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Mario V.S. Donkey Kong: Return to New Donk City is a 2.5D platformer developed with the assistance of Nightcap Devs. for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.



Mario recieves an invitation from Pauline, saying that there's a new festival being held in New Donk City and Mario is invited to it as a special guest. Mario wastes no time making his way to New Donk City.

Once he arrives in front of the town hall, he sees a bunch of New Donkers fleeing from the hall. Mario tries to enter the hall, but is quickly knocked back by an explosive barrel. as Mario gets up, he sees Donkey Kong exiting the town hall with Pauline on his shoulders. Donkey Kong quickly climbs a building and makes a run for it. Mario wastes no time giving chase to the big ape.


The Construction Site starts collapsing and Mario and Paulines start to panick. Suddenly,Donkey Kong wakes up starts beating his chest.He picks them up and places them on his shoulders. The player takes control of donkey kong and starts barging through obstacles in order to escape the collapsing construction site. Once they make arrive at the ground,they look back at the collapsing constructions site. once the site is completely gone,a bunch of New Donkers appear and start cheering for Mario. Donkey Kong sits down and gives Mario a sad look. Pauline explains that he got mad because he wasn't invited to the New Donk City festival. Mario and Pauline look at Donkey Kong before looking at the crowd of New Donkers. They all start cheering before Pauline makes her decision and invites Donkey Kong to the festival. This causes both Donkey Kong and the New Donkers to start cheering

The game then cuts to the top of the New Donk City Hall,Where Pauline is singing Jump Up,Superstar  with Mario and Donkey Kong dancing right behind her. The crowd cheers for the band and the dancing duo. Mario and Donkey Kong then Jump up and cheer before the game cuts to the credits/



The game is a 2.5D platformer that takes place in New Donk City. Mario has most of his moveset from the original Mario VS Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong '94. He can do the handstand to protect him from overhead projectiles and he can do the handstand jump. He can also do the backflip to reach higher areas, and now he can also perform the Triple Jump, the Ground Pound and the Wall Jump.

Normal Mode

In this game, Mario also has 3 health points but he also has 3 lives per level. if mario loses 1 life,he'll respawn at the last checkpoint that was hit. if he loses all 3 of his lives,he'll be booted out of the level and will have to start the level all over again.

1 Hit Run

If you want a more challenging experience and something a bit more akin to the original Donkey Kong, then the 1 Hit Run is what you're looking for. as the name suggests,In the 1 Hit Run Mario has only 1 HP and 1 life,thus making it easier for him to go down. there aren't any checkpoints in this mode. so if you lose,you'll have to start all over again. in this mode,enemies that can normally be defeated by mario's jump are invincible unless you use a power up.

Online Leaderboards

There are online leaderboards in the game, which allows you to share you score and time with your friends and the rest of the world in order to compete against them and see who can get the highest score. Keep in mind that only the time and scores you've gotten during the 1 hit run will be visible to online players.

Arcade Games

you can play some arcade games in the options menu. These don't affect the main campaign and are merely a distraction for if you want to take a break from the main campaign. you can play the following games:

  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Donkey Kong 3
  • Mario Bros.



Character Description
001 (1)-1514932903
Mario: The "Jump Man" himself and the hero of this game. He has most of his abilities from the old-school games and to top it all off, he's also rocking his classic look.
SMO Pauline-0
Pauline: Even with her status as a mayor, Pauline still isn't safe from kidnapping. She is once again the damsel in distress of this game, but is also in charge of most of the music in this game.
Donkey Kong: The king of the jungle himself is back as the main villain in this game. He's the kidnapper in this game, for two possible reasons: either he still wants to get attention or because he wasn't invited to the festival.


Note: most of the enemies are pretty difficult to take out without a power up like the Hammer.

Enemy Description
Hot Foot: These guys will walk forward and attempt to attack Mario. They can't be harmed by jumping.
Green 4-legged Koopa
Shell Creeper: They will slowly walk towards Mario. Once jumped on, they will retract in their shell.
Sidestepper: Walks side to side and will try to snip Mario if he gets close.
692px-Mariopowertennis fighterfly
Fighter Fly: They will usually float back and forth or up and down. In some cases, you'll need to jump on them to make it somewhere
Urban Stingby
Urban Stingby: They will fly around and home in on Mario if he gets near them.
Chain Chomp Transparentf
Chain Chomp: They will try to lunge towards Mario and chomp him. They can't be defeated without a Hammer.
Freezie: Will slide towards Mario and freeze him upon contact. Cannot be harmed by jumping.
001 (1)-1514986502
GotchawrenchThese living wrenches will walk into a straight line. Jumping on them will cause them to fall over,but they'll get back up after a few seconds.
Eggplant Man: These guys will stand still and chase after Mario if he gets within range. They can be defeated by jumping on them.
001 (2)-1515556227
Trashy Goomba: These Goombas tend to hide in trash containers and will jump out when Mario gets near their trash container. They can be defeated by being jumped on.
001 (1)-1516566255
Helmet Goomba: One of the few enemies that will knock Mario back instead of harming him. They can be jumped on, but because of their helmet, they'll barely be affected.
657px-Hammer Bro-NSMBuU
Hammer Bro.: They can be found in pairs and will jump on platforms. They will attack Mario by throwing hammers at him. 
Chargin' Chuck Icon SMOd
Chargin' ChuckThey will charge at Mario on sight. Mario needs to jump on them in order to knock off their helmets. then he needs to jump on them again to defeat them.
Bullet Bill: These Bills will fly forward and can be defeated by jumping on them.
Banzai Bill: These Bills will fly forward and rampage through anything that's in the way. They can be defeated by jumping on them
Poison Piranha Plant: These plants will shoot poison at Mario. Touching the poison will cause Mario to lose a life.
661px-Venus Fire Trap Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Venus Fire Trap: These plants will shoot poison at Mario. Touching the poison will cause Mario to lose a life.
Poison Bubble SMRg
Poison Bubble: These bubbles will jump up and down in poison and will defeat Mario in 1 hit if he touches them.
Fuzzy: They will usually orbit around platforms and can't be harmed without fireballs or a hammer.
Spark fuzzy
Spark Fuzzy: These fuzzies will hop out of Spark Pylons and start bouncing in an arc. Sometimes they'll even circle around floating platforms. they can't be defeated without a hammer. the best way to dodge them is to duck.
Sherm Icon SMO
Sherm: These tanks will shoot Bullet Bills at Mario while moving. They can be stunned by getting jumped on.




Mechawiggler: The boss of the New Donk Streets: to defeat it, Mario must jump on it's weak points while avoiding all of the projectiles.
Power Piranha Plant: The boss the Power Plant Sewer. The poison below will start rising and Mario must make his way to the top while avoiding all the electric and poisonous attacks from the Power Piranha Plant. Once he's at the top, he needs to press a switch to end the fight.
Donkey Kong II: A clone of Donkey Kong and The Boss of Rambi Road. He attacks Mario by jumping on the trucks in the background and throwing barrels. One of the barrels will break and reveal a hammer, which Mario must use to attack DK II once he jumps back to the foreground.
Trashing Canbot: The boss of Dixie Park. it'll attack mario by throwing hot foots and trash at him. ocassionally some of the trash cans will reveal a banana peel. Mario must use the banana peel to trip it over and causing the lid on his head to fall. Mario must then throw a barrel inside the bot. this needs to be repeated 3 times in order to win.
King sideswimmer
King Sideswimmer: The boss of Sidestepper Beach. His boss fight takes place underwater and the level is constantly side-scrolling. He'll attack Mario by trying to slash him and shooting projectiles at him. There are barrels underwater that Mario can use to throw at him. Since Mario is underwater, Mario must grab the bubbles that pass by in order to avoid drowning.
Pie Bob-Omber: The boss of Candy Factory. this giant Bob-omb will fire pies at Mario in order to slow him down. It'll also fire TNT barrels and missiles at Mario. To defeat it,Mario must use a barrel to jam the bomb shaft on its head. this will cause it to explode and collapse. once this is done,Mario needs to ground pound it. This needs to be repeated 3 times in order to defeat it.
Sumo jock,
Sumo Jock: The boss of K.iller Alley. He'll attack Mario from the high ground. Like other sumo bros,he can stomp on the floor in order to generate electricity and he'll also attack Mario by throwing trash cans at him. to defeat it,Mario must jump and hit the ground beneath him in order to flip him over. Once that's done,Mario needs to jump on him. this needs to be repeated 3 times in order to defeat it.

Donkey Kong: The final boss of the game and the boss of Construction Site. Mario must chase down Donkey Kong by climbing a construction side of 100m.He must his abilities and power ups in order to reach the top and deal the final blow to Donkey Kong. Unfortunately once you defeat him,the Construction Site will start collapsing. Donkey Kong will grab both Mario and Pauline in order to help them escape. This will allow the player to take control of the big ape in order to barge through whatever hazards stand in his way. You'll need to make your way down to the construction site before time runs out in order to complete the level.


Item Description
001 (1)-1515160075
Pauline's Tokens: These 3 coins are scattered in each world. Collecting them will allow you to unlock more levels.
Hammer: Will temporarily cause Mario to swing a hammer back and forth to destroy almost anything in his path.
Key: Collecting this will allow you to open a door to either advance in the level or discover secrets.
Barrel: Barrels can be picked up and thrown at enemies. They can also harm Mario if thrown by an enemy.
180px-TNT Barrel DK64
TNT Barrel: Barrels that will explode upon colliding with something. Mario can also be harmed by the explosion if he's close to it.
250px-Fireball Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Fireball: Grabbing this will temporarily light Mario's hand on fire, allowing him to throw bouncing fireballs for a limited time.
001 (2)-1514986695
Motor Scooter: This vehicle allows Mario to speed forward and charge through almost anything in his path.
Spring: Can be thrown at enemies and can also be used to reach new heights.


This game takes place in New Donk City, so most of the "worlds" are themed around locations of the city.

World Description
Mario v s donkey kong new donk streets by computerboy64-dbydd1r
New Donk City: The first world of this game. It takes place on the streets and allows you to get used to the controls.
Mario v s donkey kong the power plant sewer by computerboy64-dbydd46
Power Plant Sewer: The underground world of this game. There are a lot of pits with poisonous liquid and a lot more platforming.
Rambi Road: A road filled with traffic that will hit Mario if he isn't careful. This world has a lot of opportunities for you to use the moped.
Dixie Park: A park filled with plants, rivers and a bunch of enemies to stop you.
Sidestepper Beach: A beach filled with side-steppers. This is where most of the underwater levels are located. Unfortunately,Mario can't breathe underwater in this game. So you'll need to grab bubbles in order to survive.
Candy Factory: A factory level with a lot of gears and products to dodge. Don't step in the pies, as they will slow you down and leave you vulnerable for attacks.
K.iller Alley: Most of the levels in this world take place in the alleys of New Donk City, where there are plenty of monsters waiting to ambush mario.
The Construction Site: The final world of this adventure. There are a lot of bottomless pits and platforming segments. Donkey Kong is waiting at the top for the showdown, so this is the perfect chance to prove to him how unstoppable you are.
New Donk City Festival: After beating the game, Mario has access to the New Donk Festival. He even dresses up for the festival. This world contains the hardest stages of the game. However, the levels must be unlocked with the Pauline Tokens collected from all the levels of previous worlds.


Logo's and Screens

Mario's Moveset


  1. This is the first game in the Mario VS Donkey Kong franchise where the Mini-Toys aren't mentioned or referenced in any way.
  2. This is the first Mario VS Donkey Kong that contains vocal songs, as Pauline is in charge of singing most of the songs.
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