Marvel Dynasty
Developer(s) Koei Tecmo, Marvel
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Beat-'em-up
Series Marvel Dynasty
Successor Marvel Dynasty: Galactus Rising
Release Date(s) November 15th, 2015
Age Rating(s) Teen

"Marvel Dynasty" or in some other places, "Marvel Warriors" is a beat-'em-up game for the Wii U. It was developed by Koei Temco and Marvel, and produced by Nintendo. It was released on November 15, 2015 in North America, November 13 in Japan, November 26th in Europe, and November 16 in Australia. It combines Marvel characters and locations with Dynasty Warriors gameplay, and stars characters from Avengers, Spider-Man, Howard The Duck, Daredevil, and Guardians Of The Galaxy. A sequel is said to already be in the works.


The gameplay is similar to Dynasty Warriors. The player and a few others, along with their troops, are trying to take over a large piece of territory and KO enemies, along with getting rewards and taking over bases. Many enemies based on their respected Marvel series are there for you to fight, and if you take over a base, your army surrounds that area. In each level, there is a large boss for you to fight. When certain tasks are performed, your armie's morale improves. (Or decreases, due to enemies.)


Long ago, a prophecy was made by an unknown individual. The prophecy stated:

"One day, in the distant future, a near-unstoppable force will find an artifact of power. Using the artifact, the force will summon 3 different dimensions into the world. He will gain an army of followers, and will over-power those he deems worthy, yet refuse to help him. What the force DOESN'T know is that from each dimension comes an abundance of heroes. With their combined forces, they will try to take down the force of evil."

Millions of years later, enter Thanos. A titan who strikes fear into the heart of most people across all dimensions. His minion, Proxima Midnight, has brought his the Dimenbender, an artifact that can bend space and time, and bring forth other dimesions. Thanos takes the Dimenbender and puts it in a spot for safe keeping.


Heroes (Avengerverse)

Playable heroes from the Avengers dimension.

Image And Name Description Special Move

019 captainamerica

Captain America

The famed Captain himself, Captain America! He has great agility and can attack using his shield. 

Alternate Costumes:

  • Reverse Captain America
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue


Captain America's motorcycle appears, and he rams into enemies, then does a wheelie. Can KO up to 45 enemies.


Iron Man

Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, has come back to help Earth's mightiest heroes! With the suit, Iron Man can use his super strengh and speed to save the day!

Alternate Costumes:

  • Iron Patriot
  • War Machine
  • White Armor
  • Green Armor
  • Without Mask


Iron Man launches three lazer beams from his hands, bouncing off the walls! Can KO up to 57 enemies.



Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, returns to fight for freedom. He's a powerful heavy hitter, but he has pretty bad range.

Alternate Costumes

  • Red Hulk
  • Gray Hulk
  • Yellow with Red Pants
  • Blue with Green Pants
  • Purple with Yellow Pants

Hulk SMASH!!

Hulk charges at his enemies, jumps high, then slams both of his fists on the ground. HARD. Can KO up to 75 in it's range.


Black Widow


Martial Arts Flurry

Black Widow runs near her opponents, and does some sick martial arts move against them. Can KO up to 40 enemies in it's range.



Thor, the Norse God of Thunder! He can use his hammer to cause thunderstorms and face-slams!

Alternate Costumes

  • Avengers Thor
  • Loki Color Scheme
  • Black
  • Golden
  • Maroon

Lightning Strike

Thor throws down his hammer, creating an earthquake and making lightning rain down from the sky. Can KO up to 60 enemies in it's range.



Hawkeye is a master arrowsman, and it shows. He can shoot a plethera of arrows, include regular ones, sharp ones, and exploding ones.

Alternate Costumes

  • Avengers Hawkeye
  • Avengers Hawkeye (without glasses)
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

Grenade Arrow

Hawkeye shoots 3 explosive arrows. When one lands, it explodes. This attack can KO up to 45 enemies.

NickFuryFullNick Fury

Nick Fury is the director of SHIELD, and is a strong individual. He can use U.S. firearms, both standard and automatic.

Alternate Costumes

  • The Unseen
  • Sgt. Nick Fury
  • Red and Blue
  • Dark Gray and Silver
  • Coat
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