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This is a fan game idea made by McBoo-Blitzman.
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McBoo's Mansion Logo.png
McBoo's Mansion Cover.png
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo.png
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png October 22, 2009
25px-Flag of USA.png October 30, 2009
25px-Flag of Europe.png October 31, 2009
25px-Flag of Australia.png November 1, 2009
Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included DS Card
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McBoo's Mansion is the first game in the McBoo series made by EEA Inc. It is an RPG for the Nintendo DS. The game was released in October 2009, around Halloween. It's gameplay is a lot like the Mario & Luigi Series games, only the player can play as Boo characters.


King Boo calls a meeting about his defeat in Luigi's Mansion and fires the four ghosts, McBoo, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry from the Boo Troop for hiding from Luigi, fearful of his Poltergust 3000. McBoo and the gang decide to create their own haunted mansion and take over one in the Mushroom Kingdom. King Boo feels that only he should be in charge of a mansion, and brainwashed a bunch of normal enemies, including a powerful Monty Mole who he calls Haunty Mole. He and his unintelligent sidekick, Meghoul Mole, order the enemies to kick McBoo and his friends out of the mansion which they do. However, the power-hungry Monty Mole gets mad after King Boo doesn't give him any credit for defeating McBoo and becomes the self-proclaimed leader of the enemies and gangs up on King Boo. He also brainwashes all of King Boo's minions, making them follow his commands. Using the power of King Boo's crown, he combines the two mansions, making one huge mansion in the middle of Toad Town. All the Toads in Toad Town come into the mansion, all holding Poltergust 3000s. King Boo has one choice, but to hire McBoo, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry to be his minions, being that they are the only ones left. McBoo soon meets up with his next door neighbor, YoshiEgg Nook. McBoo and his friends get YoshiEgg Nook to convince the Toads that they are the good guys. After that is done, YoshiEgg Nook offers McBoo some hints on special moves. Later, Haunty Mole kidnaps King Boo and brainwashes him so that he will assassin McBoo. Haunty Mole then drains King Boo's power and becomes as big as Meghoul Mole. Then he locks all the doors in McBoo's Mansion and waits for McBoo's arrival. After McBoo, O'Lantern, Ghoularry, and Akro Bat arrive, Haunty Mole appears ten times big then them. After a long hard battle, Haunty is finally defeated and turns into a normal Monty Mole and flees. King Boo is then restored to his normal self and reverts all the dark enemies back to normal, as well as his minions. McBoo and his friends are then promoted to his right hand ghosts and stay in McBoo's Mansion.



Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
McBoo MM.png McBoo The main character of the McBoo Series may look like an innocent pink puffball, but he's a real minion of King Boo. Though McBoo is in fact a villain, a part of him wants to leave the Boo Troop. He is the leader of the Four Amighosts and is also the most intelligent and active of the four.
  • Bounce
  • Scare
  • Boo Bomb
  • Boo Split
  • Boo Balloon
O Lantern.png O'Lantern He is McBoo's best friend and will stop at nothing to please or defend him. Though O'Lantern way fool a few Trick-Or-Treater, looking like a Jack-O-Lantern but he also has long dangerous claws that he only uses in battle. He also tries to impress King Boo by telling bad jokes.
  • Roll
  • Claw
  • Fire Claw
  • Fire Shield
  • Fire Trap
Akro Bat MM.png Akro Bat He may look like a vicious vampire with those fangs and cape, but they are both fake. In fact, no Fangs have fangs at all. Akro Bat wants to be a super hero more than anything and calls himself the Fierce Fanged Flyer. He also has a bad habit of goofing off and annoying King Boo.
  • Swoop
  • Bit
  • Fire Bite
  • Ice Bite
  • Poison Bite
Ghoularry.png Ghoularry He is the only ghost of the Four Amighosts that never talks. Though not much of Ghoularry's personality has been revealed, he is confirmed to be very shy, being that he wears a sheet over his head all the time. Though Ghoularry is most likely a Shy Guy, his body is never seen.
  • Pound
  • Spin
  • Shy Sheet
  • Shy Scare
  • Shy Balloon


Image Character Description
King Boo MM.png King Boo He is the proud and surprisingly weak leader of the Boo Troop that is the main rival of Luigi. After his defeat in Luigi's Mansion, he has become very cranky and gets easily angered. King Boo is also the main target of the Dark Troop.
White Boo MM.png Boo Troop The Boo Troop is a group of ghost enemies, consisting of Boos, Pink Boos, Dry Bones, Fangs, and other ghosts from Luigi's Mansion, lead by King Boo. The members of the Boo Troop are quick to obey King Boo's orders.
YoshiEgg Nook MM.png YoshiEgg Nook A traveling Tanooki salesman that lives next door to McBoo's Mansion. YoshiEgg Nook often sells ghostly items near the mansion and has become good friends with McBoo. He is also one of the only non-ghosts that is not scared of Boos.
Haunty Mole MM.png Haunty Mole A dark Monty Mole, who used to be one of the Dark Troop members, but wanted more power and betrayed King Boo, the one who brainwashed him in the first place. He then became the self-proclaimed leader of the Dark Troop.
Meghoul Mole MM.png Meghoul Mole Another dark enemy that was brainwashed by King Boo. Being a Mega Mole, he is quite large, but despite his size, Meghoul Mole is not very smart. Being quite strong however, Haunty Mole takes him in as his sidekick.
Dark Boo MM.png Dark Troop A group of dark enemies that were originally in Bowser's command but were brainwashed by King Boo. The Dark Troop is later taken over my Haunty Mole and Meghoul Mole and become the main rivals of King Boo and the Boo Troop.


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