'm doing.

Redd continues to run with her black clothes as opposed to her red costume. "Violet" approaches her, and the two fight. Charity uses the sword extension from her guns, and slashes at the shadow mercilessly. She then transforms the swords into guns and slams them into the temple's of the shadow, and shoots several rounds into the temple's of the shadow. The shadow then explodes, creating a lot of dust and smoke. Redd escapes through the smoke. 

Violet: What is going on?
Mastermind: It appears you didn't account on a certain hammer wielding individual to destroy the corruption, quite odd she had guns and swords instead though.
Violet: Oh you mean that Redd chick? Well I'm sure the self destruct that thing has effectively destroyed her too. So without a doubt, the war has been won, by us!
Mastermind: Uh, I don't think that's the case. Everybody is still fighting.

As the war draws to a close, Tess and the others continue to plot their final assault.

Tess: I think the time has come. Violet has wiped out the clan leaders, so she'll be celebrating. We can storm her kingdom and finally kill the mastermind once and for all. 
Vermilion: Sounds like we're all in agreement. It's time to be finally rid of this mastermind. 
Aveira: Me and Ash will stay here, as I guess there isn't much we can do to help. You two will have to get through the castle, and fast to make sure the mastermind doesn't flee. 
Tess: Yup. Alright then, come on Vermilion, we'll see you two in a while.

Tess and Vermilion leave the group and head towards Violet's castle. They enter the castle but hit a dead end when Ivory is guarding the main throne room. Vermilion pretends to be a guard, and tells Ivory that it is her duty, and Ivory dumbly agrees and leaves, leaving Tess and Vermilion direct access to the throne room. 

Tess: Three...Two...One...

They enter the room, and quickly draw their weapons. Violet is taken by surprise, but the mastermind groans.

Mastermind: I forgot you two existed, sigh.
Violet: ...Who are these people?
Mastermind: Some remnants of the past. Don't worry princess, I'll take care of it.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, Esme has cornered Aloe.

Esme: Still trying to find some sort of escape route?
Aloe: I'm still confused as to why you're being so stir crazy about this. Es, you used to be so carefree and love nature. You're saying to me that I've changed, but look in the mirror. You've become just as crazy as Lycia is, but you know deep down this isn't you.
Esme: Aloe...just stop...
Aloe: You think you're the exact same person you were this time three or so months ago? And you think none of this was because of her?
Esme: I told you, stop! 

Esme slams her sword into the ground, and sits down with her head in her hands. Aloe sits next to her, and tries to comfort her, but she pulls away. 

Aloe: Look, I'm terribly sorry for what happened, but even if I was there, I couldn't have possibly stopped the events that happened. You're much more braver than I ever could be Esme, and I'm sorry that everything that did happen has happened, but there's nothing more that anyone can do. 
Esme: Whatever, I've decided. I'm not going to waste my energy or time killing you. You can go and rot for all I care, I'm fed up of the sight of you. I wish the best of luck to whoever you decide to associate yourself with from now on. 

Esme leaves, as Aloe breathes in heavily as a reaction to her words.

Back at the castle, Tess and the Mastermind continue to fight as Vermilion and Violet watch the pair from the sidelines. They clash their swords together multiple times, before The Mastermind creates a gash in Tess' arm, forcing her to drop the sword.

Tess: You...piece of shit. I guess it's time to switch to plan B. There's something you may be unfamiliar with...Grieve. 
Mastermind: Huh!? How do you know my real name!?
Tess: That answer is so simple it shouldn't even need explaining! 
Vermilion: Why do I feel a strange sudden sense of deja vu...
Tess: Grieve, the answer is simple, you're me. 
Grieve: Uh...What? That...isn't possible!
Tess: And the best possible solution right now, is to just end it all. You see, there's a special way to destroy people like you. I like to call it the emergency exit, I suppose, but I wasn't going to use it because, ya'know, I like living too, but it seems it has to be done. When I die, all of my alternate personalities seize to exist, even if they've become separate entities. I guess it's a special condition, but nonetheless, Vermilion, you need to deliver the final blow.
Vermilion: You mean...kill you? But if I do...I'll disappear...
Tess: I promise you, you have nothing to worry about. Just do it already, please!

Vermilion ponders, and swiftly grabs the sword from the ground. She slowly positions herself over Tess and stabs her in the heart. 

Grieve: You fucking idiot! Do you know what you've done!?
Vermilion: A small sacrifice for the removal of absolute evil is never an idiotic move.

Grieve's body slowly begins to disappear, as does Vermilion's. Violet waves to the pair as they slowly fade, however, Vermilion's body becomes solid again as Grieve fully disappears. 

Vermilion: What the heck...
Violet: Oh, welcome back, I guess.

Aveira and Ash enter the room after hearing the harsh noise. 

Aveira: Oh dear, what happened here?
Vermilion: In a sense, the ultimate sacrifice...
Aveira: I'll ask for more detail in a minute, but I think we have one final thing to clear up here...Violet, have you taken a look outside?
Violet: No, but I guess I will now...

Violet walks over to her balcony. Aveira walks up behind her, and picks up her feet and throws her over the edge.

Vermilion: Whoa! Is she okay!?
Aveira: She is right now, but she won't be for long...

Violet lands hard on the ground, face up. She notices a shadow loom over her, and recognises the face.

Violet: What...What are you doing here?
Redd: Something I should've done a looong time ago...

Redd slams her hammer into Violet's face, and a black screen proceeds, and the respective credits role.


To be added.


  • Melting is the first movie directed by Solarrion (tbc).
  • The movie was originally titled "Dilemma", however this was later changed to the new title as it fit the premise of the movie more effectively.
  • Melting was original intended to the story mode of the video game Radioactive Remastered, but that idea was scrapped and the game now has a different story.
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