Mega man mania file
Mega Man Mania is a game for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam, and will be released in 2019. It is meant to be the Capcom equivalent to Sonic Mania, being made by fans, and is returning to the original style of Mega Man games, with a similar intro and it being a sort of "parody" though not meant to be a joke but more of a homage.


In 1987....

One hero changed the world..

And for 30 years.

He's defeated countless enemies..

But now..

as we run, jump, shoot, and climb forward...

We discovered what made Mega Man a gaming icon...

We're making another pixelated game....

Capcom proudly presents, In association with our fans...

The return to the old 2D adventure,

Reimagined classics...

New levels, characters, and weapons

The ultimate celebration of past and future....

Mega Man Mania

Spring 2018







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