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Mecha Mario in Super Mario Bros. Z.

Mecha Mario the metal counterpart of Mario and rival to Mecha Sonic. He first appeared in Super Mario Bros. Z, as a robot made by Dr. Eggman and Bowser. Since that, he has appeared in much more Mario media, sometimes teaming up with UNT3N.


New Super Mario Bros. 3: Bowser Returns

Mecha Mario is built by Bowser to get rid of Mario, but he goes haywire and causes chaos in Ice Land. He attempts to steal Princess Peach from his creator, and is not on either Mario or Bowser's side.

A week after Mecha Mario is shut down, he is rebuilt as Mecha Mario MKII to work for Dry Bowser.

Super Mario - Into the Future

Character art for Mecha Mario, as he will appear in Super Mario - Into the Future

Mecha Mario and Mecha Luigi appear as the main antagonists in the game. They were built by Professor Elvin Gadd when he had come to the realisation that Mario and Luigi had begun to show the signs of wear and tear. They were designed to fight like the Mario brothers (if not better) in their prime, however their initial failure to adapt to different enemies and obstacles proved to be an issue, so he added an adaptability program and improved upon it every time they failed. However, they had eventually come to the conclusion that the only way to ensure lasting peace within the Mushroom Kingdom was to eliminate Bowser permanently. They wiped out the Koopalings and left him to die (and he would have too, had Kamek not come to his rescue). When the Professor tried to shut them down from afar, they adapted to the shutdown and modified their core programming, going rogue.
Of the two, Mecha Mario is stronger and more resilient to damage. He is also the second most intelligent of all the mechs, bested only by Mecha Kamek's intelligence.

Super Mario Party By DryKingBowser

Mecha Mario is one of the bosses that Mario and Co. have to defeat. He is the second and main boss of the first board Mario Land along with Shadow MarioHe is fast and will shoot Bullet Bills,Fireballs, and will even shoot a stream of fire. The player has to throw fireballs at him to damage him.

New Super Mario Bros. The Roman Worlds

Mecha Mario is the boss in World IX fortress. He was built by Bowser to destroy Mario, his attacks are throwing fireballs, Blowing fire out of his mouth, throwing hammers, shooting a Bull's-Eye Bill out of his arm, and moving around the arena at high speeds with rocket shoes. Mario must defeat him by stomping on his head 5 times.