Mega Man 11: Dawn of the X
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Fall 2010 (NA)
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Series Mega Man
Predecessor Mega Man 10
Successor Mega Man X

Mega Man 11: Dawn of the X is a game for Wii that takes place at the end of the "Classic" Mega Man series. The game was released inthe fall of  2010 as the last Mega Man game on Wii.

Playable characters

  • Mega Man - The main character of the game.
  • Proto Man - The secondary playable character of the game. Unlike Mega Man, Proto Man can dash and use his shield as a throwing weapon.
  • X - An unlockable playable character that can be obtained from beating Royal Man. Unlike Mega Man and Proto Man, X can deal twice as much damage to enemies.

Robot Masters (new)

  • Beast Man
  • Dragon Man
  • Sugar Man
  • Soccer Man
  • Torpedo Man
  • Spiral Man
  • Royal Man
  • Dinosaur Man

Robot Masters (returning)

  • Guts Man (appears as a mini boss in Dinosaur Man's stage)
  • Centaur Man (Boss of Wily stage 1)
  • Pharaoh Man (Mini Boss of Wily stage 1)
  • Knight Man (appears as a mini boss in Royal Man's stage)
  • Sword Man (appears as a mini boss in Dragon Man's stage)
  • Tengu Man (appears as a mini boss in Spiral Man's stage)
  • Snake Man (appears as a mini boss in Beast Man's stage)
  • Toad Man (appears as a mini boss in Beast Man's Stage)
  • Astro Man (Boss of Wily stage 2)
  • Ring Man (Mini boss of Wily stage 2)
  • Drill Man (Mini boss of Wily stage 3)
  • Ground Man (Second mini Boss of Wily stage 3)
  • Cut Man (Mini boss of Wily stage 4)
  • Wood Man (Second mini boss of Wily stage 4)


  • Dash Slasher (from Beast Man) (armor colors: orange and white)
  • Blaze Blast (from Dragon Man) (armor colors: red and gray)
  • Frosting Spray (from Sugar Man) (armor colors: pink and white)
  • Soccer Kicker (from Soccer Man) (armor colors: black and white)
  • Depth Fisher (from Torpedo Man) (armor colors: green and light blue)
  • Shoryuken Tornado (from Spiral Man) (armor colors: white and blue)
  • King's Sword (from Royal Man) (armor colors: gold and peach)
  • Fossil Bone (from Dinosaur Man) (armor colors: tan and white)

Robot Master weaknesses

  • Beast Man - Shoryuken Tornado, Mega Buster (Mega Man), Proto Buster (Proto Man), or X-Buster (X)
  • Dragon Man - King's Sword
  • Sugar Man - Fossil Bone
  • Soccer Man - Dash Slasher
  • Torpedo Man - Frosting Spray
  • Spiral Man - Depth Fisher
  • Royal Man - Soccer Kicker
  • Dinosaur Man - Blaze Blast
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