Mega Man XII
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platformer, Shooter, Action-Adventure
Series Mega Man
Predecessor Megaman 11
Mega Man XII is an upcoming 2D Platforming, Action Adventure, Shooter Game for the Visus Sphere and the twelth entry in the Numbered Mega Man Games. The game of course features once again Mega Man battling Doctor Wily whom this time has recruited the assistance of 8 of the greatest Robotic Minds of the modern era (excluding Dr. Light) to assist him in constructing new Robot Masters under the presumption that the robots would be used to help humanity.


Taking place approximately 3 years after Megaman 11, things have calmed down for a surprisingly long time, recently across the world news has popped up of famous Robotic Scientists collaborating with a mysterious figurehead whom had them using their various talents to create incredible Robot Masters capable of helping humanity in a number of ways. However one fateful night, a twist reveals that the figurehead had been Dr. Wily, masquerading as Dr. Light who used his new Robot Masters to kidnap the scientists and hold the world ransom threatening to use the Robot Masters against their intended purpose to wreak havoc upon the world.

The real Dr. Light while under questioning from the Global Police Force as to his suspected involvement requests Mega Man go out and stop Dr. Wily before his plans have long lasting effects on the planet and its people.


Character Description
Mega Man Robotic hero to all and multiple times saviour of the world, Mega Man willingly volunteered to become a fighting machine to protect the world from Dr. Wily and any evil-being's attempts to take over the world. Mega Man is very dedicated to his task and almost always wants to find a peaceful solution to any problem he faces.
Dr. Light The creator of Mega Man, Roll and countless other helpful robots, Dr. Light went to the same university as Dr. Wily and the two made great leaps in Robotics however while Dr. Light received fame and glory Dr. Wily developed a bitter hatred and resentment for Dr. Light. Dr. Light is very kind and cares for Mega Man and Roll as well as Rush, Eddie, Beat & Auto considering them all family.
Roll Mega Man's sister, Roll has sworn herself to protect Dr. Light while Mega Man is away fighting and stands along with Auto as the last line of defense. Roll is quite capable of fighting despite her lacking the same upgrades as Mega Man. She is very vigilant and has fought against some of Dr. Wily's forces in the past.
Rush Mega Man's faithful Robotic Dog companion, Rush was designed and constructed by Dr. Light to help Mega Man when Dr. Wily's Robot Masters became more advanced. Rush is able to transform parts of its body to help Mega Man as well as fuse with Mega Man depending on which form it chosen given Mega Man different properties.
Eddie Friendly field helper to Mega Man, Eddie may be small but this helps him reach Mega Man when he's out in the field on missions. Eddie is able to slip through small areas that Mega Man simply can't get into and at times is needed to help Mega Man access further points in an area. In addition he gives Mega Man items to recover his health and give extra lives as well as refuel his weapons when they meet up.
Beat A small Robotic Bird built to help Mega Man, Beat can appear to aid Mega Man once he's collected the letters; B, E, A & T found in four of the Robot Masters' levels. Once unlocked, Beat will appear in the background of levels flying alongside where visible. He will swoop into the foreground to grab hard to reach items for Mega Man dropping them off for the Blue Bomber.
Auto An assistant to Dr. Light, Auto can provide items for Mega Man to help him, Auto stocks weapon stock upgrades & extra lives. Auto is a bit clumsy although means well, he is very friendly and can always be counted on in keeping an eye on Dr. Light's collection.
Protoman Mega Man's mysterious older brother, Protoman was the first robot Dr. Light built with advanced intelligence although went rogue due to a conflicting moral stance. Protoman has since come to help Mega Man in mysterious ways offering to help when he can. Protoman has a once again come to help Mega Man by testing Mega Man's abilities and rewarding him for his success.
Dr. Wily Dr. Light's associate during their early life, both became extremely proficient in their field although where Dr. Light became known for his advancements in robotics and skillful understanding of robotic intelligence systems, Dr. Wily became bitter with envy, vowing revenge upon Dr. Light bringing about the many attempts that Dr. Wily has made to take over the world, however each has failed at the hands of Mega Man.
Prof. Lisoley A master Doctor and Robotics expert, Professor Lisoley has spent most of her life training and educating young robotics experts looking at the medical profession and has lead new ground into Robotics in Medicine, she created the first mass-produced Surgeons, which were highly successful and has since wanted to expand her work onto greater plights.
Prof. Fariney As a young adult Professor Fariney would be unrecognizable from who he is now, as he was a Police Officer in the early days of Robotics. Fariney learnt a lot of what he knows from the first lines of Robotic Police Officers that were part of the force, although he had little interest in them initially he found their capabilities fascinating and began making adaptations to existing models for specific tasks and would soon become an expert in Robotics using his knowledge of the Security Officer Robots as a basis for his knowledge.
Prof. Adams As a you g man Professor Adams suffered a traumatic experience as his house and first robot burnt to the ground nearly killing him in the process. Although severely shaken by this experience it was the absolute feeling of uselessness for being unable to save his robot that had Adams begin to research development of Water Functioning Robots. With a drive to prevent his tragedy from repeating for anyone else, Professor Adams created the first line of automatic Firefighting Robots.
Prof. Fruenner Professor Fruenner comes from a lineage of experts in Mechanical Technology, her expertise however is considered greater than many of the other members of her family. While not the only member to specialize in Robotics, Fruenner created one of the most complicated, detailed and in-depth analysis command systems for a robot to help use robots to deal with people's grievances, depression and anxiety. Initial tests were extremely successful although for a while her experiments were put on hold due to family issues.
Prof. Earhbergh As a young adult, Professor Earhbergh trained to become a Pilot for commercial and private flights. Extremely experienced in his flight field, he worked alongside other Robotics experts to help test the capabilities of Robots flying Planes, although intial tests proved to have less than hopeful results, Professor Earhbergh heavily researched robotics, earning his title to help his colleagues from Aviation in creating robotics with the intelligence of a Pilot and the Calculations of a Robot. Thanks to him being able to think like both a Pilot and a Robotics Technician he created the first reliable Robot Pilot.
Prof. Morgo Professor Morgo quickly gained recognition in the world thanks to his leaps in Mining and Safety, an expert in the field of Robotics, Morgo doesn't specialize in heavily intelligent robots but rather focuses on the efficiency of robots. He is extremely focused on his tasks and has helped greatly enhance the Mining Industry in the world with his various models of Robots.
Prof. Powlee Professor Powlee had for a long time been in the shadow of his older brother, General Powlee and would often follow his brother's wishes even if they were detrimental to his own. Professor Powlee became invested in the Military Sciences and began developing incredibly sophisticated and intelligent defense systems in hopes of outshining his brother, eventually however Powlee snapped under the pressure and had an outburst at his brother, left the military and started the incredibly successful ADS Inc. (Automated Defense Systems) which provided commercial defense systems with non-lethal equipment for residents.
Prof. Stepharrow Originally known as one of the greatest reporters of humanity, Professor Stepharrow began to lose the spark in his voice that he was known for, determined not to let his talent go to waste, Professor Stepharrow began experimenting with robotics, learning from his colleagues and studies to create lifelike robots. Thus Professor Stepharrow created the first line of Robot Radio Hosts allowing people to record their speech patterns for the Robots to use to talk.


Like any classic Mega Man Game the player controls Mega Man as he progresses through stages to reach the Robot Masters at the end. Along the way the player is able to find special items in each stage to help Mega Man as well as gaining various Rush Abilities to access extra secrets in later levels.

When the player defeats a Robot Master, Mega Man gainst that Robot Master's ability being able to use it in combat against other enemies and other Robot Masters. Certain weapons work well against different enemies and bosses although all Non-Mega Buster weapons have limited uses per level and have to be restored through Recharge Capsules. In addition if Mega Man suffers damage, the player can restore their health by collecting Heal orbs.


Location Robot Master Scientist Theme
General Robo Hospital Surgeon Man Prof. Lisoley Medical
Police Training Facility Security Man Prof. Fariney Police
Burning City Firefighter Man Prof. Adams Fire Fighting
The Amnesia Zone Psyche Man Prof. Fruenner Psychology
Hawk Thorn Airfield Jet Man Prof. Earhbergh Planes
1st Bank of Robots Platinum Man Prof. Morgo Gold & Money
Battlefield Simulator Tank Man Prof. Powlee Military
Robot Broadcasting Tower Radio Man Prof. Stepharrow Media

Robot Masters

Robot Master Weapon Description Antithesis
Surgeon Man

Surgeon Man

Viral Spikes Created with the purpose of handling intense surgeries that required robotic precision, Surgeon Man quickly gained popularity in the short time he was active by performing incredible surgeries to remove damage tissue. The Robot Master was also known for being a surprisingly good mechanic able to keep its body in tip-top shape for any operation. Psycho Void
Security Man

Security Man

Baton Quaker Security Man was built with the intention of replacing the now outdated security system of the police force headquarters, although not a cop that would go out on patrol, Security Man provided incredible defense and handling of criminals in the HQ. Security Man is described as taking his job so seriously that even other Robots think he's performing. Support Missile
Firefighter Man

Firefighter Man

Pressure Cannon Built of course to put out Fires, Firefighter Man can be described as "An Entire Fire Truck in One", capable of using the many functions of a Fire Truck with the versatility and agility of a person, Firefighter Man helped take the danger of fire rescue away from the human Firefighters. Regal Shield
Psyche Man

Psyche Man

Psycho Void Made to help people suffering from supressed emotions and memories, Psyche Man is able to tap into the minds of his subjects and unlock the secrets of their minds with incredibly complex robotic algorithms. These same algorithms allow Psyche Man to channel incredible amounts of energy to create voids of space. Jet Charge
Jet Man

Jet Man

Jet Charge Designed to help Air Traffic with handling landing and take offs of planes, Jet Man is able to use the twin jet engines attach to his back to rocket up into the air and his arms double as wings, effectively allowing him to glide through the air and help patrol the skies. Jet Man was also made to move extremely quickly, able to dash along any surface including walls and ceilings. Pressure Cannon
Platinum Man

Platinum Man

Regal Shield Built for the purpose of protecting Banks, Platinum Man was designed to have the same attitude as those who would be around it while it worked. Platinum Man has a very hubris atmosphere about him, often standing proudly even when damaged. He is made of a special metal that reflects light making him able to blind his enemies if attacked by energy weapons. Baton Quaker
Tank Man

Tank Man

Support Missile Tank Man was constructed to help in military problems, as his name suggests he was built with the intention of making a highly mobile and incredibly powerful walking weapon, he has a large cannon protruding from his midsection which is capable of firing both targeted missiles as well as an energy cannon depending on which form he takes. In addition his feet are caterpillar tracks allowing him to move across all terrain including walls and ceilings. Boombox Overload
Radio Man

Radio Man

Boombox Overload Made to help run the major Braodcasting stations, Radio Man is able to directly connect himself to the broadcasting signals so that he can keep a stable connection between the Broadcasting Tower and anyone from around the world. Radio Man also has his own Radio Station where he plays music that is stored in his memory which can also be heard from nearby him. Viral Spikes


Bari III Bomb Potton Count Bomb Darspider
Dockalocker Garinkou Mole Molmole
Metall Neo Metall Metall EX Metall Cannon
Fire Metall Ice Metall New Classic Cannon Advanced Classic Cannon
Piledan Adhering Suzy Sniper Joe Targetting Sniper Joe
Hammer Joe Machine Gun Joe Flamer Joe Chiller Joe
Roader Twin Roader Cateroader Shotom
Shield Attacker New Shield Attacker Shield Attacker GTR Shield Attacker RX
Shield Attacker TRL Springer Bomb Springer Sprinklan
Big Eye Jumbig Tsurare Stamp Baby Flies
Bombomboy Bunby Heli Telly Fire Telly
Crazy Razy EX Hanging Razy Flea Screw Bomber
Parasyu Blocky Fly Boy EM Press
Needle Press Gabyoall Electro Gabyoall Peterchy
Synger Rad Flash Pill Chucker Surgling
Croos Beatdown Buster Siren Cellock
Flamanight Axelot Pumpour Pyrodin
Hypnoclock Camoserpent Dimenis Polysphere
Rutterut Jetlag Giga Bomber Crash Lander
Tipsy Scales Jubliss Gemblin Gemblin King
Trooper Ambushido Gurellia Tanker Turret
Soniko Wave Wap Micronon Macrolitz


  • The fact that Dr. Wily was able to perfectly mimic Dr. Light indicates that his technology has advanced considerably which can be observed in the Robot Masters in this game who have more varied attack patterns than previous Robot Masters
  • Mega Man XII bears some similarities to Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6
    • In Mega Man 5's case they are the only two games in the core 12 games (thus far) to not have a Fire, Ice or Electricity themed robot master
      • They do both share a Water themed Robot Master as well
    • In Mega Man 6's case they share the fact that the 8 Robot Masters were developed by 8 different people in this case the Scientists, in Mega Man 6's case for a Competiton
      • Along with Mega Man 1 and 4 these two games also are the only games in the series in which the Robot Masters weren't built by Dr. Wily (or at least not completely)