Master Binary in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered.

Master Binary is the true villain of the 3.14 Series, as it is revealed he was the one making 4.13 think he was 3.14's enemy. His first appearance is in 3.14 - Operation Binary.

Creation and Destruction

Master Binary was created when the World Hamburgafier started the Universal Collapse. The evil inside those worlds formed into an entity, which began controlling 4.13's mind minorly, making him think 3.14 was his enemy. When 3.14, Strafe, Samus Aran and Link appear, he tests their friendship by possessing Link. After a fierce battle, he gets out of Link, takes the Master Sword and kills 3.14. Then 3.14 the Dolphin appears, and he turns into Master Binary the Octopus to fight him. After being defeated again, and 3.14 is revived by Palutena, he sends him to the Nowhere World and begins chasing him. The Nowhere World has absolutely nothing, so 3.14 can fly with the lack of gravity. After defeating him AGAIN, 3.14 is sent back to the Inter-Universe Anti Universe Merge Federation, where he begins running as Master Binary transforms into the Sword of Doom, which even Paletuna cannot reverse the effect of. As he is running, he trips over and hits the World Hamburgafier, which causes Master Binary to split into millions of tiny pieces.

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