This article is about a character from the David series. For information about the character from Rhythm Heaven Fever in PAL versions, see Marshal.
There's a whole world out there...and we should explore it.

Matt is a Male Human one of the main characters from the David series. Matt is one of David and Thomas' great friends and Matt is best friends with Travis and the two like to have adventures with each other. Matt is described as not the best runner, but he does have good aim and stealth. He is confirmed to be Player 4 in David's Galactic Adventure.


General Information

Personality and Traits

Matt is an average person who likes to spend time with family and friends. Matt is intelligen like his best friend Travis and is not most athletic out of the four, but he does have good aim and stealth which is very useful at times. Matt has a mixed personality as he is happy, sad, or mad, and Matt does have some courageous and helpful traits.

Physical Appearence

Matt's appearence that he has brown hair, green eyes, light aqua blue shoes, black pants, and a orange shirt that says in red text "Adventure for All".


This was sure quite an adventure.

C'mon guys let's go down to the Corn Dog Castle!

This place sure looks strange to me...


  • Like his best friend Travis, Matt is also intelligent.
  • Matt has some well stamina at times
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