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Mary Azkaban Female
123 lbs
35 years old Human
Mary Azkaban, with her Standing Ripple Digitalism
FULL NAME Mary Azkaban
POWERS Commanding an army
BIRTHDAY April 25th
ALIGNMENT Seattle Police Force; F.A.N.T., Government
OCCUPATION(S) Seattle Police Officer
BIRTH LOCATION Savannah, Georgia
CURRENT LOCATION Seattle, Washington

F.A.N.T, dark chocolate, stilettos


Sabrine Lee, CHELPRO, Ocean 11


Mary Azkaban is a African-American cop that lives in Seattle, Washington, aided by her Standing Ripple known as Digitalism. She gained her Standing Ripple through unique circumstances, having found a shattered bit of Ripplite from a scene of crime and during investigation of the material, accidentally gave herself a Standing Ripple. She is responsible for most of F.A.N.T's knowledge of Standing Ripples prior to them meeting Sabrine Lee. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) for two express purposes: to showcase a modern police force member in the superhuman capital that Seattle has become and to act as a secondary antagonist to Sabrine Lee and allies.

Mary Azkaban is a woman from the Seattle Police Force who works alongside F.A.N.T on matters related to Standing Ripples, a growing epidemic across the area due to the Ocean 11 gang and the growing unrest of a society that is split between normalcy and superhumanity. Her Standing Ripple, Digitalism, is a colony-type Standing Ripple that can be strung together or sent as a group. Their unique properties allow Mary to "program" new abilities for them and then execute them as shouted commands.


Mary Azkaban Description

Mary Azkaban is a African-American woman with black hair and blue eyes, which are highlighted with blue eyeliner. She can usually be seen in her uniform, which is an updated police uniform issued by the Snaily Joe administration. It has a high collar, which conceal two body cameras to the left and right of her that film her when she is on duty. They are tightly sealed into the collar and are impossible to pick out without destroying the gel seal that will activate upon major tampering. The outfit also includes double banded gold cuffs and a police hat. On her chest, she wears the badge and a medal of honor awarded to her for her work with F.A.N.T. She wears gray pants and boots.

Digitalism Description

Digitalism is a collective of up to 10 small, thin metallic creatures that hold a colored gem in their "heads". They can bend and twist their bodies in many unnatural ways and can snap back to their original position with no harm done. Their bodies have a golden/bronze color.


Far from a rebel, Mary Azkaban is a strict law-enforcing authority that wants to crack down on crime on the out-of-control population that has gained access to Standing Ripples. She has a dominating presence and is well respected by her peers- she does not take abuse and can fight for hours with her words and even longer with her powers and physical attacks. She is completely sober and has not drank any alcoholic substances across her entire lifespan, seeing such things as nothing but distractions.

She is the ideal cop- she does not pull out her gun in most situations, only relying on it for heightened situations where it is absolutely necessary to stop someone else from either attacking her or to hold a gunman at a stalemate. Even rarer is the situation where she finds it necessary to fire- never at the chest or brain, but always at a hand or leg to destabilize her opponent. She tries to deescalate the situation when possible and while can be intense to be around, she thinks out her moves carefully.

Mary Azkaban also has a strict allegiance to her position. She does not feel like she would be better off working for F.A.N.T directly, as this would require her to work on a less local level and not the community she would continue to rather protect more directly. However, she does work in tandem with F.A.N.T and the CIA in cases requiring their attention. However, she will not and cannot follow orders blindly.

Her Standing Ripple, Digitalism, is a collective of small beings. They often pose and dance around Mary Akzaban when active unless given orders, showing that they are willing to serve her given the opportunity. As such, they act almost like her own personal squadron.


Stand Out Stories

Powers and Abilities

Mary Akzaban's powers and abilities come mostly from her Standing Ripple, Digitalism. Digitalism allows Mary to do a variety of tasks with up to 10 of them and can even use them as almost a real-life coding system. They conduct energy through their arms and limbs that allows Mary to bark commands that she has created herself through experimenting with the Standing Ripple to perform different abilities.

On their own, Digitalism is able to operate as spies and record visual information and then broadcast it as holograms for Mary, who can use the holograms to get a real sense of the spatial surroundings and examine evidence from all angles without having to go to the crime scene herself. When two are together, they can swap information by bonking their heads together. Additionally on their own, Digitalism can spark out electricity and channel it through their limbs. When more of them are combined, they can create a power station or serve as a database for Mary with their collective information.

Despite their wealth of abilities and general well-suited nature to the user, they are almost always constantly interacting with the environment. This is their biggest weakness, as they lack intangible states a good lot of the time.

Mary has own combat skills as well, being able to use both a baton and a gun, although she does not use the gun unless she feels it is absolutely necessary- which is incredibly rare. Mary is also a trained runner and has some general advanced movement that allows her to easily catch up with most criminals, even superhuman ones.

Specific Abilities

Digitalism (Commands and Powers)

  • Go Time - Mary Akzaban gives a member of Digitalism a command and then ends it with "Go Time". These are often to record locations or to set themselves up at a location that Mary Akzaban plans to be at later- allowing her to plan routes efficiently.
    • Encore - Digitalism can repeat the last given action immediately when Mary gives this command. This command was created so Mary didn't have to keep track of every single command while in the heat of action.
    • Battlecry - Digitalism switches into conductor mode, causing electricity to pulse off them and for them to shock on touch. Saying "Cease" will cause Digitalism to exit from this mode.
  • Holograms - Digitalism can scan the environment over a period of 20 second intervals and construct 3D holograms that allow Mary to get a better sense of a crime scene without actually having to visit it and put her in possible danger. The projections can track past movement on the ground and can scan for thumbprints, suggesting a high degree of detail is possible to examine.
    • Mirage (Part One) - Using the holograms, Mary Akzaban can use it during battle to create illusions of objects that aren't there. A single Digitalism is required for this task and can only show objects of a certain size in full color.
    • Mirage (Part Two) - The advanced version of this ability, requiring ten Digitalisms. Mary Akzaban can completely fabricate a room and it's surrondings in full color with hard light- the only way you could tell it was fake is through umbra-based powers or hitting one of the Digitalisms that is projecting the room.
      • Destination Breakdown - Mary can keep someone trapped in a fake room that has completely collapsed, trapping them under hard light constructs. This again, requires all ten Digitalisms.
    • Data Gardens - 5-10 Digitalisms hang back their heads and create a collective database that Mary can use, constructing a hard light computer that she can use to manage their data and storage as well as assess everything at once.
    • Knight Life - 5 Digitalisms form a ring and construct a hard light knight that strikes forward for a distance before fading away due to the distance away from the projection. It becomes less powerful the more distance it crosses.
  • Dynamo - While in Battlcry Mode, Digitalism is able to strike with electricity pulsing through their body, with the way they contort and fold their limbs making them turn into almost electrical, giant bullets that spin through the air.
    • Magnets - If four Digitalisms hold hands while in Battlecry Mode, they are able to conduct the electrons to send metallic objects flying away from them in a magnetic pulse. This also acts as an EMP. This is nowhere near as good as say, someone like Sakeena Kamel's magnetism powers, but can serve as a powerful attack in a pinch.
    • Power Station - 5-10 Digitalisms can wrap around each other vertically to create an electrical charging station that quickly charges electrical devices.
    • JPEG - With all 10 Digitalisms, Mary can construct a visual hard light field that can create a 8K image with 10 layers that can be used as an illusion, allowing the Digitalisms to wrap around the foe and bind them with the hard light image.

Mary's Abilities

  • Runner - Mary is a trained runner and runs early in the morning on weekends or her time off. She can catch up pretty quickly to anyone on the run.
    • Parkour - Mary can leap up walls and climb up poles, as well as land safely when jumping with her basic parkour knowledge.


  • Baton - Mary primarily uses the baton in her line of work, able to attack from a lot of vantage points to get someone to the ground or otherwise knock them around.
  • Gun - Mary has a rarely used gun that she does not use without a lot of thinking.


Hyper Mode


Hyper Form Mary Azkaban and Digitalism (The Ism) (The Ism for short) was the full name of Mary and Digitalism's Hyper Mode forms. While it has yet to appear in canon currently, it works completely similar to the Hyper forms of Sabrine Lee and Juliani Crimsoze- as opposed to giving the Standing Ripple user Hyper Mode enhancements directly, it effects the Standing Ripple instead. Digitalism's powers are replaced with new abilities.

Digitalism's first new power is known as Spektrum. As opposed to having just 10 Digitalisms to work with, Mary gets to work with a staggering 255. These come from a main body, which is known as The Ism. The more Digitalisms Mary pulls from, the less power The Ism has. They are smaller and have a steel color to their bodies. They are roughly 25.5 times smaller in size to the original Digitalisms. Each Spektrum-produced Digitalism has the capacity to capture up to 255 JPEG images in their "hard drives" aka their crystals. While they can no longer produce holographic scans, they are able to capture photographic evidence as cameras incredibly fast and incredibly densely. Mary can collect them back into The Ism and browse their memories and transfer it over networks via a command known as Olympia.

Digitalism's second new power is known as Raum. The Ism is able to become completely flat provided all Digitalisms are inside it, able to contort around as a giant flat piece of black rainbow colored technology. It's surprisingly sneaky, able to wrap itself perfectly around objects and tilt and move them towards Mary Azkaban. It can also split itself up into smaller pieces. It can also transform itself into a room via transforming itself into a box around the person it wants to trap, acting as a prison via the command Jupiter Room.

Digitalism can still be commanded by Mary Azkaban like before, although when fully collected as The Ism (with Spektrum not active), it is able to communicate in a much fuller capacity, able to talk to Mary like a police partner. Mary undegoes a small personality trait that's always been part of her, but in much more full force- she hates cops and working directly with the government. She is much more willing to work with people she otherwise wouldn't work with if it means exposing corruption. This includes law-breakers like Sabrine Lee and even W.R.A.I.T.H., the organization dedicated to fighting F.A.N.T and other political enforcers.

Mary gains a new outfit to reflect her values in this form- any police badge or honors are gone, as she is solely working for herself as a vigilante, uncompromised by the system. It is entirely black and gold, with a Digitalism crystal on her cap and uniform. Her hair also gets slightly longer. Her baton becomes gold colored and features a multi-colored ring of LED light. Digitalism becomes huge, becoming a massive collective system known as The Ism which is black and features lines across it that glow like a rainbow. It's primary color of it's crystal also becomes a rainbow. It's Hyper Mode Orb is collected in it's chest in a rib-like extrusion, not unlike Alien Ant Farm. Around it is small steel Digitalisms that can float around it due to it's electromagnetic properties.




  • Mary Azkaban's named stems from two sources:
    • Mary aka Lady from the Devil May Cry series.
    • Azkaban, the prison featured in the Harry Potter series.
    • Her original name was going to be Mary Arkham, but this felt a little too close to source for the author's liking so the name was substituted with another famous fictional prison.
  • Digitalism is named after the band. Their abilities are named after the songs "Go Time", "Encore", "Battlecry", "Holograms", "Mirage (Part One)", "Mirage (Part Two)", "Destination Breakdown", "Data Gardens", "Dynamo", "Magnets", and "Power Station".
  • Mary Akzaban's design and concept was partially inspired by the version of Zonas seen in COLD❄BLOOD. Having helped design that version, Helena Harper (tbc) wanted to take a stab on a police officer character as she noted that she generally lacked one and felt she was relying on F.A.N.T Squad 410 too much.
    • While Mary is a police officer, Helena Harper (tbc) wanted her to act more like an ideal cop in a ideal society where the response to crisis situations isn't to shoot people. Her Hyper Mode elaborates on this more- as opposed to being more militant, Mary actually goes the other direction and wants to fight against corruption in the system she's part of.



Standing Ripple is a concept in the New Fantendoverse used to refer to projections of fighting spirits created by contact with the metal Ripplite. These fighting spirits are created from the hosts' Aura and general will to fight and host incredible but bizarre abilities. These Standing Ripples name themselves, usually off musical artists, and often do not speak or act on their own, but do follow their host everywhere. They have an arguable consciousness; while they can act on their own when not in combat, they do not seem to be consciously aware of their own actions.

Ripplite is a mineral/metal alloy that can phase light through it to alter it's properties. It is key to being able to produce Standing Ripples. It comes from Vokkskar-created Catalyst Comets that crash into planets. Ripplite can also inversely be used to cut through Standing Ripples. Given it's weak resistance to force, crushing similar to quartzine mineral, it is not good for weapons.
  • Ocean 11's leader Hammerhead, who has the largest fragment recovered, has used it for monetary gain and on every member of his mob gang.
  • CHELPRO as corporation has a smaller fragment that they are experimenting with.
  • Trent Corona has a very small fragment that he uses in the blade of a laser sword known as the Ripple Ripper.
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  • Standing Ripples are inspired by the concept of Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The name of the concept is even a reference to both the shorthand (Stand) and it's meaning (Ghostly Ripple).
    • One key difference is that if Standing Ripples interact with the environment, they can be hurt and attacked like a normal character. Additionally, they can be seen by anyone.
  • Standing Ripples could possibly be seen as a new extension of the music numbers that have been present in both the original Fantendoverse and the new Fantendoverse- where as music punctuated pivotal moments in past stories, now they are literally powering characters.
  • Coincidentally, Standing Ripples and Stands were both introduced in the third "part" of their respective series' on going narratives- Standing Ripples in Phase 3 of the New Fantendoverse and Stands in Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.