Mega Man X9 is the ninth installment in the Mega Man X series released for the PS4, XBox One, Wii U and Steam in 2016 developed by Dreams Inc. and published by Capcom, the game refines a lot of the elements introduced in X8 and combines them with forgotten elements from X1-3.

After the game's announcement, a port for portable consoles like the PS Vita and 3DS was announced known as Mega Man X9: Project Portable was announced, but the developers had trouble moving all of the data to the portable consoles due to the different capabilities, and so the project was seemingly put in hiatus until shortly after the release of the demo of X9 it was announced that the port would be cancelled and replaced with a game that would instead take the elements from X9 and be more of a spiritual succesor, Mega Man Xtreme 3, which was released alongside X9 in September 28, 2016.


Mega Man X9

After the Eurasia Incident in which the space colony crashed, the world started rebuilding itself and now the incident is practically a thing of the past, however, researches are still finding a few bits and pieces of the colony scattered around the planet, and one expedition team even found a piece that still contained particles of the Zero Virus, this piece of the space colony was quickly given to the Maverick Hunters, but some Mavericks busted in and stole it, some thieves killed them and stole the piece from them before being captured by the police in another country, who took the piece themselves before handing it over to the authorities, and from there it kept being passed on from person to person until it was forgotten completely....

However, recently certain Reploids have been going hostile over what's known as the first "Reploid Drug", a drug that takes the form of a light red powder, produced by a well-known drug dealer Maverick known only as "The Alchemist". This Reploid Drug that goes under the name "Zetta" is not only addicting on its own, but it also causes fatal errors on the Reploid systems that can only be delayed by taking more, esentially making anyone who takes even the slightest bit fully dependent on the drug, which of course is also deadly when taken in big amounts, making it a cruel and twisted trap.

The Maverick Hunters quickly start suspecting that the Zetta drug is made out of the particles of the Zero Virus and dispatch X, Zero and Axl to find The Alchemist, take him down and destroy any last bit of Zetta, but first they'll have to take care of a group of 8 Reploids, who have either gone insane from the Zetta drug or work for The Alchemist.

In the end, the player goes to The Alchemist's hideout and after breaking in and facing off against its defenses, finds The Alchemist who has completed his "Synthetic Zero Virus", a perfect replica of the Zero Virus, which he then takes in its pure form to transform into a beast which the player must defeat, after that the game splits into 3 different endings:

Ending C

If the player defeats the final boss but doesn't manage to escape when the hideout collapses, they will get Ending C.

After getting a file inside The Alchemist's body the hideout falls down and the player is rescued by the Maverick Hunters, who find that the file inside The Alchemist's body was destroyed when they found him and that the player character was infected with the replica of the Zero Virus, the character the player played as is put in quarantine and after a while they fully turn hostile and are put down, with the other two playable characters retiring after such a twisted event.

Ending B

If the player beats the final boss and escapes but doesn't find any or all of the "Work Files", hidden collectibles in each stage which include bios for Reploids that used to work for The Alchemist and have a small part of the formula used to make the Zetta drug each, they will get Ending B.

In this ending, the player succesfully makes it back to base but collapses inside, when they wake up they find out that they're infected with the Synthetic Zero Virus and give the file they found inside The Alchemist's body, which doesn't break in this ending due to the player sucesfully escaping, and find out that The Alchemist was actually incubating the Sigma Virus all along, since he met with Sigma years ago and he implanted the virus inside of him without infecting him to incubate it in order to save his life from the Maverick Hunters, and that he used the Sigma Virus he was incubating to make the Synthetic Zero Virus. Not only that, but they find that the file also has a small part of the core formula used to make the Zetta drug and give it to Cinammon to see if she can make an antidote with that info.

Since she doesn't have all of the formula, she isn't able to make a complete antidote, meaning that they can save the player character from turning hostile but he can still pass it on to others. After that, the player character deicdes to retire from fighting in fear that he would pass it onto his colleagues, but he still helps out the others from behind the scenes by acting as their Navigator. The game ends by showing that the other two playable characters are still fighting in the battlefield in honor of the player character.

Ending A

If the player beats the final boss and finds all of the Work Files, they'll get Ending A, the best ending in-game and the canon one.

The player character makes it back to base sucesfully with the file inside The Alchemist and find out that they're infected with the Synthetic Zero Virus, the player character then gives the file to the Maverick Hunters who decrypt it and find out about his backstory as well as a small part of the core formula, which they manage to combine with the other parts of the formula in the Work Files to make a complete antidote and not only save the player character, but those infected by the Zetta drug.

Regardless of who the character played as, in this ending X shares his realization that evil does not come in the form of just one singular bad guy and that they'll probably have to keep fighting for a long time, which is why he wants to build Neo Arcadia, a paradise where Reploids and humans can live in peace (a location that reutrns in the Mega Man Zero series 500.000 years later)

Mega Man Xtreme 3

After the events of Mega Man X9, X, Zero and Axl are living peacefully until they get a signal of Sigma, who was thought to be dead in a strange island known as the "Enigma Island", once they go there they find statues of old foes from the past and also find that this location used to be The Alchemist's old hideout before the events of X9 and that this is where he met Sigma, suddenly the team is suspicious and go deeper only to find these mysterious hostile slugs which try to suck the life energy out of any Reploid nearby except 3 Reploid kids, "Ram", "Datta" and "Pixl", who seem to live with the slugs and help out X, Zero and Axl as they try to survive and face off against their old opponents!

After getting to the final stages, you find out the Reploid kids were Reploids who were stolen and raised by Sigma in the island and taught by him how to tame and control the slugs, the kids think that X, Axl and Zero are the true bad guys and so they give one of the kids their power so they can face against them on their own, if you're playing as X then it's Pixl, if you play as Zero it's Ram and if you play as Axl it's Datta.

After that, they all fuse into one big beast using the slugs and face off against the player, once they're defeated it's revealed that Sigma's signal came from Sigma's power core which was found by the Reploid kids afer his death and brought to the island, where they kept it inside The Alchemist's old lair, the player character destroys it and escapes the island which starts collapsing as X, Zero and Axl escape and get on the escape helicopter, only to find that what's left of the kids' beast form had combined with Sigma's power core and they're chasing the helicopter, after one last battle airborne the kids and Sigma's power core are fully destroyed and they all go back home.


Both games' gameplay is similar, as they're both part of the X series they involve the player picking a boss from a selection of Mavericks, then blasting through the stage 2D Platformer style and fighting them to get their weapon, but they each have their own differences:

Mega Man X9

Expanded Stages

Taking ideas from X3, the stages are now much bigger and have many split paths, which means you can either go directly to face the boss or explore the different areas and get upgrades and power-ups. Thankfully, you have a map for that which allows ou to see areas you have accessed and see the different paths you can take from a room to the other.

Ride Armor System

Like in other Mega Man X titles, there are Ride Armors you can take to destroy enemies much easier and get to areas you couldn't reach before, however, the Ride Armor system has been improved greatly, with a system similar to that of X3's.

There are different types of Ride Armors, each one with different stats and abilities, once you try out an armor for the first time it's stored in the Armor Capsule, which are a type of Capsule scattered across stages, if you access them you'll get a menu of the Ride Armors you've currently tried out and you can waste "R-Chips", which are kind of the game's currency to summon them and use them there.

Multiple Playable Characters

In this game you can freely switch between X, Zero and Axl between stages, each one has their own stats and abiilities: Zero uses his plasma blade and focuses on close combat; X can jump higher and charge shots and Axl cannot charge, but he can aim where he'll fire and can is more agile than the other characters.

Whenever you beat a boss you get different upgrades for each character, Zero gets a new blade ability, X gets a Copy Weapon and Axl gets the boss' DNA Chip to transform into that boss via A-Trans (when you transform you get a smaller health bar for that specific form and you get taken out automatically if you get hit by the element you're weak to), however there are certain abilities for each character that can only be obtained if you play as them in the Intro Stage, for example if you play as Axl you will get his Starting Ability but you won't get X's or Zero's. The Starting Abilities are as follow:

  • X's Starting Ability is the "Neutro-Armor", an Armor from Mgaman X8 that doesn't have any real upgrades but allows X to charge faster and reduces the damage he takes from enemies.
  • Zero's Starting Ability is the "Z-Buster", which is a powerful shot that deals a lot of damage but takes a lot of time to charge and it can only be charged by standing still.
  • Axl's Starting Ability is the "Wide Charge", which allows Axl to charge his shot to fire a wide-spread shot.

Amor System

Unlike X5 and X6, where you couldn't get an Armor's features until you collected all the pieces, this game allows you to unlock the separate abilities one by one, however, this game does retain the multiple Armor system from those games.

Whenever you find a hidden Light Capsule in a stage, you get a piece of an Armor, there are 3 Armors in-game: Magnet Armor, which specializes in mobility and platforming, Commando Armor, which specializes in combat and offensive, and Scavenger Armor, which specializes in exploration and hunting. You can mix parts from different Armors in order to create combos, but some Armor parts' stats are changed when mixed with other Armor parts, so the player should try to keep a balance of different Armor parts, not only that but there's also the "Giga Crash" mechanic, a super powerful attack unique to each Armor that can only be used once the player has a complete armor set equipped and when their Giga Bar, which is filled up whenever X receives damage, is filled up to max.

As usual, only X can equip Armors, but Zero and Axl can both get upgrades similar to X's Armors like the "Zero Finale" or the "Axl Barrage" which work like the Giga Crashes, the Claw upgrade which works similar to the Scavenger Armor's Charged Shot when aimed up (but with way more range), and the Ultra Charged Shot which can break walls similar to the Commando Armor's Buster Upgrade. However, these upgrades are obtained by beating bosses instead.

There are Armors for Zero and Axl, but these are hidden Armors that can be obtained right away without the need to collect each piece individually and are known for their incredible power, each one is unique to a different version (though the PC version has them all), in the PS4 version Zero has the "Nightshade Armor", which can only be unlocked by entering the cheatcode "Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, [Different button in every game]" (an inverted version of the Konami Code) after having selected Zero (in the screen where it talks about Zero's abilities after selecting him), then you must beat the Intro Stage by taking no damage and you'll be able to play as Nightshade Zero for the rest of the game.

In the XBox One version there's the "Lumine Armor" for Axl, which is unlocked by inputting the code "A, X, Down, Right, X, (Up and Down on the Joystick)x8, [Different button in every game]" (By pressing Down, Right on the D-Pad you make the shape of an L, which means you're spelling out AXL with the controller, the final X and the joystick spinning 8 times (replaced by pressing Up and Down 8 times in the Arrow keys in the PC version) is supposed to mean "X8", which is the game Lumine and the Lumine Armor originated from) while in the screen that talks about Axl's abilities, after that you must beat the Intro Stage Boss without taking damage or losing any lives (in other words, you might take damage in the actual stage and you'll still have the requirements to get the armor, but if you lose a live there you'll have to reset the stage).

Finally, in the Wii U version you can get the "Ultimate Armor" for X by entering the following cheatcode "X, (Tap the Gamepad screen in the Wii U version/Press B 4 times if using another Wii U controller and in PC version)x4, Up, Down, Left, Right, X, [Different button in every game]" (the first part means "X4" which is the game the Ultimate Armor originated from) while in the screen that talks about X's abilities, after that you have to beat the Intro Stage withut losing any lives.

These cheatcodes are all obtained by beating the game in True Hunter Mode, the hardest difficulty in-game and the game was programmed to generate a random button as the last button in the chain so that players would actually work hard to get the Armor instad of getting the code of the internet.

Hadouken, Shoryuken and Hyakuretsukyaku

Just like in Mega Man X and X2 you can get a move from the Street Fighter series, though it's hard to get, it has a lot of power and can take down most bosses in a few hits, the method of getting it is the same in every version:

You must beat every stage and get to The Alchemist's Hideout Bunker stages, when you reach the second stage, a Rematch stage, you must have collected every single SubTank, WeaponTank, HyperTank and Armor Piece in the game, as well as having bought every upgrade for the X-Buster, Zero's blade and Axl's guns. When you first enter the stage, if you have met all the requirements one more teleporter will spawn in the Rematch Room and you'll be able to take it into a small platforming segment that leads to a hidden Light Capsule where he'll appear in a karate gi and tell you to go inside to get a "super karate ability to become a true street fighter", as soon as you get it every playable character will receive a different ability, regardless of who entered the capsule:

  • X will get the Hadouken, which is activated by pressing Down, Left (Right if facing left), Fire while X's health is at max. and it will fire an energy blast that travels forward a small distance before vanishing.
  • Zero will get the Shoryuken, which is activated by pressing Up, Left (Right if facing left), Attack while Zero's health is at max. and Zero will perform an uppercut while his arm is engulfed in flames.
  • Axl will get the Hyakuretsukyaku, which is activated by pressing Up, Right (Left if facing left), Fire while Axl's health is at max. and Axl will perform a barrage of lightning-fast kicks in front of him.

Metal Man and Metal Blade

Near the end of The Alchemist's Hideout Bunker 3 you fight against Vile, who after losing activates a barrage of missiles that severely damage the player character, in this part you'll normally be rescued by the other two playable characters, but if you found at least 20 out of the 35 Fallen Maverick Hunters, Maverick Hunters who were taken down by the enemies and stranded inside their bases, a whole squad of Maverick Hunters will rescue the player and scout ahead.

If the player gets the latter path, they'll unlock a secret stage where, after finding an old supercomputer inside the hideout, they're transported into a short 8-bit recreation of Metal Man's stage from Mega Man 2, where you fight Metal Man in the end and get his ability for X before being transported out of the computer.

The Metal Blade works just like in Mega Man 2, allowing the player to aim it and throw it at various directions and does a high amount of damage to several bosses, making it a useful easter egg weapon.


This game has two modes of Multiplayer: First, there's two player co-op, in the PS4 and XBox One versions as soon as one of the two players move into the next room the other will teleport to there, while in the PC and Wii U version the players can move away as far as they'd like because of the multiple screens (in the PC version's case) and the use of the Gamepad and TV screen (in the Wii U version's case)

Mega Man Xtreme 3

Materials and Vampire Genes

In this game, whenever you beat a certain type of enemy they'll drop Materials, which you can use to craft special upgrades for your character, however, there's one particular type of material which works more like some sort of currency: Vampire Genes.

Around the game, you can find enemies with the Vampire Gene, there are two types of enemies like this: Infected Mechaniloids, who look like normal enemies but with a purple glow and Vampiric Beasts, which are the bugs and other beasts who infect the mechaniloids in the first place, the Vampiric Beasts carry more Vampire Genes than the infected ones.

The most common type of Vampiric Beasts is the "Vampiric Slug", only one appears in every stage and they'll try to suck your life energy, if they do and run away you'll have to wait until the next stage where they'll appear much more stronger and evolved and try to suck your life energy and run away again, if you keep letting him escape for 6 bosses he'll acheive a full sub-boss status, but as a return he'll drop more Vampire Genes when you defeat him.

Returning Bosses and Stories

Unlike X9 this game follows the Xtreme formula and instead of new Mavericks you fight against 4 returning bosses from X4, X5 and X6, and while 4 may seem like a small cantity, you face 4 different Mavericks depending on what character you choose, meaning that you get 16 total bosses, though their stages are more linear compared to the X9 versions. Also, even though the bosses are from X4-X6 they all have reworked stages, battles and even weapons in most cases.

As we mentioned before, you fight different Mavericks depending on what character you pick at the beginning, X, Zero or Axl, this is because each character has their own Story, though the game encourages the player to complete all the Stories since when you complete a Story for one character and you play another within the same savefile, the abilities you got from the bosses in that Story carry over as well as the upgrades, though bosses get tougher as well.

You can only switch between characters once you reach The Alchemist's Old Laboratories stages where you can switch between characters, though the characters you didn't pick will be balanced by having upgrades from the shop, they won't have any Armor pieces nor Copy Weapons.

Final Tower and Xtreme Mode

If you beat X's, Axl's and Zero's Stories you'll unlock "Final Tower" a fortress-type stage where the player can once again freely switch between playable characters (though in this case they will have all the Copy Weapons they won't have Armor pieces unless you found them in your playthroughs) as they battle through stages designed to test the skills they've learned along the game. It's interesting to note that these are the only stages in-game where the player goes through complete Boss Rematches, as in each stage they will have to battle 4 Mavericks of the 16 until finally defeating them all.

If you beat all of the characters' Stories you'll also unlock "Xtreme Mode" like in Xtreme 1 and 2, this is the only mode where you fight 8 Mavericks in traditional Mega Man X-style while the last 4 are fought in a semi-Boss Rematch type rematch in The Alchemist's Old Laboratories.

However, that's not all, when you beat all of the characters' stories you also get...

Playable Navigators

Before every stage you can choose one out of 3 Navigators to help you out by giving you info on enemies, bosses, hazards, etc. Once you beat every character's Story you'll get the ability to play the Navigators, which plays as a pararell to one of the playable characters but with different stats, Alia is a pararell to X, Layer is a pararell to Zero and Palette is a pararell to Axl, this mode is regarded as the second hardest mode since you can't copy bosses, get abilities or get Copy Weapons from beating bosses.

Armor System

In this game, each character has their own Armor, however the Armor system is much more simplified, with just one Armor for each character.

X's Armor in the game is the Blade Armor from X6 which focuses more on combat and allows you to wield the Z-Saber in combat, Zero's Armor is the Neo Armor which focuses more on agility and makes use of the plasma claws and Axl's Armor is the Lumine Armor which focuses on air movement and precision more than anything.

SubWeaknesses, Weaknesses and SuperWeaknesses

Each Maverick in-game has 3 different Weaknesses: SubWeaknesses do more than normal damage and are recommended if the Weapon Energy of the boss' weakness, Weaknesses do more damage than the SubWeaknesses and are gnerally the ones recommended when facing off against tough bosses, and finally there are SuperWeaknesses, SuperWeaknesses are Copy Weapons, A-Trans Formes and Abilities that are obtained by beating a boss in a character's Story normally, then beating the Story of that character and using the savefile to carry over the abilities to another character's Story so you can use that weapon against their boss, bosses take incredible damage when hit by their SuperWeakness.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
MEGAMANX Mega Man X X is the first ever Reploid AKA the first robot able to think for himself, and the base for all future Reploids after being found in 21XX locked inside a capsule by Prof. Cain. X is the only character who can charge shots, equip Armors and copy the Mavericks' weapons.
Zero (Mega Man) (Rockman Online artwork) Zero Zero is X's partner and best friend in the world of Reploids, as a playable character he gets new abilities for his Z-Saber whenever he beats a Maverick, he can chain up these abilities into combos but he also has a Stamina Bar that refills itself but wastes itself whenever special abilities are chained up, and if it's wasted all the way to zero, Zero will overheat and stunned for a bit, this is to prevent players from endlessly comboing enemies.
Axlm-1 Axl Axl is a rookie Maverick Hunter who used to be part of Red Alert before joining X and Zero's team! He's a next generation Reploid with the unique ability of using A-Trans to transform into enemies by shooting them with his Copy Shot. Though the Copy Shot has an Ammo Bar that wastes itself up when it's used and refills itself automatically little-by-little, the stronger the enemy is, the more shot it takes, which is why it's recommended to weaken the enemy if it's too big before using the Copy Shot.


Mega Man X9


Name Appearance Strategy Special Weapon Z-Saber Ability Weakness Animal
Dancing Troupial A humanoid bird, colored black and orange, with a white belly that extends into a white dress, with the primary colors at the bottom tip, while two big black wings with orange markings extend out of the back Troupial will start the battle by jumping into the left corner and then using the tip of her dress to make gusts of wind while spawning spikes at the right wall, you must dodge the gusts or else you'll be pushed back into the spikes, after that she'll fly into the air using her wings and dash across the ground before flying up again and bouncing across the air by creating gusts of air below her by shaking the tip of her dress, these can be dodged by timing your dashes correctly, after that Troupial will land on the ground and dash to the left side while spinning and once there she will shake the the tip of her dress again and make a tornado that will grow larger as it goes through the arena, this can be dodged by jumping over it while it's still small or wall jump to get higher and then jump over it, after that she'll dash to the right side of the arena and repeat the pattern.
  • Hurricane Jump: X will fire a gust of wind below him, boosting himself up in the air, X can do many of these in a row to boost himself even higher. 
  • Han'en: Zero rises up with an uppercut forwards that tilts to the opposite direction before falling back down, essentially making an arc shape. If the player does this mid-air Zero will swing his sword to the opposite direction before boosting himself in the arc shape. 
  • Shock Wave (X)
  • Kyanonboru (Zero)
  • Container Honeyant Forme/Electric element enemy (Axl)
Venezuelan Troupial
Container HoneyAnt The base of an ant with a giant capsule-looking abdomen with yellow chemicals on the inside, though they frequently change colors to red, green and blue. HoneyAnt has 6 small stick-like legs below the capsule abdomen, which extends into the upper torso where he has two small arms with claw-like fingers, it also extends into his neck and head, which is an ant-like head with antennae, reptile eyes and big fangs. HoneyAnt will start off by spitting honey out of the back of his abdomen, this honey splits into 3 in mid-air and can be dodged by standing in between them, after that he will dash towards the right side where he'll shoot out minions made out of honey that will chase you around, though they can be taken out with one or two attacks, meanwhile HoneyAnt will ocassionally pick up giant rocks with his antennae and fling them at you, after a while if you haven't defeated the honey minions yet he will make them blow up and afterwards he'll dash again while shooting more honey bombs that stick to the ground and start throwing honey bombs, if you touch the honey on the ground you'll get stuck and HoneyAnt will get a chance to hit you, after that he will repeat the pattern.
  • Sticky Honey: X fires a ball of honey, if it hits the ground it will split into 2 smaller balls which each bounce on a different side. If the honey hits an enemy they will receive damage and be paralyzed.
  • Hachimitsu: Zero's blade turns yellow and he dashes forwards, if he hits an enemy they will be paralyzed temporarily, just like Sticky Honey.
  • Electromagnetic Shield (X)
  • Gara (Zero)
  • Steam Hippo Forme/Water element enemy (Axl)
Honeypot Ant
Polarity Bear A polar bear with a giant armor that covers part of its torso, the armor is grey and has several antennas with electricity coming out of them, along with an enormous backpack-like box in its back, the polar bear's claws are covered in sharp icicles which just make them even sharper, and he stands on two feet like a human. Polarity Bear will start the battle by getting out a shield of "+"s which, when hit, are shot out in the direction the projectile came from and push the player who shot it back against the wall, which is bad since he spawns ice spikes that pop out from the left wall, you can choose to shoot the +s and dodge them when they're shot out so he's left vulnerable but this is a risky technique, so some players just wait until he shoots the remaining +s, which turn into "-"s and keep spinning in a circle motion as they start sucking players into them, which means the player has to be careful and jump over it before it sucks you into it and pulls you towards the spikes, after that Polarity Bear will smash the ground with his claws and make a giant ice spike appear in front of him, which goes into the ceiling appears from the ceiling a little after the spot where the spike first emerged before going down on the ground and reappearing even forwards, rince and repeat until it has traveled to the other side of the room, this can be dodged by dashing, after that Polarity Bear will dash forwards and the player must jump over him or else he'll slash him with his claws, after that he'll repeat the shield pattern again before dashing over to where he first appeared and repeating the whole pattern.
  • Electromagnetic Shield: X gets a shield of +s, when hit by an enemy, one of the +s will be shot in the direction the attack came form and push the enemy back until hitting a wall or something that stops it, if the player hits the Special Weapon button again after making the shield appear they will shoot the shield forwards as it keeps spinning and the +s will turn into -s that start sucking in enemies and doing damage to those trapped inside until hitting a wall or something that stops it.
  • Juryoku Kurasshu: Zero uses the plasma energy inside the Z-Saber to punch the ground and create a sort of explosion, anyone caught in the range will receive damage and will have their gravity reversed, sending them upwards before going back to normal and go falling down, dealing fall damage (unless they're too big), if there's no ceiling to hold them then they will automatically die.
  • Steam Cloud (X)
  • Munjanpu (Zero)
  • Polarity Bear Forme (usable only in his Rematch for obvious reasons)/Fire-element enemy (Axl)
Polar Bear
Shield Butterfly Shield Butterfly is usually hidden inside a big crystal-shaped cocoon that looks like a knight's helmet, Shield Butterfly is connected to it but she specifically looks like a green butterfly with sharp orange wings with black spots, Shield Butterfly also has big antennae which is why they're pointing down on either side of her head, because of their weight. Shield Butterfly starts the battle inside her cocoon, meaning she's completely immune to attacks, and will dash to the left side of the room before making a quick turn and dashing again to the right side, but this time she'll make a small jump in the middle, once she's on the right side again she'll show herself and fire 3 orbs in the 3 directions in front of her before flying up in a diagonal up-right direction and bouncing against the left wall and flying to the right wall where she drops golden seeds, if they're not destroyed in time they will grow into spiky vines that will grab the player, after that she will go back into her cocoon and drop straight to the ground, causing shockwaves on both sides of the arena, after that she dashes straight against the left wall of the arena, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling, before dashing over to the right side where she repeats the pattern.
  • Knight Shield: X gets the ability to place shields in front of him, if any of his shields is hit by an enemy, it will break down and release 3 giant orbs in front of the shield that do repeated damage.
  • Pari: Zero will stand completely still for a brief moment and glow with a red aura, if he's hit during this small period he will retaliate with a powerful slash that not only does damage but also stuns the enemy.
  • Sticky Honey (X)
  • Pari (usable only in her Rematch for obvious reasons) (Zero)
  • Dancing Troupial Forme/Grass-element enemy (Axl)
Tiger Longwing
Rockstar Starnosed Starnosed looks like a giant humanoid mole, though he has two big leather boots and a giant leather jacket, along with two spiky bracelets on his arms and a dark purple mohawk on his head, he's always seen carrying his guitar around, which is connected to a big amplifier sticked to his back with a small tesla coil sticking out of it, Starnosed's nose has a, well, star shape while his eyes can't be seen because of his big sunglasses, though when hit by his weakness he temporarily drops them and the player can see that he indeed has no eyes, like actual starnosed moles. Starnosed will start the battle by jumping to the background where the rest of his band can be seen, and shoot electric shocks from the tesla coil in his amplifier backpack by playing his guitar, the shocks hit the whole ground area but they can easily be dodged by dashing, after that he'll jump to where the player is standing and strum the guitar fiercely, creating a shock that bounces across the ground but can be dodged by dashing or jumping at the right time, after that Starnosed will electrify his claws and will start dashing to the player to try to slash him, he can be dodged by timed jumps, after that Starnosed will jump to the background again and stick his guitar to the ground before strumming it really hard, making a sound wave emerge from the spot where the player is standing on, he does this 3 times before jumping to the foreground again and trying to smash the player with his guitar, if the player is also in the ground when he smashes his guitar he will be stunned, after that he will jump back to the right side of the arena and repeat the pattern.
  • Shock Wave: X gets the ability to fire a wave of electricity that moves slightly up and down until reaching the other end of the screen, if an enemy is hit they will receive damage and be paralyzed temporarily.
  • Gara: Zero uses the energy inside the Z-Saber to blast it off like a cannon and make it hit his opponent with the hilt, when thrown the Z-Saber will go away until hitting a wall or an enemy and bouncing back to Zero, if it hits a spot without a wall Zero will have to wait a few seconds before he gets the blade back.
  • Necromancer Claws (X)
  • Hachimitsu (Zero)
  • Cosmic Griffon Forme/Wind-element enemy (Axl)
Starnosed Mole
Steam Hippo Hippo looks like a giant brown hippopotamus who stands on 4 legs, he has light gray spots all over his body that slightly light up orange frequently, but fully light up red once he's angry, he has enormous fangs and many small pores on his back that erupt smoke, his paws and small tail are covered by this armor made of bones, especially the tail, which is covered in a long shapr bone for combat purposes. TBA
  • Steam Cloud: X fires out a small puff of steam that travels forwards a very short distance before growing into a big cloud of steam that rises up a little before staying there some time before disappearing, any enemy caught inside the steam cloud will receive repeated damage because of the heat.
  • Kyanonboru: Zero starts spinning while holding his blade for a brief second before bouncing onto the air in an arc, slicing any enemy in the way until hitting the ground. 
  • Knight Shield (X)
  • Juryoku Kurasshu (Zero)
  • Poisonous Necroskunker Forme/Earth-element enemy (Axl)
Pygmy Hippopotamus
Poisonous Necroskunker A humanoid black skunk, part of his face is covered with a hankerchief except for his eyes, he has sharp hand-like claws but also has two red arms popping out of two red portals in his back, he also has a big tail with white stripes, just like his back, which has two big white stripes around the sides with dark brown fur in between. Necroskunker has a belt holding a mysterious book where he gets his spells from. TBA
  • Necromancer Claws: Two portals appear behind X's claws and two red arms emerge from the portals, X can use these arms to slash at opponents and if they're weak enough he can use them to pick the enemy up and throw them at another enemy.
  • Tsume: A portal appears small distance away in front of Zero and two red claws emerge and try to grab something, if they catch an enemy they will do damage and push him forwards, this can be used to combo enemies and push weaker enemies down holes. 
  • Hurricane Jump (X)
  • Han'en (Zero)
  • Rockstar Starnosed Forme/Steel element enemy (Axl)
Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk

Cosmic Griffon

A big griffon, which means a creature with the body, back paws and tail of a lion, and the front legs and head of an eagle, but with feathered lion ears, however, he's now covered in futuristic armor, as well as a visor with a blue glowing light, he's also equipped with jet boosters on his back to fly even faster. TBA
  • Cosmic Bomb: X fires a bomb in the shape of a star that stays in place for a few seconds before bouncing over in an arc shape until hitting a solid object, where it will explode, covering a big radius.
  • Munjanpu: Zero blasts off from the ground using the energy from the Z-Saber and spins around, doing high amounts of damage to anyone in his way and dragging them until hitting a solid object, a very strong enemy or the top of the screen.
  • Cosmic Bomb (usable only in his rematch for obvious reasons) (X)
  • Tsume (Zero)
  • Poisonous Necroskunker Forme/Fire element enemy
Griffon (mythological creature)
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