Mega Man X 9
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Series Mega Man X
Predecessor Mega Man X 8
Successor Mega Man X 10
Release Date(s) September 2013 (NA)
Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E 10+

Mega Man X 9 is a game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS that is in 16-bit like the Super Nintendo Mega Man X games. The game was released in September 2013.

Playable characters

  • X - The main character of the game. X can dash on the ground and in mid air by default. X also has a sword weapon called the "X-Saber" in addition to his X-Buster.
  • Zero - The secondary playable character of the game. Zero can dash on the ground and in mid air both vertically and horizontally by default. Zero's Z-Buster can charge Maverick weapons by default.


Maverick Weapons

  • Saber Slasher (from Slash SaberTiger) (armor colors: orange and black)
  • Sting Spikes (from Spiked Scorpion) (armor colors: lime green and yellow)
  • Speed Missile (from Blaster Shark) (armor colors: gray and red)
  • Boulder Buster (from Mountain Bison) (armor colors: brown and white)
  • Spiral Flame (from Bluefire Dragon) (armor colors: blue and green)
  • Frozen Storm (from Frosted Mammoth) (armor colors: light purple and light blue)
  • Thunder Snake (from Lighting Viper) (armor colors: yellow and hot pink)
  • Vertical Twister (from Tornado Hawk) (armor colors: black and gold)

Maverick weaknesses

  • Slash SaberTiger - Sting Spikes
  • Spiked Scorpion - Boulder Buster
  • Blaster Shark - Saber Slasher
  • Mountain Bison - Frozen Storm, X-Buster (X), Z-Buster (Zero)
  • Bluefire Dragon - Vertical Twister
  • Frosted Mammoth - Spiral Flame
  • Tornado Hawk - Thunder Snake
  • Lightning Viper - Speed Missile

Returning Mavericks

  • Boomer Kwanger
  • Toxic Seahorse
  • Neon Tiger
  • Magna Centipede
  • Magma Dragoon
  • Chill Penguin
  • Sting Chameleon
  • Burn Dinorex (AKA Mattrex)


  • X and Zero both get the same weapons, but Zero's armor does not change color.
  • Mattrex's Japanese name is used in the game.
  • Magma Dragoon and Burn Dinorex are the two returning Mavericks that aren't from a 16-bit Mega Man X game.
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