Mega Man Universe (メガマン ユニバース Mega Man Yunibāsu?) is the name of a canceled 2.5D action platformer game in the Mega Man series being developed by Capcom for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, . Mainly based on Mega Man 2, the game would have allowed players to create their own levels and customize characters. It would have been the first game in the franchise to be referred to as "Mega Man" in Japan, where the franchise was always known as "Rockman".

The game was later picked up by Toroko (then known as Overclocked). It was planned to be released for Wii U, Wii, and Playstation 3, and dropped support for Xbox 360. They later cancelled it themselves due to time constraints, and Lone Planet Productions adopted the project soon after.

Currently, the game is planned for a 2022 release on Nintendo Switch, Pharo, The V², and Display C.


After a devastating final battle with Mega Man, Dr. Wily has abandoned his old robots and gone into hiding. Ten years later, the world has moved on without Mega Man, with seemingly no reason to keep "super fighting robots" around any longer.

However, a new army of menacing robots has recently been taking over the city of Neotopia and leaving behind countless dimensional rifts. Their leader, the cunning and seductive Slither Woman, seeks to wipe out humanity and become the ruler of a new robotic civilization.

A teenage boy named Daniel Yokonira realizes that to stop this new threat, he needs to bring back an old hero. He sneaks into a top-secret laboratory and releases Mega Man from his cryogenic slumber, and the two of them team up to mend the rifts and defeat Slither Woman. However, they know they can't do this alone -- they'll need to build a militia of all-new robots to take down the rising cybernetic empire.


Gameplay follows previous games in the series and initially comes with stages from Megaman 1 and Megaman 2 and some new stages. Other stages from different Megaman games are unlocked after beating those stages. 

It also features a stage creator and a character creator. You can also play as Roll, Proto Man and Zero.

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