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Matt Bosh is a hero from the RTAverse who is part of the Journey team. A young man with a track record of odd occurences in his life, he learned that he wielded powerful magic and headed through the portal to learn to control it.

Matt is a main character of Fantendo - Journey. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Journey

Physical Appearance

Matt is a 19 year old very tall and skinny white male. He has tan skin, short and spiky red hair, dull green eyes, and wears a white basketball jersey with a blue 10 on it. He also wears green shorts and blue and white sneakers.


Matt was born with powerful magic that manifests itself without Matt knowing, being able to cause mischeif or solve problems with no scientific explanation. He recently learned of his powers and can manifest them in various spells with a wide range of effects. He still hasn't learned how to control all of it though.

Matt is also a decent fighter due to his magic and can use spells to manipulate people and learn important information.


Matt is wild and all over the place, constantly joking around and playing elaborate pranks on his friends. He also makes a lot of noise and is pretty over-confident in himself.

Even with his negative qualities, he loves to help people out and is glad to be able to do so, having faith in doing good for others and meaning well, even if he messes up occasionally.




  • Matt's name is a reference to basketball player Chris Bosh.

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