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Mega Man 12
ESRB2013E10 3Rating A CERO cero
NintendoSwitchLogoRed Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Steam Icon Steam
English logo.
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Release Date(s) World icon November 5, 2023
Genre Action Platformer, Run-'n-Gun
Mode(s) Single-player

Media Switch Nintendo Switch Cartridge
Media DL icon Digital Download
PlayStation 4 Disc
Xbox One Disc
Steam Digital Download


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
PlayStation 4 Controller
Xbox One Controller

Mega Man 12, known as Rockman 12 in Japan, is the twelfth main entry to the classic Mega Man series of action, run-'n-gun platformers, developed and published by Capcom and released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC (via Steam) and Xbox One on November 5, 2023 world-wide, celebrating the franchise's 35th anniversary. Mega Man 12 carries some elements of its preceding entry, Mega Man 11, like its art style, character designs, gameplay and enemies, though some features from other games (like the CD database from Mega Man & Bass) also appear in this game.


NOTE: Roll's story perspective is the same as Mega Man's, minus the opening or Bass. In fact, her perspective is non-canon all together, so it is not shown in this section.

Mega Man's perspective

After his most recent defeat, Dr. Wily went into hiding to create even more Double Gears, as a part of his next scheme to destroy Mega Man and take over the world. One day, a mysterious figure shows up in his laboratory, causing a ruckus and stealing a pair of gears from the laboratory. Despite this, he continues with his plan, creating Shrapnel Man to steal all seven of Dr. Light's Robot Masters late during the night for Wily to install the gear system into them before setting them out in the city early in the morning. The next day, Dr. Light wakes up to find that the Robot Masters he created were stolen overnight and are attacking the city. Mega Man, suspecting that Dr. Wily was the one who stole them, goes out to bring the Robot Masters back to Dr. Light, and take down Wily once again.

Halfway through the game, Mega Man meets up with Bass at a certain part of the next stage Mega Man enters after the three Robot Masters are defeated. He reveals that he also has the Double Gear system alongside Mega Man, though he never reveals how he got them. He promptly challenges the blue bomber in hopes of finally defeating him with his newfound powers, though he ends up getting defeated, so he retreats. Before moving on, Mega Man questions how he managed to get the Double Gear system, though he shrugs the question aside shortly afterwards.

With the defeat of all eight Robot Masters, the location of Dr. Wily's stronghold base is revealed, so Dr. Light gives Mega Man the Rush Jetski item which allows him to ride across the ocean surrounding Dr. Wily's base using Rush. Though Mega Man is attacked by a robotic kraken from the ocean, he manages to destroy it, allowing him to reach the island that the stronghold is on. Before he can enter, however, Dr. Wily sends out a modified HannyaNED², called HannyaNED³, to keep Mega Man at bay. HannyaNED³ is destroyed, and Mega Man enters the stronghold.

While in the stronghold base, Mega Man faces off against many creations of Dr. Wily as a means of defense. Deep in the fortress, Mega Man fights against Nega Man, whom the former thinks was another Wily creation, though the latter dismisses the assumption and is just here to destroy him. He later fights Bass one more time, with him using Treble Boost during the second phase of the fight (Mega Man automatically uses the Super Adapter during this fight; if Mega Man did not acquired the adapter previously, Proto Man will give it to him). The battle leaves both Bass and Treble severely overheaten due to their usage of the Double Gear system while in the Treble Boost state, so they retreat once again, though not before Bass swears to Mega Man that "[the battle] is not over". Mega Man continues through the fortress, reaching a room where he fights the previously defeated Robot Masters Dr. Wily managed to reconstruct in a rematch gauntlet.

Mega Man finally meets up with Dr. Wily at the end of the fortress, who uses the Wily Beast Machine against Mega Man. Before it is destroyed, however, Dr. Wily ejects himself out of the machine, entering the Wily Capsule Omega (which is equipped with the Double Gear system) in hopes of finally destroying Mega Man. Unfortunately for the mad scientist, Mega Man ends up destroying the capsule, finally taking down Dr. Wily. Wily begs Mega Man to forgive him, though before he can even begin the speech, Mega Man just says it all out of boredom. While he does this, Dr. Wily sets the castle to self destruct, giving Mega Man fifty seconds to escape. If Mega Man does not escape in time, Proto Man appears to save him at the last second. In either scenario, the game ends with the stolen Robot Masters being reconstructed, with ending shots acting as a "where-are-they-now" segment for them, similar to the ending of Mega Man 9.

On Nightmare difficulty, while Mega Man is talking out Dr. Wily's generic "beg-for-forgiveness" speech, a mysterious robot comes out of nowhere and starts attacking Mega Man, whose name is revealed to be "Zero". Dr. Wily reveals that he was finishing up Zero while Mega Man was storming the fortress, though he released him early due to a "certain someone". He considers this robot to be "the most greatest creation" of his, as he has so much power that he does not need the Double Gear system to destroy Mega Man. Zero poses a great threat to Mega Man, merely blocking nearly all of the blue bomber's attacks, and severely damaging him with his strong attacks; not even the Double Gear could help Mega Man in this situation. Before Zero could finish off Mega Man, however, Proto Man saves him at the last second. Rush comes in to take Mega Man away while Proto Man deals with Zero.

The ending shots are the same as the first ending, but they also include Proto Man's battle with Zero, making the credits much more longer. They also show that Proto Man managed to defeat the almighty robot with a powerful shot, knocking him out of the fortress. After the credits roll, Mega Man finds Proto Man severely damaged from his battle with Zero. He reveals that he managed to defeat the powerful robot, though the battle nearly drained all of his energy. Mega Man shows concern for him and tells him to go to Dr. Light for repairs, though he declines this. Before he leaves, Mega Man thanks him for the help earlier to which Proto Man merely responds with a thumbs up.

Bass's perspective

The mysterious robot that took a pair of Double Gears is revealed to be Bass, who has heard of the system after the events of Mega Man 11. He then presumably went somewhere else to get it equipped in his system. With his newfound powers, he hopes to take down Mega Man. While Bass goes on his own adventure to find Mega Man so he can fight against him, he frequently encounters a shadowy, scarf-donning Mega Man doppelganger; Nega Man (also called Lock). Bass suspects he was a Dr. Wily creation, though Nega Man denies it, saying he has not heard of "a Dr. Wily-Nily". Nega Man uses Special Weapons that are the weakness of the boss whose stage Bass has previously cleared (ex. if Bass cleared Static Man's stage, Nega Man uses Quake Fang), though his weakness is always the same; he is weak to Ground Cyclone.

Bass eventually meets up with Mega Man in the next stage he visits when has cleared three Robot Master stages, and promptly battles him. This time, however, Bass ends up victorious. Mega Man quickly escapes after being defeated, allowing Bass to continue. He eventually acquires all Robot Master powers, and travels to Wily Stronghold underwater, unlike Mega Man, who travels through the water. While inside, Nega Man also appears, who was following Bass the whole time, though this time he has a different weakness; the Sniper Beam. He is defeated one more time, though before he can escape, the Yellow Devil MK-IV appears and knocks him away, so Bass has to fight it.

In Wily Stronghold 3, Bass encounters Mega Man once again, so the two fight again. Bass ends up winning the first round, though Mega Man uses the Super Adapter to help him out. After beating Mega Man (though he does not use the Double Gear system), Bass moves on throughout the fortress. He then enters a room with a huge monitor and a capsule containing a robot. Dr. Wily appears on said monitor, ridiculing Bass for what he did before; stealing the Double Gears from him while he was working on his plans. He then tells Bass about the "girlie-looking" robot he showed to him before, revealing his name being "Zero", whom then he releases from the capsule to deal with Bass.

Even with the Double Gear System, Bass cannot harm Zero, who merely blocks all of the renegade robot's attacks, and manages to severely damage him, causing him to collapse on the ground, motionless due to his injuries. Before Zero could finish him off, he ceases to function, and Bass is then saved by Treble at the last second, carried to a cliffside. He later wakes up to see Dr. Wily's fortress exploding. Bass wonders how he can defeat Mega Man, but not Zero, before leaving the scene.


See also: § Shop and § Database

As with other entries in the classic Mega Man series, the player takes control of Mega Man, who can move, jump, shoot pellets from his Mega Buster (or charge up for a powerful Charge Shot, which deals more damage than a normal Buster Shot and a fully charged shot can break enemy defenses), slide to evade enemy attacks and pass through tight spaces, and, as a new mechanic, crouch to duck under enemy fire and hit enemies too small to shoot while standing (though Mega Man cannot move while crouching). The player can choose whatever stage they want to enter in any order they like on the stage selection screen, each of them having their own Robot Master in them to fight at the end and their own mechanics that relate to said Robot Master's powers.

These stages are littered with enemies that can damage Mega Man upon contact with them or by their attacks. They can also be defeated by Mega Man, either with his Mega Buster or one of Special Weapons he has acquired, and sometimes when they are defeated, they will leave behind Life Energy, Weapon Energy, 1-UPs, or Bolts that they can use to buy items from the shop. When a Robot Master is defeated at the end of the stage, the player will acquire their unique Special Weapon, which can be used in other stages to make things easier for them, open new pathways leading to secret areas or Compact Disks, and have an easier time fighting other Robot Masters, if they have a weakness against it. If Mega Man revisits these stages after the Robot Master's defeat, if he reaches the boss room, Mega Man will leave immediately. Some gimmicks of the stage are also changed; for example, in Sniper Man's stage, Sniper Man himself does not appear to impede Mega Man's progress in the background when he is defeated.

After defeating all eight Robot Masters, Mega Man gains access to Dr. Wily's stronghold base, aptly titled "Wily Stronghold", which is a gauntlet of four stages, the first one involving Mega Man using Rush Jetski to reach the fortress through the ocean, and the other three stages taking place inside the fortress. Like in Mega Man 11, Mega Man can revisit previous stages (though the first stage's ocean segment cannot be revisited), and like in Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, the stronghold is not an actual gauntlet, meaning Mega Man can go back to the shop and buy more items to help him out.

Double Gear System

The Double Gear System mechanic from Mega Man 11 returns in the game, working similarly. Mega Man can change between the "Speed Gear" and "Power Gear" using the shoulder buttons. The Speed Gear allows Mega Man to slow down time, making tight platforming and enemy evasion easier, though he moves at a slower pace. The Power Gear allows Mega Man to shoot two Charge Shots together (a regular charged shot, followed by a red colored charge shot, though he suffers from small knockback due to its power), and enhancing the power of his Special Weapons. The "Double Gear", which is unlocked once Mega Man reaches low health, combines those two gears to help him in a pinch, at the cost of it cannot be canceled when activated.

One major risk of this mechanic is that while Mega Man uses a gear, he starts to overheat as indicated by a gauge above him, which slowly builds up the longer he uses a gear. The gauge can be cooled down by deactivating these gears, but if the gauge reaches maximum, the overheat will prevent Mega Man from using the gear again until after the cooldown has ended. When the Double Gear's duration is over, it will leave Mega Man severely weakened due to the overheat; he will not be able to use the gears or even fire charge shots until he is cooled down.

Bass can also use the Double Gear System, functioning almost the same as Mega Man's Double Gear System; the only difference it has is that it overheats Bass faster than Mega Man and takes a bit longer for Bass cool down after usage. The only character that cannot utilize the system is Roll.

Difficulty settings

Like in Mega Man 2, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Mega Man 11, the player can select which difficulty they want to start out on, with three unlocked from the beginning and one that is locked until the player beats the game once on the "Seasoned" difficulty setting.

  • Newcomer: Less enemies and obstacles can be found in stages, and bosses have less attacks. Mega Man also takes minimal damage and suffers no knockback from attacks, and more recovery items can be dropped from them when they are defeated. Spikes are also nonlethal; only taking damage from them.
  • Veteran: The default difficulty setting; enemy, item and obstacle placements are the same as "Newcomer", but Mega Man still can instantly die from spikes. While playing as Roll, the difficulty is always set to Veteran.
  • Seasoned: More enemies and obstacles can be found in stages and bosses have more attacks compared to the previous difficulties. Mega Man takes much more damage from attacks, and less recovery items can be dropped from them when they are defeated. Bosses also have more attacks and can activate their Power/Speed Gears much earlier.
  • Nightmare🔒: Enemy/obstacle placement is the same as "Seasoned", though bosses have new attack patterns, Mega Man takes a lot more damage and suffers greater knockback from attacks, and the Bolt Discount item is completely absent. Mega Man also faces off against a secret boss after beating the final boss. While playing as Bass, the difficulty is always set to Nightmare.



A list of the main characters that appear in Mega Man 12.

Character Description Character
Mega Man
The super fighting robot himself; Mega Man is the eponymous main protagonist of the classic Mega Man series. He, along with his "sister" Roll, was created by Dr. Thomas Light as Rock to be his lab assistant while Roll was created for housekeeping. When a jealous Dr. Albert Wily started to take over the world with the original first six Robot Masters, Rock, having a strong sense of justice, was willingly remodeled into "Mega Man" to combat the mad scientist's army. Ever since, Mega Man has been protecting the world from Dr. Wily constantly. Equipped with the Variable Weapon System, Mega Man can acquire the Special Weapons of defeated Robot Masters, though they consume energy. MM11Roll
Roll is the "younger sister" of Mega Man and a supporting character of the classic Mega Man series, well-known of being the first female character to appear in the Mega Man universe. Roll was created alongside Mega Man (as "Rock") by Dr. Thomas Light, being created for housekeeping while her "older brother" was created to be Light's lab assistant. She appears in the shop screens of Mega Man 12 alongside Auto, selling items for Mega Man at the cost of Bolts he can collect from defeated enemies. Roll also can be downloaded as a playable character, alongside Bass. Instead of using a Buster arm cannon like Mega Man or Bass, Roll attacks by swinging a broom, though she can buy costumes so she can swing other objects. Roll takes much more damage and suffers more knockback than Mega Man, but her levels are shorter and the difficulty is set to Normal at all times to compensate. She also is assisted by Tango instead of Rush.
Proto Man
Proto Man is the very first Robot Master created by Dr. Light whose energy core had a critical problem that would make him stop functioning. Fearing the repairs will change his character, he fled to protect his sense of identity. After wandering the world alone, he was found by Dr. Wily, who turned him into a combat robot and gave him the Proto Shield and a helmet visor. While originally an enemy of Mega Man (his "younger brother"), Proto Man became a supporting character, helping Mega Man along his journeys. In Mega Man 12, Proto Man can be found in stages to give Mega Man hints on where secret locations are, and how to gain access to them. He can also be found in a secret area of Wily Stronghold 2, giving Mega Man his Proto Shield so he can reflect projectiles while standing still or protect himself from above attacks by jumping, and in Wily Stronghold 4 (on Nightmare difficulty). MM10Bass
Bass (pronounced "base", not "bass") is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily to imitate Mega Man's design, along with his robotic wolf companion Treble, an imitation of Rush's design, and a prominent anti-villian of the classic Mega Man series, with his end goal is to become the most powerful robot in existence and destroy Mega Man. Bass is powered by Bassnium, a powerful energy source unintentionally created by Dr. Wily. In Mega Man 12, Bass appears in the next stage Mega Man goes into after defeating three Robot Masters, where he is fought in a certain room in the stage. He later shows up in Wily Stronghold 3, with Treble aiding him, before fusing with him to combat Mega Man as Super Bass. Bass is also a downloadable playable character, alongside Roll, acting like how he did in Mega Man & Bass, though he also uses the Double Gear System just like Mega Man. His campaign is also a lot different from Mega Man's and Roll's, and the difficulty is always set to Nightmare.
Dr. Light
Dr. Thomas Light is a supporting character of the classic Mega Man series. He is a scientist who worked alongside Dr. Wily as colleagues at the Robot Institute of Technology. While they graduated together, Light's work received more credit than Wily, which caused the latter to move to the Pacific Ocean, while Light founded his laboratory, where he created the first humanoid robot with advanced A.I, Proto Man, the first "advanced robot". After this, he went on to create Rock (Mega Man), Roll, and a series of industrial robots known as Robot Masters. In Mega Man 12, Dr. Light mainly appears in cutscenes, though he also appears in the CD database screens alongside Auto. MM11Wily
Dr. Wily
Dr. Albert W. Wily is the primary antagonist of the classic Mega Man series, who worked alongside Dr. Light as colleagues at the Robot Institute of Technology, creating many robots. They also created the Double Gear System, though it was shut down in fear of taking robots beyond their limits, resulting in him breaking a prototype of the system. Growing jealous of his work being overshadowed and upstaged by Dr. Light, he moved to the Pacific Ocean, secretly plotting to take over the world. Throughout the years, Wily's attempts at world domination have been foiled by Mega Man, though every time he comes back with a new set of Robot Masters (either created by Light or made by him to combat Mega Man). In Mega Man 12, he is once again the final boss of the game (unless the game is played on Nightmare difficulty), appearing in Wily Stronghold 4 in his Wily Beast Machine and, later on, Wily Capsule Omega.
Auto is a robot who works for Dr. Light and a supporting character in the classic Mega Man series. In most of the games he appears in, he is a shopkeeper who invents and creates items for Mega Man in exchange for Bolts. In Mega Man 12, Auto once again is the game's shopkeeper, working alongside Roll selling items like Life/Weapon Energy, 1-UPs, Energy/Weapon/Gear/Super Tanks, etc. He also appears in CD database screens alongside Dr. Light. He also has an affinity for Metall helmets. MM11Rush
Rush is a robotic dog created by Dr. Light to be Mega Man's faithful companion. Rush has many functions that differ each classic Mega Man game, but the most common functions are Rush Coil and Rush Jet. In Mega Man 12, along with the two mentioned functions returning (and the New Rush Coil from Mega Man 5 reappearing as an upgrade to the former), the Super Adapter from Mega Man 7 returns, once again acquired by finding all R-U-S-H Plates, though it can also be coupled with the Double Gear System (which causes both Mega Man and Rush to overheat overtime). An item called the Rush Jetski appears, though it is only used to cross the waves surrounding Wily's fortress during the first Wily Stronghold stage.
Beat is a robotic bird built by Dr. Cossack to help out Mega Man. In most games, Beat saves Mega Man from falling into a pit if he just so happens to do so, and he reprises this in Mega Man 12. As long as Mega Man has an item called Beat's Flight in his inventory, Beat will save Mega Man from falling into a pit and losing a life instantly, but Mega Man must move to a safe area before Beat releases him, as he cannot hold his weight for too long, and the item cannot be used again until he touches a platform. The item can also be used manually, causing Mega Man to fly over the stage, though this drains weapon energy. RCWEddie
Eddie is an item transportation robot created by Dr. Light as his personal cybernetic suitcase and to carry items for Mega Man, equipped with a material transfer unit that allows him to relay an unlimited amount of items from the laboratory. However, Eddie is sent incomplete to assist Mega Man due to Dr. Wily attacking during his construction, and is unable to choose items to give Mega Man. In Mega Man 12, Eddie call be called once using the Eddie Call item, releasing a bunch of items for Mega Man to collect. There is also an enemy called "Anti-Eddie", who looks similar to Eddie, but it has a different color scheme and steals items from Mega Man (with the exception of Tanks).
Tango is a robotic feline created by Dr. Light to help Mega Man in the battle with the Stardroids, though Roll uses him in Mega Man 12 when playing as her. When summoned using Tango Call, Tango will follow Roll where she goes, and if he sees an enemy nearby, he will roll towards them to damage them, which uses up weapon energy. He leaves the scene if all energy is depleted, he falls into a pit, or the player leaves the room where Tango was used. Tango also can be summoned to dig up items with Tango Search, which functions similarly to Rush Search. MM8Treble
Treble is a robotic wolf created by Dr. Wily alongside Bass to imitate Mega Man and Rush's designs. Treble assists Bass similar to how Rush does the same with Mega Man. Treble is fought alongside Bass in Wily Stronghold 3, where he fires energy projectiles at Mega Man while scampering across the room, though he can be stunned by shooting at him. After Bass is defeated, he then fuses with him (Treble Boost) to combat Mega Man, though they overheat due to them using the Double Gear System while they are fighting. Treble also helps out Bass when playing as him, with the Treble Boost and Treble Escape items returning from Mega Man 10.
Reggae is a robotic bird created by Dr. Wily whose name comes from a music genre developed in Jamaica, and is based on an Oriental Stork. Reggae was built to make company for Wily when he was feeling lonely, however, Reggae is very noisy and often annoys Dr. Wily as he constantly laughs at the scientist's blunders. In Mega Man 12, Reggae appears during shop screens when playing as Bass, reprising this role from Mega Man 10. Reggae may also provide hints and advice for Bass during stages (called Reggae Hint), and can be called in using an item called Reggae Call, giving out items to Bass similar to Eddie. There is also an enemy called "Anti-Reggae" who acts similarly to Anti-Eddie (in fact, the former replaces the latter during Bass's campaign). Nega Man
Nega Man, real name is assumed to be Lock, is the shadowy doppelganger of Mega Man who dons a scarf. His creator is unknown, though it is speculated by both Mega Man and Bass that Dr. Wily actually created him, which he merely shrugs off. Nega Man can be seen in the background of some stages (with the exception of Sniper Man's stage), stalking Mega Man during his campaign, and only shows up to fight him in Wily Stronghold 2. He is also Bass's primary rival during his campaign, often appearing in stages to face off against him using Special Weapons just like Mega Man. His weakness varies depending on the Special Weapon he uses during his boss fights (ex. if he uses Frost Lobber, he will be weak to the Searing Flame). After being defeated in the first Wily Stronghold stage, he is knocked away by the Yellow Devil Mk-IV, and quickly retreats afterwards.

Robot Masters

A list of Robot Masters that Mega man has to battle before reaching Dr. Wily in Mega Man 12.

Robot Master Description Robot Master
Twister Man
Living Flamboyant Tornado • DWN. 089
Speed Gear • Ground Cyclone
“How is the altitude?” —Twister Man
Twister Man is a flamboyant, air-themed Robot Master originally built for generating air mass, which allows him to turn into a cyclone whenever he wants. His stage, Turbulent Area, takes place in the skies, and during his boss fight, he uses his Special Weapon, Ground Cyclone, to fire mini-cyclones that travels along the ground, pushing Mega Man backwards while he is spinning around the area. He can also create wind to try and blow Mega Man into pits surrounding the area. His weakness, Sniper Beam, makes him stop using his Cyclone Twirl, and reset his attack pattern. At low health, he uses the Speed Gear, becoming more quick and agile, while also gaining new moves.
Static Man
Highly Shocking Superstar • DWN. 090
Speed Gear • Shock Lance
“Fall by my Shock Lance!” —Static Man
Static Man is a Robot Master with a sense of great bravado, originally built to store and generate electricity, powering electrical-powered objects. He uses said electricity to power his stage, the High-Voltage Factory, and uses them during his battle against Mega Man, creating a lance made out of electricity that he can either shoot forward or charge up to increase its length to pierce Mega Man. He can even create them from the ground by slamming his fist into the ground. Quake Fang is his weakness; when used on him, it stuns him as he tries to get the drill out of his body, and stops him from using his Shock Lance. At low health, he uses the Speed Gear, becoming lightning fast, and using the Shock Lance to perform quick slashes with it.
Thermal Man
Hotheaded Blaze Master • DWN. 091
Power Gear • Searing Flame
“I'll melt you down to your last bolt!” —Thermal Man
Thermal Man is a Robot Master designed after a thermal energy battery. He is hotheaded Robot Master due to the heat that he stores within him, which he can convert into and release as a powerful sphere of heat energy called the Searing Flame, his Special Weapon. His stage, Geothermal Station, is fire-themed, with lava being the main gimmick of his stage which can be frozen using Shiver Man's Special Weapon, Frost Lobber, opening up new pathways. In battle, along with using the Searing Flame, he also can jet right into Mega Man at high speeds to damage him, and create showers of flames that rain down on Mega Man. Ground Cyclone is his weakness; the mini-cyclone created from the weapon throws Thermal Man into the air when it hits, causing him to fall back down and reset his pattern. The projectile fired does not deal extra damage nor does it lifts him off of the ground, however. At low health, he uses the Power Gear, increasing the strength and size of his attacks, and his jet creates a flaming shockwave that travels across surfaces. He can also charge his Searing Flame and either shoot it forward or jump upwards and dunk it downwards.
Quake Man
Master of Mining • DWN. 092
Power Gear • Quake Fang
“I'll put you six more feet underground.” —Quake Man
Quake Man is a Robot Master created for underground mining purposes prior to being reprogrammed to combat Mega Man by Dr. Wily. When not fighting Mega Man, Quake Man would continue what he was originally built for. Quake Man's Special Weapon, Quake Fang, allows him to shoot drills from his arm cannon which delays for a moment before firing forward, and destroys cracked surfaces to open up new pathways. His stage, Tunnel Mine, takes place in an underground mine with many construction-themed enemies and gimmick littered all around. In battle, he can pick up and throw Mega Man into the walls, ceiling and ground when he gets close to Mega Man, perform an earthshaking punch that stuns Mega Man if he is on the ground, or use Quake Fang. He also jumps around the room. At low health, he uses the Power Gear, which strengths his "ragdoll toss" move, as well as giving him new moves.
Shiver Man
Stone-Cold Temple • DWN. 093
Speed Gear • Frost Lobber
“Sheer cold!” —Shiver Man
Shiver Man is an ice-themed Robot Master who was originally built for meteorology in arctic regions. He created a temple at the North Pole called the Sheer-Cold Temple when he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. Shiver Man has an affinity for climate change and frozen treats, but despises global warming. He also believes in Santa Claus (even jokingly calling Dr. Light "Santa Claus"). His Special Weapon, Frost Lobber, makes him shoot out an icy projectile that falls downwards after travelling a short distance, which also bounces off of surfaces before it explodes. In battle, Shiver Man uses Frost Lobber to freeze Mega Man (along with dealing small amounts of damage), surround the area with ice, create icicles from the ceiling and running across the area using his Special Weapon. Searing Flame is his weakness, which stuns him for a while when it hits, trying to cool down the flames. At low health, he uses the Speed Gear, making him much more faster and allowing him to use the Frost Lobber in multiple directions.
Shrapnel Man
Electromagnetic Shrapnel Shooter • DWN. 094
Power Gear • Shrapnel Cracker
“You belong in the scrap heap.” —Shrapnel Man
Shrapnel Man is a Robot Master and the only one not created by Dr. Light. He is a combat robot created by Dr. Wily, who uses focused electromagnetic forces to gather metal and use them to attack, similar to Junk Man from Mega Man 7. He is known for his affinity for sharp things and explosives, and does not enjoy "shock value". Shrapnel Man uses drill-shaped bombs that release metal shrapnel (held together by focused electromagnetic forces) when they explode, which he fittingly calls Shrapnel Crackers. He also can create blocks of scrap to hurl at Mega Man, and create crushers using them to smash Mega Man. At low health, he creates an armor using the metal scrap across the arena, making him impervious to all attacks (though each hit removes a piece of scrap) expect for the Shock Lance, which does one point of damage alongside removing lots of armor pieces. He hides in a scrapyard turned into a fortress through electromagnetic forces, Electromagnetic Scrapyard.
Balloon Man
Balloon-Modelling Artist • DWN. 095
Power Gear • Balloon Burst
“Don't burst my balloons!” —Balloon Man
Balloon Man is a Robot Master created for balloon-modelling in amusement parks prior to being reprogrammed into a combat robot. He is known for disliking pointy things, as they can pop his balloons. Using the balloons he can create from his arm cannon when reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, he uses these as his Special Weapon, Balloon Burst. His stage is filled with many balloons, ending with Mega Man entering a bouncy castle to face off against Balloon Man. In battle, he can create balloons to push Mega Man around into explosive balloons. At low health, he uses the Power Gear to create even larger balloons that split into multiple, tiny balloons when they explode.
Sniper Man
Distant Sniper Sentry • DWN. 096
Speed Gear • Sniper Beam
“Target acquired.” —Sniper Man
Sniper Man is a military-themed Robot Master who, prior to being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to combat Mega Man, was built as a shooting range supervisor. He seems to be designed after Fake Man from Mega Man 10. In his own stage, Shooting Range, he can be seen in the background in some areas of the stage, using his Special Weapon, Sniper Beam, to hit Mega Man from a distance if he is in his line of sight. He can be tricked into shooting balloons if the player were to use Balloon Burst, and it is also can stun him when battling him (along with the Shrapnel Cracker, even if it is not his true weakness), due to his hatred for stuff bursting in front of his face. This will also prevent him from shooting directly at Mega Man with his Sniper Beam. At low health, he uses the Speed Gear to make him move faster and shoot more often.

Special Weapons

A list of Special Weapons Mega Man can obtain after defeating a Robot Master in Mega Man 12.

Special Weapon Description Special Weapon
Ground Cyclone
Twister Man's Special Weapon • Thermal Man's Weakness
Ground Cyclone is Twister Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will cause Mega Man to shoot out a wind projectile which travels diagonally downwards and turns into a mini-cyclone when it hits the ground, travelling forward and bouncing away from walls and ledges before disappearing. The wind projectile itself can damage enemies. These cyclones can cool down Thermal Man's flames and lift him into the air, causing him to fall on his back and deal extra damage. When charged or using the Power Gear, the mini-cyclone turns into a larger, stationary tornado, which deals more damage. It should also be noted Mega Man can be carried by the cyclone/tornado to reach higher places (as he is able to jump while being carried). Items can also be carried back to Mega Man. Shock Lance
Static Man's Special Weapon • Shrapnel Man's Weakness
Shock Lance is Static Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will have Mega Man create a lance from his Mega Buster, thrusting it forward or diagonally downwards in the air, though he can shoot it forward by tapping the fire button (this deals less damage). When used against Shrapnel Man, the electromagnetic forces will be disrupted, dismantling his attacks and stunning him for a moment. It also destroys a large chunk of the armor he creates at low health. When charged or when using the Power Gear, the lance has increased length and deals more damage, even to the point of nearly destroying Shrapnel Man's armor when it hits him a single time once he forms the armor. However, it cannot be shot forward unlike the uncharged shot.
Searing Flame
Thermal Man's Special Weapon • Shiver Man's Weakness
Searing Flame is Thermal Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man shoot a ball of flame, which can be shot forwards, upwards and downwards (in the air), and creates a flaming shockwave when it hits a surface. These fireballs can melt down ice blocks/walls in Shiver Man's stage, which can reveal new pathways or items like Life/Weapon Energy or Compact Disks. When charged or when using the Power Gear, Mega Man charges up the flame in his hands, allowing him to move with it and fire it when fully charged, which deals great damage to bosses (especially those who have a weakness to the weapon, like Shiver Man) but Mega Man will suffer from knockback when firing it (more noticeable in the air), though firing it downwards in the air will give Mega Man a short boost. Quake Fang
Quake Man's Special Weapon • Static Man's Weakness
Quake Fang is Quake Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man shoot a drill from his Mega Buster which delays for a moment before firing forward at high speeds. These drills can be used on certain cracked walls to uncover hidden passages, and cuts through waves of smaller enemies really quickly. Static Man and Jellectrofish takes more damage from this attack. When charged or when using the Power Gear, Mega Man will shoot an even larger drill that launches many mini-drills as it flies. The gigantic drill deals extra damage to stronger enemies (especially Static Man), and destroys cracked walls quicker than usual. The mini-drills, however, are instantly destroyed when it hits anything, whether it be surfaces (cracked or not) or enemies.
Frost Lobber
Shiver Man's Special Weapon • Quake Man's Weakness
Frost Lobber is Shiver Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man fire off a snowflake-shaped shot that travels forward slightly before falling downwards, though it will continue to bounce off of surfaces until it hits an enemy or it explodes after bouncing five times. The snowflake can freeze the lava in Thermal Man's stage, and Quake Man will be frozen in place when the attack hits him, along with draining his health until he thaws out (this instantly stops when he reaches low health or he has one point of health left). When charged or when using the Power Gear, Mega Man releases an even bigger snowflake which can be controlled and remotely detonated by the player, releasing five smaller snowflakes in the process that act like an uncharged Frost Lobber shot; bouncing off of surfaces five times before exploding. Shrapnel Cracker
Shrapnel Man's Special Weapon • Balloon Man's Weakness
Shrapnel Cracker is Shrapnel Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man fire a drill-shaped bomb that sticks onto anything it hits, similar to the Crash Bomber. After a while, it will explode, releasing metal shrapnel in four directions that damages any surrounding enemies and sticks onto any surface, acting as a trap. The bomb can also be remotely detonated. If electricity hits the bomb, it will explode prematurely. When used on Balloon Man, the balloons will pop when hit by the shrapnel, and Balloon Man himself will flinch when he is hit. When charged or when using the Power Gear, Mega Man releases an even bigger bomb, which releases slightly larger metal shrapnel in all eight directions that deal more damage.
Balloon Burst
Balloon Man's Special Weapon • Sniper Man's Weakness
Balloon Burst is Balloon Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man fire off a balloon shaped like his head, which slowly floats forwards before floating upwards in an arc. He can use this as a platform, though if he stands on it for too long or jumps off of it, the balloon will pop. If the balloon touches an enemy, enemy projectiles or spikes, it will also pop. These balloons can be used to make Sniper Man shoot at it in his own stage, making navigation more easy for the player. When charged or when using the Power Gear, Mega Man creates a balloon from his Mega Buster that grows in size before bursting after a set time or by hitting an enemy. This balloon deals more damage depending on how large the balloon is before it pops. Sniper Beam
Sniper Man's Special Weapon • Twister Man's Weakness
Sniper Beam is Sniper Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man fire off a laser beam from his Mega Buster that lingers for a moment and instantly cuts through waves of enemies and changes angles when it hits slanted surfaces. However, the size of the beam is not that great, the weapon has a small amount of energy capacity, and only one can be out at a time. It is Twister Man's weakness, which knocks him out of the air along with dealing incredible amounts of damage, despite how hard it is to hit him with the Special Weapon. It is also very effective against the Golem Devil, the Yellow Devil Mk-IV, Quint and Albotross, the latter two of which have a weakness against this weapon. When charged or when using the Power Gear, Mega Man releases an even bigger laser beam that lingers for much longer and deals more damage.
Quint's Special Weapon • Static Man's Weakness
The Sakugarne is Quint's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man ride a digging robot that looks like a combination of a pogo-stick and jackhammer. While riding, the Special Weapon's energy slowly drains, and Mega Man does several small jumps while riding it. He can jump higher by pressing the jump button, dealing considerable damage to enemies he jumps on. Using it, Mega Man can stomp on multiple enemies to reach higher places. Mega Man can also traverse spikes safely while riding it, though he is still vulnerable to spikes on ceilings and enemy attacks. Mega Man can fire uncharged Buster shots by pressing the fire button. When using the Power Gear, the stomp deals more damage, enough to take off nearly half of Static Man's health. Spark Chaser
Terra's Special Weapon • Twister Man's Weakness
Spark Chaser is Terra's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12; using it will make Mega Man fire out a blue laser that can change direction, homing in on the nearest enemy. Though while the laser is out, Weapon Energy begins to drain quickly. This is the secondary weakness of Twister Man; just like the Sniper Beam, the Spark Chaser knocks him out of the air when he is spinning around, though due to how quick energy drains when used, the only way to beat Twister Man with this weapon alone (without the Energy Saver) is to use it precisely against him. When charged or using the Power Gear, Mega Man will fire off a gigantic blue laser. The laser can last until all Weapon Energy is wasted.
King Axe (also known as King Ax) is King's Special Weapon in Mega Man 12*; using it will make Mega Man slash downwards with an axe, leaving a blue, diagonal energy flash. Pressing the fire button again will make Mega Man do another downwards slash with the same axe, creating a blue "X" energy projectile that flies forwards, dealing considerable amounts of damage, though this uses up more Weapon Energy. When used in the air, Mega Man will perform a circular slash with the axe, which stalls his fall when slashing. When charged or using the Power Gear, Mega Man will instantly slash twice, creating the "X" projectile, which is larger and stays in place. King Axe
King's Special Weapon • Balloon Man's Weakness


A list of stages Mega Man, and the other playable characters, visit in Mega Man 12. Note that information on the stages are from Mega Man's perspective.

Stage Description Enemies
Turbulent Area
Twister Man's Stage
Turbulent Area is Twister Man's stage in Mega Man 12, taking place in the skies, with strong wind attempting to blow Mega Man off platforms. Many flying enemies can be found here, and the R Plate can be acquired here. After Twister Man is defeated, no more strong wind will appear, making the stage a little easier. Anti-Eddie, Adhering Suzy, Lyric, Metall, Pipicock, Turbulent Gabyoall, Propellip, Boufooh, Peat, Count Bomb, Twister Man (boss)
High-Voltage Factory
Static Man's Stage
High-Voltage Factory is Static Man's stage in Mega Man 12, taking place in a factory powered by Static Man's electricity. When Static Man is defeated, the factory will be in its powered-down state, like Zappers being deactivated, Jellectrofish not being able to zap the ground, etc. There is a secret area which has a Super Tank and the U Plate for the Super Adapter. Anti-Eddie, Electorb, Plazzappers, Walking Plug, Elec Crosser, Elec Xtender, Propeller Eye S, Jellectrofish (sub-boss), Static Man (boss)
Geothermal Station
Thermal Man's Stage
Geothermal Station is Thermal Man's stage in Mega Man 12; a fire-themed stage with lava that instantly kills Mega Man when he touches them, though the Frost Lobber can freeze them and even open up a secret area where the S Plate can be found and acquired. Anti-Eddie, Exhaust Burner, Exhaust Burner XL, Jumping Fire, Dumperbot, Mawaru C, Magmad Thermal Man (boss)
Tunnel Mine
Quake Man's Stage
Tunnel Mine is Quake Man's stage in Mega Man 12. The stage takes place in an excavated mining area, with boulders that roll across the area, and Mega Man must outrun them until he reaches a safe area to avoid them completely. Anti-Eddie, Miner Joe, Screwdriller, Gorem, Pickman Diggerdozer, Pickman Minecart, Mawaru C, Golem Devil (sub-boss), Quake Man (boss)
Sheer-Cold Temple
Shiver Man's Stage
Sheer-Cold Template is Shiver Man's stage in Mega Man 12, which takes place in an icy temple built by Shiver Man. Many walls can be melted with the Searing Flame, leading to Life and Weapon Energy, Bolts, 1-UPs, a Energy Tank, a Weapon Tank, and the H Plate. Anti-Eddie, Bomb Sleigh, Sniper Joe, Slider Penguin, Snowbot, Bunby Tank and Bunby Top, Cyrodragon (sub-boss), Shiver Man (boss)
Electromagnetic Scrapyard
Shrapnel Man's Stage
Electromagnetic Scrapyard is Shrapnel Man's stage in Mega Man 12, taking place in a scrapyard turned into a fortress using electromagnetic forces. There are many spikes (sharp scrap metal) in this area that instantly kills Mega Man if he touches them. Anti-Eddie, Shrapnel Mine, Batton, Shrapnel Count Bomb, Gockroach S, Gockroach S Nest, Shield Attacker, Sniper Joe, Shrapnel Man (boss)
Hot-Air Balloon Park
Balloon Man's Stage
Hot-Air Balloon Park is Balloon Man's Stage in Mega Man 12, taking place in an amusement park with balloons appearing to lift Mega Man up to higher places, ending with the blue bomber facing off Balloon Man in a bouncy castle. When Balloon Man is defeated, less balloons appear in the stage, making it slightly harder. Anti-Eddie, Count Balloon, Balloon Mine, Bunby Balloon, Pump Joe, Shield Attacker, Bunby Tank and Bunby Top, Balloon Man (boss)
Shooting Range
Sniper Man's Stage
Shooting Range is Sniper Man's stage in Mega Man 12, taking place in a military area where Sniper Man will try to hit Mega Man with his Special Weapon, Sniper Beam, if he enters his line of sight. He can trick Sniper Man into shooting balloons using the Balloon Burst. The boss fight with Sniper Man takes place in an indoor shooting range. After defeating Sniper Mana, he will not appear to hinder Mega Man's progress during the stage. Anti-Eddie, Apache Joe, Sniper Joe, Bunby Tank and Bunby Top, Sniper Man (boss)
Wily Stronghold
Dr. Wily's Stage
Wily Stronghold 1 Wily Stronghold 1 is the first stage of Wily Stronghold in Mega Man 12. Despite being a Wily Stronghold stage, the beginning of the stage takes place in the ocean surrounding the fortress (where Mega Man uses Rush Jetski to get across the sea, which cannot be revisited), and the rest of it takes place in the exterior and interior of the stronghold. Rider Joe, Pipicock, Gillish, Bombier, Surfing Metall, Motor Cannopeller, Derusu Bee, Machine Gun Joe, Pickman, Peat, Yonbain, Bosskraken (sub-boss), HannyaNED³ (boss #1), Yellow Devil Mk-IV (boss #2)
Wily Stronghold 2 Wily Stronghold 2 is the second stage of Wily Stronghold in Mega Man 12. It takes place after the beginning portion of the stronghold fortress, where Mega Man faces off a giant robot based off of Gamma, called the "Alpha Chitan", at the end, who attacks by punching using its spiked fists, releasing flames from its mouth, firing electrical projectiles from its head crystal, slapping Mega Man into bottomless pits that surround the arena, and clapping Mega Man in between its hands. Anti-Eddie, Adhering Suzy, Frisk Cannon W, Dumperbot, Pipicock, Petit Devil, Exhaust Burner XL, Boufooh, Mini-Weapons Archive, Nega Man (boss #1) Alpha Chitan (boss #2)
Wily Stronghold 3 Wily Stronghold 3 is the third and penultimate stage of Wily Stronghold in Mega Man 12. It takes place deeper into the stronghold, with much more obstacles to avoid. Albotross can be fought here, and this is where Bass and Treble are fought, though in the second phase of the fight, they fuse with each other to transform into Super Bass. Anti-Eddie, Peat, Mobile Count Bomb, Rocket Count Bomb, Frisk Cannon W, Cannopeller DX, Bunby Tank and Bunby Top, Yonbain, Zappers, Twin Propeller Eyes, Albotross (boss #1), Bass & Treble (boss #2), Super Bass (boss #3)
Wily Stronghold 4 Wily Stronghold 4 is the fourth and final stage of Wily Stronghold in Mega Man 12, taking place at the homestretch of the stronghold. This is where Mega Man faces off all the previous Robot Masters before facing off against Wily in his Wily Beast Machine and Wily Capsule Omega. Wall Sniper, Robot Masters Rematch (boss #1), Wily Beast Machine (boss #2), Wily Capsule Omega (final boss), ???* (secret final boss)
Note: Bass can be fought at a certain part of the next Robot Master stage Mega Man enters after defeating three other Robot Masters.


A list of enemies that can be found in stages in Mega Man 12.


See also: § Robot Masters

A list of bosses Mega Man faces in some parts of a stage (mostly at the halfway point or at the end) in Mega Man 12.

  • Jellectrofish (High-Voltage Factory; sub-boss) - A jellyfish robot that attacks by squeezing Mega Man with its tentacles (and also electrocuting him for more damage if the player has not destroyed Shock Man) and zapping the ground with electricity (an ability it loses after destroying Shock Man). It is weak to the Quake Fang.
  • Golem Devil (Tunnel Mine; sub-boss) - A version of the Devil series of robots that is entirely made up of rocks. It attacks similar to the other Devil bosses; splitting into many pieces that dart to the other side of the area, and its weak spot is its eye in the center, but it attacks by throwing its rock body at Mega Man, and by punching him if he gets too close. It is weak to the Sniper Shot and Shrapnel Bomb.
  • Cyrodragon (Sheer-Cold Temple; sub-boss) - A robotic dragon who attacks by expelling ice breath at Mega Man to freeze him, swooping in on him for contact damage, and shooting ice rocks from its mouth to damage him. It is weak to the Searing Flame, though the Sniper Shot can shoot it out of the air.
  • Nega Man (Wily Stronghold 2: boss #1/sub-boss of Robot Master stages, Wily Stronghold 1; boss #2): Nega Man is the evil doppelganger of Mega Man that the blue bomber himself fights at the beginning portion of Wily Stronghold 2, and Bass commonly encounters during his campaign. Nega Man always uses the Special Weapon that is the weakness of the Robot Master whose stage he is fought in (ex. he will use Quake Fang in Static Man's stage), which determines his weakness (ex. if he were to use Quake Fang, Frost Lobber would be his weakness). At Wily Stronghold 1, he will use all previous Special Weapons, though his weakness is the same as the last weakness he had.
  • Bass (midway boss) - A Robot Master created by Dr. Wily to imitate Mega Man's design, along with his wolf robot companion Treble, who imitates Rush's design. Bass can be encountered in the next stage Mega Man visits after defeating three Robot Masters. Bass attacks by using his Bass Buster to fire pellets in multiple directions, dashing into Mega Man for contact damage. He also jumps around the area, but only when Mega Man is also jumping. Bass is weak to the Searing Flame and Quake Fang, and uses the Double Gear at low health.
    • Mega Man: While playing as Bass, Mega Man will be fought instead, though he fights similarly to Bass. Instead of firing shots from his Buster in multiple directions, he can fire Charge Shots. Mega Man can also use Tanks during his battle, though he will lose them if he is hit by his weaknesses (Searing Flame or Quake Fang), or after being hit by many Bass Buster shots. Like Bass, Mega Man also uses the Double Gear at low health.
  • Bosskraken (Wily Stronghold 1; sub-boss) - A kraken robot that attacks by spewing ink balls at Mega Man, firing missiles that slowly float down towards him, and using its tentacles to damage Mega Man, as well as keeping him confined between them.
    • Fish Bassbot (Wily Stronghold 1; sub-boss): A bass fish robot that attacks by sending out heat-seeking torpedos at Bass from its head and dropping bombs from its mouth. It also tries to ram into Bass. Fish Bassbot is not too difficult to take down, and can be easily destroyed with the Sniper Beam to its eye, its weak point.
  • HannyaNED³ (Wily Stronghold 1; boss #1) - An upgraded version of the HannyaNED² that precedes this one. HannyaNED³ attacks by launching missiles at Mega Man, lobbing bombs with skull decals on them, and trying to blast him with a red laser. It is weak to the Balloon Burst, and uses the Power Gear at low health.
  • Yellow Devil MK-IV (Wily Stronghold 1; boss #2/1) - A version of the Devil series of robots, and the fourth variation of the Yellow Devil, powered up by the Power Gear. Mk-IV uses familiar Yellow Devil attacks, along with firing some of its parts at Mega Man/Roll/Bass. It also tries to assimilate the player character into its body by grabbing them from a distance, and covering them in yellow goo that slows them down and decreases their jump height. It is weak to the Shrapnel Cracker and Balloon Burst, and uses the Power Gear at low health.
  • Alpha Chitan (Wily Stronghold 2; boss #2) - A huge robot that attacks by punching Mega Man/Roll/Bass with its spiked fists, using its flamethrower, shooting electrical projectiles, slapping Mega Man into bottomless pits that surround the area, and clapping Mega Man in between its hands (an instant kill). Its weak point is its head, and it is weak to the Frost Lobber and Shock Lance, and uses the Power Gear at low health.
  • Albotross (Wily Stronghold 3; boss #1) - A robotic albatross who attacks by swooping downwards at Mega Man in an attempt to grab him using its feet and slamming him into the ground multiple times. It also tries to blow Mega Man away and shoot projectiles at him, and drop eggs that release Mini-Albotrosses that home in on Mega Man until they are destroyed. Its weakness is Sniper Shot, which knocks it out of the air when used, though due to the Special Weapon's low energy, it is recommended to use Frost Lobber instead despite it not dealing as much damage as Sniper Shot. It uses the Speed Gear at low health.
  • Bass & Treble (Wily Stronghold 3; boss #2) - Bass and Treble fight together, with Treble shooting projectiles at Mega Man when Bass shoots and dashing when Bass dashes. Bass's fight is similar to his secret fight in the Sheer-Cold Temple, though with the obvious difference is that Treble helps him during the battle. Bass is once again weak to the Searing Flame and Quake Fang, though he does not use the Double Gear on low health. Treble can also be temporarily stunned by using Shock Lance and Frost Lobber.
    • Mega Man: While playing as Bass, Mega Man is fought instead, fighting similarly like he did previously, though he does not use the Double Gear at low health, nor does he call Rush for help like how Bass calls Treble to assist him; instead he calls Eddie who appears in the background, dispensing recovery items at Mega Man, as well as launching bombs at Bass. Mega Man's weaknesses are the same.
  • Super Bass (Wily Stronghold 3; boss #3) - Fusing with Treble after reaching low health, Bass transforms into Super Bass to combat Mega Man (though its design is similar to the Treble Boost Adapter from Mega Man 8). Super Bass attacks by rushing into Mega Man, firing shots at Mega Man or firing a rocket fist that homes in on the blue bomber. He can also create a shower of energy blasts as his desperation attack. Super Bass's only weakness is the Super Adapter, and uses the Double Gear at low health (despite the fact is severely overheats him and Treble when used).
    • Super Mega Man: Super Mega Man fights similar to Super Bass, though he rushes at Bass multiple times while surrounded by golden aura as his desperation attack. He also tries to minimize his usage of the Double Gear, unlike Super Bass, so he does not severely overheat himself and Rush at the end of the fight.
  • Wily Beast Machine (Wily Stronghold 4; boss #1) - Wily Beast Machine first spawns four Skull Masks that follow Mega Man and fire pellets at him, though they can be easily defeated by using Charge Shots. This machine shoots missiles at Mega Man and fires a giant laser from the crystal, which needs to be destroyed as the laser deals large amounts of damage and cannot be avoided. This can be quickly done using the Sniper Beam. In fact, the Sniper Beam is the machine's weakness, though the Shrapnel Cracker works just as fine.
  • Wily Capsule Omega (Wily Stronghold 4; boss #2) - Wily Capsule Omega uses a camoflague cloak similar to the Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7, though it can also fake out and fire a barrage of elemental orbs at Mega Man if he is too close. Every time it appears, it will flash a certain color and fire four elemental orbs at Mega Man depending on the color flash (red means fire orbs that burn Mega Man and stun him for a prolonged time, blue means ice orbs that freeze Mega Man in place, yellow means electric orbs which deal more damage than the other elemental orbs, and green means slime orbs that can slow down Mega Man and lower his jumping height if they hit him). He can also combine these orbs for a much more bigger and powerful orb and fire it at Mega Man. At low health, the capsule's Double Gear System will activate.
  • Zero: A powerful robot created by Dr. Wily as his "greatest creation". He was released by Wily so he can first deal with Bass, then also Mega Man. During Mega Man's campaign, Zero only appears as a boss on Nightmare difficulty after the blue bomber defeats Wily at the end of the game. During Bass's campaign, he appears at the end of Wily Stronghold 4. In both battles, Zero will merely block almost all of Mega Man's/Bass's shots, and even if they manage to damage him, he cannot be defeated. Zero will attack with dash punches, shots from his Zero Buster, and punching the ground to release rock fragments that he can knock into Mega Man/Bass. After either character reaches low energy, the battle will end.


A list of items Mega Man can obtain in Mega Man 12, either from defeated enemies, from certain areas in a stage, or from the shop at the cost of Bolts.


  • Life Energy: Recovers 2 (small), 10 (large), or 20 (XL) points of health energy when collected.
  • Weapon Energy: Recovers 2 (small), 10 (large), or 20 (XL) points of Special Weapon energy when collected.
  • Gear Recovery: Removes a small or large amount of heat produced from the Double Gear System depending on which one is picked up.
  • 1-UP: Gives the player an extra life when collected.
  • Energy Tank: Recovers all health energy when used. Can hold up to four tanks without the Tank Container.
  • Weapon Tank: Recovers all Special Weapon energy when used. Can hold up to four tanks without the Tank Container.
  • Gear Tank: Removes all heat produced from the Double Gear System when used. Can hold only one tank.
  • R-U-S-H Plates: Allows the player to use the Super Adapter when all plates are collected (unless they buy it from the shop).
  • Super Tank: Fully recovers both health and Special Weapon energy, and removes all heat produced from the Double Gear System when used. Can hold only one tank.
  • Mystery Tank: Turns all weak enemies on-screen into Life/Weapon Energy or 1-UPs depending on how much health energy Mega Man has, or gives the player one extra life if no weak enemies are near. Can hold only one tank.
  • Bolt: Currency that can be used to buy items from the shop. Small Bolts are worth 1 Bolt, but large/XL Bolts are worth 10/20.
  • Compact Disk: Contains data for the database of Mega Man 12. They are mainly found in secret areas.


  • Rush Coil: Makes Rush appear so Mega Man can bounce off of him to reach higher places. Unlocked initially.
  • New Rush Coil: Similar to Rush Coil, however Rush bounces upwards, allowing Mega Man to jump off of him to reach even higher places.
  • Rush Jet: Makes Rush appear so Mega Man can ride on him to cross large gaps. Unlocked after beating four of the eight Robot Masters.
  • Rush Search: Makes Rush appear so he can dig out items from the ground, which range from energy pickups to Compact Disks.
  • Rush Jetski: Not an actual item, but it does allow Rush to turn into a jetski so Mega Man can ride through the waves of Wily Stronghold 1's beginning portion.
  • Eddie Call: Makes Eddie appear so he can dispense a random array of items for Mega Man to collect.
  • Beat's Flight: Makes Beat appear and save Mega Man from falling into a bottomless pit and losing a life or carry him throughout the stage.
  • Super Adapter: Allows Mega Man to fuse with Rush in order to transform into Super Mega Man. Cannot be obtained from the shop once Mega Man acquires all four R-U-S-H Plates.
  • Prickle Protector: Gives Mega Man protection from spikes. Touching a spike will use up one of this item.
  • Super Guard: Halves the amount of damage inflicted during the stage where you used this item. Effect ends upon death or completion of the stage.
  • Super Recover: Allows energy to be recovered by a larger amount than usual for one stage. Effect ends upon death or completion of the stage.
  • Item Presenter: Creates a Party Ball containing either a Life or Weapon Energy in a certain part of a stage (mostly near a boss shutter). Can be used manually to create a Party Ball near Mega Man.


  • Bolt Discount: Reduces the cost of items in the shop by 50%.
  • Quick Escape: Makes Mega Man escape from a stage if the corresponding Robot Master is already defeated (only on difficulties above Newcomer).
  • Energy Balancer: Shares the recovery of Weapon Energy across all other Special Weapons by 50%.
  • Energy Balancer Neo: Shares the recovery of Weapon Energy across all other Special Weapons by 100%.
  • Energy Saver: Reduces the amount of energy used up by Special Weapons by 25%.
  • Tank Container: Allows Mega Man to hold up to six Energy/Weapon Tanks.
  • Buster Plus Chip: Increases the size of Mega Man's Buster Shots and gives him the ability to charge his Special Weapons (though they greatly increase the amount of heat generated from the Power Gear).
  • Buddy Call Plus: Increases the maximum number of Eddie Calls and Beat Calls you can hold.
  • Tank Container: Increases the maximum number of Eddie Calls and Beat Calls you can hold.
  • Climb Booster: Allows Mega Man to climb up ladders faster.
  • Energy Catcher: Makes energy pellets appear more frequently in stages.
  • Capsule Catcher: Makes weapon capsules appear more frequently in stages.
  • Power Shield: Lessens the amount of knockback caused from damage.
  • Auto-Recover Chip: Slowly recovers health when standing still.
  • Cooling System: Provides more efficient heat removal, so the gear gauge recharges faster.
  • Auto-Charge Chip: Gives Mega Man the ability to charge his Mega Buster without holding down the shoot button.
  • Shock Absorber: Negates the recoil when firing a high-powered Mega Buster Charge Shot.
  • Speed Gear Booster: Allows you to move at normal speed while using the Speed Gear.
  • Awakener Chip: All weapons can be used without expending weapon energy.
  • Cooling System ∞: Allows you to use the Speed Gear and Power Gear without filling your gear gauge.


NOTE: These items are only obtainable by Roll.
  • Normal Roll: Obtainable at the start; does not have any weapon changes or beneficial effects/setbacks.
  • Classic Roll: Obtainable from the shop; does not have any weapon changes or beneficial effects/setbacks.
  • MM8 Roll: Obtainable from the shop; does not have any weapon changes or beneficial effects/setbacks.
  • Ninja Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom to a katana. Faster walking and attacking speed, at the cost of less damage dealt.
  • Valentine Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom to a heart-shaped chocolate box wrapped with a red ribbon. Slower walking and attacking speed, but increased damage dealt.
  • Sports Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom to a red "1" flag. Increases jumping height and faster walking speed, at the cost of increased damage taken.
  • Knight Roll: Obtainable from Static Man's stage; changes the broom to a lance. The lance deals more damage at the tip, though has significant start up when attacking, and cannot attack twice in succession. The armor does not allow Roll to be killed by spikes and decreases damage taken and knockback suffered, though she moves slower.
  • Raincoat Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom to an umbrella, which releases water droplets that can cool down flames and hit enemies from afar. She also holds it up to prevent her from attacks from above. Roll suffers from a slight cooldown after using Roll Swing and significantly moves slower.
  • Spring Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom to a net. The net can catch items from defeated enemies or from out-of-reach areas and bring them to Roll. She cannot use the net twice in succession, however, and it has a slight cooldown after usage.
  • Vacation Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom to a striped umbrella. This umbrella does not release droplets, but is more powerful and does not have a cooldown. Roll suffers from increased damage taken and knockback suffered, however.
  • Bunny Roll: Obtainable from Sniper Man's stage; changes the broom to a hammer. The hammer deals much more damage and can stun certain enemies, but has a huge start-up and cooldown time, and cannot be used twice in succession. She can jump higher with this costume as well.
  • Witch Roll: Obtainable from the shop; uses a straw broom. The broom is the same as the broom Roll swings by default, but this one can send out magical dust that damages enemies. Roll's hitbox is slightly taller due to the witch hat.
  • Alley-Cat Roll: Obtainable from the shop; changes the broom into a fish. The fish has great range, but is weaker than the default broom. The costume makes Roll run faster and jump higher, but she suffers from increased knockback.
  • Roll Clause: Obtainable from Balloon Man's stage; changes the broom into a candy cane. The candy cane cannot be used to attack twice in succession, but is fairly powerful.


The shop system from Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10 and Mega Man 11 returns in this game. Auto and Roll appear in the shop, and the former will invent and give Mega Man items if he has enough Bolts to purchase it. If Mega Man cannot carry any more of a certain item, or has already found said item, the player cannot buy another one. If Mega Man finds the Bolt Discount item hidden in Shiver Man's stage, Sheer-Cold Temple, he can buy items with half the normal Bolt cost.

Collectible Items

Support Items

  • Prickle Protector (70/35 Bolts)
  • Super Guard (100/50 Bolts)
  • Super Recover (120/60 Bolts)
  • Item Presenter (80/40 Bolts)



Similar to Mega Man & Bass, the game has a CD database. Around every stage, there will be CDs hidden in some parts of the stage, some require certain Special Weapons to get to them, though others require the Rush Coil, Rush Jet or Rush Search. There are a total of 142 CDs to collect in the game, and they are all required for 100% completion.

  • Mega Man001: Originally known as Rock, Mega Man is a super fighting robot created by Dr. Thomas Light with the sole purpose to combat Dr. Wily and his ever-growing army of robots to bring peace to the world. With the Variable Weapon System, he can gain the special abilities of defeated Robot Masters.
  • Roll002: A house keeping robot created by Dr. Thomas Light, helping around Dr. Light's Laboratory by cleaning and cooking. She is considered to be the "little sister" of Mega Man. Roll's dream is to one day open a hospital and help people.
  • Cut Man003: A timber-felling robot created by Dr. Thomas Light, though he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily so he can take over the world. Cut Man is a stubborn robot that does extremely bad at rock-paper-scissors. His Rolling Cutters can be thrown like boomerangs to attack from a distance.
  • Guts Man004: A powerful robot created by Dr. Thomas Light to work alongside Bomb Man for the purpose of land reclamation and construction. With his Super Arm, he can lift heavy rocks that nobody else could, and throw them at his enemies. There are also many robots that bear a resemblance to his design, like the Guts Tank, Guts Hover, Gamma, etc.
  • Ice Man005: A eskimo parka-donning robot created to work in cold areas due to being impervious to sub-zero temperatures, though he is capable of functioning in hot environments as well, despite being weaker there. His weapon, the Ice Slasher, can freeze any and all objects. He is known for showing off in front of large crowds, participating in snow-related activities, and for disliking sauna baths.
  • Bomb Man006: A robot created to work alongside Guts Man for land development and demolition. His Hyper Bomb explosives can be used to destroy any and all rocks so that land could be cleared for construction projects. He enjoys firework displays, festivals, and ten-pin bowling, but dislikes matches or lighters as they could set off his bombs prematurely.
  • Fire Man007: A robot who used to work at a waste management facility incinerator, who sees himself as something of a hero and often referring to himself as the "Flame of Justice". His Fire Storm can be used to burn trash with flames of 8000 degrees. He enjoys camping in the summer, but has a particular dislike for rainy days and the cold.
  • Elec Man008: A robot originally created to control the power voltage in an electric power plant. His Thunder Beam can pierce through a row of enemies, and even destroy certain barriers. He was often credited as Dr. Light's greatest creation, boasting razor-sharp judgement as well as an unmatched physical agility prior to the creation of Quick Man. He also despises products made of rubber.
  • Time Man009: A robot created for use in time travel experiments, though his functions are incomplete and has an irritable attitude. He has an obsession with time and his schedules, keeping strict track of time. His Special Weapon, aptly called Time Slow, allows him to slow down time. He additionally tends to not speak much if he thinks it will waste time.
  • Oil Man010: A robot that has a carefree and reckless attitude and is able to produce special types of oil from his dispenser. He has a carefree and reckless attitude similar to that of stereotypical punk teenager, has an urban style of speaking, and does not always take battling seriously. He usually offers his comrades fill-ups, and thinks oil is the answer to everything.
  • Metal Man011: A robot created by Dr. Wily specifically to combat Mega Man,designed after Cut Man. His ceramic titanium Metal Blades can cut through any and all material, and can be thrown at high speeds with deadly accuracy. Unfortunately, his design flaw makes him very fragile, especially to his own weapon.
  • Air Man012: A robot created specifically to combat Mega Man. The propeller installed in his body can create powerful gusts (the Air Shooter) of wind to blow his enemies away. His design is also very popular, with many robots having a design based on him (their face being built into their torso). He dislikes the season of autumn, due to falling leaves clogging up his propeller.
  • Bubble Man013: A robot created specifically to combat Mega Man underwater, being able to swim at a remarkable speed. A defect in his systems made him unable to walk on land, being only able to move by jumping, which is highly unfortunate for him. His Bubble Lead can be used for offensive or defensive purposes, using it to wrap his foes inside or use it as a shield.
  • Quick Man014: A robot made out of lightweight materials, allowing him to move at very high speeds. Because of this, he is very formidable foe, coupled with his Quick Boomerang weapon. He tends to get bored very quickly by slowness, and has a friendly rivalry with Turbo Man.
  • Crash Man015: A robot built by Dr. Wily using the designs of Bomb Man and Guts Man as a base. He possesses great speed and agility, and can use Crash Bombers, powerful time bombs that attach themselves to their targets and can be remotely detonated, for combat. He is rather clumsy due to his lack of hands.
  • Flash Man016: A robot created to challenge the everlasting idea of controlling time. He can freeze time completely with his Time Stopper, though the other Robot Masters have built-in devices that make them immune to this (Quick Man's device is a faulty, so he can be frozen in place). He is also equipped with a rapid-fire buster on his right arm.
  • Heat Man017: A robot that is designed to be highly resistant to sources of heat and has a dial in his back that regulates the power of his flames, which he is unaware of. The lid of his box-shaped body can be used as a means of protection, though sometimes it can close down on him unintentionally.
  • Wood Man018: A robot whose internal mechanisms are entirely made of hinoki wood, with a coat of metal for increased resistance. While he has great strength and resistance against physical blows, he is still somewhat slow and vulnerable to fire and cutting material.
  • Needle Man019: A robot initially built to work in energy mines. Using his rapid-firing Needle Cannon, he can fire a barrage of needles that are sharp enough to pierce 10 inch-thick stones. He is also very agile and a high jumper thanks to using an upgraded version of Metal Man's combat programming, even being able to remain stationary in the air to attack for brief moments of time.
  • Magnet Man020: A robot created to generate powerful magnetic forces. When Dr. Wily reprogrammed him for combat, he was given the Special Weapon, Magnet Missile, horseshoe-shaped missiles that can home in on nearby enemies. These missiles are shot from the launcher on his right wrist.
  • Gemini Man021: A robot capable of creating holographic copies of himself to confuse and overwhelm his foes, in which he is confident in this ability. Coupled with his reflective Gemini Lasers, this makes him a very situational opponent to deal with.
  • Hard Man022: A robot that weighs about three tons and has a hard, durable body made of ceratanium, granting him remarkable defense, though he is very lazy and complains quite often. He can fire out his fists using his Special Weapon, Hard Knuckle, and can slam the ground to briefly stun his opponents.
  • Top Man023: A robot created to work on other planets in search for the Energy Elements needed to build Gamma. He is equipped with an auto balance system that allows him to spin rapidly much like a spinning top, which he uses on the offense, though this can damage his internal components and make him dizzy.
  • Snake Man024: A serpent-themed robot created to investigate narrow areas and survey topography on uninhabited planets marked for development. Equipped with the Search Snake, snake-like missiles that swiftly move along surfaces, he can track down and find his enemies.
  • Spark Man025: A robot designed to resemble a spark plug, who is created to power electrically-charged equipment. Using his high-voltage electrodes that act like his hands, he can fire sparks to immobilize opponents in their tracks, called the Spark Shock.
  • Shadow Man026: A ninja-themed robot of unknown origins, though he is rumored to have been a robot created by an extraterrestrial civilization. He carries a large shuriken laced with deadly substances capable of deranging the function of robotic mechanisms.
  • Bright Man027: A robot built by Dr. Cossack for the purpose of exploring dark areas prior to being modified to combat Mega Man. With the bulb on his head, he can activate a safety device in the camera eyes of robots with his Flash Stopper Special Weapon, blinding them.
  • Toad Man028: A robot skilled in the field of natural science, built by Dr. Cossack for crop irrigation during drought periods. When modified for combat, his Rain Flush was changed so that he can summon acid rain across a wide area.
  • Drill Man029: A robot built by Dr. Cossack for digging in construction sites. He has no hands, having drills with built-in explosives instead, which he uses as his Special Weapon, the Drill Bomb. When reprogrammed for combat, he based himself in an underground mine shaft.
  • Pharaoh Man030: A robot built to explore pyramids and other ancient ruins. He was modified for combat, and can toss solar energy spheres using his Pharaoh Shot and release waves of solar energy with his Pharaoh Wave. He has a particular disdain for tomb robbers and is rather shy around beautiful women.
  • Ring Man031: A robot built by Dr. Cossack specifically to destroy Mega Man, using his Ring Boomerangs and quick movement to do just that. He is a clever strategist who is confident in his abilities and does not believe in showing mercy to defeated opponents.
  • Dust Man032: A robot built with a built in vacuum cleaner for sanitation, being able to inhale any type of garbage smaller than him. His Dust Crusher releases a bomb encased in compacted scrap metal debris upon impact with surfaces and his vacuum cleaner can be used to bring foes closer to him.
  • Dive Man033: A robot built with the AI functions of a miniaturized submarine, who was modified to combat Mega Man. The Dive Missiles he can shoot out from his chest home in on enemies. He and Pirate Man do not get along due to their differing principles regarding the sea.
  • Skull Man034: A robot built specifically for combat with balanced offense and defense by Dr. Cossack. He can generate a skull-shaped energy shield called the Skull Barrier for protection. He is a huge fan of horror movies and films, fitting for his morbid theme.
  • Gravity Man035: A robot built with the ability to control gravity with the unit installed in his body. He can use Gravity Hold in a short range to freely manipulate his opponents' and his own gravity. He occupied an anti-gravity research institute to use it against Mega Man.
  • Wave Man036: A robot who attacks by producing pressurized columns of water which burst from the ground towards his opponents, called the Water Wave. He is known for being highly emotional, easily moved to tears and prone to fits of anger.
  • Stone Man037: A robot whose weapon, the Power Stone, makes heavy stones circle around him, bashing anything in their path with immense force. He is also a friend of Guts Man, drinking oil with him and whom he bears a resemblance to due to their brutish builds.
  • Gyro Man038: A robot that resembles a helicopter. His weapon is the Gyro Attack, small propeller-shaped cutters that can be controlled to move sideways, upward, or downward. He cannot tolerate sudden changes in gravity as they put stress on his propellers.
  • Star Man039: A robot created for space exploration and combat, designed with high agility and the ability to fight at optimal efficiency in low-gravity environments. He can summon stars as means of protection, which is his weapon, the Star Crash. He can also throw this barrier at enemies.
  • Charge Man040: A robot based on an old steam locomotive, which is used as camouflage by him to make shipments to areas occupied by Dr. Wily. He is unique as he is powered by coal and water, but as a drawback it increases his operating costs exponentially. He attacks by charging into opponents at full speed and is also able to launch flaming pieces of coal from his smokestack.
  • Napalm Man041: A walking-arsenal robot equipped with an array of explosive weapons all over his body, one of them being the Napalm Bomb launchers located in his arms. He was created by Dr. Wily to protect his secret weapons factory.
  • Crystal Man042: A robot skilled in the art of illusion and fortune-telling. He was created by Dr. Wily predominantly to help finance his operations through the creation of artificial crystals to sell. His Crystal Eye can be used to launch barrages of rebounding crystal orbs that split into multiple smaller orbs when they hit their targets.
  • Blizzard Man043: A robot created for weather observation. He is able to produce artificial snow using the humidity in the air, using them offensively by creating ice crystals in his Blizzard Attack. It is also said he won three gold medals consecutively in the Robo-Olympics.
  • Centaur Man044: A robot that originally worked as a tour guide in an old archaeology museum. His Centaur Flash can be used to halt time, though its intense energy consumption is a major drawback. He later gains the Centaur Arrow, an arrow-shaped burst of energy that can be fired in multiple directions.
  • Flame Man045: A robot built with a small thermal power generator, and has to refill his energy three times a day due to the outdated energy source. With this power generator, he can use the Flame Blast to scorch opponents with flames that erupt from the ground. He also enjoys taking care of his mustache.
  • Knight Man046: A medieval-themed robot created specifically for combat, armed with resistant armor, a knight's shield, and flail mace called the Knight Crusher. He has a spirit for chivalry and honor. In the First Annual Robot Tournament, he was reprogrammed by Mr. X to help him conquer the world.
  • Plant Man047: A plant-themed robot originally created as a keeper of a botanical garden, said to be able to communicate with plants. After hearing of the First Annual Robot Tournament, he was modified for combat and equipped with the Plant Barrier, a barrier of energy petals.
  • Tomhawk Man048: A robot designed with a Native North American warrior motif, built specifically for combat. With his Silver Tomahawks, he can hit targets from 100 meters away. He can also attack by firing feathers horizontally from his headdress.
  • Wind Man049: A robot originally created to work in agriculture and harvest assistance. He can generate strong winds using his Wind Storm weapon, which he uses to pull enemies in, increasing the speed if damaged. He also has jet engines in his feet that allow him to hover and move faster.
  • Yamato Man050: A robot modeled after a samurai warrior. He can throw armor-piercing Yamato Spears at enemies, though he has a short supply of them and needs to pick them back up after throwing them. He has respect for Knight Man due to his valor and honor. He also enjoys collecting Japanese swords in his spare time, but dislikes speaking the English language.
  • Freeze Man051: A robot originally built as a prototype robot for non-polluting energy. He can split the normal temperature in the ambient into high and low temperatures, using the former as an energy source and the latter to attack with his Freeze Cracker. He is also a perfectionist and likes to make cool poses, and has great respect for Ice Man.
  • Junk Man052: A robot made from old, scrapped robot parts and metal pieces held together by electromagnetic forces. These forces can be disrupted by electricity. Using said forces, he can pull junk near him, which he uses for his Special Weapon, the Junk Shield.
  • Burst Man053: A robot with several explosives and soapy substances kept within his body. He can use these to encase enemies in bubbles with bombs inside them using the Danger Wrap. He also loves festivals and shoots his bombs as fireworks.
  • Cloud Man054: A robot originally created as a weather control robot, though his his rainfall equipment was removed when modified for combat and uses the Thunder Bolt to fire lightning bolts from his cloud. As he has no legs, he hovers above the ground using a gravity controller.
  • Spring Man055: A robot whose body is composed of over two thousand springs, boasting extremely high jumps. He has problems trying to move around normally, especially up or down stairs, and has an unfortunate tendency to accidentally hit his head on low ceilings when bouncing very high.
  • Slash Man056: A robot who commands a robot dinosaur army, designed after the Stardriod Pluto. His quick mobility makes it a challenge for others to keep up with him, and he is very deadly when encountered at close range due to his Slash Claw. He has a liking for jungle fruits and vegetables, but has a dislike for nail clippers.
  • Shade Man057: A vampire-designed robot installed with sound wave equipment intended to control human minds, though it instead produces destructive sound waves used as a weapon called the Noise Crush due to a wiring error. He originally was an attraction robot from the haunted house of an amusement park prior to being stolen and reprogrammed for combat by Dr. Wily.
  • Turbo Man058: A robot with the ability to transform into a racing car form called the Crash Drive, but the transformation system is incomplete and ultrasonic waves can damage him. He recently had a cutting-edge car stereo system installed, and plans to install an air bag one day.
  • Tengu Man059: Originally an experimental robot, modeled after the Tengu, created to produce artificial typhoons. He is equipped with a razor-winged jet engine, a retractable triple-bladed fan weapon and the ability to summon cutting blades of air and whirlwinds with Tornado Hold.
  • Astro Man060: A robot built to work in a planetarium prior to being modified for combat. He is known to be the world champion at hide-and-seek and is known for his great abilities, like the Astro Crush and Copy Vision, though suffers from his shyness and cowardliness.
  • Sword Man062: A robot built with an anti-gravitational device to stabilize him so he can properly use an ancient sword Dr. Wily stole from a museum. Using said sword and the stabilizing device, he can perform powerful sword techniques and separate both halves of his body from each other.
  • Clown Man063: A robot designed for an amusement park, though he was remodeled for combat, utilizing his elastic arms and electricity to combat Mega Man. His base is located somewhere in an amusement park found in eastern Australia.
  • Search Man064: A robot with two heads, created for security and surveillance. He constantly switches himself from head to head, often getting himself confused at times. He was stationed somewhere in an African forest. He is equipped with a powerful missile launcher and tracking system, called the Homing Sniper.
  • Frost Man065: A robot created predominantly using several leftover parts of Clown Man. He is proud of his large size and powerful strength, and is able to create fast-running surges of cold energy using his Ice Wave. His ultimate goal is to turn Mega Man into a popsicle and eat him.
  • Grenade Man066: A robot designed after a pineapple grenade with a sadomasochistic personality, enjoying both inflicting and receiving pain. He was stationed at an ammunition factory somewhere in Argentina, causing havoc with his soldiers and explosive weaponry.
  • Aqua Man067: A robot originally created to operate a waterworks bureau managing water quality. He was designed with the ability to store water inside of himself and release it using a cannon on his arm. He is a mischievous and somewhat immature Robot Master, with a love for dirty jokes and puns and being something of an attention-seeker.
  • Concrete Man068: A robot modeled after a construction worker created to be the supervisor of dam construction. He is mostly stubborn and will call off any workers caught slacking off. His Concrete Shot can stop Mega Man in his tracks with concrete.
  • Tornado Man069: A robot whose job was stationed at a weather regulation facility and was equipped with fans that are attached to his arms, allowing him to stave off tropical storms using his Tornado Blow Special Weapon.
  • Splash Woman070: A robot based off of a mermaid created to rescue swimmers from sinking ships. She wields the Laser Trident Special Weapon and possesses a beautiful voice, which can be used to summon fish robots. While she is fond of karaoke, it is rumored that she has turned down numerous invitations to enter the world of show business.
  • Plug Man071: A robot created to inspect the quality control in a television factory. He is known for his obsession with gadgets, browsing electronic stores, and talking about different genres of television, especially anime.
  • Jewel Man072: A robot created to work in a diamond mine where he was in charge of cutting and polishing rocks with dexterity. His Jewel Satellite Special Weapon can be thrown, used to defend himself and can be carried around.
  • Hornet Man073: A robot based off of hornets and honeycombs, created to manage a flower park, pollinating flowers. He can summon robot hornets from the honeycomb on his chest, which he uses as his Special Weapon, the Hornet Chaser.
  • Magma Man074: A robot created to oversee safety operations and manage a geothermal power plant. The Magma Bazooka allows him to fire off three fireballs forwards, diagonally upwards and diagonally downwards, though powerful gusts of wind can blow the fire off of his head.
  • Galaxy Man075: A robot created to work in a space research center. He can fly short distances by retracting his limbs, teleport to different locations, and fire off Black Hole Bombs to suck in anything into its void or drain certain enemies' health.
  • Blade Man076: A robot who was the former guide to an ancient castle. He has an encyclopedic knowledge about weapons and swords, and can speak on the subject for a very long time. His Triple Blade allows him to fire a volley of blades.
  • Pump Man077: A robot who worked at a wastewater treatment plant, purifying the water that came through. He is known for being described as a "neat freak" at times. He can create a shield of water droplets around himself and release them in several directions.
  • Commando Man078: A mine-sweeping robot who used remote detonation techniques to clear minefields all over the world. His Commando Bombs are capable of home in on his targets. He enjoys tasting oil from the various countries he visits.
  • Chill Man079: A robot whose primary job as an arctic natural observation robot was to stop glacial melting caused by global warming. The Chill Spikes he shoots can freeze anything and can form into razor-sharp icicles on the spot where it landed, which can be used as a trap.
  • Sheep Man080: A robot originally working a sheep herding robot, before abandoning that job to work in the static resistance test division of a circuit board manufacturer after noticing static build-up on his wool. He can turn into four clouds of wool that hover in the air, and use said wool to create a lightning bolt that strikes down his enemies. He is known for being easily bored.
  • Strike Man081: A robot who was a batting-practice robot for a stadium, though one incident, he purposely hit a batter that he disliked with a very powerful fastball, sending him to the hospital. He also gets upset when he gives up too many hits. He can throw Rebound Strikers at his enemies and can also spin and bounce himself around like a ball.
  • Nitro Man082: A robot who was a stunt robot who has appeared in many movies and TV shows. He is a daredevil, willing to do whatever stunts asked, regardless of the risks and the negative outcomes. His also the president of a robot stunt club, which has sixty members. He can turn himself into a bike and ram into his foes, as well as throwing out Wheel Cutters on the ground.
  • Solar Man083: A robot who worked in a sunlight research lab, developing a "Solar Workout" plan which had in his spare time which had little to no success. He can block and absorb attacks with his artificial sunlight to increase the power of his attacks, firing his Special Weapon, the Solar Blaze, from his head.
  • Block Man084: A robot resembling a stone castle, manufactured by Nakaume Heavy Machinery designed for building the outer walls of major projects, and has secretly dreamed of building a vast structure that recreates the bygone age of pyramids and temples. He was stolen and equipped with the Power Gear by Dr. Wily, allowing him to transform into a gigantic robot as a desperation attack.
  • Fuse Man085: A robot manufactured by O.D.A. Electronics, who capable of manipulating high voltage currents and moving at lightning speeds. This was greatly enhanced when he was stolen and reprogrammed for combat by Dr. Wily and equipped with the Speed Gear. His original purpose was to manage power transformer stations.
  • Blast Man086: A volatile robot manufactured by the B.B. Bomb Company with a flair for the theatrics and a taste for explosions. He writes for the Boom Monthly magazine every month or so. At the time of the Dr. Wily incident, he was working on a new explosion-themed attraction for the theme park "Flower Land".
  • Acid Man087: A chemist robot manufactured by the Mecha-Chuchets Institute of Robology. He was given the unfavorable nickname of "Acid Merman", due to the fact he spends time swimming in toxic vats to check the mixtures. When reprogrammed, he uses his chemistry skills to do Dr. Wily's bidding.
  • Tundra Man088: A surveillance robot manufactured by Cossack Robot Laboratories to monitor environment changes in some of Earth's coldest regions, though he ditched that job in favor of being a professional figure skater. He took over a museum when he was modified for combat by Dr. Wily, equipped with the Speed Gear.
  • Torch Man089: A robot manufactured by Tsubakuro Precision Machining as an outdoor advisor that taught campers about fire safety. He later practiced martial arts to keep the flames coming out from his body under control, eventually developing the arts of Torch-jutsu. He attacks by throwing fireballs from his fists and performing jump kicks.
  • Impact Man090: A robot manufactured by Nakaume Heavy Machinery, who specializes in piling, dedicated to his job and has never been one to leave a task unfinished, even when he was reprogrammed for combat. His body is made up of three independent pile driver robots who call themselves the Impact Brothers; Kui-ichiro, Kui-jiro, and Kui-saburo.
  • Bounce Man091: A robot manufactured by Rebound Rubber & Momo's Robot Farm originally developed as a crash test robot, but his stretching and bouncing abilities led him to become a fitness instructor at an indoor athletic center/amusement park called Boing-Boing Park. Even when reprogrammed for combat by Dr. Wily, he retains his cheerful, childlike personality.
  • Twister Man • 092: A robot originally built to store air mass, which allows him to shoot mini-cyclones from his Buster arm and even turn into one himself. He is known for his flamboyancy, often wanting to impress others, especially Mega Man. He also likes it when others "play it cool", and dislikes anyone with a short-temper like Thermal Man.
  • Static Man • 093: A robot known for his extensive knowledge of static electricity. Using said electricity, he uses it for pollution control at a factory. When reprogrammed by Dr. Wily for combat purposes, he develops a Special Weapon known as the Shock Lance, which is a lance made out of the electricity he generates, which he can wield and use for piercing and slashing attacks.
  • Thermal Man • 094: A robot known for his hot-headed behavior due to the heat he absorbs, and at times he feels like he could literally explode in anger from all the heat. To prevent this, he can release Searing Flames from his body to cool down. He supervises the work at a geothermal power station, though he is rather impatient with slow workers. He also looks down on others he does not see fit for work.
  • Quake Man • 095: A robot created for underground mining purposes, even when reprogrammed for combat. It is implied that he has great respect for Impact Man, as such he holds a grudge for Mega Man because he destroyed him before. His Quake Drill can break through rocks within seconds, and he can even pick up things that are either smaller or larger than him and toss them around effortlessly with his free hand.
  • Shiver Man • 096: A robot built for meteorology in arctic regions. He jokingly calls Dr. Light "Santa Claus" at times, and has an affinity for climate change and frozen treats. Shiver Man built a temple at the North Pole when he was reprogrammed for combat purposes by Dr. Wily, called the Shiver-Cold Temple.
  • Shrapnel Man • 097: A combat robot built by Dr. Wily to steal seven Robot Masters so the mad scientist can reprogram them to combat Mega Man. His Shrapnel Crackers can attach to stuff and release metal shrapnel that were held together through electromagnetism, though these can be prematurely set off by electricity. He does not enjoy being with Static Man because of this, as the electricity he generates can disrupt the electromagnetic forces and stun him.
  • Balloon Man • 098: A robot created for balloon-modelling entertainment at amusement parks. He heavily dislikes pointy objects as they could easily pop his balloons, as such he does not like being around Shrapnel Man, who enjoys pointy things. He usually gets angry when people deliberately pop his balloons.
  • Sniper Man • 099: A robot built as a shooting range supervisor at military bases. He enjoys staying put in spots and blasting away far away targets with his Sniper Beam, especially if they are moving, as they give him a challenge. He hates it when things block his point of view, moreso if they burst right in his face, and when he was reprogrammed, he can easily be tricked into firing at other things besides his intended target.
  • Dr. Light100: A scientist who graduated from the Robot Institute of Technology alongside his former classmate Dr. Wily. He later founded his laboratory and built a series of household and civil service robots, later creating Proto Man, the first "advanced robot" and went on to create other robots like him.
  • Proto Man101: A prototype robot, and the first robot ever made by Dr. Light, considered to the "older brother" to Mega Man and Roll. He often appears out of nowhere, accompanied by his well-known whistle, to aid Mega Man in his journeys.
  • Rush102: The robotic canine companion of Mega Man, who has many functions ranging from turning into vehicles/objects like coil platforms and flying sleds, finding stuff from the ground, and even fusing with Mega Man with the Super Adapter to enhance his abilities.
  • Eddie103: A item-transportation support robot created by Dr. Light who can be called in to dispense items straight from his laboratory, though he is unable to choose items to give Mega Man due to him being sent incomplete.
  • Beat104: A robotic bird created by Dr. Cossack to assist Mega Man, saving him from falling into pits and carrying him to safe places, though he cannot carry him for long.
  • Tango105: A robotic feline created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man, rolling into enemies as a means of attacking them to clear out rooms for the blue bomber.
  • Auto106: An invention robot who is an assistant of Dr. Light, and has created a wide variety of items for Mega Man during his journeys. He seems to have an affinity for Metall helmets.
  • Quint107: An alternate timeline version of Mega Man hailing from a peaceful future, before being brought to the present time and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to combat Mega Man. His Sakugarne is a digging robot that looks like a combination of a pogo-stick and jackhammer.
  • Dr. Wily108: A mad scientist and former classmate of Dr. Light during his years at the Robot Institute of Technology. He has either reprogrammed others' or made some of his own Robot Masters to combat Mega Man and to take over the world.
  • Bass109: A robot created by Dr. Wily to mimic Mega Man's design, however he ends up going against his own creator's orders for his own purposes. His end goal is to become the strongest robot in the universe and take down Mega Man, and will even team up with him to take care of bigger evil just as he is the only one who can destroy the blue bomber.
  • Dr. Cossack110: A Russian robotics engineer that graduated in the Ural Technical University and is affiliated with the Stravinsky Academy of Sciences. He was forced to work as ransom by Dr. Wily when he kidnapped his daughter, Kalinka Cossack. His hobby is watching ballet.
  • Kalinka111: The nine-year-old daughter of Dr. Cossack who dreams of becoming a princess. She is skilled at ballet dancing and playing the piano. She was kidnapped by Dr. Wily to force her father to fight Mega Man, though she was saved by Proto Man and was reunited with her father in the end.
  • Treble112: The robotic wolf companion of Bass, who helps him just like how Rush helps out Mega Man. Treble can fuse with Bass as a part of his Treble Boost transformation.
  • Enker113: The first of the Mega Man Killer series of robots created by Dr. Wily, with the sole purpose of combating and destroying Mega Man. His Mirror Buster allows him to absorb shots into his Barrier Spear and release it back at his foes.
  • Punk114: The second of the Mega Man Killer series of robots created by Dr. Wily, with the sole purpose of combating and destroying Mega Man. He can attack by folding into a spiky compact ball and hurling spinning blades, called Screw Crushers, at his enemies.
  • Ballade115: The third and final of the Mega Man Killer series of robots created by Dr. Wily, with the sole purpose of combating and destroying Mega Man. He attacks with powerful explosives called the Ballade Crackers, and has a second form that increases his strength.
  • Terra116: The leader of the Stardroids, a series of robots from an ancient alien civilization. He is a greatly respected leader by his allies due to his great determination in battle. He washes his mane of hair with shampoo and does not like to use hats or helmets to cover his mane.
  • Mercury117: A greedy Stardroid whose body is made of liquid metal, allowing him to take any form and dismantle himself to attack and is quick at running away after causing mischief. He also does not get along with Pluto, and hates people who gossip maliciously about him. His Grab Buster allows him to steal energy from his enemies and absorb them to recover his own health.
  • Venus118: A very aggressive Stardroid who walks sideways like a crab (as he is unable to walk forward), and firing Bubble Bombs, explosive bubbles, at his enemies. Despite not having hair, he washes his head with shampoo every morning. He also likes the Awa Dance Festival.
  • Mars119: A walking weapon Stardroid heavily armored and equipped with deadly weapons to use at his disposal. His main weapon is the Photon Missile, a missile that flies horizontally with great power after a brief delay. Despite his mighty appearance, Mars does have a hearty personality to his allies, and likes survival games as they allow him to make use of all of his weapons.
  • Jupiter120: A Stardroid equipped with a jet engine that allows him to fly at very fast speeds and was equipped with several megaton grade bombs, though he modified them to channel energy for his new main weapon, the Electric Shock, a beam made from raw electricity. He dislikes air turbulence while flying fast.
  • Saturn121: A Stardroid that has the ability to control time and space and has a large ring that he can use to pull foes in with the Black Hole ability. He is somewhat lazy, and will use said ability to bring others to him instead of going to them.
  • Uranus122: A Stardroid that has a bull-like appearance. He possesses great physical strength and is very athletic. His Deep Digger sees him lifting boulders up from the ground to throw them at enemies. He has a short-tempered personality, and is prone to running very fast when angry. He also dislikes both bullfighters and red flags.
  • Pluto123: A Stardroid designed for jungle combat, possessing very quick reflexes and feline-like agility. His main weapon is the Break Dash, which involves him dashing at supersonic speed over short distances. This allows him to become temporarily immune to damage while doing so.
  • Neptune124: A Stardroid with a half-human, half-fish appearance. He is a very good and fast swimmer, and seems to eat salty food more often than not. His weapon is the Salt Water, a fluid with salt-like substances that can corrode metal.
  • Sunstar125: An ancient doomsday weapon from the same era as the Stardroids that was found by Dr. Wily in some mysterious ruins. His goal is to dominate the entire universe and destroy all inferior lifeforms. His Special Weapon, which is aptly named Nova Weapon, has the power to obliterate Mega Man on the spot.
  • Buster Rod G126: A robot who is the leader of the Genesis Unit, and is based on Sun Wukong. He is a martial arts expert, and has an extendable rod in his possession, though his rowdy personality and inexperience affects his relationships with the other members of the Genesis Unit, Mega Water S and Hyper Storm H.
  • Mega Water S127: An amphibian robot based on the river sprite Sha Wujing. While the smartest of the three members of the Genesis Unit, he lacks confidence in himself. He has a strange Japanese accent.
  • Hyper Storm H128: A robot based on Zhu Bajie. He is the strongest member of the Genesis Unit, but is very gullible. He is laid back and avoids conflicts between Buster Rod G and Mega Water S.
  • King129: A robot created by Dr. Wily who wanted to establish and rule a human-free nation. He takes over his creator's own castle to use as a base and recruited eight robots to help him, either voluntarily or forcefully.
  • Dynamo Man130: A robot who used to be a robot guide for schoolchildren on field trips through a power plant. After being modified by King, he was given a power generator that created a powerful electric field around him, though this affected his circuits and caused him to be unsafe for his job. As a result, people avoided him and he became resentful of their avoidance.
  • Cold Man131: A robot based on a refrigerator, who was used to preserve prehistoric D.N.A. from dinosaurs at absolute zero in Dr. Light's laboratory. He was later modified enlisted as a guard robot in King's army. By opening his freezer, he can create spiked Ice Walls to push into his foes. He can also cause areas to freeze from a distance.
  • Ground Man132: A robot created by King to excavate ruins to find hidden treasure, though he hoards anything he finds and keeps it to himself. He can use the Spread Drill, transform into a drilling machine, burrow himself into the ground and use a giant drill to attack.
  • Pirate Man133: A robot with the appearance of a pirate captain, who is apart of King's army. He was tasked to attack cargo vessels at sea. He will do anything to make a profit and achieve his goals. He and Dive Man do not get along due to their differing principles regarding the sea.
  • Burner Man134: A robot based on a bunsen burner who is apart of King's army, originally tasked to burn any and all forests down or else a self-destruct bomb implanted in his body would go off. He later finds out that it is not true, but he continued to burn down forests anyways.
  • Magic Man135: An illusionst-themed robot who is apart of King's army. He was formerly a member of a circus, but he enlisted in King's army in order to show off his talents. His Magic Cards can steal energy from targets hit by them. He dislikes revealing his secrets.
  • Yellow Devil136: The very first combat robot created by Dr. Wily, and the first of the Devil series of robots. Its body consists of yellow goo-like shape-memory parts that can dismantle and fly across the screen as means of attacking his enemies. It also uses its eye to fire projectiles. The only thing it can say is "bumo".
  • Doc Robot137: An all-purpose combat robot created by Dr. Wily with a number of different attachments and devices on its body that can utilize the same abilities of previous Robot Masters by switching its program data. However, its strategies are more and deadly versions of the patterns of those Robot Masters.
  • Gamma138: A gigantic robot constructed by both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily for the purpose of peacekeeping and enforcement, though eight Energy Elements were needed to power it, and they were being guarded by the eight robots that were sent to find them.
  • Mr. X139: A mysterious billionaire hailing from an unknown origin. He is the sponsor of the First Annual Robot Tournament which was held by the World Robot Alliance, which is a tournament in which many world-wide robots enter and compete against each other. He takes control of the eight of the strongest Robot Masters in the tournament to help him conquer the world.
  • Duo140: An extraterrestrial robot with a strong sense of justice. He was tasked with a mission to eliminate the Evil Energy, with a radar that lets him detect the exact location of the corrupt energy and a giant hand used to absorb and destroy it. He can also sense justice inside other beings.
  • Nega Man • 141: The evil doppelganger of Mega Man who dons a scarf. He was presumably made by Dr. Wily, but he denies this every time someone brings it up. Nega Man has a knack for destroying his good counterpart, but he never gets the chance, and always ends up facing off against Bass, whom he tries to destroy so nobody can get in his way of reaching his end goal.
  • [REDACTED]142: Dr. Wily's "greatest creation", an advanced robot with a power level that surpasses anything that the world has ever seen. However, a flaw in his program made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions from his creator, so he was sealed in a capsule, until he was unwillingly released as a last-ditch effort to destroy Mega Man once and for all.

Downloadable Content

Like Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, Mega Man 12 has downloadable content available for purchase. Said content includes playable characters such as Roll and Bass, though others include Special Stages where Mega Man can face off against Quint from Mega Man II, Terra from Mega Man V, and King from Mega Man & Bass at the end of the stages.

Roll-Chan DLC

For Roll, her adventure is similar to Mega Man's, fighting all eight Robot Masters and going up, though she does not gain the Robot Master's respective Special Weapon when she defeats them. Instead of using a Buster, she uses a move called "Roll Swing", in which she uses a broom to attack enemies. While Roll is not able to use the Double Gear system like Mega Man, her levels are shorter to compensate, and the difficulty is always on Veteran no matter what. Tango from Mega Man V also helps out Roll instead of Rush, who helps out Mega Man.

Costumes are the main mechanic of the game; they are scattered across stages and can be bought at the shop. With these, Roll can swing different objects other than brooms with her main attack, "Roll Swing", similar to Mega Man: Powered Up. These costumes also gives certain benefits to Roll as well, like making her jump higher, decreasing the damage taken or the knockback strength, and increasing the invincibility frames received after taking damage. She can only wear one costume per stage, however, and after dying, she will lose that costume (though it can be reobtained at shops).

Bass Dropped DLC

For Bass, he plays similarly to how he did in Mega Man & Bass, firing multiple shots from his Bass Buster in seven directions (he cannot fire straight downwards), at the cost of not being able to charge up a powerful Charge Shot, not being able to move on the ground while firing, and the shots not being able to travel through walls. He can also dash and double jump. He can also use the Double Gear System like Mega Man, though due to his Bassnium power source, the gears make him overheat faster than Mega Man usually does.

Unlike Mega Man, he can only use the Treble Boost, Treble Rescue, Reggae Hint, and Reggae Call items, instead of the many Rush gadgets, the Super Adapter, the robotic bird Beat and the item dispensing Eddie that the blue bomber can utilize. Bass's levels are also laid out differently, and he does not fight any Robot Masters or mini-bosses of each masters' stages. As such, he gains Special Weapons in a different way; obtaining them through power generators that appear at the end of each level.

Instead of being able to select any of the eight Robot Master stages to visit at the start, Bass can only visit three areas at the start, unlocking one or two more stages after beating the previous stage. The difficulty setting is always on Nightmare mode (even if it has not been unlocked for the player), as such Bass faces off against a secret boss at the end of Wily Stronghold 4. In stages, he can even face off against Nega Man, a mysterious doppelganger of Mega Man implied to be created by Dr. Wily.

Bass has a shop which features Reggae as the shopkeeper, similar to Mega Man 10. Treble helps out Bass just like Rush does for Mega Man, though he has less options for his robotic wolf companion, only having Treble Boost (which allows him to fly freely across the room he is currently in) and Treble Rescue (similar to Beat Call). Bass can also pay for an item which allows Reggae to give him hints in levels called the Reggae Hint item, and even buy an item that allows him to receive recovery items from Reggae, similar to Eddie, called the Reggae Call item.

Special Stages DLC

The Special Stages can be downloaded, but only Mega Man can enter them. These stages have different layouts based on stages from other games, and their mid-bosses hail from other games as well; Quint's Special Stage is based on Wily Station from Mega Man II, and its mid-boss is the Giant Suzy from Mega Man III (even though Quint nor the game's Wily Station never appeared in the game), Terra's Special Stage is based off of the Wily Star from Mega Man V and its mid-boss is the Dark Moon from the same game, and King's Special Stage is based on the first and second sections of King Castle 2 from Mega Man & Bass and its mid-boss is the King Tank from the same game. Upon defeating the bosses of these stages, Mega Man gains their respective Special Weapons (the Sakugarne from Quint, the Spark Chaser from Terra, and the King Axe from King) to use in the main game. Quint is weak to the Sniper Beam/Spark Chaser (which knocks him off of his Sakugarne), Terra is weak to the Quake Fang/Sakugarne, and King is weak to the Shock Lance.


  • Just a Start: Complete 1 of the 8 Robot Master stages.
  • Halfway There: Complete 4 of the 8 Robot Master stages.
  • Here We Come, Wily!: Complete 8 of the 8 Robot Master stages.
  • The Blue Blur: Complete a stage in under 5 minutes.
  • Untouchable: Complete a stage without taking any damage.
  • The Blue Flash: Finish the game in under 60 minutes.
  • Mega Unstoppable: Finish the game without getting a Game Over.
  • Bolt Keeper: Finish the game without buying anything from the shop.
  • Bullseye!: Defeat a Mawaru C using your Mega Buster without Speed Gear.
  • Guard Breaker: Defeat 30 enemies while their guard is broken.
  • Three Birds, One Stone: Defeat three or more enemies with one charge shot.
  • Everything-Proof: Run into an instant-death hazard without dying.
  • Speed Gear Master: Destroy 10 enemies during one Speed Gear use.
  • Power Gear Master: Defeat a boss using only Power Gear attacks.
  • Quick Draw: Destroy 100 enemies using Speed Gear.
  • All Power, All The Time: Destroy 80 enemies using Power Gear.
  • Firing at Max Power: Defeat an enemy using the Final Charge Shot.
  • Power Up: Use a special weapon while Power Gear is active.
  • Things Are Looking 1-UP!: Use a Mystery Tank and turn an enemy into a 1-UP.
  • Not a Secret Anymore: Find a secret area in a stage.
  • Thanks for Shopping: Buy an item from the shop.
  • Bolt Spender: Buy 20 items from the shop.
  • Collector: Purchase five parts.
  • Database Completionist: Collect and view every CD in the database.


  • This game is the second classic Mega Man game to be released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for Steam.
  • When selected, Robot Masters have their Wily Numbers next to their names during their stage introduction sequence, similar to Mega Man 11.
    • Also, like in Mega Man 6, the name for the Robot Master's stage and their alias can be seen during their stage introduction sequence. An announcer also calls out the name of the Robot Masters, a first in the series. Said Robot Masters also have pre-battle/in-battle/post-battle quotes, just like in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man 11.
  • Bass and Proto Man reappear in this game after their absence from Mega Man 11.
  • Quake Man may be similar to Quake Woman from the Mega Man comic series by Archie Comics, having the word "quake" in their names. His Special Weapon, Quake Fang, is a drill-like weapon similar to Quake Woman's Special Weapon, Quake Drill; both were designed for breaking rocks.
  • The Mini-Weapons Archive enemy uses data from previous Robot Masters, much like the original Weapons Archive:
  • Depending on what character the player is playing as, the Game Over screen and music differs.
    • For Mega Man, a dismembered Mega Buster arm will appear on the screen, next to Mega Man's helmet. The music is unchanged.
    • For Roll, her broom (or whatever weapon she uses in different costumes) will appear on the screen. The music is slightly more upbeat.
    • For Bass, a dismembered Bass Buster arm will appear on the screen, next to Bass's helmet. The music is slightly more grim.
      • The Game Over screen itself is a possible reference to Mega Man & Bass's Game Over screen.
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