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Megaman Generations is a game developed by Phoniex Circle that will use different Megamans similar to Sonic Generations. Their gameplay differs from each-other, and most if not all, can collect weapons from Mavericks, Robot Masters, Bonne Machines and Programs.


Dr. Wily creates a machine that destroys the fabric of time, causing all the Megamans from different generations into one flowing "timeline". It has also caused the robot masters and mavericks to come back to life. The Megamans join together to fix time, but will it be enough?

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Megaman1.jpg Megaman An robot made for fighting against Doctor Wily's Robot Masters. He uses his Megabuster to destroy enemies, and his stages consist of platforming.
MegaMan X.jpg Megaman X An Maverick Hunter who protects the human race from Sigma from Mavericks. His stages are like Megaman's, but he has dashing, wall scaling, and is somewhat of a larger target.
450px-MegamanVolnuttMML.jpg Megaman Volnutt An archaelogist who is charged with the protection of Elysium. His stages are in 3D, and can use the Buster Gun.
MegamanEXE.jpg Megaman.EXE Megaman.EXE is an program that protects the world against WWW. He has an top-down RPG style of levels, and fights enemies in real-time on a three by six grid.
Zero - Standing.jpg Zero Zero is Megaman X's partner in taking down the Mavericks. He has mostly the same gameplay as Megaman X, but can change to humaniod, which allows him to crawl into small spaces.
MegaMan2.jpg Megaman (Starforce) ...
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