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SSB Mario Series white.png Maw-Ray
New Super Mario Bros. DS model
Species Origin eel
Rarity rare
Alignment neutral
Average Behavior Aggressive.
Habitat(s) Deep underwater
Ability/ies Biting opponents
Weapon(s) Its teeth
Vulnerable To Generally near-invulnerable
First Appearance SSB Mario Series white.png Super Mario 64, Nintendo 64, 1996
Latest Appearance SSB Mario Series white.png Super Mario 3D All-Stars, via SM64, Switch, 2020
Mega Maw-Ray
Spike Eel


Unknown-type icon.png Unaffiliated

Maw-Rays, previously known as Unagis, are giant eel-like creatures seen in multiple Mario games.

In Super Mario 64, only one appears, in Jolly Roger Bay; however, it's involved in two Stars. First, in "Plunder the Sunken Treasure", it's blocking the entrance to the ship Mario needs to enter in order to get this star. The second Star, "Can the Eel Come Out to Play?", involves Mario having to lure the Maw-Ray out of its nest and grab the Star on its tail.

Maw-Rays later appear in New Super Mario Bros. DS, in Worlds 4-3 and 8-3. In the latter, Mario has to swim away from a gigantic one that can't even be killed by a Star.

Finally, in Super Mario Odyssey, Maw-Rays (now actually called this for the first time) appear primarily in Seaside Kingdom, where they block the way to a few Power Moons. A few Maw-Rays even appear in a Yoshi-centric cloud bonus stage in the Mushroom Kingdom.

A Maw-Ray is even part of a Mario Kart track: Wii-U Dolphin Shoals. They also make cameo appearances in Wii Koopa Cape and the Mario Kart 7 version of GCN Daisy Cruiser.

Oddly, "Unagi" (うなぎ) is not the creature's actual Japanese name. Furthermore, "unagi" is the Japanese word for "freshwater eel", and while the type of water used in the Mario series is debatable, Maw-Rays are based on SALTwater eels (穴子 anago).

Fanon appearances

Name in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウツボ
(its real Japanese name)