• "So many zombies,so little time."
  • Mario X Dead Rising is an upcoming hack and slash,third person shooter,action-adventure game being an unlikely crossover between mario and dead rising one of the best capcom franchises made in recent history. It is currently set for an April 7th 2017 release on PS4 and Wii U and 3DS.


  • Essentially you craft weapons in-game,fight through massive zombie hoards and against the titular pyschopaths aswell as explore te mall for new weapons and take photographs as frank west,the one who's covered wars whilst mario can use his question block for a number of purposes. Mario's main melee weapon is a chainsaw whilst frank's is a baseball bat and mario's ranged weapon is a shotgun whilst frank west's a crossbow that fire's moltoov cockrails cocktails and often rails from a railgun.


  • It takes place in mainly a christmas themed toad town mall filled with both human and toad zombies where mario becomes unlikely partners with the legendary frank west.


(Main characters and support characters and NPC's are coming when it's time.)

  • Pyschopaths:
  • Jake Black:A 14 year old greedy child hacker who killed his parents because he thougt they were enemies from one of his favourite games and so controls both the video rental shop that sells adult videos which has secret connections to the NSA and the northern area of the mall.
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