Maxi Iclavies
A regular Maxi Iclavie Trooper. 
Species Origin Iclavies
First Appearance Robo Madness
Related Species
Taeko Iclavies
Notable Members
Antares - Leader
You know nothing of the Taeko, now die you miserable piece of scrap!
A Maxi Iclavie,
Maxi taunt1
, Robo Madness

Maxi Iclavies are part of one of the two Iclavies factions made over the history of Flintezz. Maxi Iclavies were those who existed seperately from the Taeko because of land seperation and formations, which lead to the Maxi creating their own society and government. During the events of Robo Madness, Maxi Babies were exposed to a gas which increased birth rates when Xarz invaded the Maxi's main hospital's maternety ward, this lead to overcrowding and civil war with the Taeko over territories. Their current government and military leader is Antares.


The Maxi were established when cities were seperated by progressing land formations over the years, being seperated by fissures and rivers. They eventually created their own seperate government, establishing businesses, weaponry and such technology. Eventually, after his creation, Xarz invaded the main hospital and released a gas in the Maternity Ward, this made the babies have increased birth rates when they reach adulthood and because of this, it lead to the overpopulation of safe Maxi territory. This lead to civil war between Taeko and Maxi, which was the intended effect Xarz wanted, since he knew that both factions would kill each other and nobody would be on Flintezz, letting Xarz have control over every weapon production or drone production factories and have full control over Maxi and Taeko territory.


  • Maxi Scouters - Weak Maxi who are assigned to missions such as infiltrating enemy territory and scouting areas. Maxi Scouters are equipped with a basic Type-A1 Beam Rifle and light armor to make them more fast than other Maxi soldiers.
  • Maxi Troopers - The main forces in the Maxi Army. Maxi Troopers are generally given basic armor to resist blasts from weaker weaponry and are given KAL-2-0-2 Light Plasma Lasers or Type-A1 Beam Rifles. This and their armor makes them more suited for offensive attacks and raids.
  • Maxi Eliminators - Maxi Eliminators are experts in raiding and seige of enemy territories. Each Eliminator is equipped with fairly heavy armor, HVPB (High Velocity Propelled Bomb) Launchers and a secondary KAL-3-0-5 Medium Plasma Laser. Eliminators are a common sight in large scale raids and can be a challenge to defeat without the right equipment.
  • Maxi Elites - As their name suggests, they are some of the highest ranked Maxi soldiers. They are equipped with Heavy Armor coupled with more advance, modified HVPB Launchers, 2.3v Juggernaut Heavy Plasma Rifles and an enhanced visor for more precise aiming. It is not reccomended to face a Maxi Elite unless it is required for a quest or if they block routes to other areas.

Voice Samples

Maxi Trooper

Maxi intruder1
- "Intruder!" - A Maxi Trooper spotting an Intruder

Maxi Eliminator

Maxi taunt1
- "You know nothing of the Taeko, now die you miserable piece of scrap!" - A Maxi Eliminator taunting it's opponent
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