Max Power is the main antagonist in the David series. He has a IQ of 192, he creates or hires his minions, and builds all his inventions on his own and gets some assistants from his minions. He comes from a family of evil people and all Max wants is to take over the world and make it into a wasteland. He has a brother named Roger Power and a father who's name is unknown and he runs the evil Power Industry. He hates David because he always ruins Max's plans and inventions.


Max was just an average evil man who wanted to rule the world since age 11, but he had no childhood because he always worked at his father's industry. Many years later he became a smart man and started to be intrested in robotics and started making his own robots. Then one day he got injured while make a robot that can control the human body he got badly injured and sent to the hospital. After the injury he saw a bright light in a room he looked and saw a baby was born named David. He later found out he had powers and wanted those powers to take over the world. So for many years Max has built machines to capture little David and drain all of his powers, but nothing worked then he had an idea. On April 16 he went and robbed a bank with David and Thomas' dad hostage he told him he wanted his kid's powers. The dad said no and after five rejections later he killed the two boy's father. Ever since that day he knew he made a mistake now every time he make an evil plan or machine David is there to stop him. For revenge Max has been destroying David's town and kidnapping his girlfriend Maria.

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