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The Medieverse is one of the many Alternate Fantendoverses, created by Crispycol (tbc). It was first mentioned in The Hidden Universe, back then called the Black Death Universe, but the Medieverse is a shortening for the Medieval Universe. Somehow, after the Shattering, the universe was reset to a past time, taking place in the Middle Ages. Technology is rare, but it isn't non-existent. Magic exists, and many know of its existence, but is viewed as bad and thus usually hidden very well. Another major detail is the Black Death that exists in the universe, causing illness to many people, often of the lower class.


A world that has been set back to the medieval times, where technology is rare, magic is alive and illness roams freely. The main plot takes place in  the kingdom of Regno. This kingdom is known to be quite large, and separated into four districts, with each of them having someone to look over it. These districts are Septent, Orientis, Meridian and Occiden. The land is surrounded by a large bank of water. North-west is a vegetation-invested island called Beorn, it held a village of strange creatures that mysteriously burned down prior to the events of the story. North is another island covered by snow and ice without a name. Illness spreads through Regno in the form of the plague, mainly affecting the lower-income houses. Technology is rare to see and only in the form of steampunk mechanics.

  • Septent - the capital, notable differences in hierarchy, main religion is that of the Goddess of White.
  • Orientis - more steampunk technology, good health care
  • Occiden - female friendly, plague is strong here, settlement of witches
  • Meridian - separated by a bridge across a large river, hotter, inactive volcano, religion The Twin Gods.


Regno is ruled by a king who neglects the people, but also is indifferent towards any of his tasks. This causes a lot of trouble among it's inhabitants, but also those closest to him. Meanwhile the witches are being persecuted for using magic, and burned by non-magic users, and trying to find a way to survive these hellish times. These times are also plagued by the Black Death, which affects many.


Many characters are involved in the story, up to 47 characters in fact. Each of these plays a role in the story, although some are more prominent than others. The Medieverse is unfamiliar with surnames, and thus characters only have a first name.








  • The Medieverse was mentioned in The Hidden Universe. In fact the Leah and X-Ray from the Medieverse eventually end up there.
  • The universe takes much inspiration from the HBO series, Game of Thrones.