Mariofan45: The Game is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii. It is the first game in the Mariofan45 series. It has new features, like MF45 as the main character, Bakachu, the Evil Lucas Koopa, and Kaklia.


The gameplay is similiar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, except there are no enemies and the only boss is Lucas Koopa.



Image Name Description Ability Unlocked by...
Mariofan45 Mariofan45 MF45 makes his debut in this game, having a major role. He can head bonk on the ground. He's already unlocked
Bakachu Bakachu MF45's buddy makes his debut too! He is the strongest jumper, or, do you say? His jumps are higher than any other He's already unlocked
Juno Juno Juno is MF45's brother and has the power to have yellow powers. He has yellow powers and is the fastest Juno can be unlocked by clearing World 1.


Image Name Description
170px Princess Kaklia MF45's girlfriend has been kidnapped by the evil Lucas Koopa, and MF45 and his buddies are ready to beat the evil Koopaling!
NSMBDIY Mario Jump Mario Mario makes his NPC appearance in the first MF45 game as a helper, not a damsel.
200px-MKAGP2Peach Princess Peach Princess Peach will help MF45 and friends get to Princess Kaklia. Peach also appears in MF45's shop.


This game has only one boss that no bosses where there.

Image Name Description
Lucas Koopa Lucas Koopa MF45's rival and one of Bowser's Koopalings. He seems to be a young Koopaling, older than his younger brother, Sammy.


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There are 5 Worlds. The last world must have only 1-2 players.

World Name Description
1. Kaklia's Garden Pretty Flowers, stuff, and romantic blocks.
2. Tornado City The ruined city has been destroyed by Lucas Koopa. For it to be a normal one again, blaze it away and it's not ruined!
3. Shibuya City Shibuya is getting really great and some trains will pass by you till you die!
4. Shibuya City (Night) A dark night version of Shibuya City and has no trains.
5. Lucas Koopa's Castle The castle is Lucas Koopa's raid and has lava.



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