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Mario and Donkey Kong - Gold Invasion
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) 3D platformer/Adventure
Release Date(s) TDA
Age Rating(s) Everyone 10 +
Media Included Game Card
Mario and Donkey Kong: Gold Invasion is a Nintendo Switch/Nintendo 3DS title planning to be released in 2020. Various mechanics were introduced in this game, including a character selection system.


It started as a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom, as Princess Peach invited her friends over for a birthday party in the Castle. But that all will have to wait, because suddenly the Mushroom Kingdom becomes invaded by the one and only King Pakrat, and he ends up stealing every single coin he could get his grubby paws on, including the gold star on top of the birthday cake! Mario also ended up seeing his brother Luigi and his faithful friend Yoshi get kidnapped for trying to stop him too!

As if that wasn't bad enough, he also stole all the Golden Bananas from Donkey Kong Island, and the Kongs were not having any of it! It's up to both Donkey Kong and Mario to stop King Pakrat, and get all of their gold and their friends back!


Throughout the game there're numerous worlds that you travel through in order to re-collect the gold and rescue your friends. Each world is different from one another, with two Sub-Bosses and one true Boss per world. Each world is set up in a matter similar to games such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy.

The default world is the Mushroom Kingdom.

World 1: Donkey Kong Island

  • Description: The Main home for the Kong Family, it's full of thick jungles and numerous old ruins within it. It is named for a huge rock that looks like Donkey Kong's face.

World 2: Sarasaland

  • Description: The kingdom under the rule of Princess Daisy, it's a peaceful land that is covered in scorching hot deserts and cooling seaside waters. The beaches are the best vacation spots ever.

World 3: Crocodile Isle

  • Description: The current kingdom under complete control of King K. Rool, ruled by the Kremling crew. All sides of the island are covered by pirate towns and fishing docks.

World 4: Yoshi's Island

  • Description: A island full of soft hills and fruit bushes, it is the main island home for the race of Yoshis. The only thing that is more common than the Yoshis are their Eggs.

World 5: Treasure Square

  • Description: Wario's rich kingdom now completely ruined by a bunch of thieves. For some reason though, some of the people there are happy about this ...

World 6: Isle Delfino

  • Description: A Vacation spot for any island traveler, and home to both the Piantas and the Nokis. Coral reefs and amusement parks are the big hotspots of the island.

World 7: Bowser Volcano

  • Description: Dark, hot, and filled with lava, this is Bowser's current kingdom. All of the Koopalings live within his big castle by the volcano.

World 8: Pakrat's Horde

  • Description: The "kingdom" ruled by King Pakrat, and where he keeps all the gold he stole. Only gold and rats live here.


Playable Characters

Numerous character are available to play throughout the game, many of which become unlocked through story mode gameplay. Each character available to play has their own special moves and abilities.

Main Characters

Name Image Availability Special Abilities
Mario 480px-NSMBUD Mariojump Available at start
  • Has fire-based attacks, can burn down specific obstacles
  • Can attack at a distance
Donkey Kong 527px-SuperMarioParty DonkeyKong World 1
  • Strongest character. Can lift large objects like boulders, or crates
  • Can pick up and throw various enemies
Luigi 346px-Mario Party- Island Tour Luigi Artwork World 2
  • Can jump higher than the other characters
  • can run on water in a full-on sprint briefly
Diddy Kong 449px-MPDS Diddy Kong Artwork World 3
  • Can climb trees and swing on vines
  • Only character to use the "Jet pack" Power-Up
Yoshi 392px-Yoshi - Mario Party 10 World 4
  • Can briefly hover in the air for longer distance
  • Able to eat small enemies

Level-Only Characters

These characters are playable, but only within specific worlds that you encounter them in. They are usually playable within mini-games or as apart of challenges:

Name Image Availability Special Abilities
Squawks the Parrot SquawksParrot
  • Donkey Kong Island
  • Crocodile Isle
  • Delfino Isle
  • Can fly indefinitely.
Birdo 391px-MP9 Birdo Main Artwork
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Bowser Volcano
  • Can shoot unlimited eggs out of her mouth.
Lakitu Dr. Lakitu
  • Sarasaland
  • Crocodile Isle
  • Delfino Isle
  • Can fish out items from water.
Rambi the Rhino RambiRhinoDKCR
  • Donkey Kong Island
  • Treasure Square
  • Bowser Volcano
  • Able to destroy hard blocks.

Supporting Characters

While many of these characters are unplayable throughout the game, these characters are involved in the progression of the game. Some of these characters give the player missions and challenges to do.

Name Image Description Location
Princess Peach 335px-NSMBW Peach Artwork Princess Peach is the current ruler of all the Mushroom Kingdom. Although her track record keeps showing her getting kidnapped by Bowser, she is still loved and adored by her subjects, and her favorite red plumber. Mushroom Kingdom
Cranky Kong Crankykkk Cranky Kong is Donkey Kong's grandfather. In his prime he used to steal one beautiful girl from another red plumber just like his grandson used to do, but he's too old to remember who they were. Donkey Kong Island
Princess Daisy MKT Artwork Daisy Ruler of Sarasaland, Daisy is Peach's best friend. She always enjoys sports and is also the best athlete in Sarasaland, something she self-proclaimed herself. She usually likes visiting the Mushroom Kingdom. Sarasaland
K. Lumsy KLumsyDK64 One of the friendlier Kremlings on Crocodile Isle. He might be the biggest Kremling, but he's also the most sweet, and doesn't like to see his monkey friends get hurt thanks to King K Rool. Crocodile Isle
Pixie the Spriteling SpritelingWarioWorld He's one of the numerous Spritelings that were rescued by Wario, and he was picked to be in charge of the rest of the spritelings after Wario's big adventure. He would rather lay around in the sun, however. Treasure Square
Boshi Boshi 3D Bombastic, pompous, and proud, Boshi is the top dog of Yoshi's Island. He likes nothing more than showing off his skills, especially if it involves a good race. Many of the Yoshi's nickname him "Blue Lightning". Yoshi's Island
Don Pianta Don Pianta CB64 Nothing goes on in Isle Delfino without Don Pianta knowing about it. He is the leader of a group of agents that run undercover on the Island, but you didn't hear it from him ... Isle Delfino
Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa NSMBW/U He is the youngest and most playful of the Koopalings. While the others enjoy messing around with the residence of the mushroom kingdom, he likes nothing more than to play games with them. Even if they don't want to play. Bowser Volcano


All of the Kongs had been captured by King Pakrat. Freeing them will result in unlocking mini-games and special perks throughout gameplay.

Name Image Description
Tiny Kong
Tiny Kong
Tiny Kong is a likeable, playful Kong of the D.K.crew. After freeing her, she will be more than happy to exchange items and power-ups for bananas. Freeing her will unlock the gift shop for each world, the items she sells to you depending on the world you find her in.
Dixie Kong
1200px-Dixie Kong DKCTF
Dixie Kong is the smallest member of the D.K. Crew. After freeing her, she will aid the player by making vines for Diddy Kong to grab onto, and swing to different locations. Freeing her also unlocks the "Vine Swingaroo" mini-game.
Lanky Kong
Lanky Kong
Funny, un-graceful, and not having style, Lanky Kong makes up for all of this with his boating skills. After freeing him, he will use his boat to give the player a fast ride through hostile locations. Freeing him unlocks the "speed-boater" mini-game.
Chunky Kong
DK64 Chunky Kong
The strongest of the D.K. crew, but also the clumsiest one. After freeing him, he'll aid the player by throwing them up to a higher location, depending on the world they're in. Freeing him also unlocks the "Boulder Bash" mini-game.
Funky Kong
Funky Kong - Mario Kart X
Raddest and coolest Kong of the family, and expert at surfing. After freeing him, it will unlock "Funky mode" as an available game mode.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong Jr - Mario Kart X
The long lost Kong of the D.K. crew. He can only be unlocked after freeing every other Kong before him, and after freeing him will unlock "Retro Mode" as an available game mode.


Six of the seven Koopalings were captured by King Pakrat. Freeing the Koopalings will unlock special outfits. The outfits can be accessed in the options menu.

Name Image Description
Larry Koopa
Larry - Mario Kart X
Larry Koopa is the second youngest member of the Koopalings. Upon freeing him, it will unlock the "Mr.L" outfit for Luigi.
Iggy Koopa
Iggy - Mario Kart X
Iggy is the crazed, mechanical genius of the Koopalings. Upon freeing him, it will unlock the "Builder Mario" outfit for Mario.
Wendy O. Koopa
Wendy - Mario Kart X
Wendy O. Koopa is the only female member of the Koopalings. Upon freeing her, it will unlock the "Woolly Yoshi" outfit for Yoshi.
Morton Koopa Jr.
Morton - Mario Kart X
He is the largest and strongest of all the Koopalings. Upon freeing him, it will unlock the "Boxer Kong" outfit for Donkey Kong.
Roy Koopa
Roy - Mario Kart X
Roy is the "All brawn, no brain" member of the Koopalings. Upon freeing him, it will unlock the "Dr. Monkey" outfit for Diddy Kong.
Ludwig von Koopa
Ludwig - Mario Kart X
He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Koopalings. Upon freeing him, it will unlock the "Ludwig Crown" outfit for all playable characters.


Throughout the game, numerous enemies from both the Super Mario, and Donkey Kong games makes an appearance within the game. Some enemies can be found throughout the entire game, while some are found within specific worlds. Each enemy is classified in different groups:


Brawlers are the more common enemy type. They are physically strong, and often attack with brute force and power. Those under this category are often the easiest to defeat, however.


Flyers is as the name describes: the enemy type consisting of flying enemies. They're typically weaker than other enemy types, but are harder to hit given they don't stay on the ground.


Shooters are the projectile experts. They typically stand far back and attack the player with their own form of projectile, whichever it may be. These are typically harder to get, since they appear in hard-to-reach places much of the time.


Aquatic refers to enemies that only stay in the water. These guys aren't a threat to the player unless the player goes into the water, but otherwise they're harmless.


Elementals are enemies based purely off of elements. Many of the fire-based, water-based, or ice-based enemies are classified as such.


Revivers are a very rare type of enemy that can't be defeated permanently as with other enemies. Once they are hit, they only become stunned until they become active again.


There're numerous amount of bosses that are encountered throughout the game. It's these guys the player has to defeat in order to progress through the story. Mini-bosses can also be found within each of the worlds, though these aren't as important to progress as the main bosses.

There's usually three Bosses, and three mini-bosses per world. Each boss has three to four phases, each phase adding another attack or obstacle to the boss fight.

Mushroom Kingdom

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Crushba Boss 1 - Crushba Crushba is a Goomba that was hexed by King Pakrat during his invasion on Peach's castle. He is ten times bigger than a normal Goomba. Throughout the fight, he will charge at the player and attempt to crush them under his huge head. Each time Crushba charges, he will fall over upside-down onto his head. Jump onto him during this time before he gets back up. Repeat this about three times.
Mighty Mole 160px-MortyMole Mighty Mole is the local boss of the other moles in the Mushroom Kingdom. You fight him underground, where he constantly burrows around the arena. He occasionally pops up out of the ground to attack you by throwing dirt balls at you. If he appears close to the player, he will slash at them with his claws. He will become faster during each phase. He will sometimes appear on the ceiling to attack the player. On this, he will fall onto the floor, leaving him stunned and open for you to jump onto him and damage him. Repeat this process four times.

  • When fighting him as Donkey Kong, you can ground-pound near him and force him out of the ground, making the fight go faster. This only works during the first and second phases however.
Goopiranha Plant NintenexusAlteredProtoPiranha Goopiranha Plant is the result of leftover magic by King Pakrat. While the boss itself doesn't move, Goopiranha Plant can cover the entire arena in sticky goo, which slows down the player and makes it harder to dodge attacks. It will slowly move towards the player, and bite them if they're too close.

  • During the second and third phase, it will call up Spiky Piranha Plants to attack the player.
  • During the fourth phase, it will shoot toxic goop at the player.
Goopiranha can't move in areas without goop. As Mario, use the F.L.U.D.D. Power-up to clean away the goop until only Goopiranha Plant remains. Then simply shoot water at the boss itself until it triggers the next phase. Repeat the process four times.


Name Image Description
SumoBro DMW-SumoBro A stocky and sturdy member of the Koopas. He will attack by stomping on the ground, making the player stunned if on the ground. Other attacks include strong slow punches.
Chain Chomp Chain-chomp A living iron ball with teeth attached to a chain. It will try to attack the player through limited lunging bites. If it's knocked out of its post, it will rush around the arena for a bit before leaving.
King Bob-omb King Bob-Omb The local king of the Bob-ombs. The main attack of the king is throwing lit bob-ombs at the player, the bob-ombs having the ability to walk towards said player for a little bit before exploding.

Donkey Kong Island

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Clowneleon Questionmark Sprite Clowneleon is a large chameleon working under Lord Pakrat. He is mostly invisible throughout the fight, making it hard to locate him. He will stop and attack the player by shooting out his tongue at them.

  • He will also shoot out spike balls during the second and third phase of the fight, launching them from one side of the arena and the balls rolling across the arena.
  • During the third phase, he will also shoot fire balls.
During each attack, Clowneleon will expose himself to the player for a brief amount of time. During an attack, quickly jump onto him to damage him. Repeat this process three times.

  • He can also be damaged if you catch a Spiked Ball and throw it back at him.
T-Bone Toad Boss 2 - T-Bone Toad T-Bone Toad is a huge frog with heavy boxing gloves on his hands. You fight him in a 2D arena, with him standing in the background. He will try to crush the player under his huge fists, sometimes using both of them at once to do so.

  • During the second phase, he will toss Frogs onto the stage to attack you.
  • During the third phase, he will toss Croakers onto the stage to attack you.
He sometimes throws Barrels at you, which you can grab and launch back at his head. After this he will lift up to try and belly-flop you, leaving his belly-button exposed for you to jump on and damage him. Repeat this process three times.
Manky Kong Manky Kong - Donkey Kong Country Manky Kong is an orangutan that was banished from the Kongs, and the one that ratted them out to King Pakrat. During the fight, he stands on top of a tall tree, and throws down Normal, Banana, and Green Shell Barrels down at the player.

  • During his second phase, he will sometimes ground pound the tree, causing Stingbys to fly out and attack the player.
  • During the third phase, he also throws TNT Barrels that, upon landing, will release a ring of fire.
After Manky Kong throws down a normal barrel, you have to catch it and throw it back at his tree. Repeat this action three times until Manky Kong falls out of the tree, damaging himself on landing. Repeat whole process three times.


Name Image Description
Army Dillo DK64 ArmyDillo A heavily armored Armadillo with a few upgrades on its back. It will attack the player through shooting rockets out of its cannons and rolling at them. The player can only attack it when it peeks out of its armor.
Hoofer the Wildebeest Hoofer A headstrong Wildebeest and the horns to use it. On seeing the player, he will immediately charge forward at them at high speed, not stopping until it runs into either the player or the wall.
Expresso the Ostrich ExpressoDKC Dim-witted but fast on his feet. He will quickly run around the area he's found in, occasionally rushing at the player for a quick attack.


Name Image Description
Kittypatra Questionmark Sprite Kittypatra is a large Sphinx summoned by King Pakrat while she was stealing gold from the local pyramids. Throughout the fight, Kittypatra will slowly pounce at the player, each landing resulting in a ring of sand to spread around the whole arena. Each phase makes this attack goes faster.

  • During the Second phase, she will also shoot a fire bomb attack, making a small ring upon contact with the ground.
  • During the third phase, her fire bomb attack increases damage, and has a wider range.
After pouncing for a set number of times, Kittypatra will pause and rest a second. Use this moment to jump on her head to damage her. During the second and third phases, you can speed up the process by making her damage herself in the rings of fire, though this won't stun her.
Mother of Pearl Questionmark Sprite Mother of Pearl is the self-proclaimed "beachmaster" of Sarasaland. You fight her in a semi-flooded arena: one side land, and one side water. You're unable to reach her out in the water, and during the fight she will throw Cheep Cheeps and Stinger-chins at the player. Each phase makes her go faster.

  • During the third phase, she also throws Bloopers
  • During the fourth phase, bloopers are replaced with Ice Bloopers
In this fight, the player is given a racket to use against her. Use the racket to knock back Stinger-chins at her to damage her. Do this enough times and she'll try to whack you with her tentacles, which you can damage by jumping onto them. Repeat this process four times.
Princess Daisy (hexed) Questionmark Sprite After accidentally eating a hexed pancake, Princess Daisy transforms into a fatter, colossal version of herself. During the boss fight, she will eat various items from the background of the arena, and use it as projectiles to attack the player. Getting too close to her will result in a belly-slam, causing damage and knocking you back on the stage. She can shoot fire balls, bombs, and enemies such as Goombas and Pokeys.

  • During the fourth phase, she will also shoot lightning bolts
After she shoots bombs onto the arena, pick them up and throw them at her when she starts to eat again, making her eat the lit bomb and have it explode in her stomach. This will make her stunned and fall onto the arena, leaving her open for you to jump on her head. Repeat this process three times.


Name Image Description
Gao Gaoartwork2 A lesser-respected Sphinx under Kittypatra. While stationary, it has a wide range in fire attacks that can cover almost the whole area. Each hit will make the Gao unleash a fire shield around itself, forcing the player back.
Fire Snake FireSnake A serpent made entirely out of fireballs. It doesn't seem to attack directly, but will damage the player if struck. It must be cooled off in water before any damage can be done to it.
Cactus Jack Questionmark Sprite A lone fighter cactus. It will swing its arms at close range, and shoot spikes at distant players. Despite that, it doesn't move.

Crocodile Isle

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Krusha Krusha Krusha is the heavyweight-champion on Crocodile Isle. Technically speaking, you don't fight Krusha directly throughout most of the fight until during the third and fourth phase. The fight takes place in a boxing ring, and The first and second phases is mainly the player surviving waves of Kremling enemies. When he does fight, he will attack the player in both fast and slow punches.

  • The first Phase has you fight Blue and Green Kremlings
  • The second phase has you fighting Punk Kremlings and Klumps
  • In the fourth phase, Krusha will also try to body-slam you, which will send a damaging wave around the ring.
After making it through phases one and two, Krusha will leap into the arena and fight you himself. Keep your distance from him to avoid his fast punches. Wait until he gives a big swinging punch before attacking him.
Holy Smackerel Questionmark Sprite Holy Smackerel is a large spiny fish sent by King Pakrat to live in the seaside caves of the island. His fight takes place in an underground cave with most of the arena submerged in water. You fight him on top of floating crates. You're unable to hurt him underwater, and he will hone in on the player to try and eat them while they're swimming. He will shoot out water from his mouth at the player to try and knock them into the water. Each phase makes him swim faster, and removes more platforms to stand on. When standing on a floating crate, Holy Smackerel will sometimes try to beach himself to knock you off of your platform into the water. If dodged correctly, this will leave him beached for a brief amount of time, giving you the chance to jump on him to damage him. Repeat this process four times.
King K. Rool King K. Rool Charged Alt 5 King K. Rool is the king of Crocodile Isle, under mind control by King Pakrat during his invasion. You fight King K. Rool in his castle arena. He has numerous attacks he can use against you throughout the fight, each phase having different attacks:

  • During the first phase, he can shoot a slow-moving cannon ball at you with his handheld cannon. He will also jump towards you to try and crush you underneath him.
  • During the second phase, his cannon balls are replaced with bouncy bombs, which fly faster and explode on contact, dealing more damage. His jumps turn into body slams, which send damaging waves around the stage after each landing. He also gains a new move in which he stomps on the ground for a close-range attack.
  • During the third phase, he shoots both cannon balls and bouncy bombs at the player, and his body slamming is magically hexed, causing more damage upon landing.
  • During the fourth phase, he gains a new ability to throw his crown around the stage, it covered in King Pakrat's magic as a damaging projectile.
During all phases, he will take a break from fighting to catch his breath after jumping around for a bit. During this, attack him from behind to damage him. Attacking him from the front will do no damage.


Name Image Description
Slasher Kremling SSBB Goalie Kritter A Kremling with a better suit of armor. Many of its attacks mirror that of normal Kremlings, but its defense and attack is naturally higher, only beaten in stats by Boss Kremlings. Their main attack is slashing with its improved claws.
Kowalee Questionmark Sprite A overgrown Koala flying in his make-shift hovercraft. His main attack is throwing bombs down onto the player. These bombs have a delay to them, and can be used to attack him.
Megajaw Questionmark Sprite A fish with a VERY big set of teeth. It will swim after the player consistently, and lunges at them when close with its mouth wide open. Easiest way to deal with this fish is to get it out of water.

Yoshi's Island

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Swiper Weasel Questionmark Sprite Swiper Weasel is one of King Pakrat's subordinates who tries to steal all of the Yoshi Eggs. During the fight, he will bolt around the arena at a very fast pace, making it almost impossible to hit. He will drop lit bouncy bombs onto the arena floor as he runs.

  • During the second phase, he will first jump onto the back wall, and shoot down ninja stars at the player before he would run and drop bombs.
  • During the third phase, he sometimes drops rolling TNT Barrels instead of bouncy bombs.
While he is running away from the player, pick up the lit bouncy bombs and try to throw them at him before they explode. Repeat this process three times.
Petey Piranha SSBB Petey Piranha Petey Piranha is the boss of the Piranha Plants. He carries around two cages in his leaves, which during the fight he will try to capture the player in. If this happens, he will breathe fire on them, dealing a lot of damage. He will sometimes shoot fireballs from his mouth at the player as well.

  • During the second and third phases, we will summon normal and spicy Piranha Plants to aid him in the fight. He also is able to jump high in the air towards the player.
  • During the fourth phase, his jump is replaced with a fast charge, him swinging the cages violently to try and catch you in them.
During the first, second, and third phases, wait until Petey Piranha swings both cages at you. This will make them stuck in the ground briefly, leaving him open for you to attack and damage him. The third and fourth phases however don't have this happen, so instead you have to wait until after he runs for a while, making him tired. Only then will you be able to damage him.
King Pyropuff Draggadon King Pyropuff is a Draggadon that lives in Yoshi's Island, getting angry thanks to King Pakrat stealing his gold. The fight takes place inside the island's main mountain, with little light except for the fire Pyropuff shoots out at the player. He hardly moves from his spot, but you can't harm him directly.

  • During the second phase, he shoots multiple fire balls at once
  • During the third phase, he shoots rings of fire, and will occasionally flap his wings to blow out the torches.
  • During the fourth phase, he will sometimes roar, making rocks fall from the ceiling.
There're four torches located throughout the arena. King Pyropuff will sometimes shoot a large flamethrower at you. During this, hide behind one of the torches for him to ignite it. Do the same with the remaining three, and it will become too bright for Pyropuff, leaving him exposed. After lighting all torches, climb up one of them and jump onto the bump on his head to damage him. Repeat the process four times.


Name Image Description
Fattington WarioWorldFattingtonModel A very round, yet friendly guy. It doesn't actively go after the player, but does stand in their way. Keep charging at it until it's pushed off a nearby ledge and out of the way.
Egg-Chuck Questionmark Sprite A greedy dark green Yoshi with a HUGE mouth for eggs. It moves slowly around the arena, and it will sometimes shoot out a large egg from its mouth. The egg will sometimes burst open into smaller enemies, while it mostly just explodes on landing.
Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper A big blooper that's somehow lost its way from Isle Delfino. It will attack the player by swatting its tentacles at them. It will also spray ink in between splats.

Treasure Square

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Goldfist Questionmark Sprite Goldfist is the long-lost brother to Greenfist. You fight him in a vat above a pot of lava. Goldfist is highly durable, unable to be damaged by the player throughout much of the fight. His attacks are straightforward, as he charges at the player while waving his fists in the air. Sometimes this will release golden version of Goombas. Each phase makes him go faster. The only way to damage Goldfist is to burn him in the pot of lava. While avoiding his charging, you have to open one of these trap doors, and lure Goldfist into it by making him charge to it. If done successfully, Goldifst will fall into the lava below, dealing lots of damage. Repeat this process four times.
Big Mama Pixie Questionmark Sprite Big Mama Pixie is the boss of the Pixies around Treasure Square sent by King Pakrat. During the start of each phase, she is flying in the air while a small group of Pixies surround her. On command, she will send one of her pixies to attack you. During each phase, each pixie sent by Big Mama Pixie is of a different elemental type:

  • the first phase has normal Pixies
  • the second phase has fire pixies
  • the third phase has ice pixies
  • the fourth phase has electric pixies

After she releases all of her pixies, she will land on the ground and try to fight you directly in short magic shots.

After she has landed on the ground, wait until after she uses all of her magical shots on you. she will charge for a big blow, but it will backfire and explode in her face, leaving her stunned. Take the chance to attack and damage her.
Waluigi Dark Waluigi Waluigi is Wario's brother, put under mind control by King Pakrat. You fight him inside Wario's gold stash, where Waluigi stands on top of some of the gold piles. From there he can kick down large chunks of gold down onto the player, and sometimes shoot down magic at you. If too close to him while he's not stunned, he will leap off of one pile and onto another.

  • During the third and fourth phases, his entire battle style changes: he is able to float off the ground by his magic, and can summon rotten mushrooms and pixies to be used against you.
During the first and second phases, wait and avoid the gold he tosses down at you until the pile he's standing on becomes too small. He will try to find another gold pile to use, and it's during this when you can go and damage him. Repeat the process until the third phase.

  • In the third and fourth phases, you have to lure the rotten mushrooms over to where Waluigi is currently standing. When the rotten mushroom hits Waluigi, it will leave him stun and exposed for you to deal damage to him. Repeat the process three times.


Name Image Description
Cookatiel Cookatiel transparent A pink bird with a lot of food to cook, roaming into Treasure Square for some new goodies. Its main form of attack is shooting multiple eggs out of its mouth.
ParaThwomp Para Thwomp A Twomp with the gift of wings. It flies around the area in a slow motion, slamming hard into the ground when a player is under it. Only Donkey Kong can defeat this tough Thwomp.
Greenfist Questionmark Sprite A green ape with a lot of muscle and the will to use it. It will chase down the player with fists swinging and flailing like crazy for a brief bit before it tires out.

Isle Delfino

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Swiggler MLPiTSwiggler A large wiggler that had gone mad thanks to King Pakrat's magic. You fight this boss in the sewers of Isle Delfino, which it had caused amok. The Swiggler will constantly be moving from one pipe to another, appearing and re-appearing all over the arena. It will only briefly stop when it's attacking you, which it does by shooting homing bullet bills. Each phase of the fight makes the Swiggler move and react faster.

  • In the third phase, the arena begins to flood with water, making you fight the Swiggler underwater for the rest of the fight.
Throughout the first two phases, avoid much of the Swiggler's charges and only attack it when it stops to shoot you. Upon the third and fourth phases, you have to lure the bullet bills that the Swiggler shoots back to the Swiggler itself. It's the only means to damage it during these two phases.
Navy Seal Questionmark Sprite Navy Seal is a seal working under King Pakrat as an invader for both Sarasaland and Isle Delfino. The fight takes place out in the open sea, you riding on a small boat with a cannon attached, and comes in two main phases:

  • the first phase has the player fighting his battleship in a 2.5D circling match. Navy Seal will circle the player on their platform, and on occasion will shoot out Barrels, Bombs, and rarely Dumb Drums. If Dumb Drums land on your boat, an enemy will appear and attack you.
  • The second phase of the match is a semi-table top platforming arena, made of the wreckage of the battleship and oil in the water. Navy Seal will swim around the wreck, and jump onto the different platforms. Once doing this, Navy Seal will either try to jump onto you, or throw parts of the wreck at you. Sometimes he'll dunk his fins into the water, and throw oil at you, which if hit will slow you down.
  • During the first phase of the match, focus mainly on aiming your cannon on your boat at the weakpoints on Navy Seal's ship. The weakpoints are only available to you while Navy Seal is re-loading one of his cannons, leaving that window open. Keep shooting at these until all openings are shot and destroyed.
  • Stay on the platforms provided to you, and avoid Navy Seal's projectile attacks. If Navy Seal lands on a oil-covered platform, he will get stuck for a brief amount of time, giving the player a chance to jump on him and damage him. Repeat this process four times.
Pilot Peck Questionmark Sprite (NOTE: You can only fight him as Diddy Kong)

Pilot Peck is a large bird sent by King Pakrat to steal all the shrines on the island. This fight is strictly air-based, in a 2D autoscroller arena in the sky. Pilot Peck can attack the player by flapping his wings, sending feathers at the player while doing so.

  • During the second phase, he summons Arrowbeaks and Neckies to attack you
  • During the third phase, he will sometimes fly into the background, and attack you with Neckies and feather projectiles from there for a short bit before flying back in front of you.
  • During the fourth phase, he will occasionally disappear off-screen for a short time, only to re-appear to swoop down and attack the player.
During the flight, you will come across Peanut pick-ups floating in the air. Make sure you pick them up, and shoot Pilot Peck while he's in front of you to damage him. Keep doing this until the end of the fourth phase.


Name Image Description
Mecha-Koopa Mechakoopa One of Bowser Jr.'s lost toys that's out on its own. This tough robot can shoot lasers from its mouth and hover for a brief time. Too bad it isn't waterproof.
Red Cataquack 185px-Cataquack red A larger and more violatile Cataquack. It will chase down the player for a while, and if it catches them, it will catapult them high into the air, dealing damage as they land. It will tire out after a short sprint though.
Hothead Wiggler 4AngryWiggler Nothing's worse than a giant Wiggler with a temper. It hardly has much of an attack apart from charging full speed at the player, but it can move very fast all the same.

Bowser Volcano

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Bowser Jr. 386px-SMG BowserJr Bowser Jr. is Bowser's official son and next in line to Bowser's throne. Bowser Jr. has numerous abilities to aid in his fight: he can shoot small fire balls at the player, roll across the arena while inside his shell, and summons minions to attack the player during the fight. Occasionally he will bring out one of King Packrat's wands and casts magical projectiles against the player as well. All of these abilities come at the start, and aren't effected by the phases of the fight. When Bowser Jr starts using the wand, have the projectiles hit any falling debris. Doing so will turn the debris into items such as Green Shells to be used against Bowser Jr. use these to damage him throughout the fight.
Bowser 548px-Bowser - Mario Party 10 Bowser is the arch-nemesis of Mario, and made a deal with King Pakrat to capture Mario once and for all. The entire fight with Bowser takes place in three separate phases:

  • Phase one takes place inside of Bowser's castle, with the player fighting Bowser directly inside of his own throne room. Bowser mainly attacks with fire blasts, sweeping from one side of the arena to the other, and attacking with strong slashes of his claws if the player gets too close. Occasionally he will charge at the player, and throw them into the air if it hits. If not, he will run into the castle wall, causing debris to fall down onto the player.
  • Phase two takes place in the wreckage of Bowser's castle (which Bowser destroyed at the end of phase one). Bowser now moves much faster and his attacks react more quickly. Aside from fire blasts and claws, he also gains a new attack which is jumps to the center of the arena and slams into the ground, creating a massive damaging wave spreading in all directions. Bowser will also summon Koopas and Goombas to aid him, but they get beaten by Bowser's own attacks if they stay too long.
  • Phase three takes place on Bowser's airship. Bowser's fire blasts are replaced with a flamethrower, and he uses the charge move more often. The airship also has wind gusts that make the player slide with the wind currents, making dodging more difficult.
During phases one through three, Bowser's charge attacks leave him stunned for a brief amount of time after running into the walls of the arena. Take this chance to jump on him and damage him. Each phase makes this opportunity harder and harder to get.


Name Image Description
Magmaargh Magmaargh New Render A beast made entirely of heat and lava. On the small platform, the player must avoid its approach the entire time facing it, otherwise get burned alive.

Packrat's Horde

Name Image Description How to Defeat
Gold Dry Bowser Gold Dry Bowser A Bowser clone made completely out of gold. Much of the fight takes place within King Pakrat's heaps of gold. The fight between Dry Bowser and Bowser from Bowser Volcano are practically the same, only Gold Dry Bowser is slightly faster and stronger than normal Bowser and there isn't a phase on any airship.

  • During the secondary phase, he gains a special ability to turn any minions under his command into golden variants, making them invincible unless damaged by Gold Dry Bowser himself.
Unlike normal Bowser, you can't damage him by jumping on him. There're numerous heavy piles of gold throughout the arena. When Gold Dry Bowser is preparing to charge, have him charge into one of these piles to collapse onto him. Repeat this method until all gold piles are gone.
Wingo WingoCaptainToad Wingo is the semi-Antagonist of the game, working alongside King Pakrat to steal all the gold in the kingdoms. Much of the fight takes place as you climb the castle towards King Pakrat's throne room. Throughout the first phase of the fight, you are unable to harm Wingo as he is constantly flying in the air, though you are able to stun him by throwing a barrel or fireball at him. His main means of attack is trying to knock you off of the castle by flapping his wings.

  • during the second phase, he is far more aggressive and will attack directly. He will swoop down at the player to try and catch them with his talons. If succeeded, he will crush them briefly before throwing them at the ground. He can also summon purple lightning bolts and giant vegetables to attack the player with.
During phase two is the only time you can damage Wingo. After Wingo summons up the large vegetables, pull them out of the ground and throw them at Wingo for a lot of damage. Shooting fireballs is easier to do, but makes the fight longer as it takes less damage.
King Pakrat Questionmark Sprite King Pakrat is the main antagonist of the game, who's goal is to steal all the gold in all of the kingdoms. His fight is broken down to four distinct phases.

  • The first phase is inside of Pakrat's throne room. During this part of the fight, King Pakrat fights similarly to Bowser Jr., only strictly using magic over any fire attacks. He can shoot Magikoopa-styled spells at the player, along with a laser-like beam that sweeps across the arena. The spells will create Goombas, Koopas, Electrokoopas, or Kremlings upon contact with debris.
  • The second phase takes place on top of Pakrat's castle. King Pakrat now uses more powerful magic against the player, such as summoning magical bubbles to float out of the player's reach, and magically-enhanced bouncy bombs that create an electrical ring upon exploding. Enemies that spawn with Pakrats magic this time will create Klumps, Magons, Clubosaurs, or Ankiron.
  • The third phase continues the fight on top of Pakrat's castle, but during a whirlwind storm created by Pakrat. The arena now suffers from gusts of wind that can push the player off of the arena platform if they're not paying attention. His magic now allows him to release a huge blast of magic onto the arena, which upon exploding creates a huge wave around the arena.
  • The final phase takes place in the sky within the tornado summoned by King Pakrat. This is when King Pakrat is at his strongest, his magic summoning mini-bosses such as Hoofer, Kowalee, or Army Dillo (each of which disappear after a while). He can now create a wall of magic that can push the player off of the platform.
Each phase has a different means of damaging King Pakrat:

  • During phase one, the debris falling from the castle would sometimes knock a mirror onto the ground. When King Pakrat is ready to shoot his laser at you, hide behind the mirror so it reflects off of it, and back at Pakrat, damaging him.
  • During phase two, the bouncy bombs thrown by King Pakrat sometimes are delayed on exploding. Find these bouncy bombs, pick them up, and throw them at Pakrat to damage him.
  • During phase three, wait for the Clubosaurs and Ankiron to be summoned out of the debris. Defeating them will make them drop with a club or a cannon ball, which can be used as a projectile to damage Pakrat.
  • During the final phase. The wall of magic used by Pakrat will toss up debris onto the arena. The debris briefly will be small enough to be picked up, but when one does show up, use that to damage Pakrat.


Throughout the Game, the player can use many items, many of which are unique to one another. While most of them can be found throughout the game, some of these items are exclusive to specific worlds and levels.

Overworld Items

Name Image Function
Blocks 120px-GoldbrickblockNSMB2 Blocks are breakable squares that can be found throughout the game. Sometimes these blocks can hold coins.
POW Blocks POW Block - Mario Kart Wii A highly explosive block that, once hit, can damage multiple enemies at once. It can only be used one time.
Hard Blocks SMM2 Rock Block SM3DW icon These blocks cannot be smashed. Only explosives, or Rambi the Rhino are capable of breaking them.
Trampoline Trampoline23 Allows the player to bounce up to higher locations normally incapable of jumping up to. All characters are able to carry these items.
Barrel Barrel - Mario Kart X Barrels are pick-ups that Donkey Kong can lift and throw at enemies. Numerous amounts of these pick ups are found all over the worlds. Once thrown, they will keep rolling until they hit something, which they break.
Banana Barrels Banana Barrels These Barrels hold Banana collectibles. Upon breaking, they release up to five Bananas peels at once, making a ring of banana peels for enemies to slip over.
Green Shell Barrels Green Shell Barrels These barrels hold Green Sheels. Upon breaking, they release up to three Green Shells, which roll around for a brief amount of time and damage enemies.
Trees SMMGO Tree Trees can be found in numerous forms throughout all of the worlds. The player is able to climb up a tree. Climbing to the very top will sometimes result in a power-up or a collectible.


Name Image Function
1-Up Mushroom 200px-1-Up Mushrooma Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Gives the player an extra life.
Coin 1200px-CoinMK8 The main collectible throughout the game. Heals wedges of the players health, and will give an extra life after collecting 100 coins.
Red Coin 120px-RedCoinsNSMB2 Appears during Coin Challenges as the main collectible to obtain. If all seven are collected within a time limit, the player is rewarded with a Star.
Banana SSBUBananaGun Can be collected by players as ammo. Using a Banana will make the player drop a Banana Peel on the ground, which Enemies can slip on and get stun briefly.
Banana Bunch Banana Bunch - Mario Kart X Gives the player 5 banana peels.
Bombs Bouncing Bombs - Mario Kart X A explosive projectile weapon that, when thrown, will sit for a few seconds before exploding and damaging enemies. You can only hold a limited amount of Bombs at a time.
Peanut 1.7.Diddy Kong shooting a Peanut Can be collected as ammunition for Diddy Kong's Peanut Blaster. Only found in Diddy Kong-based Missions/Challenges
Grand Star MKT Icon GrandStar The main reward for Mario-based missions/challenges. Collecting them unlocks new worlds from the Mushroom Kingdom.
Golden Banana Goldenbanana The main reward for Kong-based missions/challenges. Collecting them unlocks new worlds from the Mushroom Kingdom.
Golden Cat Mario Statue Golden Statue Cat Mario Transparent A very rare pick-up item that can be found throughout the game. Finding and collecting them all unlocks the Cat Suit Power-Up.


Name Image Function
Super Star 1200px-New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Super Star Makes the player invincible for a brief time.
Ice Flower 200px-New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Ice Flower Allows the player to briefly turn into ice, and run across water on hexagonal ice sheets.
Lightning Bolt Platinum Lightning Grabbing this power-up will give the player increased speed for a brief time
Peanut Popgun PeanutPopgun A weak projectile shooter that allows the player to shoot peanuts at enemies.
Mini Mushroom NSMBU Mini Mushroom Artwork Makes the player very small, allowing them to venture into smaller locations.
F.L.U.D.D. FLUDD SSB4 Mario's exclusive Power-up. It allows Mario to shoot out water at targets for long distances. It will stop working if it runs out of ammo, which it can refill as long as the player is nearby water.
Platinum Banana Platinum Banana Donkey Kong's exclusive power-up. It turns Donkey Kong silver, reflect weak projectiles, and immune to hostile environments such as lava or toxic waste. This ability is temporary, and will wear off overtime.
Rocketbarrel Pack Rocketbarrel Pack - Mario Kart X Diddy Kong's exclusive power-up. It allows Diddy Kong to fly around the world. The power-up stops when Diddy touches the ground or flies into a wall. He can also shoot out peanut projectiles at targets and flying enemies.
Poltergust 3000 POLTERGUST SSBNeo Luigi's exclusive power-up. It allows Luigi to both suck in and blow away hostile objects (Fireballs, Spiked balls, etc.) otherwise incapable of being moved. He can also shoot back said projectiles at enemies. This power-up wears off overtime.
Winged Egg HomeRun Yoshi Eggs Yoshi's exclusive power-up. It turns Yoshi into a Yoob, making the player very strong against larger enemies. He remains in this form so long as he keeps his power meter up. If it runs out, he reverts back into Yoshi.


Throughout the game, numerous characters that you find will give you bonus challenges and games to play for bonus Grand Stars and Golden Bananas. After the first playthrough, you can go back to them either in-game by talking to the same people, or through the start menu.

Wario Challenge

MKT Artwork WarioHiker

The Wario Challenge is a reoccuring mini-game that involves you facing Wario. The player can pick any character they would like for this challenge.

Wario is on the search for more gold to keep for himself since his got stolen by King Pakrat, and when confronting him, he will challenge you to collect more coins than he can in each world you find him in under a time limit. Each match typically lasts about two minutes each.

After beating Wario on the first encounter, it will result in Wario giving up either a Grand Star or a Golden Banana. You're able to replay this mini-game, but each time you do beyond the first time will just result in collecting more coins.

Birdo Blast

Birdo Egg - Mario Kart X

Birdo Blast is an In-Game mini-game that has you playing as Birdo.

The game is set in a first-person perspective, the player stationary but able to turn the character left and right, and aim Birdo's head up or down. The game is about shooting targets and/or enemies, using Birdo's ability to shoot eggs from her mouth. This Mini-Game comes in two modes:

  • Enemy Bash - a mode which enemies try to attack you, and you have to survive waves of enemies until the waves are complete.
  • Time Attack - get over an amount of points before the timer runs out.

Beating this mini-game the first time will result in either a Grand Star or a Golden Banana. Every time after that will result in a bonus reward of coins, though mostly is to beat your highscore.

Lakitu Angler

Rumble Fishing

Lakitu Angler is an In-Game mini-game in which you play as Lakitu, though you are able to choose your own character from selecting the game in the start menu.

The game, as the name suggests, is a angler fishing mini-game in which you have to collect various Cheep-Cheeps, Cheep Chomps, or Dragoneels from a fishing location. The bigger the fish, the more points you'll get for catching it, but also the harder to get:

  • Green Cheep-Cheeps = 1 point
  • Red Cheep-Cheeps = 2 points
  • Cheep Chomps = 5 points
  • Dragoneels = 10 points
  • Stinger-chins = -5 points

In-game, you win by collecting a certain amount of points, while in a multi-player match you have to get more points than everyone else.

Vine Swingaroo


Vine Swingaroo is the mini-game unlocked after freeing Dixie Kong.

The game is a time game between two opponents. During a set time limit, the player must try to go farther than their opponent by swinging on the vines given to them. The farther you go, the harder it'll be to swing from one vine to the other.

If you miss a vine and fall to the ground, you get knocked back three vines, losing distance. Spiders also occasionally appear on the vines, forcing you to time your jump to avoid hitting them and falling off the vine.


Raft Riot MPDS

Speed-Boater is a mini-game unlocked after freeing Lanky Kong.

Speed-Boater is a racing game for up to 4 opponents. You are in control of your own small boat, and have to race against multiple other boaters to the finish line. Numerous ramps for boosting, and Stinger-chins and Cheep-Cheeps as obstacles can be found along the race track to either aid or hinder the player's progress.

The goal is to get first place in the race.

Boulder Bash

Boulder MP6

Boulder Bash is a mini-game unlocked after freeing Chunky Kong.

The mini-game is set inside of a cave arena, with numerous boulders falling from the ceiling for the player to use against their opponents. The main goal of the game is to knock your opponents off of the platform. Last one standing wins.

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