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McBoo's Mansion 3 Logo.png
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS logo.png
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png N/A
25px-Flag of USA.png N/A
25px-Flag of Europe.png N/A
25px-Flag of Australia.png N/A
Mode(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) Rated RP.png
Media Included 3DS Card

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1 is an upcoming sequel to McBoo's Mansion 2 and the fourth game in the McBoo Series made by EEA Inc. Very little information was revealed revealed, except for some story and character details. It was conceptualized as a Nintendo 3DS game.


McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1 was originally going to be a simple sequel to McBoo's Mansion 2, not an episodic video game. However, the entire project was ultimately discontinued by its creator, McBoo-Blitzman.


After saving his mansion, finding his true love, and defeating millions of clones, what is McBoo to do? Well, this time around, McBoo is out to solve a mystery with his best pal O'Lantern, the secret of the full moon that is terrorizing even the scariest ghosts of Boo Woods.

Character Countdown

Each month until 2011, a new character was revealed and a new piece of artwork for that character was released.


Unlike the first two games, the player will always be playing as McBoo. Along the way, McBoo will gain new partners that he can switch whenever. This gameplay is similar to that of Paper Mario.

Character Name Description Moveset Moon Attack
McBoo MM3.png McBoo The leader of the Amighosts is back for another adventure. Now a husband, McBoo was ready to settle down after destroying millions of dark creatures. But only the full moon mystery can keep him from that. Bounce
Boo Split
Boo Bomb
Boo Rocket - McBoo transforms into a rocket and crashes into an enemy. It takes off a high amount of damage.
Booberry MM3.png Booberry McBoo's loving wife, and newest member to the Boo Troop. She is still packed with the power of love, to prove to the dark creatures that it's a very powerful force. Even McBoo will daze in one of her love trances. Bounce
Love Split
Love Bomb
Love Balloon - Booberry starts to swell up every turn and increases her attacks. However, a high attack from an enemy will cause her to pop.
OLantern MM3.png O'Lantern McBoo's accidentally hilarious best friend that tends to tick off King Boo. This is a consequence of trying extremely hard to be scary. O'Lantern is always to McBoo's side, even in the hardest of hard times. Roll*
Fire Shield
Fire Launcher
Fire Trap - O'Lantern creates a trap so that if an enemies tries to attack him, it will take off the amount of damage on that enemies that it would have on O'Lantern for two turns.
Akro Bat & Ghoularry MM3.png Ghoularry & Akro Bat The classic Halloween duo that wear extra features to try to be scary, when it just adds laughter. Akro Bat is the kind of guy or Fang that will throw a joke in when unnecessary and Ghoularry is the mute silent type. Pound
Sheet Shock - Ghoularry reveals his true look, stunning all enemies, while Akro Bat attacks them over and over rapidly.
Haunty Mole MM3.png Haunty Mole After his master, Tranzformez betrayed him, Haunty Mole turned his back on the dark side and teamed up with his rival, McBoo. Haunty Mole was a great addition to McBoo's party with his claws and underground allies. Claw
Mole Cannon - Haunty Mole mans a Mole Cannon that shoots undead Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs at all enemies, taking off a good amount of damage to each.
Laval MM3.png Laval A new addition to McBoo's team. He is very smart and strong at the same time. He is childish and clumsy as well and even though he knows that 4 x 2 = 8, he would be the one to say to a cute Booline that 4 x 2 = 6. Bounce
Lava Shot
Lava Torch*
Lava Pool - Laval creates a small lava pool in front of him, so that if an enemy tries to attack him, it will fall in. This usually makes one-hit-KOs, but not all enemies are exposed to this attack.
McBomb MM3.png McBomb (Optional) McBoo's true biggest fan that went to school with McBoo and all. Back in the day, they were great comic writers together. Since then, the two haven't seen each other for years. McBomb's real name is Meggabom, but thinks McBomb sounds cooler. Headbonk
Big McBomb - McBomb throws a big version of him at the enemies with force, exploding (or just headbonking) and taking off a large amount of HP.

* - This means this attack can be used outside of battle (as well as in) to help McBoo solve certain things.


Character Name Description
King Boo MM3.png King Boo The proud leader of the Boos in Luigi's Mansion that has run into a lot of problems over the years, against the members and former members of the Dark Troop and still has a grudge set on Haunty Mole.
Queen Boo II MM3.png Queen Boo II As King Boo is the leader of all Boos, Queen Boo II is the leader of all Boolines. This queen is proud and arrogant and wants nothing to do with the Boos, especially King Boo.
Boo-Boo MM3.png Boo-Boo McBoo's little brother that he lost a while back. Boo-Boo was killed along with his whole family by a strange creature that is off to kill them for good. Boo-Boo is known to get hurt a lot, resulting a lot of crying after.
Mummy MM3.png Mummy McBoo's loving mother that was hurt the worst out of anyone else in the accident and was bandaged up. She and her husband Papah lost McBoo in the accident and were reunited after the killer threatened them again.
Papah MM3.png Papah The man of the McBoo family, Papah was a busy man until he was killed by a creature on the night of the full moon. Papah was, and still is, a great dad to McBoo and Boo-Boo, taking them on many scares together.
Scarr Von McBoo MM3.png Scarr Von McBoo McBoo's ancestor from ancient times. Although Scarr and McBoo have known each other for a long time, McBoo never knew his last name. Scarr has overgrown teeth that used to be the laughingstock, but are now used in other ways.
O'Wisp MM3.png O'Wisp A while back, in his childhood, O'Lantern was evil and controlled by a flame inside of him, O'Wisp. He was soon removed by doctors because he caused to much damage. O'Wisp wanted revenge on O'Lantern even since then.
Po the Unpotted Ghost MM3.png Po the Unpotted Ghost This huge ghost is literally McBoo's biggest, or tallest fan. He is totally obsessed with the Amighosts after they saved King Boo's Mansion that one time. Po's secret goal is to become the fifth Amighost, and travel with McBoo, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry.


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  • Although it is called McBoo's Mansion 3, McBoo's Mansion Wii is the true third game in the series.


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