Mario and Luigi: Pirate Galaxies
Developer(s) Ice Coly Gaming Industries
Game Freak logo
Publisher(s) FantendoArendWordmarkSize
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
September 9th, 2013
1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action RPG
Media Included 3DS Game Card, Ornabbit Collectable Figure

Mario and Luigi: Pirate Galaxies, or just Mario & Ruīji RPG 6: Totten Supēsu Bōken is 3D RPG game made by Nintendo, Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Game Freak and Keyhole Gaming for the Nintendo 3DS. The game focuses on the vehicles, such as Space Horse and Ornabbit's UFO. Many old features return, such as Beans, Items, and Bros. Items.

Many new elements appear as well, such as Costumes, Music Selection, and Multiplayer.



The game opens with a cutscene with a black, red, and purple pirate ship. The camera zoom inside, and see a dark figure, which looks like a a pirate. Another figure comes in, and says The Fungus Planet isn't far away. The bigger figure chuckles, and says that his crew must prepare for attack. The cutscene then ends.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his brother, Luigi, are walking around Mushroom Plaza, saying "Hello!" to different Toads on the street. Suddenly, Toadsworth runs to the brothers, telling them that Princess Peach is once again in trouble, as Bowser has once again invaded. Mario, not a hero to hesitate, grabs Luigi and heads for Peach's Castle.

Once there, they see Bowser attacking Toads. He sees them, and tells Mario that this time, his plan can't fail. He then proceed's to engage in battle with Mario, with Luigi rounding up hurt Toads.

After beating Bowser, Peach kisses Mario, saying he saved her once again. Suddenly, a Bullet Bill bursts through the castle wall, and a group of alien-like creatures appear. These are known as Nova Rouges, which come from an unknown galaxy. A few of them roll out a red carpet, and out comes a tall, purple figure. He says his name is Captain Nova, and covers the room in smoke.

When the smoke clears, Mario, Luigi, and even Bowser see that the Princess is gone, and the kingdom is under attack. Suddenly, a few Nova Rouges grab Bowser by the shell, and carried him away to their flying ship.

Mario and Luigi know what to do, and run off to save the day.

Meanwhile, an orange UFO is seen floating around space, which gets hit by a meteor. It starts falling, and while it does, it crashes into The Black Hole, the flying ship from earlier. The force causes both the UFO and Bowser to fall off. Both land in the same spot in Fungus Forest.

Chapter 1: Fungus Forest

Bowser wakes up an hour later, only to find a UFO right infront of him. He goes over to it, and yells at whoever is inside to get up. He discovers that the UFO is empty. Bowser sighs, and starts surrounding the UFO. Thinking that he's stranded, he vows to get revenge on whoever tried to Koopa-nap him. Suddenly, a voice is heard from under the UFO.

Bowser is shocked by this, and lifts up the UFO. To his suprise, an orange Nabbit is under there, trying to fix the UFO from under it. The Nabbit then gets out a lazer gun and points it at Bowser, thinking he's a Nova Rouge.

Bowser sharply tells him he isn't, and Nabbit slowly starts to believe him. He says his name is Ornabbit, and he was the one who crashed into The Black Hole and made Bowser fall off.

Ornabbit agrees to help Bowser get out of the forest, and the quests begins. Meanwhile, in some bushes, two growls can be heard, but neither of them notices them.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, Mario and Luigi are searching for signs of The Black Hole. Luigi trips over something, and proceeds to pull it out of the ground. To their suprise, it's a green and brown crocodile monster known as Swizzodile that works for the Nova Rouges.

After a large battle with Swizz, the Bros keep on searching for more, not knowing that a Wiggler is watching them.

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Image Name Info Ability
MarioCP Mario The plucky plumber had to return, and he's out to stop Captain Nova! He is the only character that can use the Sewage Flower and the Stone Egg.
Luigi 2Dart Luigi Mario's bro, is back, and better than ever! He's in the quest to save the Princess...again. He is the only character that can uncover secret areas.
x150px Bowser Bowser has returned, and he's helping the heroes! He wants his role back, and his Princess! He is the only character that can summon Goomba's, Koopa's, Shy Guys, etc. into battle.
N/A Ornabbit The inter-galactic Nabbit, has joined for the first time! He's on a quest to stop Captain Nova from conquering Planet Nabbit, and the universe! He is the only character that can talk to enemies, such as Nabbits.


Image Name Info
62px-peach Princess Peach Kidnapped by Captain Nova, Princess Peach is now taken across different galaxies...again! She sends Mario and the group letters and special tips in order to save her. However, why did Capt. Nova kidnap her?...
M&L4Toadsworth Toadsworth Princess Peach's royal adviser. Toadsworth is filled with worry as his Princess is kidnapped. He helps Mario by giving him coins when needed, and also teaches different moves to different heroes.
PaperToadDTT Toads During your quest, don't forget to talk to friendly Toads! Team Toad, a special group of the fungus heroes, help you by giving you side-quests. If they are completed, you get 3 items at the end.
Fawful Fawful Bruised with battle damage, Fawful, once again, returns to a Bean Trader. Only Ornabbit can find him, though, so he only sells his items to him. He secretly helps by, obviously, trading beans for items.
N/A Nabbits Local villagers on Planet Nabbit, the Nabbits here are much more friendly than their MK counter-parts. In fact, they want to HELP the heroes. They all can help by giving Battle Advice and UFO Batteries.
N/A Luma Luma's once again appear, this time use to replenish maximum damage. They are enemies to Capt. Nova, and want to aid Mario and his friends on their quest. They help by curing Maximum Damage.
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  • Mushroom Kingdom - The hub of the game. After clearing a galaxy, Ornabbit will say that his UFO needs to rest, and lands in The Mushroom Kingdom Plaza. There are no enemies, and two bosses, Bowser (for tutorial only) and Flan-Bird.
  • Fungus Forest - Also known as Wiggler's Patch. This is where Bowser meets Ornabbit for the first time, and is the home to the first enemies in the game. The minibosses are Swizzodile and Petey Piranha, while the boss is Biggler Wiggler.
  • Deserted Space - All the heroes now must travel to space, and their first planet is Deserted Space, a desert-themed planet. This is the first appearance of Vehicles and Nova Rouge's for enemies. The minibosses are Sandy Piranha and Nova Rouge Aciso, and the boss is Cracktus.






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