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Console Type Home console
Touchpad controller

Internet access

eShop for DLC and downloadable titles MegameOn Network

The Megamer is the first gaming system by UniversalGaming Inc., which has yet to be released yet.  It features a touchpad, internet and an eShop, and a unique social networking, similar to Miiverse, known as MegameOn.


If you want your game to be added to the list of Megamer titles, comment on either this page or the UniversalGaming Inc. page.



The Megamer is shaped similar to a Nintendo 3DS, with a rather similar layout.  It has 2 control pads, an A-B-X-Y button layout, a d-pad, and the trigger buttons, with the Start, Home, and Select buttons under the touchscreen. Unlike the DS and 3DS, the Megamer features 2 trigger buttons per side, with the back ones slightly overlapped to the back.

Megame eShop

The Megamer supports a unique eShop, with downloadable titles, and a Virtual Console.  The Virtual Console has titles from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, but in addition, NES and SNES titles are also for download.  You can also download DLC for various titles.

MegameOn Network

MegameOn Network is a unique gaming network, which you can use to not only play your games, but experience them.  It starts with your Home screen, with large hexagons making a hive pattern.  These hexagons will include the latest gaming news, hot titles on the eShop, and your games and applications, boasting real-time updating on the hottest stuff.  It can be used as a web browser, which supports YouTube, Google, and various other popular sites, and you can even subscribe to sites so their latest articles show up on your Home screen.  You can also add other players, allowing for messaging, video chats, or multiplayer, and you can also start groups, which allows you to use a group chat, enter multiplayer as a team, and organize events.

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