Mega Man (Rockman)
Mega Man as he appears in Mega Man 11
GENDER Male (albeit robotic, and thus technically genderless)
BIRTHPLACE "The City" (circa 200X)
Roll ("sister")
Proto Man ("brother")
Each Robot Masters ("brothers" and "sisters")
Dr. Light ("father"/creator)
CLASS Fighter
WEAPONS Mega Buster
Mega Man (NES)Mega Man 11
For the series, see Mega Man series.
No, you're wrong! I only fight when I am forced to protect the world from those who would pit machines against man. I believe humans and robots can live in peace!
Mega Man, Mega Man V

Mega Man (Japanese: メガマン Rockman) is the main protaganisst of the Mega Man series, a key icon and mascot of the Capcom gaming development company, and one of the most well known and influential characters in video game history. He debuted in the game in which he was the titular staring role, Mega Man on the NES, and has since starred in dozens of games with the same moniker. In the midst of one of the series' longest hiatuses, Mega Man was confirmed as one of the first new playable characters in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, following the announcement of Villager at E3 2014.

Within the Mega Man series, Mega Man is a robotic warrior created by Dr. Thomas Light, who fights the evil Dr. Albert Wily and his legion of Robot Masters to prevent Wily's tyranny, unlocking Special Weapons after defeating Robot Masters in battle. With the help his sister Roll (the two making up the phrase "rock and roll"), the mentorship of his "brother" Proto Man (who was created by Light as a prototype to Mega Man before he went rogue), and the companionship of his helpers such as the robo-canine Rush and robo-bird Beat, Mega Man has saved his world from Wily and his Robot Masters numerous times.


Sometime during the year 200X, Dr. Light sought to create a humanoid, artificially intelligent robot that could make decisions based on commands. Years of work led to a prototype creation that he aptly dubbed "Proto Man." Proto Man was a success except for a faulty defect found within his power reactor; Light attempted to fix the problem, but Proto Man went rogue and ran away, fearing that in changing his reactor, Light would change his personality as well.

Afterwards, Light decided to create a new pair of robots that served the same basic purpose, with updated reactors from the get-go. This led to the eventual creation of "Rock," who would go on to become Mega Man, and Roll; however, Rock was designed to be Light's lab assistant, while Roll was designed as a housekeeper.

Dr. Wily UG

Dr. Wily in costume

When he saw Rock and Roll both functioning correctly, Light decided to move on with his experiments, developing six "industrial" robots, Cut Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Guts ManFire Man, and Ice Man, each designed to serve specific functions in the working field and each also possessing similar artificial intelligence levels to that of Proto Man, Rock, and Roll.

Unfortunately, Dr. Light had a maniacal rival, Dr. Wily, who possessed burning jealousy over Light's success while being in his shadow. Wily came upon Proto Man one day, who had long since left Light and whose power reactor was severely malfunctioning. Wily repaired Proto Man, and in the attempt discovered his own gift for robotics. Now possessing Proto Man as an ally and new robotics talent, Wily reprogrammed Light's original six industrial robots into his own "Robot Masters", and with them seized control of The City.

Dismayed by the state of the city under Wily's tyrannical rule, Rock volunteered to be upgraded into a Robot Master himself by Light as to combat Wily's six evil Robot Masters. Light accepted, and Rock was turned from a simple lab assistant to a fighting robot that could use the powers of each Robot Master once they were defeated, from then on known as "Mega Man". Mega Man eventually defeated the six Robot Masters and confronted Wily, who surrendered and begged for mercy. But Wily would not go down easily, and has since developed many legions of Robot Masters (some also that are not his..) in several failed attempts to take over the city and the world.

Version as Depicted by "The Protomen"

In 2005, American rock group The Protomen came out with a self-titled "rock opera" whose story was based on the Mega Man games; this version of the character and his universe is widely recognized throughout Fantendo proper.

In The Protomen's depiction of the series, Dr. Light was long-time partners with Dr. Wily, both living in The City in 200X; because Light's father "worked into his grave" during his time working the mines, Light possesses a strong sense of justice, as he expresses desire to "make things right" so that other children would not have to lose their loved ones to the perils of manual labor. The pair chose to combat this problem by creating an army of robots designed to perform that kind of dangerous work in place of humans. Light was hesitant at first, as the world they knew would be changed by their decision, but the duo bring the machine to life. Afterwards, Light leaves to meet his lover Emily, while Wily leaves with a robot that unnerves Light greatly (this robot is widely thought to be a Sniper Joe, as their appearances are said to be similar).

Wily reaches Emily first, however, and he tells her to run away with him. When Emily refuses, saying that Light's spirit and good intentions will endure forever, Wily has the robot slit her throat. Leaving behind the bloody knife just as Light arrives to see Emily, the authorities arrive and Light is ultimately framed by Wily for Emily's murder. Because the evidence is irrefutable and the city gains Wily's trust because of it, Wily rises to power in the city, a series of telescreens being installed with his image, as well as his robots being deployed. Light, however, barely escapes the death penalty and is instead exiled from the city; he leaves by train and watches the city he loves be transformed into Wily's personal dystopia, depressed and broken by his lost love.

MM9 Proto Man

Proto Man, namesake of The Protomen

As the years pass, the city becomes a technological marvel rife with mechanical helpers, and a generation is born among them. The city lives in fear of a "red-eyed demon", however (later revealed to be the same Sniper Joe robot that killed Emily), who secretly assassinates all who oppose Wily's rule; the people are too afraid to do anything about it.

Among this new generation is the passionate motorcyclist youth Joe, who, one night, decides to "break out" of the city for good. But as he attempts to leave, he realizes he is being followed by the Sniper Joe, and a battle ensues. From the shadows, however, appears Dr. Light, who takes out the Sniper Joe on his own, giving Joe the helmet the robot left behind. Dr. Light and Joe become friends who eventually concoct a plan to infiltrate Wily's tower and take out his telescreens, hoping that it will be a step closer to ridding the city of Wily once and for all.

Joe rides on his motorcycle into Wily's tower to detonate the telescreen, but the bomb goes off before it is intended to, and Light watches Joe's body topple to the ground. Soon thereafter, it is revealed that Wily intended to provoke Light so that something like this would happen, giving Wily the perfect excuse to deploy an army of Sniper Joes and locking down the city once and for all. At first, Light resigns himself to the impeding army, but after finally reading Emily's final letter to him, he is inspired to live, telling Joe that "when [Joe] sees Emily, tell her [he] still has work to do".

Light promptly works for years on a robot that will oppose Wily's watchful army using a modified version of Joe's helmet, and from it creates Proto Man, who he soon sends to fight Wily's new Robot Masters, which are the same as in the original NES Mega Man. But Proto Man is defeated in the attempt, and with Proto Man seemingly dies humanity's last hope.

But Light then creates Mega Man as a son and a companion to him, as he has lost hope as well. He tells Mega Man of his brother each night and how he lost against the Robot Masters, but that Mega Man can never go try and defeat them himself, telling him that "this fight's not yours" and "you cannot win". But Mega Man refuses to stay back, and rushes into the night to save the city.

Mega Man bravely pushes toward the Robot Masters, taking them down one by one, humanity watching in awe. But amidst the carnage appears a lone figure, whose "eyes shine just like [Mega Man's]". The figure reveals himself to be Proto Man, brought back to life by Wily's forces, now a nihilist who believes that because humanity will not stand for themselves and has to build robots to fight for them, they don't deserve to be saved at all. Mega Man and Proto Man battle, Mega Man being cheered on by the hungry crowd, and Proto Man dies in his arms, making a final poetic declaration that "if these people tell this story to their children as they sleep, maybe someday they'll see that a hero is just a man who knows he is free". The crowd cheers on Mega Man, but he realizes that with his brother's death, he was actually right, now believing that there are no heroes left in man. Mega Man then simply walks away, more of Wily's army being deployed, as Wily orders them to slaughter the crowd.


Mega Man is a short, stout robot, resembling a humanoid boy with spiky hair. Despite being a robot, both his outside appearance and personality are made to match that of a ten year old boy. Although he appears blue in most material, his colour actually changes while using Special Weapons or merging into forms like his Power Form, as he then takes on the colour of either the corresponding Robot Master or robot helper, such as Elec Man's yellow or Rush's pinkish red. He wears a helmet with special rectangles that are used to draw in sunlight to power his Mega Buster, and he appears to be wearing metallic, sturdy spandex just like a super hero would. His eyes are large, cartoony, and blue.

Although he does have the personality of a ten year old boy, as is reflected in some of the ways he talks and pronounces his sentences, he also is filled with a strong sense of justice derived from Dr. Light's influence. He will often rush off to save the day without being prompted, and is known for trying to convince his opponents to return with him to the side of good rather than destroying them without mercy.


MM6 Power Mega Man

Mega Man in his Power form from Mega Man 6, merged with Rush

Mega Man features many enhanced abilities thanks to his robotic nature, including great strength that gives him an even matchup against any robot. It is unknown how many of these abilities are given by his combat robot enhancements and how many were already available as a household robot.
  • The Mega Buster, sometimes referred to as an Arm Cannon, allows him to shoot powerful pellets from energy synthesized from the sun by the solar receptors on his head. Later games allow Mega Man to charge up energy for extended amounts of time before releasing all of it in an incredibly power Charge Shot.
  • Jumping and sliding with high amounts of agility. His jump outranges that of any human, while his slide is incredibly quick and allows him to go under projectiles above the ground.
  • Copying of the Special Weapons of any Robot Master that he defeats, allowing him to use these Weapons against other Robot Masters. Each one takes a certain amount of energy, however, that can be depleted by overuse.
  • Usage of various Dr. Light technologies such as robotic pets like Rush and Beat, and teleportation technologies used to enter and exit stages and to enter the battle in games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • High amounts of modulation thanks to Parts created by Auto and Roll in Dr. Light's Lab, including modifications to his Mega Buster that increase its Charge Shot power and allow it to shoot Laser Shots.


Dr. Light


Dr. Light as he appears

Dr. Light was the creator of Mega Man alongside many of his other Robot Master "siblings", including Proto Man. Dr. Light feels a sort of fatherly love for Mega Man, and Mega Man connects with Dr. Light in the same way. Light is often urging Mega Man to be careful and worrying about his safety, including warning him about the dangers of new technologies such as the Double Gear system before begrudgingly installing them. It is possible that Light feels somewhat responsible for the danger that he puts Mega Man through in order to continue saving the world.


Roll is Mega Man's "sister" created at the same time for a similar purpose, although she has never been reconfigured for fighting reasons as he has. She is supportive of him at all times, even when she is sarcastic or snarky. She works to help build in him parts in games such as Mega Man 11 alongside Auto. When she becomes sick of Roboenza in Mega Man 10, her "brother" is distraught, and it is one motivation for him to go find a cure. Even after finding it, when he comes down with Roboenza himself, Roll gives up her medicine to him so that he can continue on to save the day, showing her sibling love for him.

Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily is Mega Man's main antagonist and opponent for much of the Mega Man series. Wily considers Mega Man to be a nuisance who must be dealt with, and is likewise vindictive due to his plans constantly being ruined by him. However, he also often attempts to sway Mega Man to his side so that they can be powerful partners. Likewise, Mega Man sometimes tries to convince Dr. Wily that he is in the wrong, but this never works. Wily is often forced to beg for his life after his Wily Capsulse are destroyed and he is left wide in the open, yet Mega Man realizes that this is insincere.

Proto Man

Proto Man is Mega Man's older "brother," the original robot created by Dr. Light. Proto Man is distant, yet always manages to find a way to help Mega Man out. He often appears once or twice in a game, dropping in to give some warning or make Mega Man prove his strength before continuing. In Mega Man 8, for example, Proto Man drops in to retrieve Duo after he uses all of his power to protect Mega Man, and then checks in on Mega Man and Duo afterwards to make sure that they are ok before leaving again.


Bass with his dog Treble


Bass was designed for the sole purpose of excelling and beating Mega Man, and he fulfills this by rivaling him starting with Mega Man 7. Mega Man, seeing that Bass has also disobeyed and even battled Dr. Wily, often tries to persuade Bass to join the side of good, although this never works. As shown in Mega Man 8, Mega Man will not destroy Bass even if he has the opportunity, instead opting to try and continue trying to convince him to be a hero.

Robot Helpers

Mega Man loves his pets Rush, Beat, and Tango, treating him like a human boy would his pets. They also return this love as a pet would, rushing in to help him when they are needed. Rush even fuses with Mega Man during the events of Mega Man 6, and there were scrapped designs for Rush and Tango fusions in the works for Mega Man 11.

Game Appearances

Dangerous Wilds

Mega Man MS Sprite

Mega Man in Dangerous Wilds.

Mega Man and numerous other Robot Masters from the classic Mega Man series make cameos in this game produced by Lunatic Entertainment. As Dangerous Wilds is a spinoff of Monster Space but with media-related characters and monsters, he appears in this game but not in either Monster Space nor Long Story, which only focus on their own characters.

He will appear only randomly throughout the game, but is coded to only appear in more technological areas -- this does include Cybernet Forests, however. He will likely be battling enemies on the field upon your arrival, and interacting with him will allow you to accept a quest to help him defeat these robots. Upon completing the quest, returning to him will allow him to be a summoned ally in the game; unlike many others, he enters the field very quickly due to instant teleportation (others will take a good 10+ seconds as they must travel there). He also is a more unique ally, as summoning him against mechanical bosses will allow him to absorb one of their abilities and keep it saved in his arsenal.

There is a rare chance that he will appear in "Shiny" form, which will instead change his graphic to one of those from various artwork; however he does not ever appear as "Bad Box Art Mega Man", as this is an alternate "shiny" costume for Dr. Light instead.

He has special dialog against all Mega Man Classic bosses if he happens to be summoned when encountering one, as well as the other Mega Man iterations from the rest of the official Capcom games. He will also speak with Zero, Sigma, Light Hologram, and the major characters of Lunatic Entertainment's own Mega Man series.

Erased Memories

In Erased Memories, Mega Man falls in love with a robotic version of Daisy known as Daisy Woman. Daisy Woman is later kidnapped by Dr. Wily and Mega Man goes to rescue her. After he successfully does so, he married Daisy Woman.

Lets-a-go, Mario

Megaman appears as a DLC character in Lets-a-go, Mario. He can shoot, jump, slide, charge his Mega Buster, and use weapons. His weapons can be used by pressing X and up or X and down. They can also be swapped by pausing and selecting the weapon. He can use every single weapon from his previous adventures, but he can only use a set of 8 weapons from his previous games along with 3 utilities, similar to Wily Tower in Megaman: The Wily Wars.

Megaman Generations

Megaman appears in Megaman Generations with platforming stages. He can use his Megabuster against bosses in the game as well.

Megaman Tempo

Mega Man is cryptically referred to in this series produced by Lunatic Entertainment, due to Tempo's direct connection to the Blue Bomber deep in his past.

Paper Mario: The Platinium Star

Mega Man makes a cameo appearance during chapter 6 of Paper Mario: The PLatinum Star.

Sega All Star Battle

Mega Man is a secret character in Sega All-Star Battle.

Superstar Six

Mega Man made an appearance in the title screen of Superstar Six, where he gets hit by the one of Alex's Rolling Cutters. He also a downloadable player character when trying promote this game.

Ultimate Showdown

US Megaman Classic Alpha

Alpha stage sprite for Mega Man in US.

Mega Man is one of the thousands of characters to appear in this 2D action battle royale. In the game his character is of the Weapons Expert class, and is built in such a way that takes advantage of the various other Robot Masters in the game. Although Mega Man starts out with only his Mega Buster (which can be switched out for a variety of other main weapons he has used throughout the series) as well as his robot companions like Rush, Beat and Tango, should he beat a robot master or similar Mega Man Classic character he will gain their signature weapon to use, which can be selected from his weapon inventory screen. These weapons are listed by element.

His ultimate ability is called Cataclysm Event, and can only be used if Quint has not yet been fielded by a player. In using it, Mega Man is transformed into Quint and loses his normal attacks to work just like his future counterpart. This can be useful in some situations, and also removes Quint from all other players' select-able rosters.


An amiibo figure of Mega Man exists! For more info about these amiibo, see this page.
Amiibo MegaMan


When will there be world peace?
Mega Man, Mega Man: The Power Battle

Okay, I will fight for everyone's future.
Mega Man, Mega Man: The Power Battle

I'll keep on fighting for peace for both humans and robots!
Mega Man, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

I'll protect the world!
Mega Man, Mega Man & Bass

I am more than a robot!! Die Wily!!
Mega Man, Mega Man 7

Without a doubt. Don't worry, I'll clear Dr. Light's name!
Mega Man, Mega Man 9

Thank you, Roll...sit tight. I'll stop Dr. Wily and bring back enough medicine for everyone!
Mega Man, Mega Man 10

I can take it, Doctor. I wanna do this, no matter the cost. Hook me up!
Mega Man, Mega Man 11

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Rool JSSB Character icon - Kirby JSSB Character icon - Koopa Troopa JSSB Character icon - Kritter JSSB Character icon - Kunoichi JSSB Character icon - Lady Sia JSSB Character icon - Lana JSSB Character icon - Laylee JSSB Character icon - Lickitung JSSB Character icon - Lin JSSB Character icon - Link JSSB Character icon - Litten JSSB Character icon - Little Mac JSSB Character icon - Lu Bu JSSB Character icon - Lucina JSSB Character icon - Ludger JSSB Character icon - Luigi JSSB Character icon - Luigi Mario JSSB Character icon - Magearna JSSB Character icon - Maki JSSB Character icon - Mareanie JSSB Character icon - Maria JSSB Character icon - Marie JSSB Character icon - Marin JSSB Character icon - Mario JSSB Character icon - Mario Mario JSSB Character icon - Marx JSSB Character icon - Mawile JSSB Character icon - MC Ballyhoo JSSB Character icon - Medusa JSSB Character icon - Mega Man JSSB Character icon - Meloetta JSSB Character icon - Meta Knight JSSB Character icon - Metal Sonic JSSB Character icon - Midbus JSSB Character icon - Midna JSSB Character icon - Mike JSSB Character icon - Mimi JSSB Character icon - Mio JSSB Character icon - Monokuma JSSB Character icon - Moon JSSB Character icon - Morpho Knight JSSB Character icon - Mr. Game & Watch JSSB Character icon - Mumbo JSSB Character icon - Nester JSSB Character icon - Nikolai JSSB Character icon - Noble Six JSSB Character icon - Olimar JSSB Character icon - Oliver JSSB Character icon - Omega Metroid JSSB Character icon - PAC-MAN JSSB Character icon - Palutena JSSB Character icon - Paper Mario JSSB Character icon - Peach JSSB Character icon - Penguin JSSB Character icon - Phoenix JSSB Character icon - Pico JSSB Character icon - Pikachu JSSB Character icon - Piplup JSSB Character icon - Pipsy JSSB Character icon - Pit JSSB Character icon - Plum JSSB Character icon - Pom Pom JSSB Character icon - Professor Chops JSSB Character icon - Purah JSSB Character icon - Purple Wind JSSB Character icon - Pythagoras JSSB Character icon - Rabbid Mario JSSB Character icon - Ragna JSSB Character icon - Rash JSSB Character icon - Raven JSSB Character icon - Ravio JSSB Character icon - Ray Mk II JSSB Character icon - Reporter JSSB Character icon - Richtofen JSSB Character icon - Rick JSSB Character icon - R.O.B. JSSB Character icon - Robirdo JSSB Character icon - Rosa JSSB Character icon - Roserade JSSB Character icon - Rover JSSB Character icon - Rowlet JSSB Character icon - Rudy JSSB Character icon - Ryu JSSB Character icon - Sakura JSSB Character icon - Samus JSSB Character icon - Shantae JSSB Character icon - Shokora JSSB Character icon - Shadow Mario JSSB Character icon - Skull Kid JSSB Character icon - Snivy JSSB Character icon - Sonic JSSB Character icon - Sora JSSB Character icon - Spring Man JSSB Character icon - Steve JSSB Character icon - Sukapon JSSB Character icon - Sylux JSSB Character icon - Takamaru JSSB Character icon - Tepig JSSB Character icon - Tethu JSSB Character icon - Tetra JSSB Character icon - Thanatos JSSB Character icon - Tiki JSSB Character icon - Timber JSSB Character icon - Tiny Kong JSSB Character icon - Toadette JSSB Character icon - Tom Nook JSSB Character icon - Toon Link JSSB Character icon - Torizo JSSB Character icon - Tropius JSSB Character icon - Tsubasa JSSB Character icon - Twili Midna JSSB Character icon - Ukiki JSSB Character icon - Urban Champion JSSB Character icon - Viridi JSSB Character icon - Wanda JSSB Character icon - Wario JSSB Character icon - Wart JSSB Character icon - Wii Fit Trainer JSSB Character icon - Yarn Yoshi JSSB Character icon - Yooka JSSB Character icon - Yoshi JSSB Character icon - Young Link JSSB Character icon - Yuanji JSSB Character icon - Yukimura JSSB Character icon - Yuri JSSB Character icon - Zelda JSSB Character icon - Zero Suit Samus JSSB Character icon - Zoroark JSSB Character icon - Mii Knight JSSB Character icon - Mii Musician
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JSSB Character icon - Alex JSSB Character icon - Baby Luigi JSSB Character icon - Corporal Paraplonk JSSB Character icon - Dry Bones JSSB Character icon - Iggy Koopa JSSB Character icon - King Koopa JSSB Character icon - Kurokuma JSSB Character icon - Kylie Koopa JSSB Character icon - Larry Koopa JSSB Character icon - Lemmy Koopa JSSB Character icon - Ludwig von Koopa JSSB Character icon - Morton Koopa Jr. JSSB Character icon - MeeMee JSSB Character icon - Miranda JSSB Character icon - Miu JSSB Character icon - Monodam JSSB Character icon - Monokid JSSB Character icon - Monophanie JSSB Character icon - Monosuke JSSB Character icon - Monotaro JSSB Character icon - Ms. PAC-MAN JSSB Character icon - Proto Man JSSB Character icon - Rabbid Peach JSSB Character icon - Rick Wheeler JSSB Character icon - Roy Koopa JSSB Character icon - Shirokuma JSSB Character icon - Toad JSSB Character icon - Wendy O. Koopa JSSB Character icon - Wii Fit Trainer (male)
Assist Characters
JSSB Character icon - Abra JSSB Character icon - Agitha JSSB Character icon - Aparoid JSSB Character icon - Arcade Bunny JSSB Character icon - Attacky Sack JSSB Character icon - Avalugg JSSB Character icon - Barbara JSSB Character icon - Bastiodon JSSB Character icon - Bewear JSSB Character icon - Big JSSB Character icon - Blacephalon JSSB Character icon - Bleak JSSB Character icon - Boldore JSSB Character icon - Bomberman JSSB Character icon - Bonkers JSSB Character icon - Bonsly JSSB Character icon - BowserSC JSSB Character icon - Buizel JSSB Character icon - Burrowing Snagret JSSB Character icon - Cang JSSB Character icon - Captain Rainbow JSSB Character icon - Carnivine JSSB Character icon - Celica JSSB Character icon - Chain Chomp JSSB Character icon - Chandelure JSSB Character icon - Charizard JSSB Character icon - Chirp JSSB Character icon - Chunky Kong JSSB Character icon - Chun-Li JSSB Character icon - Congazuma JSSB Character icon - Conkeldurr JSSB Character icon - Crabominable JSSB Character icon - Creeper JSSB Character icon - Cryogonal JSSB Character icon - Cupid JSSB Character icon - Cyndaquil JSSB Character icon - Darkrai JSSB Character icon - Daruk JSSB Character icon - D.D. JSSB Character icon - Dead Hand JSSB Character icon - Decidueye JSSB Character icon - Delibird JSSB Character icon - Ditto JSSB Character icon - Doom Slayer JSSB Character icon - Devil JSSB Character icon - Dillon JSSB Character icon - Dr. Kawashima JSSB Character icon - Druddigon JSSB Character icon - Dr. Wright JSSB Character icon - Dunsparce JSSB Character icon - Eggplant Wizard JSSB Character icon - Electrode JSSB Character icon - Dragonblood Prince JSSB Character icon - Alolan Exeggutor JSSB Character icon - Expresso the Ostrich JSSB Character icon - Fauster JSSB Character icon - Flurrie JSSB Character icon - Franziska JSSB Character icon - F-Type JSSB Character icon - Gardevoir JSSB Character icon - Ghirahim JSSB Character icon - Gligar JSSB Character icon - Goldeen JSSB Character icon - GonGon JSSB Character icon - Greninja JSSB Character icon - Grovyle JSSB Character icon - Gulpin JSSB Character icon - Hammer-Bot JSSB Character icon - Harry JSSB Character icon - Hero's Shade JSSB Character icon - Hitmonchan JSSB Character icon - Hum Gree JSSB Character icon - Ice Hockey Player JSSB Character icon - Isaac JSSB Character icon - Isa Jo JSSB Character icon - Jill JSSB Character icon - Jin JSSB Character icon - Kamek JSSB Character icon - Kasumi JSSB Character icon - King Daphnes JSSB Character icon - Kiryu JSSB Character icon - Knuckle Joe JSSB Character icon - Komaru JSSB Character icon - Kosha JSSB Character icon - Krystal JSSB Character icon - Kyogre JSSB Character icon - Lakitu JSSB Character icon - Leaf JSSB Character icon - Linkle JSSB Character icon - Lord Fredrik JSSB Character icon - Lucas JSSB Character icon - Lunala JSSB Character icon - Lurantis JSSB Character icon - Mad Jack JSSB Character icon - Magikarp JSSB Character icon - Magnemite JSSB Character icon - Magnus JSSB Character icon - Cooking Mama JSSB Character icon - Alolan Marowak JSSB Character icon - Melmetal JSSB Character icon - Metroid JSSB Character icon - Mew JSSB Character icon - Milla JSSB Character icon - Mimikyu JSSB Character icon - Mipha JSSB Character icon - Misdreavus JSSB Character icon - Moblin JSSB Character icon - Mona JSSB Character icon - Termina Moon JSSB Character icon - Mother Brain JSSB Character icon - Mr. Mime JSSB Character icon - Mr. Patch JSSB Character icon - Musashi JSSB Character icon - Musharna JSSB Character icon - Naotora JSSB Character icon - Nightmare JSSB Character icon - Nihilego JSSB Character icon - N.M.E. Sales Guy JSSB Character icon - Noibat JSSB Character icon - Octorok JSSB Character icon - Off the Hook JSSB Character icon - Palkia JSSB Character icon - Panzersoldat JSSB Character icon - Pauline JSSB Character icon - Phosphora JSSB Character icon - Pichu Posse JSSB Character icon - Pirabbid Plant JSSB Character icon - Prank JSSB Character icon - Primarina JSSB Character icon - Prince Peasley JSSB Character icon - Probopass JSSB Character icon - Puyo JSSB Character icon - Pyukumuku JSSB Character icon - Qbby JSSB Character icon - Qwilfish JSSB Character icon - Alolan Raichu JSSB Character icon - Ray Mk III JSSB Character icon - Mega Rayquaza JSSB Character icon - Red JSSB Character icon - Resetti JSSB Character icon - Revali JSSB Character icon - Rhyperior JSSB Character icon - Rockhopper JSSB Character icon - Roland JSSB Character icon - Salazzle JSSB Character icon - Alolan Sandslash JSSB Character icon - Satebô JSSB Character icon - Seedot JSSB Character icon - Serika JSSB Character icon - Sherm JSSB Character icon - Shinobu JSSB Character icon - Smick JSSB Character icon - Snip and Clip JSSB Character icon - Spinarak JSSB Character icon - Stakataka JSSB Character icon - Stunky JSSB Character icon - Tangela JSSB Character icon - Taranza JSSB Character icon - T.E.D.D. JSSB Character icon - The Prince JSSB Character icon - Tingle JSSB Character icon - Tornadus JSSB Character icon - Totodile JSSB Character icon - Toucannon JSSB Character icon - Twin Wardens JSSB Character icon - Urbosa JSSB Character icon - Vanillish JSSB Character icon - Volleyball Player JSSB Character icon - Waddle Dee JSSB Character icon - Wesker JSSB Character icon - Whacka JSSB Character icon - Wobbuffet JSSB Character icon - Xerneas JSSB Character icon - Zero JSSB Character icon - Zigzagoon JSSB Character icon - Zip
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