Megaman Universe 2, known in Japan as Rockman's World Revenge, is the second game in Megaman Universe.

Release dates

"Rockman's World Revenge" and "Megaman Universe 2":

Country Platform Release Date
Japan Nintendo DS February 5, 2010
North America Nintendo DS Unknown
Europe Nintendo DS Unknown


Nicky's been training for a long time. That mysterios stranger...... who was he? Nicky wondered and wondered, until one day, an all-powerful robot known as Kontrol surfaced from the ruins of MegaMan's cave. Kontrol took over the mind of the robot president of the planet. Now Kontrol tries to take over the mind of everyone on the planet, and Nicky's the only one to hide. Now Nicky must fight through mind-controlled robots as "robot masters" to destroy Kontrol, and maybe learn secrets about his own past.


Robot Masters

Level Name Name Weapon Image
Factory Assembly Man Plier Hands None yet
Museum Curio Man Dust Blaster None yet
Ferry Parrot Man Feather Fling None yet
Fortress Sword Man Quick Katana None yet
Warfield Jet Man Missle Monster None yet
City Police Man Law Tazer None
Boiler Temperature Man Dry Ice None
Forest Log Man Rolling Trunk None

Kontrol's Kastle Bosses

  1. Purple Demon
  2. Puppet Ganon
  3. Knuckle Joe
  4. Doctor Drill
  5. Robot masters from Megaman 2
  6. President Robot
  7. Kontrol


Megaman Universe 2 Enemies


At the end of the game, Kontrol corrupts, revealing a strange red computer chip, which floats in the air. Then, it's red lazer focuses on Nicky. Like the last game, the shadowy figure jumps out of the shadows and saves Nicky from death. The figure explains that "in 7 attempts, Kontrol will succed.... be ready." the shadowy figure then went back into the darkness. Nicky was wondering what happened. He walked away from Kontrol's Kastle, as Kontrol groaned from the wreckage.


  • This game includes the ability to play levels again.
  • Kontrol, the main villain of Megaman Universe, was introduced in this game.
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