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DS Boxart.

Beta Boxart.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine is a game in the Mario and Luigi series for the DS and Wii. It is the first game to have Paper and normal Mario characters in it.. It has items and enemies from the Mario and Luigi games and the Paper Mario series with new characters and bosses.


The Shroobs thaw out from Bowser's Castle and start to destroy the Paper Mario world and the Mushroom kingdom. Paper characters appear and other villans team up with Mario and Luigi to stop the Shroobs from destroying the world.



  • Yoob
  • Baby Bowser
  • Mr. L
  • Shrowser
  • Ultimate Shrooboid
  • Shroobek
  • Fawful
  • Death Shroob
  • Baby Shrowser
  • Baby Bowser X
  • Shawful
  • dark shawful
  • Shawful Bug
  • RC Blazer
  • Dark Shrowser
  • Shrowser Junior
  • Baby Shrowser
  • Ultrawraith
  • Petey Piranha
  • Shroob UFO(with Bowser after he is hypnotised by the Shroobs in the battle)
  • E. Gadd (possessed by King Shroob Boo)
  • Destructive Dweevil (hidden ultra boss)

The final bosses are King Shroob and Master Shroob

Paper World Bosses

  • Dark Luigi
  • King Shroob Boo
  • Shroob's Eye
  • Shroobitu(hidden)
  • Emperor Fishbone (hidden)
  • Shadows Sirens and Doopliss
  • Shrodus
  • Goomba King

the final PAPER bosses is paper king shrowser and paper king shroob

Giant Bosses

  • Shroob Castle( in hard mode fought with Yoob)
  • Yoob
  • RC Blazer's Tower
  • Giant Shroob UFO
  • X-Nautbot
  • Giant Shrowser
  • Shexor
  • Giga Shrooboid
  • Jetter Shroob

The final giant boss is Destroyer Elite who can also summon up a Giant clone of Bowser.





Title Screen

Yoob battle music

Giant Boss music

Death Shroob battle

Shroobitu Path music

Shroobitu battle music

Shroob UFO battle music

Meeting a boss(paper world)

Meeting a boss(mushroom kingdom)

Danger incoming music

Death Shroob music

Battle Music

Chased by the undead

Shroob Mage

Boss Rush music

Shrooba's theme