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MQMBooFliped.pngMcBoo-Blitzman's Fan Game MQMBoo.png
This is a fan game idea made by McBoo-Blitzman.
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McBoo's Mansion 2 Logo.png
McBoo's Mansion 2 Boxart.png
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo.png
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png March 17, 2010
25px-Flag of USA.png March 19, 2010
25px-Flag of Europe.png March 20, 2010
25px-Flag of Australia.png March 29, 2010
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included DS Card

McBoo's Mansion 2 is a sequel to McBoo's Mansion made by EEA Inc. It was released in March 2010. The game is an RPG for the Nintendo DS just like the first game and features a lot of the same gameplay as the first, except the battle system is a bit different.


Before the events of McBoo's Mansion, King Boo was working for a powerful being named Tranzformez who at that time was running the Boo Troop. King Boo felt that he was not treated fairly and had an epic battle with Tranzformez and won. The dark being was then banished to the underground of Boo Woods and King Boo toke over the Boo Troop. Many years later, after many years of serving King Boo, McBoo and his friends, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry feel that it's time to leave the Boo Troop and start being heroes. After leaving, McBoo meets the ghoul of his dreams, Booberry, a beautiful purple Boo, who leads McBoo on the right path so he can become a hero in Toad Town. Meanwhile, Haunty Mole, who had just lost his dark power after the battle with McBoo and his friends, finds Tranzformez underground and goes to him for help. Haunty Mole gains power again and hoping to finally get revenge on McBoo, he creates a dark clone of McBoo called McOober who will stop at nothing to destroy McBoo and his friends. McBoo is then framed in Toad Town when McOober kidnaps Booberry and uses her as bait for McBoo. McBoo has no choice but to go and save Booberry. With help of O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry, McBoo ventures to the fortress of Tranzformez, on the outskirts of Boo Woods only to find out the Tranzformez has set him up. McBoo is then kidnapped by the Toads of Toad Town and locked away. McBoo's three friends, led by O'Lantern set off to free Booberry. After secretly helping Booberry escape, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry set off back to Toad Town to save McBoo. Meanwhile, Tranzformez betrays Haunty Mole of transfers his dark power into McOober, who beings all powerful. After saving McBoo, the five friends find out that Tranzformez is planning to take over the world and travel to the fortress again to fight McOober. After the clone is defeated, Tranzformez steals McOober's dark power and he becomes all powerful and an epic battle unfolds. After a long hard battle, Tranzformez is finally defeated. The dark power is destroyed along with Tranzformez and McOober. Haunty Mole, feeling highly betrayed, joins McBoo's clan and the group returns to Boo Woods, where they are, even Booberry, rejoin the Boo Troop.



Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
McBoo MM.png McBoo The powerful pink puffball is back and this time, he is on the good side. After years of scaring people and feeling that the Boo Troop is no right for him, McBoo feels that it's finally time to settle down and have a relationship where he meets the ghoul of his dreams, Booberry.
  • Bounce
  • Scare
  • Boo Bomb
  • Boo Split
  • Boo Balloon
  • Boo Boxer
  • Boo Rocket
Booberry MM2.png Booberry The love of McBoo's life is powerful, yet sweet at the same time. Booberry is the only Boo living in Toad Town and also one of the only Boo's that is not evil. Booberry falls in love with McBoo and is determined to set McBoo on the right path so he can be a hero to more than just ghosts.
  • Bounce
  • Stun
  • Love Bomb
  • Love Split
  • Love Balloon
  • Love Boxer
  • Love Rocket
O Lantern.png O'Lantern He is McBoo's best friend of teller of really bad jokes. O'Lantern takes of the Four Amighosts when McBoo is busy or kidnapped and won't stop until his friends are safe. O'Lantern is finally starting to put his claws to good use in battle but has become more clumsy than ever.
  • Roll
  • Claw
  • Fire Claw
  • Fire Shield
  • Fire Trap
  • Fire Lighter
  • Fire Launcher
Akro Bat MM.png Akro Bat The goofball of the Four Amighosts is a bit on the wild side, but in a good way. Akro Bat still thinks he is a superbat and risks his life for his friends. Akro Bat's jokes may be better than O'Lantern's but he is still as annoying as ever but deep down, he is loyal to the end.
  • Swoop
  • Bit
  • Fire Bite
  • Ice Bite
  • Poison Bite
  • Dizzy Bite
  • Super Bite
Ghoularry.png Ghoularry He is the shy one of the Four Amighosts yet, Ghoularry is not a chicken. He is a fighter that would sacrifice himself for his friends, because under that plain white sheet is a brave warrior. The thing is, it's hard to communicate with his friends if all he does is make Shy Guy noises.
  • Pound
  • Spin
  • Shy Sheet
  • Shy Scare
  • Shy Balloon
  • Shy Spin
  • Shy Bomb


Image Character Description
King Boo MM.png King Boo He is the proud king of the Boo Troop that is known for scaring the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. King Boo is also quite known to the other ghosts for being a bit to hard on his hard working minions such as McBoo and his friends.
New Villain MM2.png Tranzformez A powerful shape-shifting villain that used to be the leader of the Boo Troop (including King Boo) but King Boo, who wanted more power defeated him in a battle and locked him away under Boo Woods and was released by Haunty Mole.
Haunty Mole MM.png Haunty Mole McBoo's old enemy that has once again gained power. He joins forces with powerful Tranzformez who he discovers cares more about himself than Haunty Mole. Though McBoo is his nemesis, he has always had a soft spot for the Boo.
McOober MM2.png McOober An all-new creation made by Tranzformez, created by copying McBoo's DNA and adding a pinch of darkness. McOober is both stronger and smarter than McBoo, but not enough for McBoo is defeat, just like any other dark enemies.
YoshiEgg Nook MM.png YoshiEgg Nook The green traveling Tanooki salesman that has been McBoo's good friend for a long time, has retired from his days of selling items, and devoted his time to giving McBoo and his friends more hints than ever before.
Clyde MM.png Clyde Another good friend of McBoo that has taken over YoshiEgg Nook's job as a shopkeeper. The only problem is that this Orange Yoshi would rather eat the Moons and other items at the shops, rather than selling them to McBoo.


Please note that all other character or item artworks are for McBoo's Mansion.