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Megald Warriors is a new Umbrella fighting game created by Eternity Enterprises and first in the Megald Warriors series. The game's main theme is The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy. 

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There are five gamemodes: Battle, Minigames, Event, City Life, and The Dark Domination.

Battle is the standard battle mode of the game! It uses a new point system, where the players need to earn a certain amount of points to win the battle. Points can be earned by dealing a certain amount of damage or pulling off combos. However, you can change the settings to a standard time or stock battle in the options menu.

The Dark Domination is the story mode. It focuses more on platforming and involvs Dark Matter trying to take control of Megald, a shared universe where all the worlds from different series reside. 

Event mode is the same as from Brawl, a series of missions you need to complete. After the final mission, you face The Elf King. 

City Life is sort of based on Animal Crossing in gameplay, as the characters use their abilities across Megapolis (the sort of hub area in the world of Megald) for normal tasks, such as Mario using FLUDD as a firefighting device.

Minigames is pretty self explanitory. You and a few friends compete in a series of minigames, similar to the multiplayer mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings. 

The Dark Domination

The story mode of the game, Dark Matter is planning to take full control over Megald, and it's up to the heroes to stop him! 

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Starting Characters

Some characters switch out and share the same slot. They are marked with blue text. 

Image Name Franchise Description
386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World.png Mario 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Mario is the frontman of the Mushroom Kingdom and a main hero of Megapolis. He uses the fire flower and cat suit to fight. 
Rosalina ws.png Rosalina 100px-SSB Mario Series.png The queen of the cosmos, Rosalina uses her magic powers and Lumas to fight. 
1186px-Bowser HUGE.png Bowser 100px-SSB Mario Series.png THE KOOPA KING!!!!!!!!!!! Bowser uses fire breath and bob-ombs during battle.
Emily Amulet.png Emily Hayes  Amulet The Stonekeeper destined to save Alledia, Emily uses her amulet's powers to attack. Her powers are a bit tricky to control, though. 
Leon MW.png Leon Redbeard Amulet Leon is a fox soldier assigned to protect Emily and help her defeat the Elf King. He uses a sword or can get help from the resistance during battle.
FrozenElsa.png Elsa SSB Frozen.png Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle, but her kingdom got kinda freaked out after they discovered her ice powers. Speaking of which, she uses her ice powers in battle.
Anna MW.jpg Anna SSB Frozen.png Anna is the talkative sister of Elsa and princess of Arendelle. She is faster then her sibling and can throw snowballs at her opponents, or can run them over with a sleigh and get help from Olaf. 
Pit6.png Pit  SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Pit is an angel and servant of Palutena, the goddess of light. He uses his diverse arsenal from Kid Icarus Uprising to attack, and can also fly. 
Eren EB3.png Eren Attack On Titan Eren Jeager is a young boy who plans to pretty much commit Titan genocide. He uses his blades and 3D Manuveur Gear during battle. 
UntenFissure2014.png Unten SSB Fantendo Series.png Unten is the last of Beorn kind, and can use electricity to attack. He also can transform into Midas Unten or get help from Fanti tiitd itd it ditx txx tix ti xitx Squav SSB Fantendo Series.png A laidback Squavocado and the leader of his race, he uses his sword, Exulbore, and his light powers to attack.
Squavacadooo.jpg Stockart Squav SSB Fantendo Series.png The older version of Squav. He is the last Squavocado, and can throw avocadoes and acorns or whip his tail to attack. He is pretty weak though.
ZELDA.png Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Zelda is the princess of Hyrule, and she attacks with her magical abilities such as Din's Fire and Naryu's Love. She also wields a sword and the Light Arrow. 
Sheik-ssb4.png Sheik SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Sheik is a ninja and alter ego of Zelda. She can shoot needles and use a whip, and is a lot faster then Zelda. 
RubyRose.png Ruby Rose RWBYsymbol.png Ruby Rose is a student at Beacon Academy, who uses her oversized weapon, the Crescent Rose, to attack. The Crescent Rose doubles as both a sniper rifle and a scythe. It's every serial killer's dream! She can also run very fast.
Weiss Schnee.png Weiss Schnee RWBYsymbol.png Ruby Rose's partner in Beacon (despite not being too happy to hear that at first,) Weiss uses her rapier sword to attack, and it can also produce ice. 
Cyclops-MW.jpg Cyclops SSB Xmen.png Cyclops is a member of the mutant superhero team called the X-Men. He is a sort of all-around fighter, like Mario, and can use his laser viser to attack opponents. 
WolverineFull.png Wolverine SSB Xmen.png Wolverine is another member of the X-Men and definately the most popular. He uses his claws and is very durable due to his atamantium skeleton. 
Calvin 2.png Calvin & Hobbes Calvinhobbessymbol.png A dynamic duo and staple of comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes play like the Ice Climbers from Brawl. They use snowballs to attack, and can transmogrify themselves into threatening creatures, such as Tyrannosaurus Rexs. 
242px-Silver02.png Silver SonicSeries2.png Silver is a hedgehog from the future who can use telekenesis to attack. He also can annoy enemies by saying "It's no use!" over and over again. 
Meta Knight SSBI.png Meta Knight SSB Kirby Series.png Meta Knight is a...well, knight, who is a very fast fighter. He uses his sword to fight and can fly temporarily. 
KRTDL Magolor.png Magolor SSB Kirby Series.png Pilot of the Lor Starcutter, who attacks by shooting energy beams and with other magical abilities. 
Ike(Clear).png Ike SSB Fire Emblem Series.png A hero from the Fire Emblem series, Ike attacks with strong blows with his sword that (somehow) emit flames. 
Bugz Bunnee.gif Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny is a quick-thinking rabbit who uses carrots and wisecracks in battle. He also has an atribute called "Slapstick Resistance," which makes him less vulnerable to blows that would usually be fatal. 
Iron Man.png Iron Man SSB Avengers.png Tony Stark was a genius who decided to make an Iron Man suit to fight crime and all that good stuff. He uses repulsor blasts and other weapons to fight. He also can get reinforcements from S.H.I.E.L.D.
Thor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkj.png Thor SSB Avengers.png Thor is a demi-god who controls thunder and like Pit, he assists the main deities. He can uses his hammer and can control thunder and other storm-like thingies. 
BlackWidowM5P.png Black Widow SSB Avengers.png A member of the Avengers, Black Widow uses her guns and other gadgets to fight. She is also a very quick fighter. 
CaptainAmericaFull.png Captain America  SSB Avengers.png The first avenger joins the fray! He can use his shield to attack or send soldiers to attack for him. 


Scarlet Witch SSB Avengers.png Sister of Quicksilver and member of the Avengers. She uses Telekenesis and Energy Beams to fight. 
Quicksilver!.jpg Quicksilver SSB Avengers.png Brother of Scarlet Witch and member of the Avengers. He is weaker then his sister, but moves super-fast. 
Alpha.png Alpha TOME Alpha is a user of TOME who attacks with his diverse movepool based on the greek gods, including zapping the opponent with lightning or creating a shield.
DEMON ALPHA.png Demon Alpha TOME Alpha while being fully possessed by the Forbidden Power. He looses the greek-based moves, but can claw at opponents and is very fast and can also use the Forbidden Power as a weapon, paralyzing anyone who comes in contact with it. 
Metroid-prime-3-samus-aran.png Samus SSB Metroid Series.png Samus is a bounty hunter who hunts down Metroids and other crazy space enemies. She uses her arm cannon to shoot lasers and missles, and also can roll into a ball and set off crash bombs. 
Zerosuitsamus-ssb4.png Zero Suit Samus SSB Metroid Series.png Samus just so happens to fight with orwithout her suit! She uses her laser gun which doubles as a whip, and her jet boots. 
Barry Bee.jpg Barry Bee Dreamworks A bee who teamed up with a human to save the plants of the world after the bees stopped pollenating. (Even though the bees kinda stopped pollenating because of him.) He can fly and shoot pollen guns at opponents. 
Czim.png Zim ZimSymbol.png An alien invader who is trying to conquer earth!!!!!!!!! Yeah he'll probably fail. He uses his machines such as his backpack and a laser gun to fight. 
GreenLantern.png Green Lantern DCLogo.png Hal Jordan is a human and representative of Earth in the Green Lantern Corps. He uses his ring to create constructs that he can use in battle. 
Gaara.jpg Gaara Naruto Gaara is a Jinchuriki of the Sand Village who eventually became their leader. He can use sand as both offense and defense and also can use the Shukaku demon sealed inside him. 
MegamanMMPU.jpg Megaman SSB Mega Man series.png A house-keeping robot who got turned into the "Super Fighting Robot" Megaman! He uses his Mega Buster and other weapons from his games to fight, and can get help from Rush. 
Elec Man MW.jpg Elec Man SSB Mega Man series.png A robot master reprogrammed by Wily to cause mass destruction, Elec Man uses electricity to fight. (Well, duh!) 
DipperGFArt.png Dipper GFSymbol.png Dipper is Mabel's twin brother and studier of the paranormal. He can create clones of himself and sing Babba songs to attack. 
MabelGFArt.png Mabel GFSymbol.png Mabel is Dipper's fun-loving sister who loves to mess around. She uses a grappling hook and bedazzler to fight, and can also summon Waddles to help. 
Nostalgia Critic PNG.png Nostalgia Critic NostalgiaCriticLogo.png A slightly insane film critic who attacks with the Number 11 and can pretend to be a ghost to confuse opponents. 
VillagerSSB4.png Villager SSB Animal Crossing Series.png The mayer of the world of Animal Crossing. He uses his tools and can pay bells to learn new moves. 

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Franchise Description How to Unlock
Paper Mario Stan.png Paper Mario 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Mario's paper form joins the battle! He uses his hammer and partners to attack. He is a pretty formidable fighter. Heck, I would even say his chances of being defeated are paper thin. Hahaha, I suck at this.  Beat Event Mode as Mario
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png Princess Peach 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach attacks by throwing turnips, using her peach bomber attack, and her emotion powers. Win Event Mode as Rosalina
Pink Gold Peach MK8.png Pink Gold Peach 100px-SSB Mario Series.png The Metal Counterpart of Princess Peach, she is slightly stronger then Peach and uses Go-Karting to attack. Win 150 Times as Princess Peach
347px-YoshiSSB4.png Yoshi 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Yoshi is a friendly dinosaur who helps (and gets slightly abused by) Mario. He can throw yoshi eggs and swallow other characters. He can also turn into yarn which.....doesn't really do much actually.

Win 75 Matches as any Mario character (Mario, Rosalina, Bowser, Peach, Pink Gold Peach, or Paper Mario.)

PalutenaBrawl.png Palutena SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Palutena is the goddess of light and one of the high deities of Megald. She uses her staff and can summon more of her angel soldiers to attack. She also uses her light powers.  Win 100 Matches as Pit 
Bombermanultra200902070.png Bomberman BIcon.png White Bomber, a.k.a. Bomberman, is the cutest demolitionist I've ever seen. His solution to everything is BLOWING SH*T UP! What's not to like? Use the TNT item 75 times.
Minecraft-steve 12.png Steve Minecraft symbol.png The main protagonist (or at least the default player skin) of the game Minecraft, and can use his tools to battle. A downside is he has to craft his tools first before he can use them and he is vulnerable while crafting. Win on the End stage 20 times.  
RaidenMK.jpg Raiden Mortal kombat logo2.png Raiden is the god of Thunder and is more of a minor deity of Megald. He uses his electric powers and his staff to attack.  Beat Event Mode as Palutena
WilyECoyote.jpg Wily E. Coyote Looney Tunes Wily E. Coyote is a Coyote always chasing after a Road Runner named.... Road Runner. Anyway, he uses a fork and a knive for melee attacks, and also can use ACME Weapons, but the ACME weapons mostly hurt him, making him sort of a joke character. Win as Bugs Bunny 50 Times
DreamBoyColored.png Takeo Yumi SSB Fantendo Series.png Takeo Yumi was a normal boy until he got sucked into the Dream World, which SEVERLEY distorted his body. He uses his dream abilities to attack. Beat Event Mode as Unten
Gavin Sparrow Insane.png Gavin Sparrow SSB Fantendo Series.png A former miner/wannabe Mario brother who went insane after being fired from the mining buisness he worked for. He uses a flamethrower and a pickaxe to attack.  Beat Event Mode as Takeo Yumi
006Mega Charizard X.png Mega Charizard X SSB Pokémon Series.png The (cooler) Mega form of Charizard, Mega Charizard X can fly and use darkness and fire attacks.  Win 36 Brawls
Greninja-ssb4.png Greninja SSB Pokémon Series.png Otherwise known as Strider Hiryu the Pokemon, Greninja uses his water shuriken and ninja-like skills.  Win 40 Brawls as Mega Charizard X
Agent P.png Agent P Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus, who is secretly a spy. He can use spy gadgets and tactics to attack. He also can disguise himself as Perry, which causes CPUs not to attack him. Win 207 Brawls
DoofenshmirtzPnFArt.png Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb an evil genius and Agent P's archnemesis. He uses his -Inators to attack, but they don't do much damage, making him a bit of a joke character. Beat Event Mode as Agent P
Magneto MW.jpg Magneto SSB Xmen.png The Archenemy of the X-Men, he can throw slabs of metal at the opponents using his powers, and can also levitate and create forcefields.  Defeat him in Story Mode
DeadpoolFull.png Deadpool SSB Xmen.png The merc with a mouth joins the fray! He uses his swords and guns to fight. He also can break the fourth wall to confuse opponents.  Beat Event Mode as Wolverine
2322 twoface-render-arkham-city-prev.png Two-Face DCLogo.png One of Batman's enemies, he uses a gun and can send out mobsters to attack. However, he has to flip a coin to decide which move he's gonna use.  Win 50 Brawls as Green Lantern
Moe United Feature Syndicate.jpg Moe Calvinhobbessymbol.png A student at Calvin's school and a bully that likes to pick on Calvin. Moe can punch and shove opponents, and demand them to give him their lunch money.  Win as Calvin 85 Times
Spiderman.png Spider-Man SpidermanLogo.png Spider-Man got bitten by a radioactive spider and now he makes a living fighting crime and cracking jokes! He uses his web-slinging and super strength in battle. 

Win Event Mode as any of the Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver)

Donkey Kong garridk.png Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series.png A monkey and former rival of Mario, He is a strong character who can attack by playing bongos, using his charge punch, and can heal himself by eating a banana.  Win on the Classic Donkey Kong stage 50 Times
DonkeyKongCountryScreencap.jpg Toon Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series.png The Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong Country series. He is the worst character in the game, as he can only attack with poorly written musical numbers and by acting like a pirate.  You unlock him by beating Event Mode as Donkey Kong. However, unless you are a completionist, why you would want to unlock him is beyond me. 
AVGN PNG.png The Angry Video Game Nerd SSB AVGN.png One of the most popular gamers on the internet, The AVGN uses bursts of rage to fight. He also can use the Nintendo Zapper and his game accesory armor.  Complete Event Mode as the Nostalgia Critic
Mika Sho FJR.png Mika Sho SSB Fantendo Series.png A young girl with fire powers, Mika uses her fire abilities and space gear in battle.  Win 200 Battles
150Mewtwo.png Mewtwo SSB Pokémon Series.png The psychic clone of Mew, Mewtwo uses his psychic powers to attack.  Beat Event Mode as Greninja

Starting Stages

Image Name Franchise Description
Inner Wall AoT.png Inside Wall Maria Attack On Titan The city that was inside Wall Maria before it was breached and tooken over by Titans. It is a very normal landscape, but very rarely a Titan might breach the landscape and eat one of the players. 
MinecraftEnd.png The End Minecraft symbol.png A strange world where the Endermen reside, hazards include Endermen attacking you and on rare occasions the Ender Dragon will swoop in. Also, if you fall into the void, you automatically lose 5 points. 
DKArcade.jpg Classic Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series.png The first level of the Classic Donkey Kong arcade game! Ladders are climable and Donkey Kong will try to throw barrels at you. 
17inchat.PNG Chatroom SSB Fantendo Series.png The chatroom where many Fantendo users come to chat about random things. If the chat abruptly ends, you can gain extra points by somehow keeping the conversation going. 
HeliCarrier.jpg The Helicarrier SSB Avengers.png A flying vehicle and pretty much the base of operations for S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D. Operatives survey the battle, and will occasionally attack one of the players.  
Toad Toad Circuit 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Toad Circuit is a racetrack in Mario Kart 7. Hazards include the big Toad statues falling down and smashing you or racers coming by and running into you. 
Green Hill Zone (Paper).png Green Hill Zone SonicSeries2.png You know, that one level that appears in  ALMOST EVERY SONIC GAME EVER!!!! It is a simple stage where you can go on the loop-de-loops and stuff, but Badniks will come out and attack you. 
BattlefieldDay-SSB4.png Battlefield SSB Smash Bros Series.png The battlefield of Smash Bros, where you can jump on and off the platforms, and..... watch the sun set, I guess? It's better then nothing. 
Lavendera.png ;Lavendera TOME The purple wasteland where TOME players can freely battle! Sometimes, however, you might get trapped in a battle grid. 
Day.jpg The Lawn Plants VS Zombies There is more to this lawn then it seems. Zombies appear as a hazard, but you can plant Peashooters to fend them off. 
Google main.jpg Google Search Bar Google The search bar for google. It may not look like much, but you can search things during battle, and the things you search could have a positive or negative impact on the battlefield. 
Paper mushroom kingdom.png Mushroom Kingdom 100px-SSB Mario Series.png A simple Mario level. Hazards include Koopa Troopas, Pirhanna Plants, and other enemies. 
Angel Island.png Angel Island SonicSeries2.png A floating island where the Master Emerald is located. You can try to harness it's power, but good luck man. 
Zims house night.jpg Zim's House ZimSymbol.png Zim's house on earth. GIR might come out of the house and attack you as a hazard. 
LOLSOMANYCOOKIESIAMTHECOOKIEKING.png Cookie Clicker Arena CookieClickerCookie.png An arena where the most addicting thing ever takes place. You can get Grandma to make cookies for you, which boosts your speed.

Unlockable Stages

Image Character Franchise Description How to Unlock
Peach'sCastle.png Peach's Castle 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Peach's Castle. Nothing much special, but you can fight on both the rooftops or the ground near the castle. Win 50 Matches as Mario
Mc-minecraft-beta-1.9-nether-upgrade.jpg The Nether Minecraft symbol.png One of two alternate dimensions you can go to in Minecraft (The other being The End.) Hazards include Zombie Pigman stampedes and Ghasts shooting fireballs at you. Beat Event Mode as Steve
Pokemon Stadium.jpg Pokemon Stadium SSB Pokémon Series.png Similar to the one in Brawl, the stage will change to different type themes and such.  Win 90 Matches as Greninja
EmeraldForest1.png Emerald Forest RWBYsymbol.png A forest where creatures of Grimm thrive. Beowulves and other enemies appear as hazards. Win Event Mode as either Ruby or Weiss
Final Destination ssbb.jpg Final Destination SSB Smash Bros Series.png FINAL DESTINATION! A dark barren platform where.... nothing much happens actually.  Beat Story Mode
Mystery shack paint test.jpg Mystery Shack GFSymbol.png The Pines' home for the summer, Gnomes will attack you and Grunkle Stan might come out and trick you to buy one of his tourist trapping items, lowering your HP.  Win 50 Times as Dipper
Mechcity.png ;Mech City TOME A concrete jungle designed for both combat and converse! There are no hazards, but a battle grid must be set up before any fighting can take place.  Win 75 Times on the ;Lavendera stage
Untitled2 hf2.png Main Menu SSB Fantendo Series.png The main menu of Fantendo! Nothing much happens here, other then the chance of the Fantendo Logo running into you.  Unlock Mika Sho
Mario Party Board MW.jpg Mario Party Board 100px-SSB Mario Series.png The board where Mario Party takes place! You can only progress forward on the board, and there are deathtraps hidden all around the area.  Win 50 Brawls on Peach's Castle
Sonic Spinball.png Sonic Spinball Arena SonicSeries2.png The Sonic Spinball Arena appears as a stage in the game. There are some obstacles in the stage, that fling you like a pinball, but that's pretty much it. Beat Event Mode as Silver


Image Name Franchise Effect
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png Mushroom 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Strengthens your melee attacks at the cost of 3 points. 
N/A Assist Gem Megald Warriors Is similar to the Assist Trophy in Brawl, it can spawn one of 15 Assist Trophies to help in battle. 
TNT.png TNT Minecraft symbol.png Creates a small explosion, depleting 5 points from any player in the explosion's radius except for the summoner.
Smiley Face BW.png Smiley Face Megald Warriors Gives the user 5 extra points. 
Chaos Emeralds.png Chaos Emeralds SonicSeries2.png You can get one of seven colors of Chaos Emeralds, which allow you to teleport for a certain ammount of time. 
Emerald Minecraft.png Emerald Minecraft symbol.png One of the many minerals from the game Minecraft and probably the least useful. The Emerald allows you to trade special moves with one of the other players for a certain ammount of time. 
MachOneIronMan.png Mark One Suit SSB Avengers.png The original Iron Man suit, you can hop into the suit, and can shoot missles. You also become really strong yet slow in the suit. If you take too much damage the suit gets destroyed.
Purple Fedora of Swagger.png Purple Fedora Megald Warriors Makes your attacks stronger.
RaygunSSB4.jpg Ray Gun SSB Smash Bros Series.png Shoots 15 laser blasts.
BeamswordSSBB.jpg Beam Sword SSB Smash Bros Series.png Can be used as a melee weapon. 

Assist Gems

Image Name Franchise Effect
Luigi(smw2013).png Luigi 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Sucks the nearest players into the Poltergeist 3000. 
Nylocke.png Nylocke TOME Jumps down and attacks the nearest opponent with his sword. 
025Pikachu.png Pikachu SSB Pokémon Series.png Tackles into enemies and attacks them with electricity. 
SkeletonMinecraft.png Skeleton Minecraft symbol.png Will shoot arrows at opponents. 
LakituNSMBU.png Lakitu 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Will hover over the stage and throw Spinies down at opponents. 
250px-Knucklesdecal.png Knuckles SonicSeries2.png Hits the nearest opponent with a barrage of punches. 
AvatarIP.jpg An IP SSB Fantendo Series.png Angrily rages at all the opponents. It doesn't do much damage though. 
Wasp3.png The Wasp SSB Avengers.png Flies around the stage shooting energy blasts at foes. 
Wind-up.jpg Wind-Up Skylanders.png IT DOES NOTHING.
Dexter.png Dexter Dexterlogo.png Shoots his ray gun in all directions.
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld.png Daisy 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Runs around screaming "Hi! I'm Daisy!" while hitting people with golf clubs. 
189px-Kamek-212x2283.png Kamek 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Casts a magic spell, altering the battle in your favor. 
IronGolem.png Iron Golem Minecraft symbol.png Walks up to a random enemy and throws them into the air. 
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png Goomba 100px-SSB Mario Series.png Will walk around the stage, damaging any opponent in his way. 
Gaijin Goombah.png Gaijin Goombah Social-youtube-logo-grey.png Will slice at the enemies with his sword, the Pixel Cutter. 


All of the bosses are bosses you face in Story Mode, with the exception of the Elf King. 

Image Name Franchise Description Where You Fight Him
Elf-king.png The Elf King Amulet The Final Boss of Event Mode, he is the ruler of Gulfen, the nation of the Elves. However, he is actually the mere corpse of the Elf King who has been possessed by his amulet. He uses his amulet's powers to attack or can summon Elves to help him.   N/A
DarkMario.png Dark Matter Mario 100px-SSB Mario Series.png The first story mode boss, Dark Matter Mario is a clone of Mario. He uses dark powers as well as some of Mario's attacks and a hammer. 

Megapolis Part 1

Gideon-gleeful.png Gideon GFSymbol.png A "psychic" and archrival of the Pines Twins. He uses his "psychic" powers in combat.  The Mystery Shack
Hans MW.png Prince Hans SSB Frozen.png The devious prince of the Southern Isles, Hans attacks with his sword, can ride his horse, and also can use his authority to threaten opponents, though this doesn't do much. Elsa's Tower
Darkmatter.jpg Swordsman Dark Matter SSB Kirby Series.png The most powerful of 0²'s Dark Matter spawns, Swordsman Dark Matter uses his sword and can split into smaller forms of Dark Matter. Throne Room
Yellow Devil.png Yellow Devil SSB Mega Man series.png One of Dr. Wily's strongest creations, the Yellow Devil is a very strong boss who can shoot lasers out of his eye and smash you. Dr. Wily's Factory
Dr. Wily.jpg Dr. Wily SSB Mega Man series.png One of 0²'s strongest affiliates. You can fight him in one of several randomized mechs, each with it's own special ability. Dr. Wily's Factory
Zero Two.png 0² (Final Boss) SSB Kirby Series.png The leader of the Dark Matter onslaught. He can fly, shoot energy beams from his eye, and can summon Dark Matter to possess players.  Final Destination


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