Mega Strikers Charged is an original Soccer/Football game that is being released on the Wii U and is made by Master Productions Incorporated. Mega Strikers Charged features many characters as they battle each as teams in many fields. Nintendo Network is included in the game where the player can have matches with people their friends or anyone else around the world.

The game is set to have a release of October - November 2013 and is Rated E10. Many modes are included in the game such as Story Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and more.



Name Character Type Description Super Strike
Chris Balanced Chris is a mixture of speed, power, and fitness, and is a great choice for beginners. With his leadership, Chris makes it great out in the field and his Super Strike "Hyper Energy" sure can cause an instant goal. Hyper Energy
Dan Balanced Dan is a mixture of Speed and Fitness and with his speed, he makes a great team captain. His Super Strike "Loose Lightning" sure can cause tention during any game. Loose Lightning
Aaron Offensive Aaron has great passing skills and has good fitness. He makes an excellent captain especially with his leadership skills. Aaron's Super Strike "Gas-plosion" is a real powerhouse. Gas-plosion!
Jessica Defensive Jessica is a Defensive machine! She has amazing speed and fitness, she can as well pass well. Her Super Strike named "Rain of Fire" sure can heat things up during any game. Rain of Fire
Ethan Power Ethan has agile speed and power as he can protect the ball and pass it from far distances. Ethan's Super Strike "Mud Slide" is powerful and can cause other players to trip and fall. Mud Slide.
Randy Offensive Randy has amazing fitness and can pass very well like Ethan. With Randy's Super Strike named "Bionic Beam", it sure can cause a lot of action in the stadium. Bionic Beam
Henry Playmaker Henry is great when it comes to speed as he can run really fast and can steal balls from oponents. When Henry activates his Super Strike named "Hydro Hijinx" that's where it all gets real during a game. Hydro Hijinx
Alyssa Defensive TBA Super Sonic Soundwave





Super Strikes

Super Strikes are special powers that are used by players when a special item is gained. The Super Strikes will give the player the ability to use their power to use against other players.

  • Super Strike (Chris): When gained, Chris will release a large wave of energy when he kicks the ball thus creating an instant goal and making all other characters fall over.
  • Loose Lightning (Dan): When gained, Dan will summon lightning bolts to attack the field and can strike players which makes them fall over and get dizzy for a couple of seconds.
  • Gas-plosion (Aaron): When gained, Aaron will set up a time bomb which counts down from 4 seconds and when it's time runs out, then a giant gas explosion occurs. When the explosion occurs every player (except for Aaron) can't find their way around, while the player can use this for granit and make a goal.
  • Rain of Fire (Jessica): When gained, Jessica will summon large balls of fire which come down raining from the sky. If one of the fire balls hits a player then he/she will be thrown back.
  • Mud Slide (Ethan): When gained, Ethan will form a Mud Slide all over the Stadium and anyone who passes through the Mud slips and falls.
  • Bionic Beam (Randy): When gained, Randy will summon a giant beam from the sky and can aim at any other player who get thrown over the stadium after if they are caught by the beam.
  • Hydro Hijinx (Henry): When gained, a large wall of water will pass by and can sweep away every other player.
  • Super Sonic Soundwave (Alyssa): When gained, Alyssa will bring out a guitar and cause a massive soundwave that will go across the stadium and will trip other players.



Name Capacity Description
Grassy Fields 24,000 Grassy Fields is a large field that takes place in a stadium. An electric fence also guards the field and if a player gets touched by the electric fence, he/she will get shocked and fall to the ground, they will also twitch for a second before coming back. Some holes can appear which can cause players to trip.
The City 26,000 The City is a large field that of course takes place in a city. No Electric Fences are in this stadium, but cars and buses can go through the stadium and if a player is hit by one of them, he/she will fall over.
Waste Dump 25,000 Waste Dump is a large dump that is near by The City. Oil Puddles do appear at random parts of a game so if a player comes in contact with an oil puddle, he/she will trip and fall.


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