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Umbrella Waffle art.

Martello Profilare is an alternate-universe version of Mario set to appear in Umbrella Waffle.


Profilare as a character diverged from the Mario-canon Mario during the events of his home universe's version of Mario Bros., when he got covered in a strange, radioactive goo that corrupted his very being. He became a slimy sewer monster as a result of the incident, before freaking out, stumbling into a Warp Pipe shortly thereafter, and ending up trapped in the bowels of the earth.

What happened to Profilare afterwards is largely a mystery, but in some way or another he ended up in the Mainverse and joined the Splicers as a janitor.

Powers and abilities

Martello Profilare can separate pieces of his body to use as harmful projectiles, or compress into a puddle to dodge attacks. A unique ability of his is the power to generate a theoretically infinite number of hands out of his body. According to Word of God, this is a reference to the overuse of Mario's gloves as assets in older "3D" Fantendo character art.

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