McBoo (series)
McBoo Series Logo
The McBoo series logo.
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
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Genre(s) RPG
Spinoff(s) None
First Game McBoo's Mansion
Most Recent Game McBoo's Mansion Wii
Nintendo DS Logo, Wii Logo, Nintendo VR Logo

The McBoo Series is a spin-off of the Mario series, starring McBoo and many other new ghostly characters as well as King Boo from the Mario series. It was created by EEA Inc. and so far, the main series will have three Nintendo DS RPGs and one Wii 3D platformer as well as one DSiWare tetris game. EEA Inc. said that the reason that they created the series was so that Mario gamers would be able to be play in the enemy's prospective.


Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
McBoo's Mansion Logo McBoo's Mansion Nintendo DS McBoo, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry get fired from the Boo Troop by King Boo for hiding, during the events of Luigi's Mansion. The ghosts decide to create a mansion of their own. Then, the greedy king who thinks he is the only one that deserves a mansion, brainwashes a bunch a Bowser's minions to kick McBoo and his friends out of their mansion. After they do, a powerful dark Monty Mole named Haunty Mole takes over the Dark Troop and brainwashes King Boo's minions. King Boo has no choice but to hire McBoo and his friends as minions to stop the Dark Troop. 25px-Flag of Japan 10/22/09
25px-Flag of USA 10/30/09
25px-Flag of Europe 10/31/09
25px-Flag of Australia 11/01/09
O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris Logo O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris? DSiWare It is Halloween night, and the Boos, Pink Boos, and Dark Boos of McBoo's Mansion want to go Trick or Treating. King Boo refused them to go because they have no costumes. Later, McBoo and O'Lantern come back from Trick or Treating and the Boos ask them for some candy. McBoo and O'Lantern are unsure how to feed all the Boos. 25px-Flag of Japan 10/25/09
25px-Flag of USA 10/02/09
25px-Flag of Europe 10/03/09
25px-Flag of Australia 11/04/09
McBoo's Mansion 2 Logo McBoo's Mansion 2 Nintendo DS After many years of serving King Boo, McBoo and his friends, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry feel that it's time to move out. As McBoo leaves the Boo Troop, he meets the ghoul of his dreams, Booberry who leads McBoo on the right path. Meanwhile, Haunty Mole, who had just lost his dark power, goes to the powerful being, Tranzformez for help and gains power again. Hoping to finally get revenge on McBoo, he creates a dark clone of McBoo called McOober who will stop at nothing to destroy McBoo and his friends. 25px-Flag of Japan 03/17/10
25px-Flag of USA 03/19/10
25px-Flag of Europe 03/20/10
25px-Flag of Australia 03/29/10
McBoo's Mansion Wii Logo McBoo's Mansion Wii Nintendo Wii After the fall of Tranzformez in McBoo's Mansion 2, the Mezaar species fall apart without their leader. Combining all their power, they manage to revive Tranzformez. With powerless minions, Tranzformez creates an army of McBoo clones, called McOober's. He also creates new minions for himself, including a psychic version of himself, as well as a fire version, and an ice version. Meanwhile, O'Lantern's old rival, O'Wisp rises in power and tries to lure O'Lantern into his trap by stealing his friend Booberry's newborn baby. With the help of their friends, McBoo, O'Lantern and their old rival, Haunty Mole, must work together to stop their nemesis-es. 25px-Flag of Japan 2010
25px-Flag of USA 2010
25px-Flag of Europe 2010
25px-Flag of Australia 2010
McBoo's Mansion 3 Logo McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1 Nintendo DS After saving his mansion, finding his true love, and exterminating millions of clones, what is McBoo to do? Well, this time around, McBoo is out to solve a mystery with his best pal O'Lantern, the secret of the full moon that is terrorizing even the scariest ghosts of Boo Woods. 25px-Flag of Japan 2011
25px-Flag of USA 2011
25px-Flag of Europe 2011
25px-Flag of Australia 2011


EEA Inc. has announced that there will be two crossover spinoffs of the McBoo series. One will be developed with Flame Games called Clyde's Mansion and one will be developed with APIM Group, Inc. called Pusher's Mansion. However, the release dates for these games are currently unknown. Keyhole Gaming announced a 3D adventure game named McBoo Returns.

TV Series


McToons Logo

The official logo for the McToons.

The McToons are a series or sprite cartoons, featuring McBoo and his friends that takes place years after the games. The series first aired on March 14, 2010 and the episodes focus on suspense as well as a bit of humor now and then. 20 episodes will be aired though 2010.


Major Heroes

Major Villians


Who is your favorite McBoo character from McBoo's Mansion and McBoo's Mansion 2?

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The McBoo Series was received quite well. The reasons being because the players find it fun to finally get to play in the point of view of Mario enemies. They also likes the RPG gameplay of the first and second game. The downside was that the games can be hard at times but that still made the games last a good amount of time. McBoo's Mansion (8.5/10 from IGN and 8/10 from Gamespot) was received better than McBoo's Mansion 2 (7/10 from IGN and 7.5 from Gamespot) because the storyline was considered better. The character, McBoo himself was well received as well. EEA Inc. said that the McBoo characters were their favorite characters they created. McBoo was also used in many crossover games, made by other companies.


What score would you give the McBoo series?

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