Mega Man Universe 3 (Rockman Universe III in japan) is the third installment in the Megaman Universe series. Rush appears in this game.

Release Dates

Megaman Universe 3

  • Japan: Unknown
  • North America: Unknown
  • Europe: Unknown


It has been 1 year since Nicky's last adventure. Suddenly, Nicky feels an eerie chill, and out of nowhere, the image of Megaman appeared. "Nicky, the creature's got you....." and Megaman disappeared. The image of Megaman was slashed by a sword. A boy in purple clothing and a mask with a bandana ran up. "Stupid Nicky................ you just don't understand exactly what's happening." "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" screamed Nicky. "You got to figure it out! He's coming, so watch out. Idiot." the stranger said, but then he disappeared. Nicky then looked up in the sky. He was back. The evil one, Kontrol, was back.


Robot Masters

Level NameNameWeaponImage
Fiery FieldsMysterious strangerNone GivenNone yet
PyramidScarab ManBeetle AcidNone yet
SimulationHeadgear ManMindread MagnetNone yet
RocketConstelation ManStar BeamNone yet
DojoNinja ManShuriken RayNone yet
StoreToy ManDice TossNone yet
JungleAmphibian ManWeb FlingNone yet
PlantationRadioactive ManMutate BusterNone yet
TempleEmporer ManCrown SlashNone yet
Kontrol's Abandond LabCopy ThatNone GivenNone yet

Kontrol's New Lab Bosses

  1. Torterra
  2. Orange Demon
  3. Copy That Rematch
  4. Rematch against the eight Robot Masters from Megaman 3
  5. The mysterious stranger (now revealed to be Paul)
  6. Kontrol

Enemy Guide

Megaman Universe 3 Enemies.


Rush jumped from the ceiling on the dead Kontrol. "Who are you?" asked Nicky. Rush barked. Suddenly, the stranger who said his name was Paul burst out of nowhere. "We're going home." he said. "Home?" asked Nicky. "LOOK! We're going home. Our friends and family are wanting to see us home." Paul said. "NO! I never knew my home. Just that I am from a different dimension-" "And we're going back." "But....." "No buts. I'm your older brother." "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?" "Yeah, c'mon, we're going home! NOW!" "No.... I've became too much accustomed to this place...... meeting Dr. Light's hologram...... helping people save the world......" "Well, too bad. We have to go and live a normal life." "I hardly even know you!" "But I know you." "I'm not coming." "Oh yes you are." Paul tried to grab Nicky, but Nicky dodged and ran away... Paul scowled miserably. A voice from the shadows said, "Get him back here." "I'm trying..." said Paul, looking down.


  • Rush and Paul first appeared here.
  • Kontrol is not alive in the next game, but he comes back in the game after.
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