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Mega Man 12
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) 2D action platformer
Series Mega Man
Predecessor Mega Man 11
Release Date(s) The International Flag of Planet Earth April 13, 2016
Mega Man 12 is a 2D run and gun platformer in the Mega Man series. It will consist of nine levels that can be played through in any order. Eight of the levels end in a boss fight against a Robot Master, whose Master Weapon is added to Mega Man's arsenal upon being defeated. However, some levels also contain secret weapons which serve other useful functions.


Name Description Boss
Jolt ManA metal building in a thunderstorm, with lots of rails to slide on and poles to climb.
Mega Man can find Item-3 here by riding an Item-2 to the left onto a ceiling from earlier in the level.
Jolt Man uses the Shock Wave, which fires electricity balls that move in the shape of a sine wave. He will attempt to electrify Mega Man using this and electric laser beams, while simultaneously trying to keep his distance.
Claw ManA stage themed after a toy box. The skill-crane-like claws and piston-like catapults must be used for navigation.
Mega Man can find the Super Buster by using the Distance Control to knock an enemy trapped in a wall into a button.
Claw Man uses the Rope Grappler, which can latch onto objects with its damaging claws. He moves around a lot during the battle, shooting pegs and walls to quickly cross the room when he isn't firing at Mega Man.
Paper ManA robotic jungle with plenty of trees and branches to use for platforming.Paper Man uses the Paper Cutter, which blasts large but fast paper airplanes that arc downwards slightly. He mostly stays in place, other than jumping before firing to aim his projectiles.
Remote ManA tech-themed stage with lots of buttons and moving parts. Most of the enemies here use ranged attacks. Item-3 would be a huge time-saver here.Remote Man uses the Distance Control, a device able to throw robots around in a specified direction from a distance. He uses this weapon to try to throw Mega Man into the arena's many spikes and lasers.
Boom ManA construction site in the middle of a desert. It seems that as much of the building is being constructed as it is being demolished. Expect to see lots of scaffolding and ladders.Boom Man uses the Radius Blaster, a bomb that can be detonated prematurely at the press of a button. After being hit several times, he starts tossing his weapons at explosives near Mega Man to cause damage indirectly.
Gust ManA stage high in the sky, where platforming and dodging skills are put to the test. There are many fans scattered about that can be used to propel the player further into the level.
Mega Man can find Item-1 by using the Rope Grappler to swing across a large gap.
Gust Man uses the Funnel Flurry, creating tornadoes that float up and away along with anything it touches on the way. He occasionally jumps very high to avoid incoming attacks.
Anti ManA hi-tech cylindrical spaceship orbiting an alien moon, with antimatter floating around that must be avoided. The interior of the ship wraps around vertically.
By beating Anti Man, Mega Man also gets Item-2.
Anti Man uses the Anti Shot, which shoots antimatter, a powerful and corrosive substance that happens not to interact with walls. He can also invert his personal gravity and run across the ceiling, making it harder for Mega Man to hit him.
Earth ManA dark cave full of rocks, crystals, and large abysses.Earth Man uses the Talon Glove, a clawed, glove-like melee weapon. He can burrow into the ground and pop out as a surprise attack, or stomp the ground to make rocks fall from above.
Wily CastleDr. Wily's fortress, consisting mostly of rematches against the Robot Masters, with some tricky platforming and puzzle-solving throughout. It is only unlocked once the other stages have been cleared.All of the previous bosses are fought here, but Dr. Wily himself is nowhere to be found…?


Robot Masters are wreaking havoc again! Mega Man suspects that Dr. Wily is to blame, and sets out to stop him. However, after he beats the eight foes and heads to Wily Castle, the scientist seems to be missing. An alien robot named EP shows himself, and reveals Wily trapped in a cage. EP tells Mega Man that he built and programmed the Robot Masters himself. He then challenges our hero to an intense battle, with the fate of the whole world at stake!


  • This is AgentMuffin (tbc)'s first completed game. It was finished on New Years' Eve Eve UTC, and just before midnight in Agent's own timezone, though some minor fixes have been made since then.
  • A variety of cheats can be activated by player 5 holding down certain buttons on their controller.
  • Astro Boy has a chance of appearing in a cameo during the game's ending.

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