Mario and the Jambastions 2:
The Time Twister Adventures
Mario and the Jambastions 2 The Time Twister Adventures



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Director(s) Xander Shelton
Writer(s) Xander Shelton
Composer(s) Hans Zimmer
Koji Kondo
Josh Mancell
Jun Ishikawa





Series Mario and the Jambastions franchise
Predecessor Mario and the Jambastions 3: The World of Gems
Successor Mario and the Jambastions 2: The Time Twister Adventures
Mode(s) Story
Age Rating(s) Everyone +10
Mario and the Jambastions 2: The Time Twister Adventures[1] is one of the installments of the Mario and the Jambastions franchise. It is the second installment of the video game series, as well as a sequel to Mario and the Jambastions. Its next videogame installment is a sequel to the game, entitled Mario and the Jambastions 3: The World of Gems.

The game will be released for the Nintendo Switch, PC or Mac, Playstation 4, and Xbox One X.


NOTE: All of the chamber themes are credits to Josh Mancell.

Mario and the Jambastions 2: The Time Twister Adventures has scanned 11 chambers (like in Mario and the Jambastions), including 10 normal chambers and final main chamber. Most of the chamber themes are remastered and instrument-covered for the Warp Room from Crash Bandicoot: Warped or Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy.

No. Type Name Chamber Description Main Collectible
1 Medieval Medieval Chamber The medieval first chamber. Medieval Gemstone
2 Desert Desert Chamber The desert second chamber. Tourmaline
3 Beach Beach Chamber The beach third chamber submerged in water. Aquamarine
4 Jungle Jungle Chamber The jungle fourth chamber submerged in poisonous water. Amethyst
5 China China Chamber The Chinese fifth chamber. Yin-Yang Gemstone
6 Forest Forest Chamber The forest sixth chamber submerged in half water and half acid water. Emerald
7 Frozen Frozen Chamber The frozen seventh chamber submerged in cold water. Sapphire
8 Magma Magma Chamber The magma eighth chamber submerged in lava and magma. Ruby
9 Future Future Chamber The future ninth chamber submerged in technology. Internet Gemstone
10 Lightning Lightning Chamber The lightning tenth chamber submerged in the Jambastion Core Waste Liquid and electricity. Topaz
Final Corrupted Final Chamber The final chamber and the only chamber without gems. Master Crystal



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