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Look! Pink is a GUY color! Kay?! Tough guys are pink!
McBoo's Mansion 2.
Murphy Quinton McBoo
McBoo's appearance from McBoo's Mansion Wii.
AGE Unknown
Mummy (mother)
Papah (father)
Boo-Boo (baby brother)
CLASS Neutral/Hero

Murphy Quinton McBoo (also known as MQM) is the main Boo character in the McBoo Series, created by McQueenMario (tbc) of EEA Inc. He is a Red Boo, wearing a red Mario cap that says MQM (his initials) on it and wears a small red bow tie. The point of his creation was to show Mario gamers what it would be like to be a common Mario enemy. Ever since his debut McBoo has appeared in many Fantendo spinoff games.


McBoo appeared in Mario Party 6 in the party board, Towering Treetop as the large Red Boo that stole Coins or Stars for players. After his plan was a success, he was put in charge of the Red Boo clan by King Boo. He wore a hat and bow tie so he would look different from the other Red Boos. He is the sidekick of King Boo meaning that he is a villain. However, in spin off games, like Fantendo Civil War, McBoo appears as one of the heroes. He is a neutral character like Shadow the Hedgehog. EEA Inc. hinted in his McBoo's Mansion biography that a part of him wanted to leave the Boo Troop which he later does in McBoo's Mansion 2 but rejoins at the end of the game, meaning that he is still a villain. McBoo is the smartest of his four friends (O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry) but tends to be a bit clumsy and has fun scaring people for no good reason. He also has lots of respect for his king, but still ticks him off when McBoo makes little mistakes. He is also shown to be quite shy at times, especially around Booberry, even after they get married in McBoo's Mansion 2.


McBoo Series

McBoo's Mansion

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
McBoo MM.png McBoo The main character of the McBoo Series may look like an innocent pink puffball, but he's a real minion of King Boo. Though McBoo is in fact a villain, a part of him wants to leave the Boo Troop. He is the leader of the Four Amighosts and is also the most intelligent and active of the four.
  • Bounce
  • Scare
  • Boo Bomb
  • Boo Split
  • Boo Balloon

O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris?

McBoo appears as a playable character in O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris?. McBoo and O'Lantern come back from Trick-or-Treating to find a bunch of Hungry Boos in need of candy. The two friends must then share all their candy with the Boos.

McBoo's Mansion 2

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
McBoo MM.png McBoo The powerful pink puffball is back and this time, he is on the good side. After years of scaring people and feeling that the Boo Troop is not right for him, McBoo feels that it's finally time to settle down and have a relationship where he meets the ghoul of his dreams, Booberry.
  • Bounce
  • Scare
  • Boo Bomb
  • Boo Split
  • Boo Balloon
  • Boo Boxer
  • Boo Rocket

McBoo's Mansion Wii

McBoo will appear in McBoo's Mansion Wii as one of the heroes along with his best friend O'Lantern. For the first time ever, McBoo appears in a 3D platformer game as the main character. He will have many new abilities, including the ability to haunt different Mario enemies to gain their power. His main rival, Haunty Mole also appears in the game as a playable character for the first time.

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1

Character Name Description Moveset Moon Attack
McBoo MM3.png McBoo The leader of the Amighosts is back for another adventure. Now a husband, McBoo was ready to settle down after destroying millions of dark creatures. But only the full moon mystery can keep him from that. Bounce
Boo Split
Boo Bomb
Boo Rocket - McBoo transforms into a rocket and crashes into an enemy. It takes off a high amount of damage.

* - This means this attack can be used outside of battle (as well as in) to help McBoo solve certain things.


McBoo appears as a major character in the McToons. Although it is unconfirmed if he will appear in every episode of the series, he will be in most of them. In the first season, McBoo stumbles upon a stabbed Koopa Troopa that tells him about a murderer that can assassinate ghosts. McBoo is then scared by the killer and escapes. In a later episode, McBoo meets the future version of O'Lantern that explains that he will die unless he prevents falling into a trap. The next thing you know, McBoo falls into the trap and finds his friends, O'Lantern, Akro Bat, and Ghoularry. Before the killer (which is really a robot) could kill him, Future O'Lantern and Booberry save him. Even later, McBoo discovers that Booberry was really T.H.E. K.I.L.L.E.R. who had impersonated the real Booberry up til that point. But before T.H.E. K.I.L.L.E.R. could kill him, McBoo receives help from a ghostly Koopa Troopa (the same one that was stabbed) and travels to the future, only to be trapped there, after McBoo's past self destroys the clock that got him there in the first place. However, after seeking help from the Koopa, by the name of Mr. Trooper, McBoo arrives back to discover that T.H.E. K.I.L.L.E.R. is Tranzformez.

Clyde Series

Image Character(s) Information Role Colour Slogan or Catchphrase
McBoo Logo Clyde.png McBoo Playable Character Pink

Other Appearances

McBoo has appeared in nearly every YoshiEgg game to date. He is a major character and is always playable. His friends also appear, as well as his giant mansion. McBoo also appeared in every Karma game, because there is only one so far. He is a partner in Paper Karma. McBoo appears in the Fantendo Kart Series as a racer as well. He also appears in a number of episodes of Fandemonium. He also appears in Ghoshi's Island.


Icon Name Instruction Booklet Biography Statics
McBoo Flipnote 2D Art.png McBoo He's a ghost, what can I say? He's got skills! Power 3/4
Control 2/4
Skill 4/4
Speed 1/4


The original color scheme of McBoo.

  • McBoo's middle name, Quinton, was named after McQueenMario (tbc)'s friend.
  • Though McBoo's first name is really Murphy, he is always called by his last name, similar to O'Lantern.
  • McBoo was originally going to be white but was changed to pink (Like Red Boos) for unknown reasons.




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