Mega Man and Kirby: Copy Heroes is a game created by GamerTendo, in which the two famous power copying heroes, Mega Man and Kirby team up in a adventure.

Mega Man and Kirby: Copy Heroes
Mega Man and Kirby
Developer(s) Nintendo

Capcom Hal

Publisher(s) Nintendo

Capcom Hal

Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Mega Man


Mode(s) Story Mode


The gameplay of this game fits into both Mega Man and Kirby style. It has ways of mixing the two together, by having Mega Man become faster and less 8-bit movement, and fitting him into a Kirby game style. This also works on 2 Player mode. Mega Man also can either grab onto Kirby while he's flying, or use Rush to keep up in flight.



Name Description
Mega Man - Super Smash Bros.
Mega Man

Mega Man is one of the two main protagonist of the game. Both him and Kirby are very different in gameplay.

Mega Man's gameplay is based off his same normal gameplay, as he can choose several different weapons, and use Rush and the Mega Buster, alongside charging up the Mega Buster and being able to slide.

Unlike Kirby's ability to copy any foes with it, Mega Man gets his powers from bosses that he defeats in the game.

KTD Kirby artwork

Kirby is one of the two main protagonist in the game. Both him and Mega Man are very different in gameplay.

Kirby's gameplay is based off his normal gameplay, where he can inhale enemies and use their powers.

Unlike Mega Man's ability to only get his abilities from bosses, Kirby can inhale and copy powers from enemies that have copy abilities. His negative, however is that he cannot copy bosses powers unless it's a mini boss.

Proto Man Upon beating the game, both Protoman and Bandana Dee are unlocked. Protoman uses the same weapons that Mega Man got throughout the game, but he instead uses the Proto Buster, and has the Proto Shield.
Bandana DeeSSBV
Bandana Dee Upon beating the game, both Protoman and Bandana Dee are unlocked. While Bandana Dee uses the same style of gameplay as Kirby, he has permanent Spear ability.

Story Mode

Prolouge Stage 1 - Green Greens

The game starts out at Green Greens. You're playing as Kirby, and if two players are playing, then Player 2 will just be a yellow Kirby.

The beginning is rather simple. It's just a short path of some hills, Kirby enemies, and a few enemies with copy abilities. But then Kirby is greeted on a field, by 3 robotic Waddle Dees attacking him. After taking them out, Kirby contiunes his journey, only to be greeted by more robotic enemies of his series.

At the end of the stage, Bass appears and attacks Kirby. Kirby will be able to eat his blast, or eat and spit out stars sent from some attacks of his. This is incase the player doesn't have a copy ability at the time.

Whenever Bass get's to low health, he teleports away, ending the level.

Afterwards, a cutscene is shown of Bass ariving at Wily's Castle, and telling Dr. Wily of what happened in Dream Land.

Dr. Wily sends a army of Robot Masters to attack Dream Land afterwards.

Prolouge Stage 2 - City

In the second prolouge stage, the player now takes control of Mega Man, who stood on the building from Mega Man 2. Mega Man makes his way through the tops of several buildings. Several enemies such as Mets attack Mega Man here, and even a few robotic Waddle Dees.

Afterwards, at the end of the stage Mega Man makes his way up to the top of a skyscraper, where Meta Knight attacks him.

Upon defeating Meta Knight, Meta Knight flies away, where another cutscene is shown. It was shown that Wily and King Dedede had teamed up. Meta Knight came into Wily's Castle.

Wily had a plan, and so he had Meta Knight, Bandana Dee, Bonkers, and Bugzzy become the test subjects.

He transformed the four into robots, and when the dust clears, it reveals Meta Man (Meta Knight), Bug Man (Bugzzy), Hammer Man (Bonkers), and Waddle Man (Bandana Dee).

Wily then pressed another button on a control pad, releasing four other Robot Masters. Air Man, Hard Man, Plant Man, and Shadow Man. King Dedede had used the Ultra powers from some enemies and bosses, and fused them with the 8 Robot Masters, giving them a ultimate attack they can use.

This was where the game's main story began.

Air Man Stage

This stage is based off his original stage in Mega Man 2. However, it includes areas where the player goes into a tube of wind and blows them away with powerful winds. There are also sections where the player must go from platform to platform with wind blowing massively at them.

Air Man's description of boss is below in the boss section.

Meta Man Stage

Meta Man's Stage is based off of the Halberd. In this stage, you fight several robot versions of Kirby enemies, and even two mini bosses from Kirby Super Star's Revenge of Meta Knight. Before going into Meta Man's room, you'll see Bass. He turns at the player for a second, but then teleports away upon seeing them.

Then you fight Meta Man, who's description is below in the boss section.



Blue represents bosses from Mega Man's series, and pink represents the robot form bosses of characters from the Kirby series.

Prolouge Bosses


Bass is the very first boss of the game. He appears on the prolouge stage for Kirby, where at the end of the stage he battles with Kirby.

He just uses the Bass Buster, and sometimes charges it up. Treble was absent for this battle, through.

Meta Knight SSB4

Meta Knight is the second boss of the game. Before being turned into a Robot Master, he fought Mega Man in the second prolouge stage.

His pattern was just like Meta Man's pattern, except without a Ultra Ability. Flying fast sometimes to attack, spinning in tornadoes, and primarily using the Galaxia.

Main Game Bosses

Air Man

Air Man is one of the four Mega Man series bosses of the game.

His weapon is the Air Shooter, and he fights by jumping high, and releasing sometimes undodgeable tornados. Upon reaching a quarter of his health, he uses his Ultra Attack, where he releases a huge tornado. This brings the player into the air, where they must battle Air Man on blocks that were thrown into the air. The player must bounce across them to try and reach Air Man to attack him. The tornado ends whenever Air Man is defeated.

Hard Man

Hard Man is one of the four Mega Man series bosses of the game.

Hard Man has the Hard Knuckle, which he uses as a projectile as normal, and sometimes in this game will use as a melee attack. He can jump high and cause small temors that can harm the player. He's also the most durable boss. He'll be a hard boss to beat.

Shadow Man
Plant Man
Meta Man

Meta Man is one of the four Kirby robot versions of characters bosses of the game, and the robot version of Meta Knight.

His weapon is the Meta Blade, a melee weapon based off the Galaxia. Meta Man fights by flying very fast sometimes, and attempting to slash the player. Alongside this being in his weapon, he can fire beams off it at full health. Except in the boss, he can fire them whenever. His Ultra Ability is based off the Ultra Sword, where he creates a giant Galaxia and slashes with it

Waddle Man
Hammer Man
Bug Man

Wily's Castle Bosses

Power Ups


  • Sword
  • Beam
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Ninja
  • Fighter
  • Bomb
  • Cutter
  • Mirror
  • Animal
  • Magic
  • Bubble
  • Hammer
  • Laser
  • Jet
  • Stone
  • Sleep
  • Paint
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