Mario and Co.: Baby Battalion!

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This game, for the Wii, shows how the Wiimote could be used to quickly swap from a NES- like controller to a Wii and Nunchuck battle. 500 demo versions have been released, and can fetch up to $1295.00 on eBay.


The game Mario and Co.: Baby Battalion takes place after the events of Super Mario Sunshine, and Bowser Jr. is being punished because of one of his temper tantrums. He is so mad at adults, he gets Ludwig Von Koopa and Prof. E.Gadd (who is hypnotized to obey Bowser Jr.) to help him build..."The Adult-to-Baby Gaddget 2000", thus Bowser Jr.'s reign of terror begins...


As soon as Bowser Jr. fires up "The Adult-to-Baby Gaddget 2000", adults across the Mushroom Kingdom start to turn to baby form. Their adult-selves are sealed in Adult Crystals, which Bowser Jr. collects and keeps in his castle. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and other Baby versions of heroes across the kingdom manage to send Bowser Jr.'s crystals flying to random spots across the kingdom. The quest for the crystals begins...

Playable Characters

  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Luigi
  • Baby Wario
  • Baby Waluigi
  • Baby Peach
  • Baby Daisy
  • Baby Toad
  • Baby Bowser

Unlockable Characters

  • Baby R.O.B.
  • Baby E. Gadd
  • Baby Geno
  • Baby Donkey Kong
  • Baby Link (from The Legend Of Zelda)

Basic Level

This game is a combo of platforming elements and RPG. The usual world consists of a platforming level, where the character will avoid obstacles to get to the Adult Crystal. The next level of a world uses RPG elements and is set in Toad Town, or any other town in the Mushroom Kingdom, where you do things for the townsfolk to get a second Crystal. You need to collect all 100 crystals to return all babies to return to adults. When you get your specific character Crystal at the end of a world, the world ends, and you turn into an adult again. Each world focuses on one specific character's quest for their Adult Crystal.

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